Bird Scaring Devices

This page explains the rules around the use of bird scaring devices.

Bird Scaring devices are sometimes used in the rural zone to protect crops. They emit loud bangs or noises to scare birds, but can also annoy neighbours. There is a Code of Practice on the placement and use of Bird Scaring Devices on rural zoned properties which aims to minimise the impact of their use on neighbouring properties. 

Where Are Bird Scaring Devices Prohibited?

Bird scaring devices may be operated in any area of the Tasman District zoned “Rural ” but not within:

  • 800 metres of any residential zone, hospital or rest home;
  • 90m of a dwelling;
  • 90m of any public road;
  • 275m of any other bird scaring device.

When Are Bird Scaring Devices Prohibited?

No bird scaring device shall operate:

  • at any greater frequency than 12 times in one hour or if supplemented with foot patrols firing shotguns, at any greater frequency than six times in one hour;
  • between 8.00 pm and 7.00 am;
  • without a notice attached to it, giving the name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for operating the device.

Code of Practice

If you are experiencing noise problems from a bird scarer operating outside of the Code please contact Environmental Health on 03 5438400.