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Friday 18 July 2014

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Formidable Force for Good Acknowledged

The TrustPower Nelson Tasman Community Awards are an annual celebration of our region’s volunteers and the valuable work that they do in our communities. The awards cover five categories; Heritage and Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Arts and Culture, Sport and Leisure, and Education and Child/Youth Development.

The 2014 awards received 110 entries, with the award ceremony held earlier this month. Over 200 people turned out to acknowledge and celebrate with the voluntary groups and organisations who received awards.

12 Tasman entries were recognised, with the overall Tasman award going to the Golden Bay Community Service Vehicle Trust. Project Butterfly from Nelson won the Supreme Award.

Tullia Wilson from Golden Bay High School won the TrustPower Nelson Tasman Youth Community Spirit Award, recognising her passion for volunteering in her school and community.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne, who presented the awards alongside Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, says the awards are a marvellous opportunity to recognise the contribution volunteer groups make to our District and the people who live in it.

“We would not be able to function as a community without the generous efforts of volunteers. These awards are a great way to recognise the profound impact each and every volunteer organisation, and its supporters, make to the quality of life of the residents of Tasman and Nelson. Although these awards are annual the volunteers often work 365 days a year. We value their help, support and generosity.”

Tasman groups/individuals that received awards are:

  • Tasman Award Golden Bay Community Service Vehicle Trust
  • Youth Spirit  Winner: Tullia Wilson  Finalist: Katie Barham
  • Arts and Culture  Winner: Vision Motueka Joint Runner-Up: Golden Bay Community Arts Council  Joint Runner-Up: Takaka Citizens Band
  • Sport and Leisure  Winner: Bowls Murchison Commendation: Tasman Regional Sports Event Trust  Commendation: Nelson Tasman Positive Ageing Expo
  • Education and Child/Youth Development  Joint Runner-Up: Golden Bay High School Home and School Association
  • Health and Well Being  Commendation: St John Ambulance  Commendation: Nelson Tasman Newcomers Network

Read more information on each of the award winners from Tasman.

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Message from the Mayor

There are times where I find myself in a public forum and the realisation that Tasman is home to some of the best communities in the country is reinforced.

One of these moments occurred earlier this month with the awarding of the regional TrustPower Community Awards. It is humbling to be on a stage handing out the awards, literally on behalf of our communities, District and Region, to people who are half my age, nearly double my age, known by many, known by only a few, but all having the common driver of wanting to help their community be a better place. We are certainly lucky to live in Tasman, made especially so by people like these award recipients. I give a special congratulations to the people of Golden Bay, whose organisations and individuals featured very strongly. Our winners are featured further in this issue.

This fortnight will see another step in the decision-making process surrounding the Waimea Dam, identified to provide a solution for the over allocation of water on the Waimea Plain. The recently notified resource consent application will enable further identification of the conditions that would be imposed by this water augmentation solution. This is not a decision to build the dam; it is a means of gathering the information necessary to inform decision-making. A resource consent is a key element for the tender process, setting the area, limits and conditions that any solution will have to work within. Without it, the ability to deliver a clear and finite tender, which will for the first time clarify the actual cost of the Dam, is not possible.  As the Council gathers the resource consent and funding implications of the dam, everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process and our aim is to have all the relevant information available – the application is just one small part.

We have recently been made aware of the June statistics regarding the management and delivery of building consents which are not up to the high standards that we set of ourselves or the statutory timeframes we are obligated to meet. While there are reasons for the situation we need to ensure a similar return is not presented. My colleagues and I are very well aware of the impact the slower processing time has and we will be keeping a close eye on the processes to ensure obligation an aspirations are met as quickly as possible. There is more on the subject within this issue of Newsline.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Ecofest 2014 – Two Events Across the Region

Formerly held at the Trafalgar Centre, this year’s closure has given Nelson City and Tasman District Councils the opportunity to give the Ecofest expo a fresh twist, taking it back to the grass roots. The new format offers a one day expo in both Nelson and Motueka, with a series of events in between.

Consequently the Tasman District Council is looking to deliver a local event along the lines of the mini- Ecofest events previously held in Golden Bay and Victory, with this year’s to be held in Motueka.

Nelson City will be hosting a larger event at Founders Park later in the year. Run in conjunction with the Growables show, it will be held over one day as opposed to the previous two day event.

While separate events and catering to different audiences, both remain very much aligned to the one Ecofest brand and message of ‘sustaining our communities’.

The Motueka event is to be held at the Motueka Recreation Centre on Sunday 21 September 2014. Planning is well underway with a number of sponsors and stall holders already registered.

On Sunday 14 September 2014 there will be a home tour of the area, starting and finishing at Motueka. This will kick off a week-long programme of workshops, talks and special events around the town.

The Nelson event is planned for 16 November 2014.

