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First Stage of Queen Street Upgrade Nears Completion 

The finishing touches are going on and the first section of the Queen Street Upgrade, from Gladstone Road to Noel Leeming, will be complete by the end of July.

That means this section of the street will be reopened to vehicles. The first major change you will notice is the new roundabout at the Queen Street – McIndoe Place intersection.

The roundabout will better control traffic flows at this busy junction, and is also the transition point from the existing street layout to the new design for Queen Street. The new design features wider footpaths and a smooth, continuous surface, for a more accessible and pedestrian-friendly public space.

While you will get a small taste of the new layout once Stage 1 opens, it won’t be until the opening of Stage 2 that the look and feel of the new design will become obvious.

Stage 1 of the upgrade took longer than we had hoped, but a lot has been achieved. Here’s a summary of the major work completed by lead contractor Downer with the help of their subcontractors:

  • A new large stormwater pipe laid and connected in Stage 1, able to carry double the volume of water of the existing pipe
  • A new water pipe laid from Gladstone Road up to Wensley Road, replacing the existing 70-plus year old cement water main
  • Replacement fibre and power cables and new fibre ducts for future demand
  • New street surface laid from shop front to shop front
  • New roundabout constructed
  • Trees and street furniture installed

Stage 2 is now well underway, from Noel Leeming to Cambridge Street, and Stage 3 is set to begin, from Cambridge Street up to ASB Bank.

Our thanks go to the businesses and the public for bearing with us while this essential work is carried out. The end result will be a vibrant and resilient Queen Street, with a greatly reduced risk of flooding and a modern, pedestrian-focussed streetscape to enjoy.

Find out more

All the information you need about the project, including the current road closures, can be found at

Remember, from 1 August the speed limit on Queen Street and through Sundial Square drops to 30kmh.

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Register Your Dog by 30 July 

It’s time to register Rover. You can register your dog in person or by mail to any Council service centre, or pay online. Remember to register by 30 July to avoid an extra fee.

Register in person: Use the form mailed to you or download a form from Bring it to any Council service centre to make payment.

Register by mail: Post your completed form and payment to:
Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050

Pay online: You can pay your registration fee online with a credit card – you will need your owner number.

You must still provide us with your completed registration form to receive your new tag. If any of your details have changed, such as your address or the number of dogs you own, you need to let us know. Fill in the Dog Registration Update Notification form found on our website and drop it in or post it to us. Alternatively, you can scan it and email to

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Water Permit Reviews Underway 

The effect on landowners of new rules designed to protect a minimum flow of water in the Waimea River will soon become clear, as water permit holders receive information on how much water they will be able to take under a “no-dam” scenario.

The allocations will also apply in the pre-commissioning period if the dam is built.

We have been carrying out the “bona fide” reviews of water permits required by the new rules. The reviews aim to reduce the overall water take in the catchment, which has been over-allocated historically. No new permits have been issued in some zones since the 1980s. The reviews are based on permit holders’ actual water use in the period from 2003 – 2013, or reduced further based on their soil type and crop type.

Most of the 329 permit holders can expect to receive the preliminary advice over the next few months. Many in the Lower Confined and Hope Aquifer Zones received their reviews last year.

The assessments will not take effect until a final decision is made on whether to proceed with building the Waimea Community Dam (or on 1 November 2018, whichever comes first). However, they give landowners clear information about how much water they will be able to use if there is no dam, or if they choose not to affiliate with the dam (meaning they choose not to buy shares when they become available). They also provide clear information about the maximum volume of water Council will allocate based on soil type if there is no dam.

We know that the Waimea River cannot sustain the demands our community – both urban and rural - is making of it, and in prolonged dry spells the river drops to a level where it can no longer support a healthy ecosystem. The new rules for managing water in the Waimea zone – both a reduction in rural takes and stricter rationing, and stricter urban rationing most summers - are designed to ensure the river flow does not drop below 800 litres a second.

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Young People Gain Emergency Skills 

A group of 12 Tasman students have been given a taste of life as an emergency responder through the Youth in Emergency Services programme.

The programme, funded by the Ministry of Youth Development, offered the students an introduction to the Fire Service, Coastguard and St John Ambulance. The young people then volunteered for six to eight weeks with their chosen emergency service, working alongside and supported by emergency personnel. This is the first time the service has been offered in Tasman District and clearly made an impact – three of the participants have now joined their local fire brigade.

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Become a Kiwi Guardian 

New Toyota Kiwi Guardian sites in Tasman are a great opportunity for kids to learn about nature, earn cool rewards and go on epic family adventures.

Kiwi Guardian adventures are now on offer at Jimmy Lee Creek in Richmond, at Lake Rotoiti and on Tasman’s Great Taste Trail – simply download the treasure map and carry out the activities on the way to the Kiwi Guardian post. Once you’ve completed the adventure you can head online to claim your medal.

