Newsline 236 - 1 October 2010

Friday 1 October 2010

This page contains articles from Issue 236 of Newsline.
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ASB Aquatic Centre 

The ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond set a new facility and national record at its Wave Rave on Friday 17 September 2010, attracting 295 under 16-year-olds. “To get nearly 300 kids along to our weekly Wave Rave was a huge achievement,” says centre manager Robert Kennedy.

The ASB Aquatic Centre is a Tasman District Council-owned facility, which is run by CLM, a management company that looks after pools and gyms across New Zealand. They keep accurate figures for all the activities going on in their facilities, including Wave Raves, with the Richmond attendance figures setting a new record.

“It’s great to be able to offer youth in the Tasman and Nelson region such a fantastic programme,” says Kim Rollason-Nokes, Programmes Co-ordinator for the centre. “From 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm every Friday night the facility turns into a party zone, with big waves, the latest hit music, games and competitions. Not only do the kids have an awesome time, but the parents can relax knowing they have dropped them off in a safe and friendly environment.”

The ASB Aquatic Centre turned six years old last month, and celebrated its 1 millionth visitor in June 2010. The new learn to swim facility at the centre is being officially opened on 1 October 2010 and a new gym extension will be opening its doors in 2011.

ASB Aquatic Centre website

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Making Sure People Get Their Rights 

Ruby Aberhart brushes aside an inquiry about her health. “My tongue’s still working,” she quips. The Nelson chair of the Positive Ageing Forum, which pulls together all the Government agencies, local bodies and groups such as RSA and Age Concern who work for the elderly, says seven years of her own ill-health a while back taught her the pathways in the health system. Everyone should have access to those pathways, she asserts. “People have rights and those rights should be met if possible.”

Tasman District Council bestowed an Outstanding Community Service Award on Ruby recently, for her work on behalf of the elderly and in sport. The award adds to the Officer of New Zealand Order of Merit that she was given in the 2007 Queens Birthday Honours list. She also received a QSM in 1982.

Ruby became a Volunteer Community Co-ordinator for the Office for Senior Citizens’ Positive Ageing Strategy, Nelson/Tasman region, in 1999, and has been involved in the Positive Ageing Forum since 2002. She is on the National Reference Group and travels to Wellington regularly for meetings. The forum is “really a case of passing on the messages … networking and sharing, and everybody being open about it.”

Ruby has also been an office-holder in Grey Power and acts as a support person and carer for numerous older residents.

She was a top netball coach and, approaching her 80th birthday, still steers a team of 7-year-olds at Appleby School. Her sporting history is long and diverse. She was the official scorer for Nelson cricket for a decade, and with husband Ray ran the Mapua Athletic Club, which was “stronger than Nelson” at its peak.

Ruby is quick to praise those who come under her wing, and believes the maxim that a team is only as strong as the weakest player. “I just sit back and everyone else does the work,” she jokes – but Ruby has already provided the compass direction and motivation by that stage.

Born in Kaikoura, she has lived around the Tasman and Nelson district since the age of 12. Both her father and husband were orchardists. Ruby’s own CV includes 10 years at the Motueka Information Centre, becoming a champion apple-picker at competitions held in the Mapua hall, and work for the Playcentre movement for many years. “This is possibly where I gained a sense of self-worth, what the world was about and how I fitted into it. “It’s hard being me,” says Ruby, explaining that she is apt to give everything to her causes, which means the knockbacks can hurt. “I have tended to make waves, possibly since I was born.” She cites her feisty “English, Spanish, Maori” heritage.  “I try to be self-sufficient,” Ruby adds, taking pride in still digging her garden and doing all her housework. Age is relative – some of her bridge-playing pals in their 90s think of her as a youngster.

Ray passed on some time ago. He and Ruby have four “wonderful” children -- three sons and a daughter – with 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren now added to the roster.

