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Friday 29 August 2014

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Moutere Hills Community Shows its Resilience

The Moutere Hills community has once again shown the strength of its foundations – making a large investment of time, energy and money to develop a Community Fitness Centre.

The new fitness centre has been joined on to the current NBS Sports Hall and will be fitted out with the latest high quality equipment. Councillor Judene Edgar said the commitment of the community to making the best of a bad situation was admirable.

“Little did we know, when we originally built the centre, the challenges that would be faced a few short years later. Two fires in a single year would spell the end for many communities – but not this one. The dedication and determination of all those involved is simply amazing,” she said.

Moutere Hills Community Centre Facility Manager Katrina McLean said last year was extremely difficult. “Times have been tough,” she said. “There was a lot of disruption due to the rebuild and the construction of the Community Fitness Centre, but the support has been incredible.”

“It is fantastic to see this centre being established – and now we have an amazing facility to be enjoyed by our community today and into the future”.

Around 20 different activities take place at the centre on a weekly basis, as well as it being home to a number of clubs such as the Rangers Rugby, football, netball and cricket clubs and the Upper Moutere Tennis Club. The addition of the Community Fitness Centre will open up more opportunities and support the health and wellbeing of the community.

The extension and fit-out has cost $240,000, which has been raised by the community with assistance from Canterbury Community Trust, Pub Charity, Sarau Trust and IMB Construction. Various fundraising activities were undertaken and private donors have also supported this valuable addition to the Tasman District Council owned facility.

The Community Fitness Centre will be officially opened on Friday 12 September 2014 at 6.00 pm and will open its doors to the public on Saturday 13 September 2014.

The Saturday open day will run from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm and as an incentive there will be no joining fee for the Fitness Centre on this day, as well as an opportunity to participate in free classes while the kids enjoy the Way2Go activity trailer.

More details are available on the Moutere Hills Community Centre website

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Message from the Deputy Mayor

One of Council’s many key roles is undertaking regulatory functions on behalf of Central Government, which sets the legislation and the processes that we need to follow in performing those functions. One of the most common are building consents, which a large percentage of the community will require at some time or another. While the legislation and processes are set by somebody else, how those processes are delivered is up to the Council. Recently our delivery around building consents has slipped below the expected standard and we are working hard to get back on track and deliver a timely and cost effective service.

One of the many challenges has been the increased requirements under the new Building Act and Code, particularly for non-habitable buildings, and much of the frustration has come from the time and cost these types of buildings take to get a building consent. There are a number of exemptions contained in Schedule One of the Building Act and people should enquire of their builders or advisors whether the work they are wanting falls under one of quite a range of exempt activities.

The Government has undertaken to provide an opportunity to make suggestions on how rules and regulations can be reduced and/or simplified. The Council will be making comment and I encourage anyone with ideas to take this opportunity when it arises, probably post-election, whether it is about Council process or the rules and regulations set by Central Government.

Another process the Council is required under legislation to deliver is an assessment of the region’s remaining wetlands and the protection of those wetlands considered significant. Tasman, as a predominantly rural district, has a number of wetlands. In their natural state wetlands perform a very important ecological role as nature’s water filter. Historically wetlands have been drained as land has been developed resulting in a relatively small number remaining in lowland areas. The Council is committed to working with landowners and other key parties to find ways that these areas can be protected while minimising the impact on the productive capacity of the surrounding land. This project will run over a number of years and the Council will be looking to learn from experience gathered from around the country to ensure that everyone’s time and resources are spent achieving outcomes and are not wasted on process.

Tim King, Deputy Mayor

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Ecofest@Motueka is being held at the Motueka Recreation Centre on Sunday 21 September 2014 and will be a locally-focused family event with something for everyone.

Any businesses that support sustainable living in some way are invited to be involved in the event, as a great way of promoting their expertise. Community groups will also have an opportunity to raise their profile, gain new members, and fundraise for their cause. Anyone interested in participating should contact Jo Reilly on Email: or Ph. 03 543 3663 asap to register their interest.

