Newsline 340 - 19 December 2014

Tuesday 16 December 2014

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Affordability the Key Issue for Submitters and Councillors

The Council has taken heed of the very clear message delivered by submitters to the recent consultation exercise regarding the funding and governance of the proposed Waimea Community Dam – it is not affordable through the funding options consulted on. The Council is now exploring other options that were not available prior to the recent funding and governance consultation.

This does not mean the proposed dam has been removed as the preferred option for augmenting the Waimea River and the aquifers it supports.

In shelving the funding options which saw the Council and ratepayers taking full responsibility for the costs, work will be undertaken to deliver new sources of funding including support from central government and regional partners. In doing so there is a clear need to ensure no one sector benefits unduly at the expense of another in the way costs are distributed. All involved in this work are very aware of the need to establish a fair and equitable model for any proposal to manage the acute water shortage on the Waimea Plains. A new model will need to recognise submitters concerns about cross-subsidy and wealth transfer however, the multiple demands on the river and its aquifers and the needs for a secure economic and environmental future will still require everyone to contribute in some way.

With the very real possibility of Government funding being available a reassessment of the overall funding will be undertaken in partnership with other funders and the community with a view to resolving the cross-subsidisation concerns.

The lifestyle block holders and other landowners around the edges of the plains made many valid points. Despite being neither high water users or on highly productive land they were being asked to contribute a greater proportion than others. Any changes will need to take account of this concern and retain the ability of people on the plains to maintain a lifestyle choice.

The need for an augmentation scheme hasn’t gone away. If a dam is built, as the still preferred option, it must be made affordable. It’s also clear that forming a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) is the key to creating an opportunity to get funding.

Taking on board the submissions and the advice provided through the process any commitment to a water augmentation scheme in the future will need to be conditional on:

  • reviewing the project scope to ensure it is optimally sized
  • significant external funding
  • reducing the ratepayer cost share of the environmental flow cost
  • reassessing the urban water supply needs and ensuring the scheme can meet them
  • limiting general ratepayers costs to the agreed share of the environmental flows, supply costs, and to what is fair and affordable
  • limiting urban water supply rates and charges to the cost of providing water now and in the future.

The community’s view on a revised dam proposal will once again be sought as part of the Long Term Plan process next year.

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Message from the Mayor

As the year draws to a close and we look forward to a break with family and friends we get to look back at what has been a very busy year for everyone and prepare for what is looking like an equally busy new year.

Thank you to many of you who have made written and verbal submissions to council on the proposed funding and governance of the Waimea Community Dam. As a result of submissions, Council has decided not to adopt either of the funding options proposed. This does not remove the need to provide a solution for the acute water shortage on the Waimea Plains nor does it remove the proposed dam as the preferred option. What it does do though is provide the Council with the ability to look at a number of issues that have arisen; namely the scope of the dam itself, the cost apportionment of the environmental flow, affordability, fairness and equity of any funding requirements and the ability to quantify external funding amongst others.

The Council’s decision does not make the process any less important as it remains the most important decision regarding the future of the district, economically, environmentally and socially. One could be mistaken that the proposed dam is the only matter on our decision-making agenda – far from it. There is a great deal going on and early next year we will be talking to you about the Long Term Plan which will be our pathway and plans for the next 10 years. Integral to the plan is the Council’s drive to reduce our reliance on debt, reducing the impact on ratepayers and a focus on essential services.

Availability of water and its appropriate management is an issue dear to the hearts of many with at times conflicting views on how this should be achieved. Our council is committed to finding a solution that is good for us all both now and into the future.

I would like to thank my fellow elected members, both Councillors and Community Boards for their service during the year, the staff of the Council for their commitment and diligence and especially the Tasman residents and ratepayers who have taken the time to engage with us throughout this year. An engaged and committed population is a key element in healthy democracy and should always be encouraged and welcomed.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy this festive season. Let’s look out for each other this Christmas and New Year.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

Mayor's Christmas Dinner

Tickets are now available for the Mayors’ Christmas Dinner. Hosted by the Region’s Mayors on Christmas Day at Nelson College this event is for senior citizens likely to otherwise be alone on Christmas Day. Live entertainment, drinks, sing-a-long, Christmas dinner and surprises will all be part of the day. Tickets are $15 and are available from the Tasman District Council Service Centre in Richmond, Nelson City Council Civic House and the Stoke Library.