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Masters Swimmers to Blitz Richmond Pool 

A five-times Masters World Champion will burn up the lanes at the ASB Aquatic Centre in Richmond. Kirsten Cameron 37, of Masterton has signed up for the South Island Masters Swimming Short Course Championships on 8-9 October 2010. She won five gold medals at the World Masters Swimming Champs in Sweden in July/August this year, smashing her own world record in the 800m.

Nelson’s Ben Van Dyke broke several New Zealand records at the same event and will also be competing in Richmond, along with 18 members of the local Tasman Gold Masters Swimming Club. For some of these it will be their first Masters’ event.

To take part in Masters, a swimmer must be over 20, with no upper age limit. This is the first time Nelson has hosted the champs. Spokesperson Jude Vincent says up to 80 competitors are expected from throughout the country.

The programme features all swimming strokes over distances from 50m to 800m. (The ‘short-course’ designation relates to the 25m length of the Tasman District Council-owned pool). Racing begins at 6.00 pm on Friday 8 October 2010, resuming at 8.00 am on Saturday 9 October 2010. Entry to the pool is free for spectators. A dinner/dance on Saturday night wraps up the proceedings.

The motto of Masters swimming is Fun, Fitness and Friendship, says Jude. Many members swim just for the exercise, not the competition. Locally, the club meets twice a week in Richmond for hour-long training sessions.

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Arts Festival Comes to Tasman 

You don’t have to go to the city to enjoy a slice of the Nelson Arts Festival – it’s coming to a town near you! The festival is touring the visiting Australian duo, The Baker Suite, who have a sophisticated French café sound, created by singer John Baker with Gayle Buckby on accordion.

Nelson City Council festival creative director Annabel Norman says she selected The Baker Suite to tour regional venues as something a little bit different – but with a wide appeal. “We’ve never toured an international show before, but with support from the Tasman District Council we’re able to offer Tasman residents a real treat,” she says. “The Baker Suite is based in Adelaide and names among its influences some of the jazz greats such as Miles Davis and Chet Baker – but with other influences including Burt Bacharach, The Beatles and Norah Jones they will appeal to a fairly wide audience.”

‘The rich, lush sound of the opening moments of this performance drew the audience in and held it until the standing ovation and cheers for more at the end. This performance was an oasis for the romantics, a great end to a hectic week, a great show.’ Jim Mack, The Independent Weekly

See The Baker Suite at these venues:

Neudorf Vineyard – Sunday 17 October, 2.00 pm  - Tickets for this show at Everyman Records ph 548 3083 or

The Mussel Inn, Onekaka – Thursday 14 October 2010, 8.00 pm - Tickets on sale at the Mussel Inn. Ph. 03 525 9241

Commercial Hotel, Murchison – Friday 15 October 2010, 8.00 pm - Tickets on sale at the Commercial Hotel. Ph. 03 523 9696

Other shows coming to Tasman are Poetry in the Vineyard with Elizabeth Smither and Rachel Bush at Woollaston Estates on Labour Day, and gypsy violinist Antal Szalai at Woollaston Estates on Sunday 17 October 2010. Tickets for these are at Everyman Records or
the Nelson Arts Festival website 

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Local Elections 2010 

It’s time to make your selection. 12 noon on Saturday 9 October 2010 is the closing date for all votes in the 2010 local elections. If you still haven’t posted back your voting paper then don’t delay and get it in the post today.

If you don’t get your voting paper in the post by Wednesday 6 October 2010 there is a chance that it won’t arrive in time. If this is the case then please bring your completed voting paper in to the Electoral Officer at the Tasman District Council’s Richmond Office and put it in the designated voting box.

This is your chance to have your say about who represents your community within Council. Make your voice heard.
For more information go to Elections 2010

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Important Waste Notice for all Farmers 

Registrations for the next redundant agrichemical collections close 12 November 2010. Collections for unwanted or expired agrichemicals are no longer organised by Council. These collections are now undertaken nationwide by Agrecovery, a non-profit charitable trust funded by participating manufacturers, some user charges and Government subsidies. 