The Eco-home Tour will be on Sunday 14 September 2014 and tickets are on sale now at the Council’s Motueka Service Centre. Tickets are $20 per person and the Tour will start and finish in Motueka. This launches the Programme Week timetable, which will offer workshops and a wide range of activities, including the chance to visit chemical free natural pools, and the South Island’s first Death Café! The Programme Week timetable, as well as the full programme of Ecofest@Motueka, will be published in the next issue of Newsline.

Ecofest@Motueka will offer new products and services, seminars and demonstrations, as well as recycling displays and information on all things sustainable in the Motueka area. Entry is only $2 for adults, and kids are free.

There will also be some exciting kids’ skate, bike and scooter activities taking place across the road at the Motueka Skatepark during Ecofest@Motueka. Contact on Ph. 03 543 8525 for more information on these activities.

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The Big Beach Clean Up

The Department of Conservation in conjunction with Tasman District Council, NELMAC and Nelson City Council is planning the fifth annual beach clean-up for Tasman Bay.

The Big Beach Clean Up, BBC, is the annual spring clean of the Tasman Bay coastline, coordinated by our local Department of Conservation. 1 November 2014 is the date set for the event and marks a great local way to start Conservation Week.

Thank you if you are one of many thoughtful people who regularly pick up litter all year round. Thousands of pieces of rubbish continue to be washed onto our beaches and coastlines from items carelessly discarded on land or at sea. It looks untidy and can pose a danger to wildlife, so is well worth removing.

For the BBC, the Tasman Bay coastline is divided up into adoptable sections so the clean-up can be made into a social event for teams, community groups, businesses, families and friends. Information can be shared about the most interesting pieces of rubbish, how much rubbish was collected and, may even include a photo record of how creative the collectors can be with the rubbish pile before it gets delivered to one of the three collection spots, Tahunanui, Richmond and Motueka. In the first year, over 10 tonnes of rubbish was collected. Since then, the quantities have been reducing with last year’s total down to 3.5 tonne, giving participants a sense of satisfaction that this activity is well worth repeating.

Registrations will open on the DOC website in September. You can check which beaches are available and register online: Big Beach Cleanup 

Groups will be asked to nominate a team leader who will be sent an information pack, including details about the team’s role on the day, and biodegradable rubbish bags.

This is an annual community event and an opportunity to have fun with others doing something positive for our environment. Get your family and friends together and sign up!

  • When: Saturday 1 November 2014
  • Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
  • Where: Marahau to Cable Bay (approx 52 beaches)

Note: Postponement day, if required, is Sunday 2 November 2014.

If you have any questions please contact: Janice Gravett (Project Coordinator), Ph. 03 528 1810, Email:

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Funding Rounds Closing

Community groups need to log on to the online application form or put pen to paper if they are wanting to apply to Tasman District Council for assistance with their groups activities in 2014/2015.

Tasman District Council has two funding rounds closing on 31 August.

The Sports and Recreation Facilities Fund is for the development and maintenance of sport and recreation clubs facilities. The Council has allocated $35,000 per annum towards contestable grants to support club and/or group led sport and recreation facility development. Grants are up to a maximum of $5000.

The Community Grants are to encourage community initiatives. The Council has allocated $184,000 per annum to support the work done by community groups, largely led by volunteers. The Council acknowledges that often a small grant to meet financial costs of projects enables volunteers to put their skills, energy and time into making them happen. Projects must take place within Tasman and/or demonstrate the benefit that will result for residents of our District.

You can apply for Community Grants online as well as via the hardcopy application form.

For further information and application forms go to the Council’s website or collect a form from the Council’s Service Centres and Libraries in Richmond, Motueka, Golden Bay and Murchison.

For more information contact Tasman District Council Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones Ph. 03 543 8403.