This year there will be ten people attending the Mayors’ Christmas Dinner at no cost thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor – whoever you are, thank you.

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Speed Limit Changes from 1 January 2015

At its meeting on Thursday 30 October 2014 the Tasman District Council adopted amendments to the Speed Limit Bylaw of 2013. The amendments, discussed and consulted on in 2014, will come into effect 1 January 2015 to ensure the signs and road markings are in place to provide a safe system approach to speed limits.

The new speed limits better reflect the deficiencies existing in the road geometry in localised areas and provide a more meaningful posted speed restriction in others identified through the consultation process.

There are 53 changes to posted limits affecting 46 roads throughout the District and as such motorists are asked to be aware that they will need to check their usual routes for any changes to the limits that apply from 1 January 2015.

Copies of the bylaw, amendments and the associated maps can be viewed on the Council’s website, or viewed at the Council office, library or service centres.

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Reuse = the Things that Keep on Giving

Used drink cups, take-away coffee cup lids, empty pie containers, plastic bottles, egg cartons, dud light bulbs and licked clean ice-cream sticks are usually found in recycling or rubbish bins but not if you are into UpCycling.

Children from Greenwood Kindergarten, Henley Kindergarten, Richmond Montessori Preschool, First Years Richmond, Waverley Street Kindergarten, Futures Early Learning Centre and Waimea Intermediate created Christmas tree decorations from this normally wasted stuff. As well as brightening up their schools the children also came to put them on the Christmas trees in the Tasman District Council office on Queen Street, Richmond, at the Service Centre in Motueka and in the Richmond Library. Come in if you are passing and have a look at the ingenuity involved.

Promoted by Council staff members, Adie Leng and Sara Doggett, teachers enjoyed sharing the UpCycling process to encourage how we can best re-use resources and invent new useful things for gifts using a bit of our time, rather than just relying on our pockets.

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Water is a Finite Resource – Treat it Like it Could go out of Fashion!

Imagine you have to pump any water you use. Taps and hoses can allow us to lose sight of how much water we are using at any one time.

In the kitchen, use a bowl with some cold water to wash vegetables, or hot rinsing water for dishes rather than a running tap. Vegetables do need to be washed and dishes need to be rinsed; a bowl lets you see how much water you are using.

Fill a large bottle/jug with drinking water and keep in the fridge rather than run the tap each time you want a drink. It is better to run the tap a little so that you are not drinking water that has sat in pipes for any length of time, so filling a jug in one session saves water and gives the best taste.

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Rural Review

In recent months, Council has been preparing changes to rural provisions in the Tasman Resource Management Plan. The changes mostly affect opportunities for rural housing and subdivision. Some new directions for cooperative living and rural-residential housing are also proposed. These new ideas follow on from an earlier period of “options” consultation and Councillor workshops.

A Draft Plan change will be available for public feedback from January to March 2015.

At that time Council and staff will be seeking community ideas for improvement to the draft change. A series of community meetings are proposed to be held in Takaka, Motueka and Wakefield. Written feedback will also be encouraged.

More detail about the Draft Plan Change will be included in the January 2015 edition of Newsline, at the official launch of the consultation period.

For more information about the rural review and the Draft Plan Change:

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Velodrome Project Enters Final Design Phase

The Saxton Velodrome project has entered the final design stages with construction scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2015. Representatives of the Saxton Velodrome Trust, Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council met with the designers, Opus, earlier this month to discuss the design and fine-tune the specifications.

The shared use facility, situated at Saxton Field, is aimed at all ages and abilities from toddlers learning to ride safely through to keen cyclists and the over 60’s looking for a safe environment to develop and maintain fitness.

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Pest of the Month: Wild Ginger

There are two species of wild ginger; Kahili Ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) and Yellow Ginger (Hedychium flavescens). Kahili Ginger is the most common pest of the two in our region. It is originally from India and Nepal, and was grown for its strong scented bright flowers. Incidentally the rhizomes are not edible and it is the Ginger plant (Zingiber officinal) that is grown and imported from Asia, for edible root ginger.