Further information is available on

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Feedback Sought on Draft Tasman Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines

To help improve development practices and reduce the effects of sediment discharges, the Council is developing a guideline for erosion and sediment control for land disturbing activities.

The guideline is intended to provide the Council and land use managers with detailed design guidance and information about what constitutes best practice for erosion and sediment control for land disturbing activities in Tasman District.

The guideline is currently a ‘draft for discussion’. It is based on best practice used elsewhere that has been modified for Tasman’s geology and rainfall. However, before the Council adopts the free guideline, we are seeking feedback from industry and landowners who are likely to use the guideline and anyone with an interest in erosion and sediment management in Tasman. We want to ensure the guideline provides practical advice, appropriate to Tasman.

The guideline – and a smaller guide targeted at building sites – are available for download on the Council’s website at, along with details on how to provide feedback.

Feedback received by the 29 August 2014 will be considered in a review of the draft document before the final version is then released for general use.

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Hundreds of Funders for Community and Voluntary Groups

The Council’s support for community groups – on top of offering grants – includes access to other resources for those seeking funding.

The Fundview and Breakout websites can be accessed at all libraries or from home by using your library card number and PIN.

Fundview is a database of information about funding for voluntary organisations. It provides information on over a 1000 different funding schemes from:

  • Government;
  • Local authorities;
  • Statutory and philanthropic trusts;
  • Gaming trusts;
  • Some service organisations.

FundView searches provide the best matches of funding based on criteria, along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.

BreakOut is a database of funding options for individuals with details for over 2,200 funding schemes listed. The funding may be for:

  • Attending school;
  • Tertiary education;
  • Art and sports activities;
  • Professional and personal development.

Funding contributions come from universities, professional institutions, government agencies, diplomatic embassies and philanthropic trusts.

This resource will give you the best matches of scholarships, awards and grants you are eligible for in terms of criteria, level of study and discipline along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details. BreakOut includes opportunities for everyone, including individuals with disabilities, from ethnic minorities, from remote areas, or students experiencing financial hardship.

For more information go to and search for ‘breakout’ or ‘fundview’, or ask a librarian.

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TrustPower Nelson Tasman Community Awards 2014

Overall Tasman Award – Golden Bay Community Vehicle Service Trust (or the “Wrinkles Express”)

The Golden Bay Community Vehicle Service provides a community-based transport service for disabled people of any age and all people over 50. For an annual fee of $15, and a donation each trip, these members can use the service to access medical and specialist appointments in Golden Bay, Motueka or even Nelson.

This service is run thanks to 21 committed volunteers who on a day-to-day basis answer calls, note appointment times, locations and special needs while others transport members to their appointment. Last year they transported 469 people.

Youth Spirit Award Winner – Tullia Wilson from Golden Bay High School

Passionate about student voice and helping others to reach their full potential Tullia has taken on a number of roles that puts her in touch with a wide cross-section of her school and community. This includes her role as a year seven mentor, a long-standing member of the Student Council, which she Chairs, her role as House Leader, and the leader of a student driven ‘anti-bullying’ group.

Over the last few years she has also written numerous articles for the Golden Bay Weekly as a volunteer and has been involved in various fundraising activities.

Youth Spirit Award Finalist – Katie Barham from Collingwood Area School

Katie’s willingness to get involved and participate in her community started at an early age when she was a peer mediator at the junior school. Still passionate about student voice and positive change in this rural community, Katie is today a very effective Head Girl at Collingwood Area School and Board of Trustees student representative. Katie is also involved in cultural activities at her school and is part of the Christian Youth Group.

Arts and Culture Winner – Vision Motueka

This group is on a mission to promote their vision of Motueka as a vibrant, progressive, sustainable, healthy and resilient town – particularly for their children and future generations. Set up in late 2011 as an informal group they have taken on a range of projects that help them realise their goal.

Some of their successes to date include the two high quality murals telling the stories of Motueka, their first Community Christmas Dinner, which was attended by around 230 people and implemented with the help of 60 volunteers and they ran their own Volunteer Awards.

Arts and Culture Joint Runner-up – Golden Bay Community Arts Council

This group act as advocates for the arts in Golden Bay and they initiate and promote activities and projects that stimulate and strengthen the artistic side of Golden Bay.

Arts and Culture Joint Runner-up – Takaka Citizens Band

Takaka Citizens Band has 27 members and performs at many local events. The band also provides free instruments and tuition to youngsters and adults keen to play brass instruments.

Sports and Leisure Winner – Bowls Murchison

Volunteers are, and always will be, crucial to the success of the Bowls Murchison club, but this organised and committed bunch have been particularly busy over the last few months. Volunteers keep the greens looking sharp, ensure the grounds remain tidy and they work hard to ensure they remain an inclusive organisation.