If the chemical manufacturer is in the scheme, and the chemicals are in their original container, showing label, date of manufacture and expiry etc, then collection is free. Fees for collection and disposal apply where the manufacturer is not in the scheme, the chemical is unknown or has been mixed, or if the registration expired more than two years ago.

To be included in the next unwanted Agchemical collection you must register with Agrecovery by 12 November 2010. Information is available at the AgRecovery website or on freephone 0800 247 326. Booking your chemicals for disposal is simple!
Visit the AgRecovery website

  • Step 1: Take an inventory – make a note of any unwanted or expired chemicals on your property. You can download an inventory form from the Agrecovery website.
  • Step 2: Book disposal – Online or contact Agrecovery on freephone 0800 247 326.
  • Step 3: Confirmation – Agrecovery will confirm your booking and keep you informed of collection event details.

Don’t miss out – book your unwanted or expired agrichemicals for disposal today!

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In Memory of Jim Burrows 

The recent death of long time manager of Nelson Tasman Civil Defence, Jim Burrows, was met with great sadness. Jim died in Wellington Hospital on 18 September 2010 only months after retiring as Manager of Nelson Tasman Emergency Management, a position he had held for ten years.

Jim led the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM) into the 21st century, guiding it to become the respected organisation as we know it today. Coming to Emergency Management following a 38 year career in the police, where he was the Senior Sergeant in charge of rural policing for Nelson Bays, Jim brought his extensive networking and people skills to the role. One of his first achievements was establishing the Group’s legal status under the Ministry’s CDEM guidelines as a ‘Joint Standing Committee’ under the Local Government Act.

Known as a man who did not work with a narrow focus, Jim continually strived to ensure Emergency Management nationally was as effective as it could be. He established the Civil Defence Committee structure using the four ‘r’s – Readiness, Response, Reduction and Recovery, which now forms the framework of Emergency management in this country.

Jim also developed the first copy of ‘Are we prepared’ for Public Education purposes. It was the forerunner booklet to the current ‘Get Ready Get Thru’ still used nationally and is now the catch cry of the public awareness campaign.

Locally he worked to promote the establishment of the Nelson Tasman CDEM Emergency ‘Response Team’ known as NZ-RT2, recruiting volunteers, providing training, equipment and a vehicle.  Jim spent countless hours of his own time in organisation, training and promotion.

He prepared the Nelson Tasman CDEM five year plan in 2005 for which he received the Nelson City Council’s Chief Executives Award, which also noted his workload was huge, giving many hours of personal time over several years just in the administrative area. He also often dealt with Public Education and Public Information matters at night, attending community meetings across the region to raise awareness. 

Jim established a ‘Welfare Advisory Group,’ and identified and arranged the appointment of appropriate Community representatives in Nelson Tasman, as well as being instrumental in the development of a Group Welfare Plan.

His passion for Emergency Management drove his mission to ensure the two unitary authorities (Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council) and many stakeholders that Civil Defence Emergency Management was not only part of their responsibility, but an integral component of all decisions. Through maintaining strong relationships and trust, Jim influenced attitudes and policy towards an understanding and acceptance of shared responsibility towards establishing a ‘resilient Nelson-Tasman region.’  

His belief in building and maintaining strong relationships with all sectors of the community was the cornerstone of his philosophy. It was repaid in kind with enduring friendships with many people and the respect of his peers across the country.   

The Nelson Tasman Emergency Management group was recently given accolades by the Ministry of Civil Defence in its first ever audit of groups in this country. Jim was justifiably proud of the comments that the group has a strong foundation, which was due in no small part to his influence.

Nelson Tasman Emergency Management is now firmly established as an example in the national network – a fitting legacy to Jim Burrows.

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Headingly Works Near Completion 

Despite wet weather the installation of two sewer pipelines near Headingly Lane, Richmond, is on track for completion in early October 2010. One pipeline runs down the narrow road and the other travels across farmland to the A&P Showgrounds boundary.  A pumpstation is also part of the project.

Contractor Fulton Hogan has been challenged by the wet start to spring, says Gavin Hutchison, Tasman District Council Utilities  Asset Engineer.

