Make a Payment

Use this section to make a credit card payment.

Before making a transaction online please read the Council’s online transaction terms and conditions. By using online services on this website you acknowledge that you have read and understood the online transaction terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

What types of payment can I make?

You can pay any of the following accounts with Visa or Mastercard using our secure online payment system.  Please note that  a Convenience Fee of 2.00% per transaction is applied by our service provider, with a minimum fee of $3.00.

What account can I pay?

What reference will I need?


The Valuation number.  Don’t include any dashes – for example, 1958035800, rather than 19580-35800

Dog Registration

The Owner number, which is five digits long


The Debtor (customer) number, which may be numbers or a combination of digits and letters

Building Consent

The Building Consent number is the "Account Number" on your invoice. For example, BC189999

Building WOF

The Compliance Schedule number.  For example, CS0001


The Licence debtor number.  For example, L1234

Resource Consent

The Resource Consent number is the "Account Number" on your invoice. For example, RM189999


The LIM number.  For example, L189999.  If you don’t know the LIM number, please pay by your internet banking instead, quoting the address of the property

Parking Infringement

The ticket number.  For example, 099999


The Water Account number.  For example, W00001

Please select a payment type below.