The stormwater system is designed to contain, channel and pipe rainfall and natural water run off into rivers and sea. It is untreated and separate from the wastewater/ sewage system.

Council manages its stormwater activities across the district under 16 Urban Drainage Areas (UDAs) and one General Drainage Area (GDA).

Our Homes and Streams are Connected

Only rain and clean tap water should go down your outside drains into stormwater. This page provides tips and advice for safe disposal of unclean run-off.

Stormwater Drainage Areas

Find out the Council manages stormwater, which areas have been identified for ongoing maintenance and future development and how the costs are covered.

Building Over Public Drains

Find out about building over public stormwater drains.

Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Yellow Stormwater Fish

Most stormwater grates have a yellow fish painted beside them to remind people that stormwater grates drain straight to rivers and the sea. The stormwater system should drain only rain, not waste.

Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean is the latest booklet to be released by Water NZ and offers tips and ideas on preventing stormwater pollution. This booklet is essential reading for all those Kiwi "D.I.Y'ers" wanting simple and practical advice on carrying out home handiwork, such as painting, water-blasting and car maintenance, without impacting on local streams, rivers and other waterways.

Water NZ: Keep It Clean - Preventing Stormwater Pollution (pdf, 5.5MB)

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