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Pest of the Month: Boneseed

Boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) is a native of South Africa and was introduced as a garden plant for its yellow daisy-like flowers. It forms a 2-3 metre high shrub with ribbed stems and woolly serrated leathery leaves. Its attractive bright yellow flowers appear from September to February and this aids in identification and locating infestations.

Boneseed is found in coastal sites where it tolerates shallow soils, rock outcrops, salt-laden winds, fire and drought. It rapidly colonises disturbed sites and outgrows native plants. Boneseed is readily spread by birds that eat the black fleshy berries, each containing one large seed, which is then passed by the bird, some distance from the parent plant. The seeds have a very hard coating, hence the name boneseed. This coating allows the seed to remain viable for a long time.

Plants are relatively easy to control as you can hand pull them when they are flowering before they form seed and leave to dry and rot down. If seed is present, remove and destroy it. Plants that are too large to be pulled can be cut off at ground level and the stump treated with 100ml per litre of glyphosate or Vigilant gel.

In our region, the Nelson Port Hills Containment Area has a major infestation where boneseed is too widely spread to justify treatment. Outside this containment area, occupiers must control all plants.  This includes Rabbit Island, Kina beach and peninsula, Jackett Island, Motueka, Kaiterteri, Pohara, Parapara and Collingwood.

The Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Strategy has classified boneseed as a Progressive Control plant, which requires occupiers to control it outside of the Nelson Port Hills Containment Area.

Occupiers who think they have the plant and want further information on control methods and herbicide types, can phone a Biosecurity Officer on Ph. 03 543 8400.

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Elite Cycle Racing Comes to Tasman

Tasman Wheelers Cycling Club is hosting the next round of the Benchmark South Island Elite Cycling Series, race 5, the ‘Moutere Inn Tasman Classic’ on Saturday 13 September 2014. The race will start from Upper Moutere at 10.00 am. Over 150 visiting cyclists and supporters will be participating in three separate events, Elite Men, Elite Women and Masters.

The course is from Upper Moutere, along the Moutere Highway to Edwards Road, to Ngatimoti, Dovedale, Neudorf and Prices Corner. There will be two laps of this circuit, followed by one lap of the Edwards/Central/Old House Road circuit, with a right turn onto the Moutere Highway. The finish is a left turn into George Harvey Road just prior to the Upper Moutere Community Centre, then 500 metres to the hilltop finish area.

Stop/Go procedures will be undertaken at Prices Corner and Old House Road/Moutere Highway Corner. Traffic Controllers and Marshals will be on hand to assist motorists and riders throughout the three events. If you are driving in the area while racing takes place please be aware that slight delays may be experienced. Your patience and help in ensuring the event is safe for all competitors and spectators is very much appreciated.

Further details available on

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Newsline Updates

Public Notices

Proposal to Amend the Tasman District Council Consolidated Bylaw –  Chapter 4 – Speed Limits 2013

The Tasman District Council Consolidated Bylaw – Chapter 4 – Speed Limits Bylaw 2013 came into force on 23 July 2013. The Council has now resolved to undertake an amendment of the Chapter 4 of the Consolidated Bylaw. The draft amendments to Chapter 4 are now available for consultation in accordance with Sections 83 and 84 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Chapter 4 of the Consolidated Bylaw sets out the speed limit for various local public roads (not State Highways) within the Tasman District. Only the NZ Police can enforce speed limits.

The setting of speed limits is governed by the Land Transport Rule - Setting of Speed Limits 2003 and requires a number of factors to be considered when setting speed limits.

The Council encourages you to have your say about the amendments to Chapter 4 of the Consolidated Bylaw. Please take the time to make a submission detailing your views and any changes you think would enhance it.

Copies of the complete Statement of Proposal are available for viewing on the Council’s website and during normal office hours at the following Tasman District Council Service Centres:

  • Richmond, 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka
  • Takaka, 78 Commercial Street, Takaka
  • Murchison, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison

And libraries:

  • District Library, Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka
  • Takaka Memorial Library, Junction Street, Takaka.

