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Water Quality the Priority in Fund Changes 

We’re changing the way we help landowners fence and plant around waterways to ensure even greater water quality benefits.

Since 2001, we have offered incentives to landowners wanting to fence stock away from waterways and plant along riparian margins. In that time, the River and Stream Management Fund has led to the construction of more than 400 kilometres of fencing to protect waterways. More than 4000 tree poles for riparian buffers and erosion control next to streams, rivers and wetlands are supplied each year.

Until now, the fund has operated on a first-come, first-served basis, and has largely relied on interested landowners contacting the Council.

With new Government rules planned to exclude all stock from waterways, we need to manage the available funding more proactively to make sure the money we have ($110,000 a year) is used to the greatest effect. A new grading system has been introduced to prioritise applications. The system allocates points depending on the risk to a waterway from nearby land use, the area’s ecological value, the community benefit, and the useful life of the fencing. We are also splitting the fund to allow half the money to be spent on large, catchment-focused initiatives that will bring greater water-quality gains than small-scale, one-off fencing projects. The other half will still be available for individual landowners to apply for.

Find out more

For more information, contact Bernard Simmons

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Mayor’s Message 

The Council has a very important legislated role to establish appropriate water plans for the catchments in our district.

Water management is a topic close to the hearts of many people in our district and our country, as well as internationally. As a result, in Tasman we try to employ collaborative processes within the affected communities to establish these plans. We like to include people with interests that cover the diverse range of opinions. This process is also very important in our relationship with local iwi. Everybody wants great outcomes for our water bodies and we need to take account of good outcomes environmentally, socially, culturally and economically. It can be very challenging, but the aim is to include the views of a wide cross-section of our communities balancing the views of specific interest groups that have very specific goals.

Currently the Council’s focus is establishing a water plan for the Takaka river and catchments and exploring appropriate outcomes for water management on the Waimea Plains. To assist us, we have two Freshwater Land Advisory Groups (FLAGs), operating within effective collaborative processes. These processes follow a model supported through the Governments Land and Water Forum, of which I am a member. We appreciate and encourage everyone to engage in these processes and thank all members of both FLAG groups for their assistance on behalf of their communities.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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In Case you Missed It... 

Stay up to date with what we’ve been doing with this round-up of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Full Council – 23 March 2017

  • Approved the appointment of Karen Lee, Bill Findlater, Donna Smith, Inspector Iain McKenzie and Frank Hippolite as advisory members of the Tasman Regional Transport Committee, and Jim Harland (South Island regional director) as New Zealand Transport Agency’s nominated representative.
  • Agreed to the compulsory take under the Public Works Act of York Place, Richmond, in order to legalise the road.
  • Received the results of the Mapua Waterfront Survey, which will help with the development of a long-term management plan for Council-owned land. More information on page 3.
  • Approved the construction of, and budget for, a road and footpath from Champion Road to the Saxton Velodrome as stage one of a planned access road through Saxton Field.
  • Agreed to increase funding for the Motueka, Golden Bay and Murchison Museums for the next two years. More information on page 3.
  • Received the quarterly financial report, which indicates the year-end financial position will be better than forecast because of lower debt and subsequent savings. An operating surplus of $6.5 million is projected.
  • Heard that the National Policy Statement for Urban Development Capacity is now in effect, and will require the Council to work with Nelson City Council to provide enough land (including a buffer of an additional 20%) for business and housing development in the area from the Glen to Hope and make sure that land is zoned and serviced.
  • Learned that Waimea Irrigators Limited has reached its 3000-hectare target for expressions of interest in Waimea Community Dam shares from Waimea Plains landowners. That is the first step in ensuring irrigators can meet their share of the estimated costs of building the dam. Work is continuing on negotiating the commercial terms for the dam’s construction and operation, and on securing land for the project. Public consultation on the project is expected to take place later in 2017.

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Survey Gives Snapshot of Opinion on Mapua Waterfront 

A survey about the future of Mapua’s waterfront attracted more than 700 public responses, with most (82%) happy with the current mix of recreational, business and community use. The survey was carried out over the summer of 2016 – 2017 to help inform the development of an overall management plan for Council-owned land on the waterfront.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said continued discussion with community groups in Mapua would supplement the snapshot of opinion provided by the survey.

“Those conversations have begun and will help us develop some options for the waterfront area that can be a starting point for discussion with the wider community when we release a draft plan for consultation,” Mayor Kempthorne said. “We expect to have a draft ready for the public to look at and provide comment on by about May.”

Most of the 723 survey responses (63%) were from Mapua residents, with the rest coming from residents of Tasman, Nelson, as well as New Zealand and overseas visitors.

The survey asked about current issues facing the waterfront area, as well as people’s long-term aspirations.

