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Community Workshops Discuss Future of Mapua’s Waterfront 

We’ve been holding meetings with community groups, clubs and interested people in Mapua over the past few months as we continue to gather a wide range of views on the future of the Mapua waterfront.

Our public survey over summer attracted more than 700 replies, and now we’re working to gain an even deeper understanding of the community’s wishes through a series of meetings and community forums. We’ve been asking those involved to tell us their vision for the future of Mapua, their top priorities for the next five years, what changes they would like to see on Council-owned land along the waterfront, and any other issues they think need to be included in strategic planning for the waterfront area.

What is clear in the opinions we’ve gathered so far is that while there are some areas of general agreement (most are happy with the current mix of recreation, community and business on the Mapua Wharf, for example), there are also very diverse views on some topics. That’s a challenge we’ll need to tackle as we work on a draft options plan for the future management of the waterfront – and as is often the case, we won’t be able to please everyone. What we will aim to do is balance the various viewpoints and desires to come up with a plan that will best serve the long-term interests of the wider community.

We’re grateful to everyone who filled in the survey and those who have taken the time to meet with our consultant or attend one of the forum workshops. Your contribution will make a difference to the future of Mapua – so thank you.

We expect to have a draft options plan available for the public to provide further input by way of formal submissions in May 2017 – so keep an eye out in Newsline, on our website (, Facebook (Tasman District Council) or Twitter (@tasmandc) for the details.

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Mayor’s Message 

On Sunday 9 April, I had the pleasure of attending three very enjoyable events.

I was able to hand out certificates for people having completed the City 2 Saxton fun run including runners, walkers, rollerbladers, scooters and one young man who completed the event on crutches having previously dislocated his knee mountain biking! Connor Matthews I salute you. Well done to Sport Tasman and sponsors for organising and funding this event.

Jane and I also attended Kai Fest – a celebration of the fruit harvest and cultural diversity of the Motueka area and a show of the variety of food available from the various cultures within our region. We then attended Fiddler on the Roof performed in the Motueka Memorial Hall, a stunning performance showing what has been achieved in the renovations of the Motueka Memorial Hall over recent years. All credit to Mark Wentworth and the cast who presented Fiddler on the Roof.

This was a stunning Sunday for us and it reiterated for me the vibrant community that we have in our region. Particular credit to the community of Motueka for their organisational ability and what they are achieving.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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In Case you Missed It ... 

Stay up to date with what we’ve been doing with this round-up of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Community Development Committee – Thursday 6 April 2017

  • Online Services Architect Richard Liddicoat outlined the process for extending ultrafast broadband throughout Tasman District. The Government has provided funding for seven areas in the District to receive ultrafast internet between 2018 and 2023 – an investment of $10.6 million. We are continuing to work on attracting funding for rural broadband and mobile blackspots.
  • A presentation by the Richmond Aquatic Centre manager noted the centre is hoping to attract more than 300,000 patrons in 2017.
  • Approved the use of part of Spring Grove Cemetery for burials of people of the Bhutanese Kirant and Buddhist faith. Read more about the new area.

Engineering Services Committee – Thursday 13 April 2017

  • Approved $1.29 million of minor roading improvements for 2017 – 18. This programme receives a 51% funding subsidy from NZTA.
  • Received a review of the performance of the District’s water, wastewater and stormwater utilities, outlining operating and maintenance expenses and levels of service.
  • 40kmh variable speed signs have been installed at Brightwater School, and will soon be installed at Motueka High School. Advance warning signs have been put up outside Richmond Primary School. New or replacement static warning signs have gone up at Riwaka, Parklands, Tasman, Upper Moutere, Wakefield, Tapawera and Collingwood schools.

Full Council – Thursday 13 April 2017

  • Agreed to form a joint committee with Nelson City Council to run a combined regional landfill, subject to Commerce Commission approval.
  • Approved funding for two infrastructure projects to support residential growth in Richmond West – a new gravity sewer main in Headingly Lane, and a new larger water main and new sewer main in Lower Queen Street.
  • Decided to impose time limits on 26 carparks within the Papps Carpark off Cambridge Street, Richmond.  Read more about parking changes.
  • Approved changes to the Regional Land Transport Plan to include urgent work needed to upgrade the alternate State Highway One through the Lewis Pass. The New Zealand Transport Agency will fund the $15 million of improvements.

