Payment Methods    

There are many ways in which you can make payments to us. This page explains your options. If you need assistance at any time, please contact us on 03 543-8400.

Preferred Payment Options

Other Payment Options

Direct Debit  

(Rates and Water Only)

Direct Debit is the easy no fuss way to pay your rates and water rates accounts. Rate payments will be automatically made from your bank account on time - meaning you avoid incurring penalties for late payments. 

Direct Debit of rates allows you to spread your current year's rates payments over 12 months which may help your cash flow. You can choose to pay either weekly (payments made Thursdays), fortnightly (payments made Thursdays), monthly (payments made on 20th of month), quarterly (payments made on due date) or annually (payments made on the first instalment due date- typically 20 August).  If the date of the direct debit falls on a weekend or public holiday it will be carried over to the next working day.

If you pay weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, the amounts to be paid are automatically adjusted in late July or early August to ensure your rates are paid in full over the whole year. We will notify you in advance of the payment amounts and you can amend or cancel the payments at any time. 

If you pay quarterly or annually, your payment will be the amount showing on the rates invoice.

You can also pay your water accounts by direct debit. The six-monthly option will ensure your 6-monthly bill is fully paid on the due date and it takes away the challenges of having to accurately forecast your water usage.

If you set up a direct debit, you need to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the direct debit amount. If you have insufficient funds, you may be charged fees by your bank. We may request you to do a “make up” payment, or we inform you that we’ve recalculated your direct debit going forward. 

If more than one payment is dishonored, the Council reserves the right to cancel your direct debit authority and cease direct debiting your account. We also reserve the right to decline any future direct debit applications that you submit for a period of one year after the last dishonour. If this happens you will be notified in writing and you will need to arrange for payment yourself.

Arrange a Direct Debit

To sign up, please complete and sign the direct debit authority form and return it to the Council.  We will send you a confirmation letter when we have processed your application which will confirm the starting date and payment frequency.  Processing time will vary depending on demand - please allow at least 10 working days.

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Internet  Banking    

All Payments

Please use the correct references as per the table below to ensure your payment goes to your account.

Important: When you move properties, please remember to update your references so you don’t pay someone else’s account.

If you are paying for more than one property or account, please make individual payments with the correct references, or alternatively email a remittance including a detailed list of the accounts being paid to

You can pay by two different ways via internet banking.

  1. Your bank* may have Tasman District Council set up under bill payments option as a payee.  If so, you may be asked to choose from up to five options: Rates, Water, Dog Registrations (you will still need to send in your dog registration form), Debtors, or Other. You will be prompted by the bank for the information required, however see below for more detail.   
    * Currently ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Cooperative Bank, HSBC, Kiwibank, NBS, TSB, Westpac   
  2. One-off payment. For a one-off payment please use our bank account:
  • Tasman District Council
  • ASB
  • 12-3193-0002048-03
  • Swift Code (for overseas payments): ASBBNZ2A

Payment References

Please use the following references for the various types of payments:

Payment Type





Surname & Initials of Ratepayer


Valuation Roll number - this can be found near the top of your rates invoice in bold and will be 10 to 12 numbers long – some may have letters at the end please include this on the payment, eg, 1958035800 or 1958035800A.


Surname & Initials of Ratepayer


Account Number near the top right hand of your water invoice in bold starts with a W - please include the W as well as the number eg; W42191.

Dog Registration – You must still provide Council with your completed Registration form to receive your new tag.

Surname & Initials of Registered Dog Owner

The word “Dog Reg”

Dog Owner Number - in top right hand corner of Registration invoice.

Debtors (payments types other than those listed below in this table)

Surname & Initials as shown on the invoice

Invoice Number - on top right hand side of invoice

Account No – on top right hand side of the invoice.  Could be a combination of letters or numbers, eg, RM140690, BC145632, 16792.

Other - Consent Deposits

Surname & Initials of applicant

The words “RC Dep” or “BC Dep” (depending on what type of deposit it is for)

Address (or as much of address as you can fit in). If the address is too long, we suggest you separately email a note detailing the payment to

Other - Parking Ticket 


Surname & Initials of Vehicle Owner

Registration Number

Notice No – located near top centre of infringement - printed in red. Eg; 024234

Other - Library Fees & Charges

Surname & Initials of card holder

The word “Library”

Library Barcode Number (shown on your Library card, eg, U00922536)

Other - LIM Payment


Surname & Initials of applicant

The words
“LIM Payment”

Address of property LIM is for (if you have been issued an invoice for the LIM please use the Debtor payment details listed above.)

Need Assistance?

For any other types of payments, or you if are having difficulties making payments using these details, please contact us on 03 5438400.

If your account is in arrears and you wish to discuss payment options, phone the number above or email

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Online Credit Card Payment     

Rates and Water, Building and Resource Consents, Dog Registration, Parking Infringements and Other Council Invoices

Payments for the above accounts to be made with Visa or Mastercard using our secure online payment system. Other credit cards are not currently accepted.

Please note: Building and Resource consent deposits cannot be paid via credit card. Please use Internet Banking instead.

Service Fee

A service fee of 2.00% per transaction is applied by our service provider to offer online payments through this site. A minimum convenience fee of $3.00 applies. This fee will appear as a separate transaction on your credit card statement and is referred to as "Convenience Fee".

Instructions: You will find step by step instructions as you go through the payment process. You will need to provide your relevant account details. 


Receipts for online payments are not available, however you can either print the screen or note down the details for future reference. Close the browser window when you are finished.


When using the service we recommend that you use the navigation buttons provided within the screens. Use of the 'enter' key in some screens may have unexpected results.

Refund enquiries

Refund enquiries should be directed to Tasman District Council. Phone +64 3 5438400, or Email:

Need Help?

If you have problems, contact us for assistance. Phone +64 3 5438400 (Monday - Friday, 8.00 - 4.30) or email  Please have your account details available.

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By Post    

All Payment Types

Cheque payments sent by post should be addressed to:

Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.

Please enclose the remittance advice from the invoice, or sufficient details, to ensure that your payment is correctly identified, and post your payment in sufficient time to reach us on or before the final date for payment.

Please do not post cash.

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In Person    

All Payment Types

Rates can be paid in person at any of the Council's offices. You can pay by cash, cheque, credit card (fees apply) or EFT-POS.