This page contains information for working with and disposing of asbestos - a toxic building material - safely.

Caution Required

Asbestos is a toxic building material and a proven human carcinogen. All forms of asbestos can cause cancer.

The main way people are exposed to asbestos is by breathing in air that contains asbestos fibres. Asbestos is a mineral substance that can be present in construction and cladding materials, including old vinyl or floor tiles, lagging/insulation, decorative ceilings, roofing and cement pipes.

Asbestos should only be handled in accordance with recommended guidelines.

View guidance for homeowners on the Worksafe website.

Visit the New Zealand Ministry of Health website for more information about asbestos.

Contractors Recommended

We strongly recommend contracting licenced asbestos handlers to advise you on inspection and removal of any asbestos material or material that you think may contain asbestos.

Find local contractors on the Worksafe website.

Safe Asbestos Disposal - York Valley Landfill

Asbestos is not suitable for disposal at Resource Recovery Centres and is termed 'special waste'.

This waste is accepted on application at the York Valley Landfill, providing certain criteria are met.

Information for Contractors Working with Asbestos

Visit Worksafe New Zealand’s website for information about:

  • Working with asbestos;
  • Licensed removal;
  • Asbestos information for householders; and
  • Where to dispose of asbestos.