The Headingly Lane work is part of preparations for major redevelopment in Richmond West, where more than 120 hectares have been designated for light-industrial and mixed-business use. That equates to 536 light-industrial lots and 442 for mixed businesses. About 60ha has been rezoned for residential development, equal to 590 sections. 

Lower Queen Street, now 21m across, will be widened to 30.5m near the Richmond end, and 29m wide between Headingly Lane and the Nelson Pine Industries plant. Council is buying frontages for the widening. A 70m-wide green space will be created along Borck Creek for drainage and walking/cycling tracks.

The Richmond West development encompasses land from the Waimea Estuary to State Highway 60, and from the Railway Reserve to McShane Road and the Nelson Pine Industries plant.

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The National Pest Plant Accord 

The National Pest Plant Accord is a cooperative agreement between the Nursery and Garden Industry Association, regional councils and government departments with biosecurity responsibilities; it was developed in 2001. The Accord lists plants that could escape from gardens and become weeds, adversely affecting productive land or areas of native bush. It is intended to minimise the number of weedy plants being sold to gardeners. Council staff visit nurseries and retail outlets to ensure that they are meeting their Accord commitments.

Chilean rhubarb and purple pampas are among the 122 plants listed in the Accord. All these plants are classified as Unwanted Organisms under the Biosecurity Act 1993; they are banned from propagation, sale and distribution in New Zealand. Twenty of these have also been included in the Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Strategy and have rules for their control.

If you have any of the Accord plants in your garden, you can keep growing them, but you are not allowed to sell them or spread them by giving plant material away. As these plants are potential weeds, we encourage you to replace them. “Plant Me Instead” booklets contain suggestions on non-weedy species, both native and non-native, that can be used to replace these weeds in your garden. These are readily available from council offices and can be posted out on request.

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SuperGold Card Holders Take Advantage of Free Travel 

Senior citizens in the Nelson-Tasman region can make the most of free travel on off-peak public transport services available to them through the SuperGold card scheme. SuperGold Card holders are eligible for free off-peak travel on scheduled public transport services from 1 October 2010. Free off-peak travel concession for SuperGold Card holders is available on SBL services running to and from Richmond and “THE BUS” that runs in Nelson. Off peak hours are from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays.

The SuperGold Card is available to all eligible New Zealanders aged 65 years or over and those under this age who receive the New Zealand Superannuation or the Veterans Pension. The card was launched in August 2007, providing access to business discounts, government and local authority services, entitlements and concessions. It is managed by the Ministry of Social Development. For more information phone the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65 or
visit the Supergold website

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Community Recreation – October 2010 

Community Development Fund

We recognise the importance and individuality of the smaller communities and towns within our District. To enhance the vitality and sustainability of the District’s towns, we’ve introduced a community development fund to enable the District’s smaller communities to develop community plans, provide activities, run events and provide services. Projects’ aims must enhance their town’s identity, thereby providing community benefit and attracting visitors. Grants are up to a maximum of $5,000 and there are two funding rounds annually with closing dates of 31 October 2010 and 30 April 2011.

SPARC Rural Travel Fund

Applications are invited now for funding to support the travel costs for rural sports teams in the 5-19 age group. The funding round closes 30 October 2010.

Creative Communities

Creative Communities is the local arts funding scheme to support community arts and cultural activity. There are four rounds per year. Closing dates are 10 November 2010, 10 February 2011, 10 May 2011, 10 August 2011.

For further information or to apply for any of the above grants, pick up an application form from your nearest Tasman District Council office (Takaka, Murchison, Richmond or Motueka) or you can download one from this website.
Grants and Funding Information on this website
Contact Mike Tasman-Jones - Community Recreation Advisor, Tasman District Council


In Your Neighbourhood – Coming Soon to a Park Near You!