Unfortunately Kahili ginger grows prolifically in dense clumps with; persistent rhizomes, broad shiny leaves up to two metres high and spreads under forest canopies. Flowering begins in late summer to early autumn, eventually producing bright red seeds, which birds eat and distribute far and wide. It has also been spread by gardeners, realising that it is taking over their garden and removing the rhizomes and dumping them on remote roadsides, where it starts a new infestation. Collingwood, Parapara, Paton’s Rock and Kaiteriteri communities are examples of where Kahili ginger infestations have spread. Wild ginger has a National Pest Plant Accord ban on its sale and propagation.

The Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Strategy requires occupiers in the area from Golden Bay to Kaiteriteri to control all adult and juvenile ginger plants on land they occupy. If you live outside these areas and you have a few plants in your garden then it is worth controlling it before it is well established.

Small seedlings can be grubbed out and if clumps of plants are dug out dispose of the rhizomes in your domestic rubbish or arrange disposal at your local rubbish transfer site. The rhizomes will continue to grow if composted. Ginger is readily killed with the herbicide metsulfuron, when it is sprayed onto the leaves, stems and tubers. If you would like further information on control methods and herbicide types, please contact the Council's Biosecurity Officer on Ph. 03 543 7225.

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Refuse and Recycling Collections – Christmas and New Year Timetable

Monday 22 to Sunday 28 December 2014

Some collections are one day later to allow for the Christmas Day public holiday.


Kerbside Collections

Kaiteriteri Collections

Monday 22 December

Normal collections

Refuse collection

Tuesday 23 December

Normal collections

Refuse and recycling collections

Wednesday 24 December

Normal collections

Refuse collection

Thursday 25 December

No collections

No collections

Friday 26 December

Thursday collections

Refuse and recycling collections

Saturday 27 December

Friday collections

Refuse collection

Sunday 28 December

No collections

Refuse collection

Monday 29 December 2014 to Sunday 4 January 2015

Some collections are one day later to allow for the New Year’s Day public holiday.


Kerbside Collections

Kaiteriteri Collections

Monday 29 December

Normal collections

Refuse collection

Tuesday 30 December

Normal collections

Refuse and recycling collection

Wednesday 31 December

Normal collections

Refuse collection

Thursday 1 January

No collections

No collections

Friday 2 January

Thursday collections

Refuse and recycling collection

Saturday 3 January

Friday collections

Refuse collection

Sunday 4 January

No Collections

Refuse collection

Resource Recovery Centres – Monday 22 December 2014 to Sunday 4 January 2015

Resource Recovery Centres (except Murchison), closed:

  • Thursday 25 December 2014
  • Thursday 1 January 2015

(open all other days)

Murchison Resource Recovery Centre, closed:

  • Tuesday 23 December 2014
  • Thursday 25 December 2014
  • Friday 26 December 2014
  • Sunday 28 December 2014
  • Tuesday 30 December 2014
  • Thursday 1 January 2015
  • Friday 2 January 2015
  • Sunday 4 January 2015

(open all other days)

Greenwaste to Zero (Richmond), closed:

  • Thursday 25 December 2014
  • Friday 26 December 2014
  • Thursday 1 January 2015
  • Thursday 2 January 2015

(open all other days)

Extended hours from Saturday 20 December 2014 to Friday 13 February 2015

Takaka Resource Recovery Centre

  • Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 4.00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday, 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
  • Collingwood Resource Recovery Centre
  • Monday – Sunday, 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Kaiteriteri additional kerbside collections

Kaiteriteri daily rubbish collections (7.00 am start).

Recycling Tuesdays and Fridays.

Over this period recycling is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Community Recreation

Summer Events Guide

Here's a list of just a few fantastic events taking place throughout the District over the coming months. Check out the full list in the Tasman District Summer Guide  and at

