General Rules Applying in Respect of Resource Management Fees and Charges

This page describes the basic rules applying to all charges.

General Rules Applying in Respect of Resource Management Fees and Charges

Charges will include all reasonable staff time associated with processing and assessing applications, excluding staff travel time to and from the site of the application and/or consent holder. Applications include requests for Special Housing Areas and associated resource consent processing and monitoring.  Staff time will be charged at $153.00 per hour inclusive of overhead component and GST from 1 July 2018. Costs associated with consent processing and assessment such as use of consultants and laboratory costs, where these skills cannot be provided by in-house staff, will be recovered at actual costs. This policy also applies to the monitoring of consent conditions where an annual charge is not made or where costs exceed the payable annual charge and Council elects to recover the difference.

Annual charges shall be due on 1 October or 30 days from the date of invoicing, whichever is the later, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Council.  A standard administration fee of $150.00 will be applied when a consent is deemed by the Council as not currently given effect to and the ability to give effect is not currently present. Excludes permits to take water.

Council reserves the right to require further deposits, interim payments or advance payments of amounts to be determined by the Resource Consents Manager or the Environment & Planning Manager if processing activity is protracted over time or will incur costs over and above the listed deposit or standard fees.

Where all or part of any deposit or charge is not paid, Council reserves the right not to process that application, or not to continue processing that application, in accordance with relevant statutory powers.

Reductions and waivers are generally not available.  Reductions might be justified where the person liable to pay any charge reduces the costs to Council of carrying out its functions, including through self-regulation checks approved by Council.

There will be no charge on parties who choose to surrender a resource consent and provide written confirmation.

Where multiple resource consents are sought or required for related activities, the standard application lodgement fees (deposits) shall apply for each consent, except that the notification lodgement fee shall comprise one full deposit ($5,000) plus 20 percent for each additional consent required provided that the Manager Consents or the Environment and Planning Manager have discretion to determine a lesser total lodgement fee when there are large numbers of separate consents required.

A 50% rebate applies to the annual charges for consents with consent-specific monitoring programmes where monitoring costs are being recovered separately. Specific arrangements will be made in relation to approved self-regulation inspections

Where a consent is being renewed and the activity is continuing, the applicant shall continue to be liable to pay any annual and/or monitoring charge.

Hydroelectric power generation (> 2.6 l/s), suction dredging, and land based fish farming annual charges will be based on the discharge and not the take as long as the take and discharge are of equal volume. If there is a consumptive off-take then that portion of the take will attract the annual charge as for other consumptive takes.  Consents to take will still attract the minimum standard water permit annual charge.

Annual charges levied on holders of resource consents will be recovered whether permits are exercised or not.

Where a water take consent is restricted to winter only abstraction a 50% discount will apply.

The cost of Councillor hearing panels are set by the Remuneration Authority and will be charged accordingly.  Commissioner costs shall be charged at actual costs incurred.  Where submitters request that a matter proceed to a hearing before independent Commissioners they shall meet the costs additional to those incurred had the matter have been heard by a panel of Councillors on the same time basis.

General Rules Applying in Respect of Wastewater Charges

  • Connection charges are paid at the time of subdivision or building consent, whichever is the earlier
  • The connection charge (i.e. equity component) is per connection (commercial) or dwelling (residential)
  • The Council provides wastewater services to some properties within the Nelson City Council boundaries, and accordingly charges for these services are made separately, but on the same basis as for Tasman District Council ratepayers

General Rules Applying in Respect of Water Charges

  • For restricted flow water supply, refer to the tageted rates section of the Long Term Plan 2018/2028 for the annual supply charge.
  • The restricted supply schemes for Dovedale, Redwood Valley, Eighty-Eight Valley, and Mapua are currently closed due to lack of capacity from the source and/or the network.
  • Connections to the restricted supply for Wakefield, Brightwater and Richmond are subject to water availability.
  • Connections to the Mapua Urban water supply are currently closed due to lack of capacity in the network.