A trailer jam-packed full of sports equipment and games is coming your way soon. The concept is simple – grab your friends and family and try out a bunch of sports. We provide the trainers and equipment, you provide the fun:

  • Thursday 14 October 2010 – Wakefield, Faulkners Bush, 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Thursday 21 October 2010 – Mapua Domain, 5.00pm – 7.00pm
  • Thursday 28 October 2010 – Tapawera Domain, 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 3 November 2010 – Moutere Hills Community Centre, 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Thursday 11 November 2010 – Takaka Primary School, 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Thursday 18 November 2010 – Murchison Domain, 3.30pm – 5.00pm

Tasman Karaoke Superstars

The hunt is on again for the Tasman Karaoke Superstar. Heats are being held across the District and the grand final is scheduled for December. There are three age group categories: Junior (8 and under), Intermediate (9 – 12 years) and Senior (13-18). Upcoming heats:

  • Murchison - Sunday 10 October 2010, 1.00pm – Murchison Theatre
  • Moutere - Friday 22 October 2010, 5.00pm – Moutere Hills Community Centre
  • Motueka - Saturday 23 October 2010, 1.00pm – Motueka Recreation Centre
  • Golden Bay - Saturday 13 November* 2010, 11.00am – Village Green

 (* Please note date change)

Grand Final - Sunday 5 December 2010, 10.00am – Motueka A&P Show

Tasman Underwriting Fund for Youth Events

Do you have a great idea for a youth event? Do you want to see more things happening for young people across the Tasman District?  The TUFFE scheme offers back-up funding of up to $500 for safe, fun events which are organised by young people – for young people.
Contact Paul McConachie - Community Recreation Officer, Tasman District Council
More information about the Tasman Underwriting Fund for Events

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Walk of the Week 

The godwits have arrived after their epic jouney from Alaska. Why not check out these amazing birds on these Motueka walks?

  • Motueka Coastal Stroll – 3.5 hours, easy (Walk 26).
  • Motueka’s Kumera Coastal Strip – 1 – 1.5 hours, easy (Walk 31).

For details, pick up a copy of the Walk Tasman booklet from any Council office.

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Community Grants Recipients 2010 

One of the objectives listed in Council’s mission statement is to enhance community development and the natural, cultural and recreational assets relating to Tasman district. One of the ways that Council sets out to achieve part of this objective is to administer a number of community grants schemes, scholarships and awards. Some of these are administered on Council’s own account. Others are funds administered on behalf of Creative New Zealand and SPARC (Sport and Recreation NZ).

The annual Community Grants from Rates scheme closes 31 August, the Grants and Community Facilities Subcommittee considered the 2010 applications at the 15 September meeting.

The categories are: Community and Economic Development; Arts, Culture, Heritage; Festivals and Events; Youth/Children; Social Services; Beautification Schemes; Emergency Services, Community Newsletters and Museums. Below is a list of this year’s recipients.

 Employment Initiatives

Nelson Tasman Business Trust


towards four pre start up courses.

Nelson Cycle Trails Trust


towards developing a loop cycle trail in the Tasman region.

Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club Inc


towards repainting of the clubrooms.

Te Whare Mahana Inc


towards employing additional support worker hours and five new recycling bins.

Tasman Broadcasting Trust Inc - T/A Fresh FM


towards purchasing four professional CD players.

Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society, Golden Bay Branch


towards potting mix, fertilizer bags, tree guards and stakes.

 Arts, Culture, Heritage

Collingwood Memorial Library


towards purchasing books.

Guide to Artists in Golden Bay


towards distribution costs for the Guide to Artists in Golden Day.

The White Room


towards advertising, printing and stationery costs for the White Room.

Motueka Independent Art Group


towards acquiring high quality advertising signage for the annual art exhibition.

Motueka Municipal Band Inc


towards administration and general costs.

Te Awhina Marae o Motueka


towards storing your Whare Taonga at Te Awhina.

Golden Bay Peace Group


towards an exhibition at the Golden Bay Museum.

Tasman Visual Arts Group


towards establishing an annual art event for the Tasman District.

Golden Bay Branch New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Inc


towards restoring the Chaffeys Hut.

