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Hundreds have a say on Mapua waterfront and freedom camping 

Separate consultations closed this month on options for Mapua’s waterfront and for managing freedom camping in the District. Hundreds of you took the opportunity to let us know what you think the priorities should be, and we are grateful for your input into this important process.

The options for Mapua’s waterfront attracted 341 submissions. The majority were from Mapua residents. The rest came from people living in various parts of our region.

A hearing was held this week for those who wished to speak in person about their submission. The next step is for staff to develop a long-term masterplan for the waterfront area taking all the feedback and the Council’s deliberations into account. A final version is expected in late September.

Our draft Freedom Camping Bylaw prompted 383 submissions. Topics ranged from potential designated areas for freedom camping and enforcement, through to rubbish disposal.

The largest number of submissions came from Golden Bay, followed by Nelson, Motueka and Wakefield. However, there were submissions from people living throughout New Zealand, and one from an Australian resident.

Hearings are scheduled for September/October, with a final version of the bylaw due to be adopted in November.

Other public consultations

We regularly seek feedback from our community on a wide range of topics. We advertise consultations in Newsline, in community newspapers and on our website.

You can check out our current consultations and have your say any time by visiting

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Mayor's Message 

On Friday 18 August it was gratifying to receive the announcement from the Minister's Office that eight Special Housing Areas (SHAs) were established in Tasman District.

The SHA process enables a streamlined application path for these subdivisions, which will reduce the time for the release of the sections within them. This helps reduce the cost of sections and makes houses more affordable within our District, which is of particular assistance to new home owners. This also helps us to meet the demand we are experiencing for homes in our region. The Housing Accord we recently signed had a target of between 340 – 360 new dwellings. The actual delivery was 381 new consents and 410 new dwellings. Again, addressing the affordability issue by ensuring an adequate supply of sections to satisfy the demand in our housing market.

 I have been pleased to see a new partnerships model for providing infrastructure between developers and the Council. This helps reduce the upfront costs of infrastructure that has to be funded by the Council and ratepayers. The demand for new housing also confirms the need for the Council to have a secure supply of water for our urban areas. Without augmentation of water flow the urban supply will be seriously constrained during dry summer months. The Waimea Dam has been identified as the most cost-effective option to provide this. It has been very good news to hear that the Government’s Freshwater Improvement Fund has agreed to contribute $7 million over three years towards the environmental costs of the Dam. We are making good progress in establishing a fair and equitable funding model, which will be communicated to all ratepayers later this year.

We have a healthy economy in Tasman and significant growth in our region. We are working hard to ensure we all continue to enjoy Tasman as a wonderful place to live.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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In case you missed it... 

Stay up to date with what we’ve been doing with this round-up of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Community Development Committee – 10 August 2017

  • Libraries Manager, Glennis Coote, advised in the past year that Tasman libraries have delivered 834 events or programmes attended by about 16,000 people.
  • It is the 160th anniversary of the first Motueka Public Library this year.
  • Work is continuing on management plans for all Motueka’s reserves. The initial public consultation phase is complete and staff are working on preparing background information for all the reserves proposed to be classified or declared reserve, and creating maps of all the reserves to be published on the Council’s website.

Engineering Services Committee – 17 August 2017

  • Agreed to paint centre lines on an additional 184 kilometres of rural road to ensure our road markings are consistent with other parts of the country.
  • Recycling volumes were up in the past year from 3316 tonnes to 3424 tonnes – an average increase of 2 kilograms per person over the year.
  • Waste that previously went to the Eves Valley landfill is now being transported to the joint regional landfill at York Valley in Nelson.
  • Motorbike safety campaigns are planned in partnership with Nelson City and Marlborough District councils, ACC, NZTA, Police and local motorbike groups.

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New initiative to tackle social isolation 

Would you like to help with an exciting new project to tackle social isolation and loneliness among older people?

AgeConnect has been spearheaded by Age Concern Nelson Tasman, and aims to encourage more community action and engagement with and for older people. It’s in response to a growing awareness among the local community of the need to connect with older people.

Months of consultation and discussions came to a head recently with the launch of the AgeConnect Action Plan.

The action plan identifies some of the key areas that have been highlighted during our public consultations and workshops. They are:

  • Communication
  • Transport
  • Groups and organisations
  • Technology
  • Intergenerational

A Coalition Group of people, ranging from interested community members to representatives from both local councils and the DHB, to Grey Power and Volunteer Nelson, has now been formed and is meeting regularly.