Making a Submission

Submissions can be made online or posted to the Draft Amendments to the Speed Limit Bylaw, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 or via email to or delivered to any of the Council Service Centres or libraries noted above.

Submissions should include your name, address, telephone number and email address and should state if you wish to speak to the Council in support of your submission at a hearing (date to be finalised). Submitters will be advised of the time to present their submission in due course.

All written submissions will be acknowledged. An explanation of the Council’s final decision will be sent to all submitters following final adoption.

Please note that all submissions are a matter of public record and subject to the requirements of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

Submissions should be sent directly to:

Speed Limit Bylaw Amendment, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050

Submissions close at 4.30 pm on Monday 15 September 2014.

Notice of Exceedence

Public Notice pursuant to Clause 16 of the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards Relation to Certain Air Pollutants, Dioxins, and Other Toxics) Regulations 2004, of Breach of National Environmental Standard for PM10.

On this, the 18th day of August, 2014, Tasman District Council hereby gives notice that, PM10 concentrations exceeded an average 24-hour concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) as specified in Schedule 1 of the above Regulations within the area gazetted as Richmond Air Shed on the following occasion:


PM10 Concentration measured


Extent of PM10 Exceedence


Location at which Exceedence was Measured

18 July 2014



Richmond Central

The total number of exceedences to date this season is 2. The total for last winter was 9.

Look up for the latest (updated hourly) information on air quality in Richmond and other historic monitoring in other Tasman towns.

Road Closures

Proposed Road Closures

In accordance with the Transport (Vehicle Road Closure) Regulations 1965, the public is advised that for the purpose of allowing the Nelson Car Club Inc to hold two motor sport events the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below.

Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 19 September 2014 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond 7020.

Proposed Roads to be closed to Ordinary Vehicles and Period of Closure

  • Redwood Road (200m from the intersection with SH60 until number 25 Redwood Road) – from 9.00am to 3.00pm, Saturday  27 September 2014.
  • Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road – from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Sunday 28 September 2014.

Temporary Road Closure

Tasman District Council advises that the following roads will be closed for a period of one day between 1 September 2014 and 17 December 2014 to allow the Department of Conservation to undertake pest control.

  • Cobb Valley Road, between the Cobb power-station and the Cobb Reservoir lookout.
  • Wangapeka River Road from Dart River Road.

The time of closure is weather dependent.

Signs will be erected at the junction of Takaka Valley Highway and Cobb Valley Road for the Cobb Road closure.

Affected landowners have been informed of this proposed closure by phone.

Further information can be obtained from the Department of Conservation in Motueka or Takaka.

Community Notices

Riwaka Hall Committee Triennial Election

Tuesday 2 September 2014, 7.30 pm at the Riwaka Memorial Hall.

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Can You Come to the Rescue?

The Nelson Tasman Emergency Response Team, known as NZ-RT2, is seeking new recruits to join its team of highly trained and motivated volunteers. They’d love to hear from you by NZ-RT2 is a group of up to 24 volunteers which provides the community with an emergency response capability to assist the emergency services.

If you are an active person, looking for a new challenge and keen to help others when they need it most, the NZ-RT2 is just the voluntary role for you.

More information and application forms are available upon request by emailing Closing date 5 September 2014.

Ecofest@Motueka Eco-home Tour

Sunday 14 September 2014. Starts & finishes in Motueka.

Tickets on sale NOW from Tasman District Council Service Centres Motueka and Richmond.

All enquiries to or Ph. 03 543 3663.


Sunday 21 September 2014, 10.00 am–4.00 pm, Motueka Recreation Centre. Inviting businesses and community groups to get in touch ASAP!

Email: or Ph. 03 543 3663.

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Lest We Forget

In locations throughout Tasman District WW1 Rolls of Honour reside, listing the names of men who enlisted and lost their lives in WW1.

