Water Supply

Council operates 17 water supply schemes servicing various uses and users. In urban areas high pressure water supplies are metered.

Dovedale Boil Water Reminder

A notice about the permanent "boil water" notice on the Dovedale Rural Water Scheme.

Water Schemes In Your Area

Find out about the areas covered by a water scheme and how to get a water supply if you're not in one.

Water Meters

Find out how to locate, read and manage your water meter, and what to do if you're moving house.

Water Saving Tips

See how you can save water in your home or on your property.

Water Tanker Permits

Find out about the permit required to take bulk water from a Council network.

Water Leaks

Find out about water leaks, how to know if you've got some, what they might cost you, and what you can do about it.

Plumbsolvency - Minute Traces of Lead in Your Tapware

Information about the absorption of traces of lead into household water supply.

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