Waste Assessment

We work closely with Nelson City Council to assess the waste that is produced in the region and to develop a joint waste management and minimisation plan. This page explains what a waste assessment is and what it is used for.

Purpose of a Waste Assessment

The purpose of a waste assessment is to review the how much waste we create and to assess potential increases for the next 10 years.

The waste assessment details:

  • total waste amounts;
  • sources of waste;
  • how much waste we keep out of the landfill by diverting it for productive uses;
  • existing waste services; and
  • waste minimisation and management options for future consideration.

How is the  Waste Assessment used?

The waste assessment gives us the basis for our shared waste management and minimisation plan.

2018 Waste Plan Review

This year a joint waste working party is reviewing the joint waste plan and we expect an amended plan to be published for consultation in August 2018.

2017 Waste Assessment

In 2017 the Tasman District and Nelson City Council chose to complete a joint waste assessment and to jointly review the 2012 Nelson Tasman Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

Nelson-Tasman Joint Waste Assessment 2017

Current Waste MinimisationPlan

In 2012 the two councils developed a joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan. This document and the The Tasman-Nelson Waste Assessment Strategy can be downloaded below.

Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Tasman-Nelson Waste Assessment - 2011

2102 Waste Surveys

In partnership with Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council carried out a series of waste composition surveys at three waste facilities in the region - Mariri and Richmond Resource Recovery Centres and the York Valley landfill. The results give good indication of the types of material  sent to landfill in the region and potential to divert this material.