A century on, at 11.00 am on Sunday 7 September 2014, at the Rutherford Memorial Hall, Foxhill, the Rutherford Memorial Hall Association will host a Memorial Service to honour soldiers named on the Roll of Honour, housed in the hall.

Restored in 2005 by the art class at Waimea Intermediate School, the beautiful and ornate memorial lists ten names. We have some information about each of them, (thanks to the register compiled by Cyd Daughtrey and Eileen Thawley in 2005), which gives a brief insight into who they were and where they were from. It is in reading behind the words we sense the loss of each family, and community, who were personally known to each of them. A look at their service records, now available on line at Archway Archives, reveals poignant details.

Ralph Price, aged 28 was killed in action on 9 August 1915 in the “assault on the heights of Sari Bair. 6th-10th August, 1915”. A farmer from Belgrove, his record states “Killed in action D’nelles” (Dardenelles).

Thomas Robb, 26, was wounded at Gallipoli on 1 June 1915 and hospitalised in Alexandria, Egypt. He died of wounds on 7 July 1915. He is buried in the Alexandria Military and War Memorial Cemetery.

Lieutant P. Palmer attended Nelson College in 1903 and 1904, and farmed at Foxhill. He was with his parents Albert and Lucy, on holiday in England, where he enlisted with the British Section. He survived sickness, was invalided home, and returned to the war. At the Battle of Messines Ridge, on 17 June 1917, having survived a slighter wounding early in the day, he died under fire returning to the dressing station. He was 29.

David Burgess, 25, son of David and Ellen, of “Sunnyside” in Wakefield, died on 11 October 1918. Killed in action in the “Advance to Victory” campaign which would lead to the end of WW1. He is buried in the Romeries Cemetery, France.

Sickness took the lives of six soldiers.

Brothers, Herbert Percy, and Walter Robert Watson, sons of Edward Wilfred and Eliza Watson, both signed up. Herbert Percy, aged 24, left with the first contingent of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles, fought at Gallipoli and died of sickness on 9 August 1915. He is buried in Gibraltar North Cemetery.

His elder brother Walter aged 27, embarked from New Zealand on 15 November 1916, a month after marrying Beatrice Godbaz. He fell ill within weeks of landing and died of sickness on 20 March 1917. He is buried at Codforth St Mary, Wiltshire. The brothers are listed together on the Memorial at Foxhill.

Sickness also claimed Harry Syder, son of Walter and Sally of Foxhill. Harry disembarked in Liverpool on 7 January 1918 and died on 9 February 1918, aged 22. He is buried in Tidworth Military Cemetery, Wiltsire.

Harold Smith , 24, son of Thomas and Annie of Gordon Downs, died of sickness and is also buried in the Tidworth Military Cemetary, Wiltshire. Harold left with the 31st Reinforcements N.Z.E.F, in November 1917, dying in the Brimstone Bottom Isolation Hospital  of complications from measles, on 8 February 1918.

Leslie Peter Kerr, 24, served with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles in the Sinai-Palestine Campaign and was wounded on 6 November 1917. He returned to service, and at war’s end went to Gallipoli in a regiment raised specifically to administer the terms of Armistice. The regiment reached Gallipoli on 28 November 1918. Leslie died of influenza on 14 December 1918. A further ten soldiers of the regiment died in the same month. All are buried at the Chanak Consular Cemetary.

And last on the Roll of Honour, William Masciorini aged 21, from Hokitika, embarked from New Zealand with “C” Company, 36th Reinforcements. Arriving in Suez on the 31 May 1918, he was already dangerously ill and admitted to hospital where he died on 6 June 1918, five days short of his 22nd birthday. He is buried in the Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt.

At the “11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918” the Armistice was signed and the war ended.

“We shall Remember them”

Submitted by Erica Short.

  • Sources: Roll of Honour Series Compiled Cyd Daughtrey and Eileen Thawley, 2005.
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • Archway Archives
  • The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919. Written by Lieutenant Colonel Guy Powles.

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