21 Dec 2014

Carols by Candlelight

Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond

21 Dec 2014

The Wishing Tree

The Playhouse Cafe, 171 Westdale Road, Mapua

21 Dec 2014

Carols in the Vineyard

Neudorf Vineyards, 138 Neudorf Road, RD2, Upper Moutere

21 Dec 2014

The Deep End: Christmas Special

The Playhouse Cafe, 171 Westdale Road, Mapua

24 Dec 2014

Christmas Carols

Takaka Village Green, 39 Commercial Street, Takaka

26 Dec 2014

Back Yard Cricket Competition

The Playhouse Cafe, 171 Westdale Road, Mapua

30 Dec 2014

Shihad with The Datsuns, I Am Giant & Cairo Knife Fight

Riwaka Hotel, Main Road, Riwaka, near Motueka

31 Dec 2014

Family and Kids New Years Eve Party

The Playhouse Cafe, 171 Westdale Road, Mapua

2 Jan 2015

Riwaka Market Day

Riwaka Domain, Cnr School Road and Main Road, Riwaka

2 Jan 2015

Wakefield Craft Fair

Wakefield Village Green

4 Jan 2015

Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival

Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond

8 Jan 2015

Summer Movies Al Fresco – Little Women

Moutere Hills Community Centre, Moutere Highway, Upper Moutere

9 Jan 2015

Summer Movies Al Fresco – Captain Blood

Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond

9-10 Jan 2015

Twilight Concert

Takaka Village Green, 39 Commercial Street, Takaka

11 Jan 2015

Pokororo Craft Fair

Pokororo Village Hall, West Bank Motueka

13 Jan 2015

Summer Movies Al Fresco – Captain Blood

Jester House, 320 Aporo Road, Mapua

14 Jan 2015

Summer Movies Al Fresco – Little Women

Washbourn Gardens, Oxford Street, Richmond

17 Jan 2015

Summer Movies Al Fresco – Mary Poppins

Lake Rotoiti, St Arnaud

17 Jan 2015

Golden Bay Agricultural & Pastoral Show

Golden Bay Recreation Park

17-18 Jan 2015

Festival Nelson Lakes

Kerr Bay, Lake Rotoiti

Tasman Skatepark Tour

The Tasman Skatepark Tour returns to the region this summer, showcasing the best young talent on skateboards, BMX bikes and scooters.

Skate, BMX and scooter open jam competitions are hosted, split into a junior grom (5-11 yrs), senior pro (12-17 yrs) and open veteran (18+ yrs) categories.

The tour’s championship leaderboard has riders across all ages and disciplines competing for competition points from placing at each heat.

Competitors will be vying for a slice of over $7,000 worth of prizes, generously provided by exclusive tour sponsors; Cheapskates and Village Cycles.

Accompanying the smoking hot thrills and spills of the park will be bass pumping, toe tapping tunes from DJ extraordinaire Mix Masta Mootree.

The Tasman Skatepark Tour is a free community event with entries taken on the day.

Helmets are now a compulsory requirement for all competitors during competition.


2015 Dates




Wednesday 7 January

5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Mapua Skatepark


Saturday 10 January

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Takaka Skatepark


Wednesday 14 January

5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Tapawera Skatepark


Saturday 17 January

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Motueka Skatepark


Wednesday 21 January

5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Brightwater Skatepark


Saturday 24 January

2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Richmond Skatepark

 NBus over Christmas …

NBus is the bus service that runs between Richmond and Nelson.  The NBus runs throughout the day at 30 minute intervals, its frequency increasing to every 15 minutes at peak times  (7.00 am – 9.00 am and 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm).

You can bring your bike on NBus with new racks that will carry two bikes at a time and there is easy access for wheelchair users.

Over the Christmas holiday period there are some changes to the NBus service – these are listed below.


NBus Services

Between Nelson & Richmond

Thursday 25 December

No Service

Friday 26 December

Operating Saturday Timetable

27 – 31 December 2014

Normal service

Thursday 1 January 2015

No Service

Friday 2 January 2015

Operating Saturday Timetable

The Late Late Bus

The Late Late Bus is a night transport service that is safe and affordable between Nelson and Richmond. The service runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 10.00 pm leaving Trafalgar Street on the hour, with the last service departing at 3.15 am (no midnight service from Nelson and no 12.30 am service from Richmond). The fare is $4.

The outbound service travels via Tahunanui and stops as required at designated, well-lit stops. The inbound service leaves Richmond on the half hour and travels into the city via Bishopdale.

The Late Late Bus is running Friday and Saturday nights as per usual right through the Christmas period. There will be no Late Late Bus on New Year’s Eve.

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Newsline Updates

Public Notices

Navigation Safety Bylaw: Temporary Reservations and Speed Limit Uplifting for Maritime Events between 31 December 2014 and 25 January 2015 Holiday Period

Pursuant to provisions of the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2005, the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster has (or may soon) grant authorisations for the following known events during the upcoming holiday period. Other events may also occur during this time but the Harbourmaster has not yet received further applications.

