Motorbike Noise

This page explains the Tasman District Council approach to managing noise from motorbikes.

Code of Practice

There is a Code of Practice for the Recreational Use of Motorbikes on rural zoned land. The purpose of the Code is to allow riding with some limitations, whilst minimising disturbance to neighbours. It contains controls on the time of day, duration and frequency of riding.

If you ride motorbikes on rural land you should read the Code and ensure you are complying with the rules around what times you ride, and how often.

Disturbed by noise?

If you are being disturbed by noise from motorbikes, you should keep a note of the dates and times of riding to help us assess whether someone is riding outside of the limits in the code of practice. If they are you can make a complaint to Council and we will investigate it.


To make a complaint about noise from motorbikes, please contact Environmental Health on 03 5438400 or email

Alternatively, Contact Us using our online form.