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Council Pedal Power Saves 1514kg of CO2 

Our staff joined 14,194 other New Zealanders in a nationwide bike challenge to encourage both healthy lifestyles and a healthy planet – the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. We were proud to take second place in our category of the Challenge, in which organisations tried to get the greatest number of staff members to hop on their bikes during February.

We were also the Council with the highest participation rate in 2017. During the challenge, 156 Tasman District Council staff members (58%) rode a total of 15,785 kilometres – saving 1514 kilograms of CO2 in the process. Nationally, 1137 organisations took part, clocking up more than 1.9 million kilometres on the bike between them.

More information about the Aotearoa Bike Challenge available at

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Banded Rail Planting Dates 

Please come and join us at a community planting day from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm on the Waimea Inlet:

  • Bronte Peninsula North: Sunday 21 May. Park on Cardno Way (off Bronte Road East).
  • Bronte Peninsula on Stringer Embayment: Sunday 28 May. Access from 92 Bronte Road East where there is parking.
  • Manuka Island: Sunday 11 June. Follow sign to Manuka Island from Redwood Road
  • Research Orchard Road: Sunday 18 June.
  • Maisey Embayment: Sunday 25 June. Cnr Coastal Highway/Westdale Road. Turn in at ‘Fable Cottage’ sign.
  • Hoddy Estuary Park: Sunday 2 July. Off Coastal Highway near Research Orchard Road.
  • Dominion Embayment: Saturday 11 July. Parking at 43 Apple Valley Road (between Bronte Rd and Mapua Dr).
  • Stringer Creek: Sunday 23 July. Westdale Road opposite The Playhouse Café.
  • Trafalgar Embayment: Saturday 29 July. Park in small layby off Coastal Highway opposite Trafalgar Road.

Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Coffee (courtesy of Pomeroy’s) and tea will be provided.

Battle for the Banded Rail is a Waimea Inlet Forum project working with local communities. It aims to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators.

For more information email or phone Kathryn, 03 544 4537.

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Tasman Youth to Gain Voice in Local Government 

We’re moving ahead with plans to give young people a greater voice in local decision making.

The first step will be for us to work with our Community Boards and Community Associations towards offering youth councillors speaking rights at some meetings.

Community Development Committee chairman Peter Canton said the initiative would bring young people’s perspectives to the table, and give youth councillors the opportunity to develop governance skills.

“It will give young people who are interested in a career in government or politics a real opportunity to participate at the local level, gain a greater understanding of what’s involved, and develop skills in a supportive environment.”

Cr Canton said that, if successful, the initiative could be expanded to offer youth councillors speaking rights on Council committees, allowing them to act in an advisory role to Tasman District councillors.

“The ultimate aim of this initiative is to give our elected councillors a fresh insight into the issues that matter to our young people,” he said.

About the Tasman Youth Council

The Tasman Youth Council was established in 1998 after local young people told the Council they wanted to have their voices heard and their interests taken seriously.

There are four regional clusters – Waimea, Motueka, Golden Bay and Murchison. Each cluster carries out projects and initiatives relevant to the needs expressed by young people in their communities.

Youth councillors are offered youth leadership and development opportunities to help them fulfil their role.

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Extra Rubbish Services, Truck Stops, for Murchison and St Arnaud 

More rubbish bins have been installed, the street sweeping truck will visit these regularly, and new truck stops are among changes for Murchison and St Arnaud in response to the extra demands on the townships from a large spike in traffic volumes.

New Zealand Transport Agency and Council staff and contractors have been working hard to keep the alternate State Highway 1 route maintained for the huge increase in traffic.

As well as work on the road itself, we have installed extra public toilets in St Arnaud and NZTA has sealed the road shoulder in the toilet stop area. NZTA and the Road Transport Association are working with the Department of Conservation to encourage trucks to use Teetotal Flat (a DOC reserve) just south of the township as a truck and toilet stop. We have installed signs outside the Rotoiti Hall to advise there is no truck parking available there.

In Murchison, four additional rubbish bins will help deal with concerns about extra waste generated by travellers. A new truck stop is now up and running behind Murchison Mechanical – our thanks to the owners for their support in providing land for this purpose.