Event Date



31 December 2014 – 1 January 2015



31 December 2014 – 1 January 2015

Torrent Bay


4 January 2015


Ski race

10 January 2015

Tata Beach

Annual Tata Swim

25 January 2015

Tata Beach

Tata Titanic Cardboard Boat Race

Due to Navigation Safety requirements, water users not involved in these events may be excluded from defined areas during these activities. Notices will be placed at nearby access points during these events.

Further details for these and any new events may be viewed online:

Also please note that the cruise ship Europa is due to visit Kaiteriteri on 25 December 2014.

Speed Limit Bylaw Review

At its meeting on Thursday 30 October 2014 the Tasman District Council adopted amendments to the Consolidated Bylaw Chapter 4 – Speed Limit Bylaw 2013. The bylaw comes into effect on 1 January 2015. Copies of the bylaw and the amendments and the associated maps can be viewed on the Council’s website or viewed at any Council office, library or service centre.

Tasman District Council Valuation Rolls

The Valuation Rolls for Tasman District Council have been revised by Quotable Value Limited  (as the Council’s valuation service provider).

The revised Rating Values are effective as at 1 September 2014 and the new notices of valuation were posted to owners and ratepayers from 12 December 2014. The District Valuation Rolls are open for public inspection, free of charge, during regular office hours, at the following Tasman District Council Service Centres:

  • 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka
  • 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison
  • 14 Junction Street, Takaka

The revised values can be viewed until 9 February 2015.

Objections to the revised valuations must be lodged, in writing or on line at, no later than 9 February 2015.

Objection forms are available from Quotable Value Limited and should be posted to:

            Quotable Value Ltd – Business Support Private Bag 39 818 Wellington Mail Centre LOWER HUTT 5045

More information about “Understanding your Rating Value” can be found at

You can also call QV at Ph. 0800 787 284 or Email: if you have questions about the revaluation process.

Notice of proposal to lease part Paradise Way Recreation Reserve for stabilisation

Tasman District Council is calling for submissions under section 73 of the Reserves Act 1977, regarding its intention to grant a lease to an adjoining owner to undertake a stabilisation structure (retaining wall) on the reserve.

The Council is the owner of a recreation reserve between Paradise Way and Bay Vista Drive. This reserve is Lot 45 DP 16650 (5269 m2). The title reference is CFR NL10D/767.

Following a significant rain event, the Council was approached by an adjacent landowner. Stabilisation work was required to protect their home. The majority of the retaining wall will be on their private land, but part of the reserve will contain part of the retaining wall. The Council does not want to have any financial interest in the stabilisation work, so needs to grant the adjacent owners, being Neil Wilson and Margaret Braggins, a lease of a small part of the reserve. The lease will be for 30 years, and cover approximately 40 m2.

The proposal should have a minor initial impact on the reserve. The portion of the reserve where the retaining wall will be constructed does not get a lot of public use. Once the retaining wall has been constructed, there should be no ongoing impact on the reserve. There will be a short period during construction when access to the relevant part of the reserve is limited, but the lease will provide for continued public access over the whole of the reserve, once construction is complete.

If the retaining wall is not constructed, there is not only a very real risk to the adjacent home, but also a risk that the reserve could suffer in the event of further slipping. Council staff believe the granting of the lease will benefit both the adjacent land, and the reserve.

Plans of the location of the retaining wall, and other details can obtained by contacting either Robert Cant or Beryl Wilkes on Ph. 03 543 8400, or via Email: This notice, plus a locality plan is available:

Written submissions or objections should be sent to:

Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050

Submissions or objections will be received up to 4.00 pm on 16 January 2015. Please state whether you would like to speak to your submission in the event that a hearing is required.

River Spraying Notification

Tasman District Council’s Engineering Services Department gives notice of the intention to undertake regular ground based river spraying operations from November 2014 to April 2015 inclusive.

The spraying will be focused (but may include other waterways) on the fully funded sections of rivers/waterways within the Tasman District which includes the Waimea/Wairoa, Wai-iti, Redwood & Eves Valley Streams, Moutere River and company ditches, Pawley Creek, Upper Motueka, Motupiko, Sherry and Tadmor Rivers, Dove, Lower Motueka, Riwaka mainstem and delta waterways, Takaka, Waingaro, Anatoki, Aorere and Kaituna Rivers.