Find out more

The full survey results are available on our website, at

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Museums Receive Funding Boost 

Local museums enable us to celebrate and explore the stories of our earliest arrivals, our industries, our environment and our communities. The museums have permanent as well as curated themed displays. Currently the Motueka Museum has Mai i Hawaiki Te Ahi Ka Roa, which traces the journey of Ngāti Rārua, Te Ātiawa and allied tribes from the north to Tasman Bay in the 1830s. The Golden Bay Museum features the story of Farewell Spit-Onetahua. Both these are high quality displays well worth a visit.

The museums provide an important service. However in recent years, they have faced increased operating and compliance costs. In response to requests from the museums, the Motueka, Golden Bay and Murchison museums will receive extra funding for the next two years, to support heritage services in the District. We will provide $15,000 to the Motueka and Golden Bay Museums, on top of their existing grant funding (of $49,000), and an extra $3300 to the Murchison Museum (which currently receives $10,000).

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Work to Replace Old Water Pipes Begins 

Over the next seven months, new water pipes will be installed in D’arcy Street, Fauchelle Avenue, Florence Street, Elizabeth Street and Herbert Street in Richmond. The work began in D’arcy Street on Monday 3 April.

The existing pipes in these streets have reached an age where they are showing signs of deterioration and need to be replaced to avoid disruption to residents' water supply. At the same time, we will replace ageing water meters on these streets. Contractor Ching Contracting will be in touch with residents directly to advise of any water shutdowns that may affect you.

At times during the works, access to the footpath and some car parks will be affected. Please avoid the coned off areas and follow signage and instructions. Traffic will be restricted to one lane for short periods of time throughout construction. Thanks for your patience while this essential work takes place.

Find out more

More information about this work can be found online at

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Reduced Chlorine in Richmond Aquatic Centre’s Wave Pool 

A new water treatment system has been introduced to the wave pool at the Richmond Aquatic Centre to reduce the amount of chlorine used.

The Wapotec treatment system was successfully trialled in the lane pool last year, and has now been rolled out to the wave pool as well.

Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones said Wapotec allows the aquatic centre to more than halve the amount of chlorine used in the wave pool.

“The new treatment system brings a big improvement in water quality and reduces odour-causing chloramines – so families should notice the water in the wave pool is much gentler on skin and eyes and leaves less of a chlorine smell on togs.”

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Parts of Rec Park Centre Golden Bay Open for Winter Sport 

The squash courts, toilets and changing rooms at the new Rec Park Centre Golden Bay are open for the winter sports season.

Unfortunately, the facility doesn’t currently have enough on-site parking to allow the full complex to open without breaching the requirements of our building consent and planning rules for parking.

There is enough parking on site to allow limited public use, however, which gives winter sports codes the ability to use the essential parts of the building in the meantime.

Once we know the outcome of an Environment Court case taken by the Golden Bay Grand Stand Community Trust, we will be able to consider a permanent solution for parking.

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Latest Information on Waimea Plains Soil Types Available 

Detailed information on the different soil types present across the Waimea Plains, giving a comprehensive picture of the productive capacity of land in the area, is now available on our website.

The survey, carried out by Dr Iain Campbell, provides information on the productive capacity and versatility of the Plains. It will help inform our land planning, and is a useful tool for landowners to find out how well-suited their property is to primary production.

The results show a greater variation in soil types in the Plains than has been mapped previously. Thousands of soil pits and augurs were dug in each area to compile the data, and the finer degree of survey carried out by Dr Campbell means we now have an even better understanding of soil types, origins and limitations at a property scale.

The mapping survey covers five areas:

  • Brightwater
  • Lower Queen Street
  • Redwood Valley
  • Waimea East and Central Plains
  • Waimea West

Find out more:

You can read about this, and other soil mapping work (for example, Takaka soil mapping), at You can also contact Resource Scientist (Land) Bernard Simmons
on 03 543 8446, email

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Queen Street Upgrade - What you Need to Know 

Hawkins Infrastructure is moving swiftly up the street to replace an old cement water pipe. The Queen Street bus stop has been moved temporarily while part of this pipe is replaced. Traffic is reduced to one lane at times and parking is limited on Queen Street itself.

Temporary bus stop

The bus stop on Queen Street has temporarily moved a short distance down the street, and is currently located outside the police station near the Kmart/Warehouse car park. This is to allow construction to take place in the area surrounding the usual bus stop. There are signs up at the regular bus stop to direct you to the temporary stop. If in doubt, please stop in and ask our Customer Services staff or the Hawkins Infrastructure traffic management team, who are happy to help.

Free parking at Showgrounds

If you work on Queen Street, or are going to be in central Richmond for an extended stay, we ask that you use the free all-day parking provided at the Richmond Showgrounds. We are still in the early stages of construction and it’s important we all support our local businesses throughout what will be a lengthy period of disruption. Please don’t take up parking spaces all day that could be used by customers to our retailers, cafes and the like.