Student and teacher representatives from Henley, St Paul's and Nelson Central schools celebrated the launch of the new trail in Richmond this month by following the treasure hunt map along Jimmy Lee Creek.  They found weta in boxes, lots of hungry tui and silver-eyes feasting by the Native Bird Recovery Richmond bird hide, fossils on rocks, and learned lots from local community experts. 

Toyota Kiwi Guardians is a national programme, supported locally by a partnership between the Department of Conservation, Tasman District Council and community groups Keep Richmond Beautiful and the Nelson Tasman Cycle
Trail Trust.

Find out more

Head to to find an adventure near you.

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What’s Your Tasman? 

Do you have a great idea you would love to see put into action in your neighbourhood, but you’re not quite sure how to make it happen? If so, we want to hear from you.

If you are aged 12 – 24 years old, and live in Tasman District, this is your chance to tell us what is important to you.

Young people are a vital part of the Tasman community and we want to make sure we understand your needs. What you tell us will help inform the Long Term Plan –
that’s our action plan for the next 10 years.

This is your chance to have a say about what happens in your community. Even the smallest voice can make a big difference, so tell us what is important to you!

Simply fill out the survey before 20 August 2017 and be into win a UE Boom!

Find the survey online at:

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Planning Underway for Widening Bateup Road 

Bateup Road in Richmond is set to undergo a significant upgrade to provide a safer route for increasing numbers of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The road widening is required because of the significant growth in Richmond South, including new subdivisions bringing hundreds of new houses, and a supermarket.

Changes will include a flush median and right-turn bays to make access into side roads safer. There will be wider footpaths, a shared path cycleway and pedestrian refuges.

At the same time, we will replace the roadside drain on the southern side with a stormwater pipe and chambers. A new trunk water main will be installed, which will be part of a future connection from the Richmond Water Treatment Plant to a new Richmond South reservoir.

Residents on Bateup Road were invited to a community meeting earlier this month to learn more about the changes. The work is likely to be tendered in September this year, with construction planned for 2019.

Find out more: Read more about the project at, or contact project manager Graham Rimmer

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Power to the People: Have your Say on Electricity Network Rules 

If you host the National Grid or high voltage power lines on your property you may be affected by changes to the rules for managing the electricity transmission network.

The Government’s National Policy Statement for Electrical Transmission provides a high-level framework across New Zealand for the management and future planning of the National Grid. Locally, we are updating our planning rules to comply with the national guidelines and protect the power supply to our communities.

We are also looking at whether or not to extend the National Grid rules to the regionally significant high voltage (66,000 V) transmission lines that run between Stoke - Golden Bay and to and from the Cobb dam. The lines provide power to the district northwest of Richmond, and include the townships of Motueka, Kaiteriteri and Takaka. These lines are significant because they provide electricity to many of the communities and businesses within Tasman. If something were to happen to these lines, then electricity would be lost to large areas of the District.

The new policies or rules could affect how landowners and the communities hosting the lines use their land.

If you own property which hosts the National Grid or high voltage lines, it’s a good idea to get up to speed with the requirements. We’ll be sending information out to those we think are directly affected. We’d also like to hear your views about proposed changes to our Tasman Resource Management Plan.

Find out more:

Read the discussion document and send us your feedback at

You can also find copies of the document and feedback form at Tasman District Council service centres and libraries.

Feedback closes on 11 September 2017.

 Transpower’s website also holds useful information for landowners and developers. Head to for details.


If you have any queries or require further information please contact Tania Bray at or phone 03 543 7277.

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Access to eastern half of Moturoa / Rabbit Island restricted

Public access to the eastern half of Moturoa/Rabbit Island will be closed on Saturday 29 July while an organised game bird hunting event takes place.

Fish and Game organise the hunts, which are permitted on a trial basis under the Moturoa/Rabbit Island Reserve Management Plan.

The hunts are timed to coincide with low tide to avoid any effect on shore birds. No hunting is allowed within 100 metres of the high tide mark.

The hunt will take place: 8.00 am – 2.00 pm, Saturday 29 July

Resource Management Act 1991 Tasman Resource Management

Commencement of Operative Changes 52 and 58 to Parts I, II and V of the Tasman Resource Management Plan

Notice is given that the Tasman District Council has, on 9 February 2017, approved the following Plan Changes:

  • Change 52: Upper Motueka Water Management Review
  • Change 58: Wakefield Strategic Review

to commence from 29 July 2017 as Operative Changes to the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

The text of the Plan as Operative will be viewable on Council’s website as soon as possible.  All current Plan holders will be forwarded Update 57 shortly afterwards.

Have your say on the future of Mapua’s waterfront

Feedback open until 14 August 2017

Over the past six months we’ve spent a lot of time talking with the Mapua community about the future of Council-owned land near the Mapua waterfront. Now we want to know what you think.

The Mapua Waterfront: Options for the Future consultation document has been developed following extensive work with community groups and organisations in Mapua. We’ve proposed options for the future development of waterfront land, and outlined some alternatives.

Public information session

Mapua Wharf, Saturday 29 July, 10.00 am – 12.30 pm. Come along for a chat about the options and the consultation process.