After a strong push from the community and the Council, NZTA has temporarily installed a 40kmh speed zone outside Murchison Area School to help keep children safe on their journeys to and from school. A permanent 40kmh speed zone is currently being consulted on.

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Burial Area set Aside for Faith Community 

An area has been set aside within the Spring Grove Cemetery, on Mount Heslington Road, for members of the Bhutanese Kirant and Buddhist faith.

Members of the local Bhutanese Kirant and Buddhist community asked the Council to designate a burial area to allow them to bury their dead in accordance with the principles of their faith.

Although this is the first such request we have received, as our community grows it is likely we will receive similar requests in future. Nelson already has designated burial areas for members of the Muslim and Catholic faiths.

We plan to discuss a possible cross-boundary agreement with the Nelson City Council as we try to best accommodate the different faith groups within our region.

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Positive Ageing Expo Popular as Ever 

The ninth Annual Positive Ageing Expo went off again on 31 March with more than 2000 people attending.

With 78 community group, services and business stallholders, everything from arts, heritage, health, recreation, transport, travel and sport was covered. There were also several presentations including:

  • To Rest is to Rust: The Ups and Downs of Physical Activity – Emeritus Professor Bevan Grant
  • Retirement, the time to sit back and relax- WRONG! Make a real difference to your community through volunteering – Gordon Oldfield – Volunteer Nelson
  • Eyes, Ears, Action – How to recognise and act on Elder Abuse – Malcolm Drummond.
  • Anti-fall in and around your home – tips to avoid slips, trips and broken hips – Kim Fergusson.

It was not all about sitting and listening, with the opportunity to try activities including a pottery wheel, an e-bike as well as a group fitness class on the lawn.

Then attendees sat back to a performance by ‘Off Your Rockers’. It’s getting bigger every year so mark a spot in the diary for the end of March next year, or the end of this year if you want to book a stall space.
Contact: Mike Tasman-Jones, Ph. 03 543 8403.

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Queen Street Upgrade 

What you need to know

The replacement of the fragile 50-year-old water pipe is now largely complete. The good news is that there will be far fewer changes to the access and parking that is available at any one time from now on.

We know the roadworks needed for this piece of work have been particularly disruptive. We needed to carry out this pipe replacement first to reduce the risk of it breaking and disrupting the water supply during the other infrastructure upgrades. The final step will be to decommission the old pipe, which is planned to take place overnight one night in May.

Access and parking

Currently, Queen Street is closed from Gladstone Road to McIndoe Place, with intermittent closures across the McIndoe intersection. Within the next couple of weeks, the McIndoe intersection will be closed (for about a month) while a new roundabout is built.

Please continue to support our local businesses while the upgrade happens. The ring road is a great option to avoid any delays on Queen Street, and there are four public carparks – in addition to the Richmond Mall carpark and the businesses’ own private carparks – that are easily accessible from the ring road. The entire length of footpath is open during the day, so there is pedestrian access to all shops.

Time limits introduced in Papps Carpark

To help free up parking spots for shoppers and visitors to Richmond town centre, we have introduced time limits on 26 spaces within the Papps Carpark, off Cambridge Street.

There are now ten P60 and a further sixteen P120 time limits in Papps Carpark.

These time limits will be enforced and fines issued, so please make use of the free all-day parking at the Richmond Showgrounds if you are heading to Richmond to work, or for an extended stay.

We are monitoring all the public carparks for occupancy rates, and will consider extra time limits if need be.

Proposed speed limit reduction

We’re proposing to reduce the speed limit on Queen Street, Richmond, and through Sundial Square to 30kmh – and we want to hear your views.

The current speed limit on Queen Street from Gladstone Road to Salisbury Road is 50kmh. A lower speed limit would support the new street design being installed as part of the Queen Street Upgrade, which is intended to promote a low-speed, pedestrian-focussed environment.

Have your say on the proposed speed limit.

Feedback is open until 5.00 pm, Friday 19 May 2017.  Make a submission:

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Newsline Updates 

Reserve and Hall Committee Triennial Elections

Triennial elections are held every three years to elect volunteers to help look after their local hall/reserve. The following hall/reserve management committees are due to hold their triennial elections:

  • Brightwater Recreation Reserve and Hall Management Committee: Tuesday 2 May 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Brightwater Hall.
  • Bainham Hall Management Committee: Thursday 4 May 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Bainham Hall.
  • Dovedale Residents Committee: Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Dovedale Hall.
  • Lower Moutere Memorial Hall Committee: Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 7.00 pm at the Lower Moutere Memorial Hall.