Vehicle access

Queen Street remains closed from Gladstone Road up to the McIndoe Place intersection. In mid-April, the McIndoe intersection will be closed to allow the construction of a new roundabout, which will better manage traffic flows, and enable the transition from the existing street profile to the new design.

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Speed Limit Change Proposed for Queen Street and Sundial Square 

We’re proposing to reduce the speed limit on Queen Street, Richmond, and through Sundial Square, to 30kmh – and we want to hear your views.

The current speed limit on Queen Street from Gladstone Road to Salisbury Road is 50kmh. A lower speed limit would support the new street design being installed as part of the Queen Street Upgrade, which is intended to promote a low-speed, pedestrian-focused environment.

Once the upgrade is complete, Queen Street will have a narrower road carriageway – reduced from about 9.5 metres to 6 metres. The existing raised crossing points will be removed to meet the stormwater flow requirements of the new design – these currently act as a speed deterrent. The footpaths will be wider to enhance the pedestrian experience.

Have your say: Feedback is open until 5.00 pm, Friday 19 May 2017.

Let us know if you support or oppose a reduced speed limit on Queen Street, from Gladstone Road to Salisbury Road, and through Sundial Square, from Queen Street to McGlashen Avenue.

Make a submission:

Online, at


In writing – forms available at any Tasman District Council service centre

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Newsline Updates 

What are your priorities for Tasman’s future?

We’ve been doing some great work over the past year – come and hear what we are doing this coming year and help us plan for the next ten.



Murchison Community Association. Murchison Emergency Services (MESI) building

Monday 10 April 2017, 1.15 pm

Golden Bay Community Board Takaka Service Centre

Tuesday 11 April 2017, 9.00 am

In Your Neighbourhood – Takaka The Green, Takaka

Tuesday 11 April 2017, 3.00 – 6.00 pm

Moutere Hills Community Association,

Moutere Hills Community Centre

Tuesday 11 April 2017, 7.00 pm

Have your say:

Head to to submit comments before Tuesday 18 April.

Local Governance Statement

Our revised Local Governance Statement is now available online at The statement provides a suite of information about the structure of the Council, its functions, responsibilities and activities, decision-making processes, legal authority and policies. We review and update the statement within six months of each local body election.

Event Management Training for Young People

Got a great idea and want to organise an event?  Not quite sure where to start or what to do? Then this workshop is for you.

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to run your own events. Free training and support from event and youth worker professionals. Workshops are suitable for young people aged 15 – 24 years.

Motueka Workshop

  • Date: Tuesday 25 April, 2017
  • Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • Venue: Community House, Motueka

Spaces are strictly limited. Register your interest by contacting Paul McConachie on or Facebook message ‘Nelson Youth Events’.

Easter Hours

Council offices and libraries will be closed on Friday 14 and Monday 17 April for Easter. Resource Recovery Centres will be closed on Good Friday.

Takaka carpark closed for upgrade

An upgrade to increase the number of parking spaces in Takaka’s Motupipi Street Carpark is underway. The carpark is closed while the work takes place. The carpark will be sealed and extended to increase the number of parks from about 45 to 91. There will also be improvements to drainage, and new lighting and landscaping.

Schedule of Charges

We have reviewed our fees and charges for the 2017/2018 year.
Go to www.tasman.govt/feedback to view the proposed Schedule of Charges. Submissions are open on the Schedule of Charges between 13 March – 18 April 2017.

Use Good Wood for winter burning

Look for the Good Wood tick when you stock up on winter firewood to be sure of dry firewood that will burn cleanly.

Suppliers in the Good Wood scheme can be trusted to provide either:

  • Seasoned firewood, suitable for immediate use during the winter months, or
  • Green (unseasoned) firewood delivered far enough in advance that, if properly stored by the user, it will be ready to burn in winter.

Remember, green wood will not burn efficiently, leaving you with a cold house and smoky fire. A Good Wood supplier will have a moisture meter to measure the moisture content of wood if you wish to confirm that wood being delivered is dry enough to use. Find a Good Wood supplier: Head to for a list of Good Wood suppliers.

Motueka Kai Fest

Sunday 9 April 2017, 11.00 am – 3.00 pm, Decks Reserve, Motueka. Kai Fest aims to bring together our community of many cultures to learn more about and honour something we all have in common – kai.

