Resource Recovery Centres (Transfer Stations)

Five recycling and rubbish collection centres are located in the Tasman District. They accept a variety of recyclable and reusable materials.

All Resource Recovery Centres are closed on Friday 14 April



Free Disposal

The materials that can be dropped off at the transfer stations are the same as those collected for kerbside collection but also include:

  • Hard plastic containers numbered 1-7
  • Aluminium cans and steel tins
  • Glass bottles and jars (no broken glass)
  • Cardboard and all paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Scrap metal and roofing iron
  • Cars (stripped or unstripped)
  • Waste automotive oil
  • Some wood including reusable timber lengths (treated and untreated)
  • Car batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Good reusable items at some sites, e.g., unwanted furniture or household items

Charged Items

  • Whiteware
  • Green waste
  • Tyres
  • Hard fill (where accepted)
  • Mixed refuse

Fees and Charges

Current fees and charges are displayed at the transfer stations and information cards are available at all Council offices or on the website.

Disposal of Household Hazardous Wastes

Council provides for the safe disposal of household hazardous wastes, including paint, in the Tasman District.

Revive Reuse Shop

  • The shop at the Richmond Resource Recovery Centre is closed. No items should be left at the site.