Outstanding Community Service Awards

There are a host of people throughout our District who work quietly away without pay and with precious little recognition to make our communities better places to live. These awards aim to give some well-deserved recognition to these unsung heroes of our communities. It gives us an opportunity to make sure they are rewarded with the thanks they deserve for the long-term outstanding service they have given over the years.

Nominations close on 30 June 2017.

Head to for more information and nomination forms.

Use Good Wood for winter burning

Look for the Good Wood tick when you stock up on winter firewood to be sure of dry firewood that will burn cleanly.

Suppliers in the Good Wood scheme can be trusted to provide either:

  • Seasoned firewood, suitable for immediate use during the winter months, or
  • Green (unseasoned) firewood delivered far enough in advance, that if properly stored by the user, it will be ready to burn in winter.

Remember, green wood will not burn efficiently, leaving you with a cold house and smoky fire. A Good Wood supplier will have a moisture meter to measure the moisture content of wood if you wish to confirm that wood being delivered is dry enough to use.

Find a Good Wood supplier:

Head to for a list of Good Wood suppliers.

Motueka Ward’s reserves

We’ve extended the deadline for you to have your say on the future management of Motueka Ward’s parks, gardens, sportsfields and picnic spots. Feedback now closes at the end of April 2017, so take a moment to share any thoughts or ideas you have about your favourite Motueka reserves.

Have a say

Fill in the online survey at or visit

Email us: or write to us: Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond.

Notified Resource Consent Application

Applications for resource consent have also been publicly notified in the Nelson Mail.

The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website - view the full application

The following is an abridged advisory notice only.

Applicant: Boomerang Farm Limited

  • Location: Between the Moutere Highway, Old Coach Road, Stringer Road, and Eban Road, Bronte West, in the Rural 3 Zone.
  • Proposal: Subdivision (Application RM160990)
    To carry out a staged subdivision to create 135 new residential lots varying between 5800m2 and 5.5ha in area, in the Rural 3 Zone as defined in the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP).
  • Other Resource Consents (Applications RM160991-5, RM16997-8, RM170503-6)

The application includes associated resource consents required for private accessways; to construct dwellings; to carry out earthworks associated with the formation of access roads and building sites; to construct and operate stormwater detention basins in unnamed streams; and discharges of wastewater and stormwater for each of the proposed 135 residential allotments.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 5 May 2017.

Anzac Day Closure

All Tasman District Council service centres and libraries will be closed on Tuesday 25 April.

Notice of intention to have land declared abandoned

The Council intends to apply to the Nelson District Court for an order that:

  • declares the land listed below to be abandoned; and
  • authorises the Council to sell or lease such land.

Anyone with an interest in any of these properties or information that is relevant to the application must contact us within a month of this notice being published, by phoning 03 543 8400 or emailing

You can search for more information on the property using the Valuation Number listed. Visit

The seven properties are listed as described in their Certificates of Title:

Registered owner(s)


Hectares / Title


Legal description

William Adams & Dorothea Busch

Haycock Road, Hope

Valuation Number: 1943044901

0.1391 / NL163/55

PT SEC 2 BLK 1 District of Waimea East (Aniseed Valley)

George Duncan McNee

Brooks Road, Matakitaki Valley

Valuation Number:

0.8726 / NL50/73

SECS 24 25 BLK VI Matakitaki SD

Charles Lynch

Matakitaki Road, Matakitaki Valley

Valuation Number:

6.0070 / Pt NL12/159

PT SEC 20 SQ 173

Calinente Property Limited

Tokongawa Drive, Tokongawa

Valuation Number:

0.0157 / NL11A/1041

PT SEC 14 SO Plan 3720

The Moutere Amalgamated Fruit Lands Limited

208 Carlyon Road, Mahana

Valuation Number:

0.5211 / NL48/73

LOT 1 DP 695 and PT LOT 5A DP 626

The Moutere Amalgamated Fruit Lands Limited

Old Coach Road, Mahana

Valuation Number: 1938062902

0.0771 / NL39/11

PT SEC 30 61 BLK XVI Motueka SD

William England 

Belfit Lane, Wakefield

Valuation Number:

0.1219 / NL71/103

PT SEC 84  DIST OF Waimea South

This notice is given under section 77(2) of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Mike Drummond, Corporate Services Manager. Tasman District Council.