Triennial Elections

The following hall management committees will hold their triennial elections:

  • Onekaka Hall: Monday 10 April at 7.30 pm at the Onekaka Hall.
  • Stanley Brook Hall Management Committee: Wednesday 12 April 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Stanley Brook Library.
  • Ngatimoti Memorial Hall Management Committee: Wednesday 12 April at 7.30 pm at the Ngatimoti Reserve Community Rooms.
  • Hope Hall and Recreation Reserve: Thursday 13 April 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Hope Hall.
  • Waimea West Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee: Thursday 20 April 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Waimea West Hall.
  • Dovedale Residents Committee: Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Dovedale Hall.
  • Lower Moutere Memorial Hall Committee: Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 7.00 pm at the Lower Moutere Memorial Hall.

Road closure

  • Applicant: Nelson Car Club
  • Event: Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road event
  • Location: Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road (from intersection of SH to 3.5km from the intersection with Moss Road)
  • Date of road closures: Sunday 21 May 2017
  • Date objections close: Sunday 22 April 2017

Head to for details of how to make an objection.

Resource Consents

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website ( The following is an abridged advisory notice only.

Applicant: Boomerang Farm Limited

Location: Between the Moutere Highway, Old Coach Road, Stringer Road, and Eban Road, Bronte West, in the Rural 3 Zone.

Proposal: Subdivision (Application RM160990)

To carry out a staged subdivision to create 135 new residential lots varying between 5800m2 and 5.5ha in area, in the Rural 3 Zone as defined in the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP).

Other Resource Consents (Applications RM160991-5, RM16997-8, RM170503-6)

The application includes associated resource consents required for private accessways; to construct dwellings; to carry out earthworks associated with the formation of access roads and building sites; to construct and operate stormwater detention basins in unnamed streams; and discharges of wastewater and stormwater for each of the proposed 135 residential allotments.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 5 May 2017.

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Community Relations 

Workshops for sustainable living

Sessions held on Mondays, 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm. Greenwood Kindergarten, Greenwood Street, Motueka.

10 April: Growing food – choosing what and when to plant, composting, worms and long term maintenance

Secure your spot: Email your name and phone number to or phone Adie Leng, 03 528 2022.

Winter Sport Codes Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

Are you a rural-based club or do you have rural-based players? If so, the Tasman Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund can help meet your travel costs.

Sport NZ Travel Fund reduces the barriers for young people (aged 5 – 19 years) taking part in local sports competition by offering grants to subsidise travel costs. The clubs must apply on behalf of players and the next closing date is 30 April 2017.

Application forms and further information is online at or phone Mike Tasman-Jones 03 543 8403 for further information.

Trustpower Community Awards

Volunteers are at the heart of every community – dedicating hours of time and energy every year to making their community a better place to live.

About 1000 voluntary groups from around New Zealand enter the Trustpower Community Awards each year. It’s a celebration of just how much volunteers mean to our country.

No matter how big or small, if your group, club or society has volunteers, it has earned the right to be involved.

Anyone can enter a group ... groups can even enter themselves! Entries for the Nelson Tasman Trustpower Community Awards are now open.

Register online or visit your local Council for an entry form.

Special grants available

Are you planning a great community event or project, but need a little help to make it happen? We may be able to help. Applications for our Special Grants Fund are open.

This fund is for significant new events in the District, and allows us to provide a larger financial contribution (upwards of $10,000) to special events that will benefit our community, providing a range of opportunities and experiences to residents and visitors.

Find out more: You can read more about the criteria and application process for Special Grants on our website – visit, search term “Special Grants”, or contact Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman Jones on

Ph. 03 543 8400.

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ANZAC Day Services and Parades 

Tapawera: Service – 10.00 am Memorial Hall.

Richmond: Parade – 10.45 am from Sundial Square. Service – 11.00 am at War Memorial Gardens, Cambridge Street

Brightwater: Service – 9.00 am at Brightwater Memorial Hall Gates

Wakefield: Service –10.00 am at the Wakefield Hall

Motueka: Parade – 6.15 am from the Motueka Bowling Club Carpark, Pah Street, Motueka. Service – 6.30 am at the Cenotaph

Murchison: Service – 11.00 am at the Memorial in Waller Street (Murchison Sport, Recreation and Cultural Centre if wet)

Mapua: Parade – 10.45 am Starts adjacent to tennis courts. Service – 11.00 am at Mapua RSA Memorial Library, followed by morning tea at the Mapua Hall. A plate would be appreciated.

Upper Moutere: Service – 10.00 am at the Domain

Tasman: Service – 10.00 am at the Memorial

Riwaka: Laying of Wreath – 9.00 am at the Riwaka Memorial

Ngatimoti: Laying of Wreath and Service – 10.30 am at the Ngatimoti Memorial

Takaka: Dawn Service – 6.15 am at the Takaka Memorial Reserve. Parade – assemble outside BP Garage at 8.45 am for 9.00 am service at the Takaka Memorial Reserve

Collingwood: Dawn Parade – assemble 6.15 am. CivicService – citizens’ service 11.30 am in the Memorial Hall

Lake Rotoiti: Service – 10.30 am in the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall

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