Age Concern Nelson Tasman Manager Sue Tilby says the response has been amazing. Funding from the Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and Age Concern New Zealand has enabled work so far.

We’re now looking for people to get involved in helping with our action plans, no matter what their interest or availability is.

Get involved

If you’d like to know more, or become involved, please contact Caroline on 03 544 7624, or, or Marrit on

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I’m a wife. See me. 

Gabi: I am a retired international educator. Now it is time to enjoy what I have worked so hard for. I am quite new to riding. I started off as pillion behind my husband, Graham.

This only lasted for about two weeks as I got tired of hearing about the "wonderful vistas" opening up in front of him while all I could see was the back of his helmet. So I figured it was time to get my own bike and learn to ride myself.

Initially I started riding because I figured I could either become a "motorcycle widow" or join him. Now I ride because it is just so much fun! This is such a lovely area for riding. Often it feels like we are the only ones on the road.

I am helping out with this promotion to raise awareness about motorcyclists, hopefully to make riding safer for everyone.

Gabi is one of the many keen motorcyclists who ride our region’s roads on a regular basis. She’s one of several locals taking part in a new road safety campaign that encourages other motorists to be aware of motorcyclists on our roads. They’re real people, with real families to get home to each day.

In Gabi’s case, all she asks is: “I’m a wife. See me.”

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Golden Bay Outstanding Natural Landscapes 

Work is continuing on updated planning rules to ensure the long-term protection of special landscapes and features in Golden Bay.

Councillors have recently taken part in a series of workshops to provide direction to staff on changes to the rules for proposed “outstanding” areas in both the coastal environment and on land.

Staff have been updating an earlier set of draft changes to take account of the public feedback we received on them during consultation last year.

We expect to have updated proposals ready for public consideration and feedback in November.

Find out more

More information about the Golden Bay Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes project, including background, reports and a timeline, is available on our website,

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Dam grant a $7 million boost to biodiversity 

The Waimea Community Dam project has been successful in gaining a $7 million grant from the Government’s Freshwater Improvement Fund. The grant is recognition the dam will improve the health of the Waimea River and biodiversity in the surrounding area.

The money can only be used for the capital costs of the dam related to improving freshwater quality and biodiversity. Collectively, the work funded will provide a significant investment for native biodiversity and indigenous ecosystems on both public and privately-owned land.

The environmental benefits of the project include:

  • A new minimum flow in the Waimea River of 1100 litres per second, providing a suitable habitat for fish and other aquatic life to thrive
  • The salvage, propagation and establishment of at least three new populations of the nationally rare plant New Zealand shovel mint
  • Three other rare plant species transplanted into new sites in the Wairoa Gorge conservation area, ensuring the species persist in the Lee River catchment near the dam and reservoir site
  • Re-creation of extensive tracts of rare lowland alluvial native forest in the Waimea River Park through native tree plantings
  • Restoration of a nationally-rare freshwater coastal wetland on Rough Island, including improving protection to rare or uncommon plant species
  • Investment in weed control in the upper Wairoa Gorge Conservation area, particularly to curb Old Man’s Beard and allow native forest to regenerate
  • A pest management area in the upper Wairoa Gorge in partnership with DOC to conserve and enhance populations of a rare land snail (Wainuia nasuta).

About New Zealand Shovel Mint

Scutellaria novae-zelandiae. Also known as NZ Skull Cap.

  • Only found in the Nelson-Tasman and Marlborough regions
  • Threatened – nationally critical
  • A soft woody herb up to 30cm tall with creeping stems
  • Small dark green oval leaves, and hairy white flowers appearing August to March

About Land Snail Wainuia Nasuta

  • A carnivorous land snail
  • Threatened
  • Shell up to 31mm in diameter
  • Found in the northeast part of the South Island

The Waimea River Park

Extensive native plantings along the berms of the Waimea River (an area known as the Waimea River Park) will re-create rare lowland alluvial native forest as part of the dam biodiversity programme.

The Waimea River Park covers about 394 hectares of land alongside the Waimea River. In the past the area has been managed by the Council primarily for river control and soil conservation. However, we are in the early stages of a significant development plan for the area to enhance conservation values, preserve historic sites, and provide for greater public access and recreation.