Trustpower Community Awards

Volunteers are at the heart of every community – dedicating hours of time and energy every year to making their community a better place to live.

About 1000 voluntary groups from around New Zealand enter the Trustpower Community Awards each year. It’s a celebration of just how much volunteers mean to our country. No matter how big or small, if your group, club or society has volunteers, it has earned the right to be involved. Anyone can enter a group... groups can even enter themselves!

Entries for the Nelson Tasman Trustpower Community Awards close on 28 April. Register online or visit your local Council for an entry form.

Road Closures

Applicant: Nelson Car Club

Event: Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road event

Location: Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road (from intersection of SH to 3.5km from the intersection with Moss Road)

Date of road closures: Sunday 21 May 2017

Date objections close: Sunday 22 April 2017

Head to for details of how to make an objection.

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Libraries Updates 

Anzac Day closure

All Tasman District Libraries will be closed on Tuesday 25 April for Anzac Day.

Queen Street photo project

If you live in Richmond or you’re a regular visitor to the town you’ll know that Queen Street is undergoing a major upgrade and redesign.

The project provides a great opportunity to take a look at how Queen Street has changed over the years as the town has grown and developed. So we’ve decided to try and source as many original photos of Queen Street as we can, copy them and then publish them online.

If you have original photos of Queen Street and you’d be happy for us to borrow them, copy them and publish them online please let us know. We’re looking for original photos or 35mm slides from the 1800s through to the 1980s. Photos can be of the shops, businesses, houses and farms in upper, central and lower Queen Street, Richmond.

The Queen Street Heritage Photos will be published on the Kete Tasman website. Plus an exhibition is planned for later in the year.

For further information please contact the Richmond Library Information Services Team on Ph. 03 543 8500 or email:


Do you have a keen teen reader in your household? Make sure to let them know about TeenRead5 on now at Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries. All you have to do is borrow books, comics or magazines, read to your heart’s content, then return them via the issues desk.

Each item read gets you a stamp for your stamp card. Get five stamps and you win a free prize. You‘ll also go into the draw to win some new books!

TeenRead5 runs from 10 April until 26 May.

Book Art competition at Richmond Library

You still have a few days left to get your entry finished for Richmond Library’s book art competition. We’ve been impressed with the number of people who’ve picked up entry forms and discarded library books. Now we’re really looking forward to seeing what you’ve created.

The first 40 entries received, along with the winning entries, will be displayed in the glass cabinets at Richmond Library throughout May.

Entries close at 6.00 pm on Wednesday 26 April.

Law for Lunch at Takaka Library

Julia O’Connor from Nelson Bays Community Law will be at Takaka Library at 2.00pm Wednesday 3 May to talk about wills and powers of attorney.

Take action. Start thinking about your will and powers of attorney today. This Law for Lunch session is an excellent opportunity to get answers to your questions and get the ball rolling. Law for Lunch is free and no bookings are required.

Local author Emma Stevens at Motueka Library

Join local author Emma Stevens at Motueka Library at 7.00 pm Thursday 4 May for the launch of her latest book, 'Dancing on the Tundra'.

'Dancing on the Tundra' is the final in Emma’s trilogy of memoirs about living and loving in the Alaskan wilderness.

It’s sure to be a fascinating evening so put it in your calendar today.

Get motivated at Motueka Library

Do you need some inspiration to get focussed on your goals? Sandra Quiggin will be at Motueka Library from 1.00pm – 2.00 pm Friday 5 May to share some motivational self-help tips and techniques.

Sandra uses colour as a key motivational factor. Copies of Sandra’s book Colour Your Life with the Colour Code Method will be available for purchase.

Music Month at Takaka and Motueka

May is NZ Music Month.

Celebrate the amazing talent that is NZ music with a range of performances at both Takaka and Motueka Libraries.

Check out the library website Featured Events page for full details of what’s on when and where.

School holiday programme

Week two of the school holidays is coming up. Have fabulous fun with Kath Bee, find out how to make sushi or drop into a fun story time session. Full details of what’s on when and where are on the library website Easter School Holidays page.

Or just take a trip to the library, pick up some books and DVDs and spend some time chilling out together.

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