Trading in Public Places

The Tasman District Council has adopted a Bylaw that controls certain activities that may take place in a public place. This page explains when licences or permits are required, and provides links to application forms.

The types of activities covered by the bylaw that will require a licence or a permit are:

  • Mobile Shops i.e. trading from a vehicle or trailer
  • Commercial Services e.g. taking and selling of photographs, the production and sale of personal portraits, the telling of fortunes, the soliciting of commercial sexual services
  • Hawkers i.e. a person who travels from door to door offering goods for sale.
  • Busking
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Soliciting donations

Further Information

Selling Food

If you want a mobile shop or stall selling food you will also need to be registered under the Food Act 2014. Visit the Food Sale and Preparation pages for more information.

Application Forms