Resource Consent Fees & Charges

All charges shall come into force on 1 July 2018 and shall remain in force until amended by resolution. Unless otherwise identified, charges are inclusive of 15 percent GST.

Resource Consent Applications

The Council has resolved to generally fix charges in accordance with Section 36(1) of the Resource Management Act 1991 for processing applications or requests and carrying out reviews based on a formula of hourly rates multiplied by the actual and reasonable time required to carry out the activity, plus the costs of disbursements and specialised advice.

For the activities to which this formula applies, the Council requires payment of minimum lodgement fees (deposits) as listed below but reserves the right to require further deposits, interim payments or advance payments of amounts to be determined by the Resource Consents Manager or the Environment & Planning Manager if processing activity is protracted over time or will incur substantial costs over and above the listed lodgement fees.

For some specific functions a standard charge applies as listed below.  Refer also to the General Rules Applying in Respect of Charges set out in this Schedule.

Where the formula or standard fee is inadequate to enable the Council to recover the actual and reasonable costs that are or will be incurred to carry out an activity, or where the Council considers that additional charges are warranted, they may be imposed under section 36(3) and are subject to rights of objection.


Charges from 1 July 2018 (incl GST)

Deemed Permitted Boundary Activities

 $300.00 (set fee)

Marginal or Temporary Consent Exemption Notice

(Actual charge will take account of whether Project Information Memorandum fee has been paid)



Non-notified Applications

• The following new Land Use Consents:

   – Building in Landscape Priority Areas

   – Minor Repair or addition to heritage building or structure

   – Bores (except domestic bores between 8m and 30m depth)

   – Minor building set-back or coverage breaches with affected parties approvals supplied

   – Three or more dogs in residential zones with affected parties approvals supplied






Non-notified Applications

New domestic bore not exceeding 30 metres depth (set fee includes first monitoring action)


$600.00 (set fee)

Non-notified Applications

New Land Use activities not listed above including, but not limited to, the following:

• Dwelling or building (including setback and coverage breaches)

• Land Use Activities not permitted in zone

• Removal of protected tree(s)

• Earthworks/Land Disturbance/Vegetation Clearance

• Hazardous Facilities

• Dam structure

• New Discharge Permit (to land, water or air) excluding dust suppression discharge permits (refer under Miscellaneous)

• New Water Permit (to dam, divert, take or use water)

• New Coastal Permit

• New Notice of Requirement

• Alteration of Existing Designation (Notice of Requirement S.181 Resource Management Act)

• New Heritage Order

• Replacement Water Permit (to dam, divert, take or use water)

• Replacement Discharge Permit (to land, water or air)

• Replacement Coastal Permit

• Transfer of Water Permit to new site (S.132(2)(b) Resource Management Act)

• Transfer of Discharge Permit to a new site (S.137(3)(b) Resource Management Act)









Non-notified Applications

• New Subdivision



Non-notified Applications

• Change or Cancellation of Consent Condition(s) on existing consents (S.127 Resource Management Act)

• Change or Cancellation of Consent Notice (S.221(3)(b) Resource Management Act)




Notified and Limited notification

All applications under the Resource Management Act requiring notification, including applications requesting change or cancellation of consent conditions or notified S.128 RMA reviews.

(Additional deposits may be required).




Non-notified Application Hearing

All non-notified applications under the Resource Management Act requiring a hearing, including applications requesting change or cancellation of consent conditions or notified S.128 RMA reviews.

(Additional deposits may be required)




Administration, Monitoring and Supervision

A standard monitoring fee of $153.00 will be applied to all land use, coastal and discharge consents where monitoring is required, except where a specific charge otherwise applies.

Monitoring outside of the first review will be subject to the “Re-inspection Fee” outlined under Miscellaneous below.






Charges from 1 July 2018 incl GST

Approvals Survey, Engineering and Completion Certificate

Approval of Survey Plan under S223 Resource Management Act, Approval of Engineering Plans, and Completion Certificate under S.224 Resource Management Act.

No deposit is required for any of these activities, actual Council staff time and actual costs of consultants, including disbursements, will also be charged.



Pre-application advice after the first hour of staff time,

(Deposits may be required or interim charges made prior to application lodgement).



Dust Suppression  


Dust suppression discharge permit – replacement permit $150.00 set fee
Dust suppression discharge permit – new permit applications $150.00 set fee
Outline plan

Outline plan consideration (S. 176A Resource Management Act)

Outline Plan waivers (S.176A(2)(c) Resource Management Act) 


$600.00 Deposit


Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance (S.139 Resource Management Act)


$900.00 Deposit

Existing Use Certificate

Existing Use Certificate (S.139A Resource Management Act)


$900.00 Deposit

Extension of lapsing period

Extension of lapsing period (S.125 Resource Management Act)


$600.00 Deposit

Section 226(1)(e) RMA Certificate

(allowing issue of separate title)


$600.00 Deposit


Administration Fee



Overseas Investment Act 2005

Certificate under Overseas Investment Act 2005


$600.00 Deposit

Compliance for Sale of Alcohol

Certificate of Compliance for Sale of Alcohol



Document Execution and Use of Council Seal

Documents requiring Council resolution, Certification or Council Seal eg S221, 226, 241, 243, RMA S321, 327A, LGA, Covenants, Easements in gross and Caveats.


Plus actual cost (over 60 minutes) or as otherwise listed in this schedule





Lodgement fee for objections under S.357, 357A and 357B Resource Management Act 1991

Additional costs of processing objections (including hearings) may be charged in accordance with the general rules set out in this Schedule, depending on the merits of the objection.  Additional deposits may be required.


$300.00 Deposit

Review of Consent Conditions

Request for review from consent holder

All reviews carried out under Section 128 Resource Management Act 1991


$900.00 deposit


Re-inspection fee

Monitoring – due to repeat non-compliance



Water meter

Water meter reading fee (following failed water meter returns, 1.5 hour charge-out rate)



Plan Change

Request for a Preparation of Plan Change


$6,000.00 Deposit

Part Transfer of Permits

Part transfer of coastal, water or discharge permit (S.135, S.136 and S.137 Resource Management Act) with no changes to conditions of consent


$600.00 deposit

Full Transfer of Permits

Full Transfer of Permits (S.135(1)(a), S.136(1), S.136(2)(a), or S.137(2)(a) Resource Management Act)



Minor amendment to existing Water or Discharge Permit

Minor amendment to existing Water or Discharge Permit to recognise change in land description as a result of subdivision or similar



Return of Seized property


Seized under S.232 and 328 $100.00 per item
Storage of seized items $10.00 per week
Application for Right-of-Way (S.348 Local Government Act)
$900.00 Deposit

General Rules Applying in Respect of Charges