Find out more:

Head to our Public Consultation page for more information about the options and to make a submission –

Visit any Council service centre, library or Mapua Community Library to read a hard copy of the document and pick up a submission form.

Improvements underway at Mariri Resource Recovery Centre

Changes are afoot at the Mariri Resource Recovery Centre as we work on improvements that will make the centre more efficient, safer and easier for people to use. The construction will see drop-off points change and there may be minor delays at times over the next three months. We ask that you bear with us, keep an eye on the signs and follow the directions of staff when dropping off rubbish and recycling. The improvements include a new waste compactor to allow more material to fit into the bins, ultimately resulting in fewer truck trips from the resource recovery centre to landfill. There will be safety improvements to the refuse drop-off areas, as well as improved signage to make the centre easier for people to use.

Sabella – Small-scale Management Programme

We have declared a small-scale management programme (SSMP) to deal with the marine pest Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii), referred to as Sabella.

The SSMP applies to the whole coastal marine area of Tasman District. The objective of the programme is to control Sabella in the Tasman District over the next three years to:

reduce the adverse effects on economic well-being; the environment; enjoyment of the natural environment and the relationship between Māori, their culture, and their traditions and their ancestral lands, waters, sites, wāhi tapu, and taonga; and reduce spread within the region and to other areas.

The SSMP is declared under Section 100V of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

Roadside spraying

Contractors employed by the New Zealand Transport Agency undertake an ongoing vegetation control programme to ensure that roadside vegetation does not affect the safety or operation of the region’s state highway network.

This programme includes the spraying of chemical herbicides including the following active ingredients: Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, Terbuthylazine and Triclopyr. Persons wishing to register their property as a ‘no-spray’ zone, which requires a commitment to maintain a property’s highways frontage to specifications provided by NZTA, may do so by contacting Lea O’Sullivan or Nicole White on Ph. 03 548 1099 or at Opus International Consultants, Private Bag 36, Nelson.

Air Quality Exceedance

The Richmond Airshed PM10 concentrations exceeded an average 24-hour concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) on the following dates:

The total number of exceedences to date this season is three. The total for last winter was five.

More information is available online:


PM10 Concentration measured

Extent of PM10 Exceedence


Location at which Exceedence was Measured

11 June 2017



Richmond Central

27 June 2017



Richmond Central

9 July 2017



Richmond Central

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Community Relations 

Banded Rail planting dates

Join us at a community planting day, 9.00 am – 1.00 pm on the Waimea Inlet:

Dominion Embayment: Saturday 29 July. Parking at 43 Apple Valley Rd (between Bronte Road & Mapua Drive).

Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Coffee (courtesy of Pomeroy’s) and tea will be provided.

For more information email or phone Kathryn, 03 544 4537.

Draft Freedom Camping Bylaw 2017

Feedback closes 4.00 pm on 11 August 2017

We’re consulting on a Draft Freedom Camping Bylaw intended to allow for freedom camping in suitable locations, while safeguarding the environment and the wider community’s ability to enjoy their local parks, swimming holes and neighbourhoods.

Now is your opportunity to have a look at what is proposed, and let us know if you would like to see anything included or changed in the draft bylaw.

The draft bylaw proposes to permit freedom camping in several areas. It also sets out a range of locations where freedom camping is not permitted. The draft bylaw would provide greater enforcement powers than the Council has had in the past. All the details are on our website – head to

Make a submission

Scholarships for Tasman's Youth Leaders

Are you aged between 15 – 20, live in the Tasman District and keen to attend a youth leadership opportunity this year? Then we can help, with $200.

Tasman $200ships are available any time of year to support young people in our district attend courses like Outward Bound or Spirit of Adventure.

The application process is simple – visit

Motueka's Recreation Centre 30th Birthday

The Motueka Recreation Centre is throwing a party in August to celebrate its 30th birthday. 

The Centre, which occupies a Council-owned building in Wharf Road, Motueka, is managed by Sport Tasman on behalf of the Tasman District Council and houses a roller skating rink, fitness centre, sports stadium, indoor climbing wall, outdoor netball courts, cinema, and dojos for karate, judo and aikido.

The celebration on Saturday 12 August runs from 7.30 – 11.30 pm and includes a bar, finger food and great dance music from the Paul Jeffries Duo. Tickets available from the Centre: $20 per person or $150 per table of 10.

Tasman Parks Become Magical Playgrounds

From 1 July, children and families can play Magical Park at six parks around the District.

Where can I play?

Magical Park is aimed at 6 – 11 year olds and will be available at the following parks:

  • Ben Cooper Park, Richmond: July – October 2017
  • Bill Wilkes Reserve, Richmond: July – October 2017
  • Decks Reserve, Motueka: November 2017 – February 2018
  • Mapua Recreation Reserve: November 2017 – February 2018
  • Faulkners Bush, Wakefield: March – June 2018
  • Lord Rutherford Park, Brightwater: March – June 2018