Find out more

You can learn more about the Waimea River Park on our website,

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Queen Street Upgrade 

What you need to know

Work has moved up Queen Street and there are some changes to where you can drive.

Vehicle access is now open from Gladstone Road and McIndoe Place, and there is a temporary entrance/exit to the Noel Leeming carpark from the lower end of Queen Street.

Most of the underground infrastructure is now complete in Stage 2, from Noel Leeming to Cambridge Street and reconstruction of the street surface is set to begin.

Stage 3 is also underway, from Cambridge Street to ASB Bank.

There’s lots to see in this area, with diggers and machinery working away in the construction zone, as well as wacky mirrors, colourful chalkboards and information panels along the footpath to have fun with. Head down there to see what’s happening and support our local businesses at the same time.

Key things to remember:

  • All shops are open for business as usual
  • Parking is available on much of Queen Street, and in the many carparks at the rear of the shops (accessible from the ring road)
  • Vehicle access is restricted from Noel Leeming to just past Sundial Square, including via Cambridge Street and Sundial Square/Croucher Street

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Newsline Updates 

Are you ready to play?

The South Island Masters Games is back in Nelson from 4 – 8 October this year. Experience the camaraderie at this extravaganza of sport and social events for those 30+ years to enjoy. It’s local – so join in on your own or with a team of mates to have some fun. Both competitive and social players are catered for. A highlight for many are the themed social functions. All activities are assured to make you feel fitter and healthier and think of all those challenges that can be achieved.

Register online at

Help us review our Civil Defence Plan

Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) has reviewed its Group Plan and is now calling for public feedback on the revised draft. We’ve taken into account learnings from significant emergencies in recent years, and we want your thoughts on how we can continue to build a resilient Nelson Tasman community.

Please view the plan and send feedback by 4 September at

Intention to dispose of abandoned vessel

Tasman District Council intends to dispose of an apparently abandoned vessel (pursuant to Section 33L of the Maritime Transport Act 1994). The vessel is currently lying at Otuwhero Inlet, Marahau. The vessel is a yacht named Santa Maria and is approximately 6 metres in length with an aluminum mast and plywood hull and topsides. This vessel is in a damaged condition. The owner of this vessel is requested to contact the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster Ph. 03 543 8400

Email harbourmaster@tasman.govt.nzwithin 31 days of this notice.

Motueka Rudolf Steiner School Spring Fair

Tasman District’s most unique and magical school fair.

Sunday 10 September, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm.

  • Wander through Fairyland
  • Conquer the medieval challenge
  • Enjoy live performances by talented locals
  • Savour delicious international foods
  • Win quality prizes at the silent auction
  • Discover dolls and great gifts made by our famous Midnight Elves and much more!

On our School Land at 165 Robinson Road, Lower Moutere. All stalls are provided by the school community.

For more information e-mail Tabea:

Planting at Higgs Reserve, Mapua Drive

9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Sunday 20 August, and Sunday 10 September. Thanks to a donation by Trees That Count and Z Service Stations we have trees to plant on Higgs Reserve. Come and join us!

Wear sturdy footwear and gloves. Bring some drinking water and a spade if you would like to plant (other jobs are available too). Planting will take place unless we have heavy rain. Morning tea will be provided.

Please contact Gillian Bishop, Ph. 027 2407534 or Kathryn Brownlie, Ph. 021 0795133

Image to help identify boneseedPest of the Month: Boneseed

Boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) was introduced as a garden plant for its yellow, daisy-like flowers. It forms a 2 – 3-metre high shrub with ribbed stems and woolly serrated leathery leaves. Its attractive bright yellow flowers appear from September to February.

Boneseed is readily spread by birds that eat the black fleshy berries. You can hand pull even large plants when they are flowering, before they form seed – just leave them to dry and rot down. If seed is present remove and destroy it. Plants that are too large to be pulled can be cut off at ground level and the stump treated with 100ml glyphosate per litre or Vigilant gel.

In our region the Nelson Port Hills Containment Area has a major infestation where boneseed is too widely spread to require treatment. Outside this containment area landowners must control all plants. The limited infestation areas include: Wakapuaka, Tahuna Beach, Rabbit Island, Kina beach and peninsula, Jackett Island, Motueka, Kaiteriteri, Pohara, Parapara and Collingwood.