Golden Bay Heritage Aorere Trust


towards purchasing Tyree photos from Nelson Provincial Museum, production of 3 panels and image preparation.

Collingwood Volunteer Fire Brigade Trust


towards continuing the Golden Bay Heritage Plaques with five metal plaques of the Golden Bay Collingwood fires.

Takaka Citizens Band Inc


towards activities of the Band. 

Mapua Community Library


towards purchasing books.

Rotoiti District Community Council


towards an annual mining licence.

Motueka Highland Pipe Band


towards rent and pan charges.

Friends of Flora Inc


towards installing a final line of traps.

Golden Bay Community Board


towards erecting and removing the banners from the main streets of Takaka and Collingwood.

Golden Bay Arts Council Inc


towards Community Arts Newsletters.

Whenua Iti Trust Inc


towards the introduction of digital photography classes.

 Youth / Children

SPELD Nelson Incorporated


towards the Retest subsidy.



towards the Introduction to Youth Work Programme.

Mapua Community Toy Library


towards purchasing new toys.

Motueka Cadet Unit Support Committee


towards increasing community awareness of what the cadets accomplish during their 3-year training programme.

Murchison Toy Library


towards increasing the range of toys available.

Richmond Waimea Toy Library


towards the installation of heaters and a ceiling fan.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson


towards recruiting, screening, training and supervising volunteer mentors.

Motueka District Toy Library


towards purchasing a fire safe secure box.

Murchison Playcentre


towards purchasing a shade sail. 

Brightwater Playcentre


towards purchasing art supplies and equipment to help decorate a float.

Golden Bay Riding for the Disabled


towards vet fees and maintenance of your three horses.

Murchison Community Resource Centre


towards the design of the pump track.

Royal NZ Plunket Society -Wakefield Sub Branch


towards covering the cost of the hall hire.

Royal NZ Plunket Society -Murchison Sub Branch


towards running a Music 4 Minis programme.

The Order of St John - Nelson Area


towards covering the costs of room rental for the St John Richmond Youth Division.

Richmond Group Riding for the Disabled Inc


towards a a heatpump for the classroom / meeting room.

Murchison Sport, Recreation & Cultural Centre


towards decorating and equipment for a room for the benefit of the youth in Murchison.

Puramahoi Tennis Club


towards repainting the lines on the tennis court.

Riwaka Scout Group


towards the NZ Jamboree in Hamilton.

Family Education Network Inc - Nelson


towards the Your Choice Programme. 

Nelson Marlborough Plunket Area Society


towards equipment and resources.

Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Nelson Marlborough


towards purchasing infant capsules and child car seats. 

Wakefield Playcentre


towards purchasing a selection of physical activity equipment.

Richmond Playcentre


towards re-licensing fee.

The Nelson Ark Trust


towards the Animals, People & Rehabilitation training course.

The Nelson Ark Trust


towards a contribution to the lease on the proposed build site, subject to sighting a signed lease agreement.

Motueka Group Riding for the Disabled


towards meeting the health and maintenance needs of your horses/ponies.

Nelson South Swimming Club


towards hiring the ASB Aquatic Centre for the annual Swimming Nelson Marlborough Winter Championships.

Richmond Waimea Youth Trust


towards three youth worker and manager to attend a workplace First Aid Express course.

Golden Bay Toy Library Inc


towards purchasing new toys.

Takaka Amateur Athletic Club


towards purchasing starting blocks and sending your coaching co-ordinator on a suitable coaching course.

Social Services

LifeLine Nelson Inc


towards further developing Skillshare Workshop on call management.

Golden Bay Community Centre


towards administering the organisation.

Fifeshire Foundation


towards allocating funds on a case by case basis.

Beneficiaries and Unwaged Workers Trust


towards helping people by way of support, mediation and education.

Age Concern Nelson Inc


towards part time worker's travel expenses.

Alzheimers Society Nelson Inc


towards purchasing six wandatrax pendants.

