Tasman District Council owns and operates Reticulated Wastewater Schemes (or mains sewerage schemes) in many of the urban areas of the District. These schemes carry effluent to the District's wastewater treatment plants.

Properties that lie outside these schemes rely on on-site wastewater treatment. It is vital that on-site wastewater management systems are designed, installed and managed to reflect the nature of the site conditions and constraints associated with the property and dwelling. If they do not, domestic wastewater will not be treated or contained on-site and the discharge will result in adverse effects off-site.

Reticulated Wastewater Scheme

Find information about the Council's reticulated wastewater scheme.

On-site Wastewater Systems

Find out about the regulation process for installing a private wastewater scheme and the associated legislation.

Stock Effluent

Locate the Council's stock effluent dumping station.

Trade Waste

Information about how to become registered for trade waste discharge. Application forms and fees and charges.

Read about wastewater schemes.

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