Licensing & Environmental Health

Many business activities require consent from, or licensing by, the Tasman District Council.  The sort of activities requiring consent or licensing include (but are not limited to) those shown on the following pages.

Alcohol Licensing

Find out about the various licences, certification and host responsiblities required for selling alcohol in the Tasman District, and the associated fees.

Approved Psychoactive Products

Retailers of approved psychoactive products need to be licensed by the Ministry of Health. Find out where retailers may operate and how to get a licence.

Commercial Vessel Operation

Find out how to meet the Council's requirements for operating a commercial vessel, whether scheduled, non-scheduled or a rental service.

Camping Grounds

Find out how to comply with camping ground regulations, and the associated fees.

Food for Sale and Fundraising

Find out about selling food, and the associated fees.

Funeral Directors

Find out how to comply with health regulations to open a Mortuary or Funeral Directors, and the associated fees.


Find out how to comply with health regulations for hairdressers in either a commercial building or private home, and the associated fees.

Noise Control

Find out about noise control and how to make a complaint.

Offensive Trades

Find out how to register with the Council for a business classified as an offensive trade, such as rubbish collection or septic tank desludging, and the associated fees.

Trading in Public Places

Learn about the Council's requirements for trading in public places, whether selling a product, busking or asking for a donation. Find application forms and fee information.