Food Stalls and Food Vans

This page explains the rules for food stalls and food vans.

Food Stalls for Charity or Fundraising

Food stalls for charitable or fundraising purposes may be exempt from registering, but still need to produce safe food. Visit our page on Exempt Food Activities for more information.

Food Stalls and Vans for Business or Profit

If you wish to sell food as a business or for profit you will need to register under one of the new Food Act categories: Food Control Plan, or National Programme Level 3, 2 or 1. Visit the Food Businesses page for more information.

Mobile Trading Licence for Food Vans

Council has a Bylaw about trading in public places, so aswell as a food registration certificate every mobile food van needs to hold a Mobile Trading Licence. There are restrictions on where you can trade, for example you cannot trade in parks or reserves like Rabbit Island. To apply for a Mobile Trading Licence donwload the application form below.  To read about the Trading in Public Places Bylaw visit the bylaw page linked below. For information on registering your food business visit the Food Businesses pages.

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