Whilst this was all taking place the team also set about pulling the Club out of dire financial straits by running fundraisers such as quiz nights, cutting and selling firewood and assisting the pony club with labour. On top of this another bunch of volunteers has been busy improving the building and making sure this venue is available for people to use, including constructing a wheelchair ramp.

Sports and Leisure commendation – Tasman Regional Sports Event Trust

The Tasman Regional Sports Event Trust is an entity specifically designed to attract and oversee new major sports events and tournaments in the region. This year its work included the South Island Games where they mustered 300 + volunteers to help out. 2400 people from across New Zealand took part in the nine day festival of sport for people over the age of 35. The event brought in just under $1.6 million to the region.

Sports and Leisure Commendation – Nelson Tasman Positive Aging Expo

With a particular focus on those over the age of 60, this Expo provides an opportunity for agencies and community groups to showcase what they have to offer including recreational, health and social services that are targeted at making aging a positive experience. There are more than 60 volunteers in the background helping to set up and pack down on the day and this year more than 2500 people attended.

Education and Child Youth Development – Joint Runner-up – Golden Bay High School Home and School Association

A small but passionate group of 10 motivated parents make up this Home and School Association whose aim is to assist Golden Bay High School with donations to students and teachers where there is a government shortfall in funding. Some examples of this financial assistance includes supporting students on the Spirit of Adventure, Inter School Sports team competitions, Science Fairs and equipment for teachers which help with education that are not funded by the Ministry. Approximately $22,000 has been donated to the school in the last 12 months.

Health and Wellbeing – Commendations – Nelson Tasman Newcomers Network

This organisation provides a contact point for new people to the community by organising events and activities to encourage community connectedness. Across the District there are three different groups that meet regularly. There are currently over 700 members and a team of 25 core volunteers.

Health and Wellbeing – Commendations – St John Ambulance team

These volunteers work alongside paid staff to ensure that ambulances are fully crewed to deliver a high quality ambulance service throughout the region. This would not be possible without their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. St John also plays an increasing role in meeting the broader health needs of the community – every year hundreds of community and sporting events are made safer by the skills and dedication of St John First Aid volunteers.

For the full list of 2014 Nelson Tasman awards, go to

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Community Partnerships

What’s Happening in our Community Facilities

Motueka District Museum

Tuesday to Friday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm, Sunday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Currently showing Motueka Camera Club photographs. This year includes viewer's choice.

Golden Bay Community Centre

  • Tuesdays 9.20 am – 12.00 pm Sit & Be Fit.
  • Tuesdays 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm Yoga with Doris Sadlowski.
  • Wednesday 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm Bridge Club.
  • Thursdays 9.00 am – 10.30 am Yoga with Michelle Dommett.
  • Thursdays 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm Oneness Blessing with Sue McKellar.
  • Fridays 12.30 pm – 4.30 pm Bridge Club.

One-off coming up:

  • Monday 21 July 2014, 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm, Fathers and Daughters
  • For further info Ph. 03 525 9728.

Golden Bay Museum

  • Open weekdays 10.00 am – 4.00 pm, Saturday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.
  • “A selection of items from the Margaret Wilson Collection” until 30 September 2014.

Nelson Provincial Museum

  • Weekdays: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm.
  • Weekends and public holidays: 10.00 am – 4.30 pm.
  • Starting with Plants, until 18 August 2014.
  • Memories of the First World War, until 20 July 2014.

Murchison Historical & Museum Society

  • Weekdays and Public Holidays – 11.00 am – 3.00 pm (Winter Hours)
  • WW1 100 Years Commeration Display.

Weka Aversion Training Course

  • A kiwi/weka aversion course for dogs is proposed for September 2014.
  • Please contact Department of Conservation Motueka to express your interest, Email:

Motueka Lions Club Fertiliser Drive

Motueka Lions Club are again undertaking their annual fertiliser project offering discounted fertiser delivered to your door. All proceeds support local community projects. Ten different garden mixes are available, as well as soya bean and pea straw bales. If you haven’t received your order form in your mail box contact: Dave Wilson, Ph. 03 528 6004. Orders close 20 July 2014.

Tasman District Council Community Grants Close 31 August

Applications are now open for Tasman District Council’s Community Grants.

Tasman District Council allocates grants to organisations that run activities in line with the Council’s community outcomes. Grants are one-offs and are made to organisations whose services and projects provide community-wide benefit.

Applications can be submitted online at or via hardcopy application forms available from Council Service Centres and Libraries. Applications close 31 August 2014.

Tasman $200ships

The Tasman $200ships funding scheme provides a kickstart grant for young people in Tasman to further develop skills in youth leadership training.

As the title suggests, up to a maximum of $200 can be applied for, or alternatively up to 25% of the total programme/training cost.