If you think you may have boneseed on your property, it is best to contact the Council’s Biosecurity Officer on 543 8400.

Not ready for the building inspector? Cancel early, no fee

It's important to us to deliver a timely and efficient building inspection service. We know it’s always a bit of a juggle to get everything to line up at the right time for the inspection.

In recent months, we have had an increase in the number of instances where the job is not ready when the inspector arrives on site. This isn’t efficient use of our resources and it is causing frustration with other industry partners who miss out on an inspection booking for that day.

We cannot emphasise enough the need to be certain that you will be good to go on the day - so we're introducing an option to cancel early without incurring any extra cost.

Cancel by 2.00 pm the day before the booking - no charge

From 1 August 2017 you can cancel an inspection booking if you are not ready, until 2.00 pm the day before, without incurring any fees.

Cancellation after 2.00 pm will incur a cancellation fee of $150.

Any inspection we encounter not ready at the time of inspection will result in a failed inspection and will incur the standard $150 re-inspection fee.

Sabella – Small-scale Management Programme

We have declared a small-scale management programme (SSMP) to deal with the marine pest Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii), referred to as Sabella.

The SSMP applies to the whole coastal marine area of Tasman District.

The objective of the programme is to control Sabella in the Tasman District over the next three years to:

  • reduce the adverse effects on economic well-being; the environment; enjoyment of the natural environment and the relationship between Māori, their culture, and their traditions and their ancestral lands, waters, sites, wāhi tapu, and taonga; and
  • reduce spread within the region and to other areas.

This small-scale management programme can be viewed at or contact us on 03 543 8400. The SSMP is declared under Section 100V of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Response Team seeking new recruits

NZ-RT2 is a group of volunteers which provides the community with an emergency response capability under the umbrella of the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Emergency Group.

We are seeking both frontline and team support roles. All aspects of training required by the team is provided. Email or call 03 543 7290 for more information.

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Community Relations 

Community grants

We have received 142 applications for this year’s round of Community Grants.

A meeting to consider the applications will be held on Thursday 31 August, after which the successful recipients will be notified.

There is $219,000 available every year to support community-based initiatives and the work of volunteers.

Community Partnerships Co-ordinator Mike Tasman-Jones says: “The grants offer a helping hand to groups working on a great community event or project. They are intended to encourage community-based solutions, support community-driven improvements to services or infrastructure, and to support the work of volunteers.

“The community benefit from the Council supporting these projects far exceeds the amount of money put in – the return has been estimated at $3 to $5 for every $1 the Council contributes - so we see it as providing really good value.”

Will's Gully Walk

Sunday 24 September 2017, 10.00 am – 12.30 pm. Join us for a guided walk up Jimmy Lee Creek and down Will's Gully. You will be amazed by the volunteer effort that has gone into making this area so beautiful. Visit series for more information and to register.  Ph. 543 8400.

Scholarships for Tasman's youth leaders

Are you aged between 15 – 20, live in the Tasman District and keen to attend a youth leadership opportunity this year? Then we can help, with $200.

Tasman $200ships are available any time of year to support young people in our District attend courses like Outward Bound or Spirit of Adventure.

The application process is simple – visit

Creative Communities

Community arts and cultural projects have been given a boost with about $20,000 allocated this month through the Creative Communities scheme.

Creative NZ fund the grants and Tasman District Council administers them locally. This year’s funding will help 13 groups and individuals deliver a range of local projects and performances, including:

  • Poetry
  • Children’s puppet show
  • Local theatre
  • A book project by Golden Bay writers
  • Live music
  • Choir festival
  • Art exhibitions and classes

Tasman parks become magical playgrounds

A virtual reality playground can be found in parks throughout the District until mid-2018.

From 1 July, children and families can play Magical Park at six parks around the District.

Where can I play?

Magical Park is aimed at 6 – 11 year olds and will be available at the following parks:

  • Ben Cooper Park, Richmond: July – October 2017
  • Bill Wilkes Reserve, Richmond: July – October 2017
  • Decks Reserve, Motueka: November 2017 – February 2018
  • Mapua Recreation Reserve: November 2017 – February 2018
  • Faulkners Bush, Wakefield: March – June 2018
  • Lord Rutherford Park, Brightwater: March – June 2018

Visit to find out more.

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