Golden Bay Community Service Vehicle Trust


towards covering the cost of administration and the running of the vans.

Nelson Multicultural Council Inc


towards cost of room rental and travel costs.

Nelson Multicultural Council Inc


towards promoting the reporting system throughout the Tasman District.

Association of Blind Citizens


towards travel expenses, registration and accommodation for the National Conference.

Motueka Community House


towards electricity costs.

Nelson Bays Citizens Advice Bureau


towards office support, training and equipment.

Get Safe Motueka Inc


towards running another group course "Womens Education Programme".

Epilepsy Association of NZ


towards operational costs.

NZ Council of Victim Support


towards reimbursing volunteers for their mileage expenses.

Festivals and Events

Our Town Motueka


towards the Motueka River Raft Race.

Brooklyn School


towards advertising for a Book and Country Fair. 

Golden Bay Community Workers Inc


towards the annual Mardi Gras.

Golden Bay Community Workers Inc


towards the Takaka Santa Parade.

Brightwater School Board of Trustees


towards the Carols by Glowlight evening.

Tapawera Community Church


towards the Harvest Festival and Community Awards evening.

Hills Community Church Trust


towards Mapua's fourth Costume Carnival.

Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust


towards the Luminate Festival.

Nelson Music Festival Trust


towards the 11th Adam Chamber Music Festival.

Murchison Community Resource Centre


towards a fireworks evening for families.

Murchison Agricultural & Pastoral Association


towards boosting the free entertainment at your annual A&P Show.

Lions Club of Nelson Host Inc


towards Circus Quirkus 2011.

Nelson Drag Racing Assn Inc


towards road closure fees.

Promote Richmond Inc


towards Last of the Summer Fare.

Promote Richmond Inc


towards the annual Santa Parade.

Nelson A&P Association


towards the Amazing Drumming Monkeys at the Richmond A&P Show.

Motueka Arts Council Inc


towards a festival to celebrate the return of the godwits to Motueka's sandspit.

Tasman Regional Sports Trust - Motueka Recreation Centre


towards Christmas in the Park 2010.

Waimea Sports Trust


towards the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial.

Tasman Regional Sports Trust (Top Team)


towards the Top Team event.

Tasman Gold Masters Swim Club Inc


towards the South Island Shortcourse Championships 2010.

NZ Tree Crops Association Inc


towards funding promotional materials for the Nelson Tree Crops conference in Hawkes Bay.

Tasman Wheelers Inc


towards the Tour de Vineyards event.

Golden Bay Agricultural and Pastoral Association Inc


towards upgrading of poultry cages and shelving for showing birds during the A&P Show.

Tasman Regional Sports Event Trust


towards the South Island Masters Games at Saxton Field.

Permaculture in New Zealand


towards the sound equipment and marque hire.

Collingwood Museum Society Inc


towards diesel and petrol costs and advertising for three "Steam Up" days.

Nelson Bays Youth Worker Training Forum


towards the development and delivery of Youth Week 2011.

Volunteer Nelson


towards funding of the Annual Youth Volunteer Awards and also delivery of workshops in Professional Development.

Te Awhina Marae o Motueka


towards the Waitangi Day Festival 2011.

Ngatimoti School Parent Group


towards the Ngatimoti Festival. 

Beautification Schemes

Keep Richmond Beautiful Committee


towards the development and beautification of Richmond parks and reserves.

Nelson Branch - NZ Farm Forestry Association Inc


towards the maintenance of the area adjacent to Wai-iti Reserve.

The Nelson Radio Controlled Car Club


towards helping subsidise the lease and also beautifying the area with landscaping.

Keep Motueka Beautiful Committee


towards maintenance of walkways around Motueka.

Moutere Hills Community Centre


towards fertiliser and stakes.

Keep Golden Bay Beautiful


towards the annual cleanup of Golden Bay, Trees for Babies event and upgrade the planting at Onekaka.

Emergency Services

Motueka Night Shelter


towards reimbursement of rates, WOF and Tasman District Council administration cost of WOF

Motueka Search and Rescue


towards purchasing 10 handheld radio antennae.

