Protected Trees Part of our Heritage

This page details protected trees in the Tasman District, and provides tips on practical tree care and avoiding damage.

Council has a register of Protected Trees, details of which may be obtained from the Richmond, Motueka and Takaka offices. You can also download the relevant section of the Tasman Resource Management Plan that contains the register of protected trees.

Protected Trees in the Tasman District

The Tasman District has a valuable heritage and amenity tree collection. Increased development in our region is placing many of these special trees at risk. The tree protection policy of the Tasman Resource Management Plan is aimed at safeguarding our significant trees from damage or unnecessary removal.

Why Protect Trees in Tasman?

  • Amenity Benefits
  • Historical Association
  • Botanical/Scientific Interest
  • Preserve Regional Landmarks
  • Preserve Character of Landscape

Owner Responsibility

Before pruning or carrying out development within the root zone of a protected tree you need to contact the Council staff. They give relevant advice and grant approval if appropriate.

For tree removal or major pruning works you will have to apply to the Council for resource consent. In some circumstances Council may waive the consent fees.

While most owners value their listed trees Council does receive complaints about poor management of trees from time to time. If you breach Council rules you could receive an infringement fine, or for serious breaches be taken to the Environmental Court.

Practical Tree Care

A simple but effective way of caring for your tree is to look after its roots. A tree with healthy roots is more resistant to pests and diseases.

You can improve conditions for roots by applying a layer of good quality organic mulch on the ground within the 'drip line' of the tree. This will also reduce the effects of climatic stress on the tree.

Avoiding Damage

Damage to protected trees is relatively simple to prevent but once done is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to rectify.

A lot of damage to trees can occur during property development works. We strongly recommend discussing your site development plans with a professional arborist and Council staff before any work begins.

Further Information