Developing an Age-Friendly Policy

We have started developing an Age-Friendly Policy to replace the 2004 Positive Ageing Policy. This will guide Council planning to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our ageing population.

Firstly, we have researched the demographics and implications of Tasman's ageing population, and sought feedback from the community on the current and future needs of our growing number of older residents.

Now we are drafting the policy and considering recent feedback and suggestions from our community.

The timeline for this work is:

October 2017 Community feedback on issues for older people
July 2018 Publish research report
9 July - 15 August 2018

Community and stakeholder engagement on ideas for Draft Policy

October/November Public consultation on Draft Policy
February/March Council adopts Age-Friendly Policy


Background Reading

Research on Tasman's ageing population - July 2018

Tasman’s population is ageing which means the number and percentage of residents aged 65 years and over is increasing. This has implications for Council as well as the wider community and economy.

This research on Tasman's demographic trends and the characteristics of our older residents will inform the development of the Age-Friendly Policy and other planning.  

Community feedback - October 2017

The main areas of concern are housing, transport services and footpaths.