To be eligible individuals must live in the Tasman District, be  aged between 15-20yrs, and be applying for training which has  a central focus on youth leadership and personal development.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but please plan ahead and submit your application at least four weeks prior to the training commencing.

For more information and an application form visit, search keyword: Tasman $200ship.

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Newsline Updates

Rivercare Meetings 2014

Date and time

River / Catchment

Location of meeting

21 July 2014 –
7.00 pm

Dove River

Dovedale Hall

23 July 2014 –
2.00 pm

Lower Motueka, Riwaka and Moutere Rivers

Motueka Service Centre

25 July 2014 –
10.00 am

Upper Motueka Rivers

Tapawera Community Centre

31 July 2014 –
2.00 pm

Waimea/Wairoa/Wai-iti Rivers (NEW meeting)

Council Chamber, Richmond

4 August 2014 –
11.00 am

Golden Bay Rivers

Takaka Rugby Clubrooms

The Council invites all interested parties to the 2014 round of Rivercare Meetings. This year we will review the purpose and format of the meetings rather than focusing on the annual work programme. If you have any queries or have a particular topic you would like us to address, please contact Giles Griffith, Rivers and Coastal Engineer, on Ph. 03 543 7244 or Email We look forward to seeing you there.

Roadside Spraying

Contractors employed by the New Zealand Transport Agency undertake an ongoing vegetation control programme to ensure that roadside vegetation does not affect the safety or operation of the region’s state highway network. This programme includes the spraying of chemical herbicides including the following active ingredients: Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, Terbuthylazine and Triclopyr.

Persons wishing to register their property as a ‘no-spray’ zone, which requires a commitment to maintain a property’s highway frontage to specifications provided by NZTA, may do so by contacting Lea O’Sullivan or Donna Hills on Ph. 03 548 1099 at Opus International Consultants, c/- Private Bag 36, Nelson.

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Community Notices

Book Sale – Mapua Community Library Fundraiser

Saturday 26 July 2014, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, at the Library, Corner  of Aranui and Toru, Mapua Village.

Books for all ages and interests. Many like new. Reasonable prices.  Rain or shine.

Hope Community Choir

Ever wished you could sing? Want to have fun making music with others? A new daytime Community Choir starts next month on Friday mornings in the youth hall at Hope Community Church, Ranzau Road.  All welcome to this totally inclusive group – no auditions! 

Come along just before 10.00 am on Friday 25 July 2014 or contact Alice on, Ph. 03 553 0448 or Email:

First session FREE, then $8 per week for the whole term or $10 per session.

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Rating Matters: Adjacent Properties with the Same Owner

The Council has recently identified a ratepayer being billed for multiple sets of uniform annual general charges when they should have only been billed for one.

If you own two or more properties and;

  • they are owned by exactly the same person or persons (as per the certificate of title), and
  • are used jointly as a single unit for the same purpose, and
  • are adjacent to each other, or separated only by a road, railway, drain, water race, river or stream,

then these properties should be treated as one unit for rating purposes.

This means you should only have one set of certain rates charges such as the uniform annual general charge on your annual rates assessments.

If you own adjacent properties and can see you are being rated for more than one set of uniform charges, please contact the rates team on Ph 03 543 8400 or Email: and we will review your rates bill.

Reminder of recent rating policy changes that may impact you

  • Rates instalments are now due on the 20th of the month, instead of the end of the month
  • There is no longer a 2% discount for the early payment of rates
  • There is no longer a penalty remission if you pay your rates in full at the second instalment, but did not pay the first instalment at its due date.

For more information go to

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Building Consent Delays

The month of June saw the Tasman District Council’s performance in processing building consents within statutory timeframes fall to an all-time low of 64%. Tasman’s Environment & Planning Manager Dennis Bush-King said there were a number of events that all came together at one time to cause the delay in processing.

“We are still bedding in our new electronic building consent processing system and there are technical and process issues we are still working through. We indicated it would take three months to transition which is meant to come to an end on 30 July.”

There were other issues with support systems meaning staff were not able to work as efficiently as hoped. Mr Bush-King also identified there were some staff gaps over the month of June that could not be back filled with external assistance. Mr Bush-King said he hoped the technical and process issues would be sorted out quickly and processes are in place to fill current vacancies and to look at further streamlining wherever possible. Mr Bush-King apologised for any inconvenience to those customers affected.

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How to Dispose of Unwanted Treated Timber

We know that treated or tanalised timber off-cuts are too hazardous to be burned, so what do you do with them? The chemicals used to treat timber can cause issues to the skin from direct contact and can contaminate the soil if left on the ground permanently. It is really important to manage treated wood with care and to dispose of it safely. At present, the best option is to take unwanted treated timber to the transfer station where it will be sent to the landfill, which has management practices in place to deal with its dangers. The cost of this disposal for households is $55 per cubic metre.

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