Offensive Trades

If you intend doing any of the following activities you must be registered with the Council as an Offensive Trade:

  • Refuse Collection
  • Bone Crushing or Boiling
  • Tallow Melting
  • Tanning
  • Fish Processing
  • Blood or Offal, Bone, Hide, Hoof or Skin Treating
  • Used Bottle collection or storage
  • Flax Pulping
  • Septic Tank Desludging
  • Dag Crushing
  • Fellmongering
  • Wool Scouring
  • Animal Slaughter for other than human consumption
  • Textile Manufacturing

An Environment Health Officer (EHO) can help you with this. There will be different requirements for different operations and a Resource Consent may also be necessary.

Before applying for registration you will be required to submit to the Council your business plan and a copy of that proposal/letter will go to the Tasman District Council and the Medical Officer of Health for their approval under the Health Act 1956.  Contact the Environmental Health team for an application form.

Registration is renewed each year.

Further Information