The Order of St John - Nelson Area


towards purchasing one portable radio.

Lake Rotoiti Volunteer Fire Unit


towards purchasing satellite phone pagers.

Murchison Emergency Services Inc


towards replacing old, tired and worn out window drapery with blackout blinds and net curtains.

The Order of St John Northern Region South Island


towards purchasing a regulator and stretcher.

Community Newsletters

Tapawera & Districts Community Council Inc


towards the Tapawera and Districts Informer.

Murchison District Historical and Museum Society Inc


towards the Murchison News.


Nelson Vintage Engine & Machinery Club


towards installing motion sensors and an alarm system.

Golden Bay Museum Society


towards installing a security system.

Murchison District Historical and Museum Society Inc


towards administration expenses and project costs.

Collingwood Museum Society


towards wages for a caretaker at Rockville Museum. 

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Instant Housing, for the Sake of Humanity 

Senior Building Inspector Rory Medcalf will knock up a house in six days soon, in a community of 30 houses all completed within the same week. About 400 builders and helpers from throughout the world are set to converge on Pokhara in Nepal in October 2010 for the big build, organised by Habitat for Humanity. New Zealand is contributing 150, and Nelson-Tasman’s 34 volunteers sets the national standard in size of muster.

Rory, who works for Tasman District Council, has never done anything like it before in nearly a quarter-century in the trade. He spotted a call for Nelson volunteers by Habitat’s Rob Silcock. Rory’s wife Sharon urged him to give it a go. The trip will cost $4200, and that includes a $1000 donation to Habitat’s work. Rory already knows it will be excellent value –  a chance to help a poor country and to experience its culture at grassroots level.

The eventual homeowners assist the building teams, which guarantees a big emotional payoff for all concerned when the last nail is driven home. Rory says each of the 30 two-room dwellings is about the size of a Kiwi garage, but to the Nepalese it will be a castle. Bamboo wall framing and lattice go up on a concrete slab, with plastered wall cladding and corrugated iron roof to finish.

Rory will lead a 10- or 12-person team of foreigners with “limited” building experience. He jokes that the Nelson contingent might have an average age of about 60 – with no shortage of commitment. They have been prepped in the culture and politics of Nepal. The entire trip for most will last 15 days, and the big build takes place on 2-8 October 2010.

Rory is already thinking of returning to Pokhara, about 200km west of Kathmandu, with his family in a decade to see the difference he and the other volunteers have made.

You can follow the day-to-day progress of the teams on Facebook and through the Everest Build website.
Everest Build website
Habitat NZ Facebook page

Habitat for Humanity, a Christian-based non-profit organisation, also does building projects in New Zealand, and was instrumental in helping Samoa recover from the tsunami last year. According to its website, Habitat has built, repaired and renovated homes in nearly 100 countries since 1976, with a new house completed every 15 minutes. “We have proudly housed more than 1.5 million people worldwide.”

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Do Your Trees Hang Low? 

Has your garden grown like mad during spring? Then now may be a good time to check that your vegetation hasn’t become a nuisance to others. If you have a hedge, shrubs or trees that grow alongside a footpath it’s up to you to make sure they don’t grow too far out, making it hard for others to pass.

Now is an excellent time to give plants a trim so take a walk around your property to check if a hair cut is needed. Make sure you consider whether the footpath is easily passable for those in wheelchairs, on mobility scooters, or with prams – don’t just look at it from a pedestrian’s point of view. Is there sufficient room for people to pass each other? If not it’s time to reach for the clippers.

Overhanging tree branches are also a problem. If you have a tree growing near a footpath you need to make sure any branches are trimmed right back to your boundary. Trees overhanging footpaths become a problem in wet weather when the water weighs the branches down and they drip on footpath users.

Please check out your boundary and let common sense be your guide because it is up to you to make sure nothing from your property is obstructing the footpath. If you’d like further information on this topic please call your local Council Service Centre.

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