The main purpose is to control woody weedgrowth on the fairways that could impede or divert flood flows, with herbicide application to control pest plants within waterway management corridors to also be undertaken.

For any objections, queries or comments on the operation please contact Giles Griffith, Rivers and Coastal Engineer,  Ph. 03 543 8400 or Email:

Tasman District Council Holiday Hours

Tasman District Council Service Centres will be closed from 3.00 pm on Wednesday 24 December 2014, re-opening Monday 5 January 2015. Murchison Service Centre, however, will be open on Tuesday 30 December and Wednesday 31 December 2014.

At all times over the Christmas/New Year break the Council’s 24-hour phone service will be operating. To contact the Council during the holiday period, just phone your local Council Service Centre number.


Proposed Closure of Road to Ordinary Vehicular Traffic

In accordance with the Transport (Vehicle Road Closure) Regulations 1965, the public is advised that for the purpose of allowing the Nelson Drag Racing Association to hold a drag racing event, the following road is proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the period and time indicated below.

Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection before Friday 23 January 2015 to the office of the Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

Proposed Road to be closed to Ordinary Vehicles and Period of Closure

Queen Victoria Street, Motueka from King Edward Street to Green Lane

Saturday 31 January 2015, 7.30 am to 5.00 pm.

If the weather is inclement, the event will be held on Sunday 1 February 2015.

Community Notices

Mid-summer Quilts in Motueka

16–17 January 2015, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm,  St Thomas's Church Auditorium, Motueka.

A display of quilts made (mainly) by quilters from Motueka and Nelson areas.

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Woollaston Estates/Tineli Tour de Vineyards

This year’s Tour de Vineyards, the 30th Anniversary Tour, will once again to be held around the roads and streets of Richmond, and the wider Tasman District between 30 December 2014 – 3 January 2015. To celebrate the Anniversary, they have introduced a Junior U15/17 Tour de Vineyards, to be held in conjunction with the senior event that caters for Elite Men, Elite Women and Masters. Special Traffic Management requirements have been undertaken to meet new safety standards.

If you are travelling in Tasman District on any of the days the race is taking place (see below) then please be aware there may be some slight delays to ensure the competitors safety. The Tasman District Council and Opus International have been working closely with the organisers, Tasman Wheelers, to ensure minimum disruption.

We thank residents, visitors and the motoring public for your assistance.

The dates and stage details are as follows:

Stage 1, Tuesday 30 December 2014, 11.00 am start at Brightwater. Nelson Bays Motor Group 10km Individual Time Trial, from Lord Rutherford Road South, around the Mount Heslington Circuit, to finish in River Terrace Road by the Brightwater Motor Inn. Traffic Stop/Go measures will be carried out at the intersection of Mount Heslington Road and River Terrace Road.

Stage 2, Wednesday 31 December 2014, 10.30 am start. A 128km road race on the Upper Moutere Circuit, based from Mahana School, the start/finish area on Old Coach Road by Woollaston Estates, a 16km lap circuit race, along George Harvey/Best/Gardner Roads, through Upper Moutere and onto Old Coach Road. Traffic Stop/Go measures will be carried out at the intersections of Dominion Road and George Harvey Road, Best Road and Gardner Valley Road, Gardner Valley Road and the Moutere Highway.

Stage 3, Thursday 1 January 2015, 10.00 am start. Based from the Upper Moutere School, the two lap 128km road race takes in Lower Moutere, Edwards Road, Waiwhero, Ngatimoti, Thorpe, Dovedale, Neudorf Hill, Prices Corner, and Central Road finish area. Traffic Stop/Go measures will be carried out at the intersections of Prices Corner, Central/Edwards Road, and Waiwhero/Ngatimoti corner.

Stage 4, Friday 2 January 2015, 10.00 am start, from Faulkners Bush Reserve, Wakefield. The NBS Takaka Hill 115km road race takes in 88 Valley, Raey Saddle, Golden Downs, Kohatu, Tapawera, Stanley Brook, Motueka River West Bank, Brooklyn, Riwaka, to finish at the top of the Takaka Hill. Traffic Stop/Go measures will be carried out at 88 Valley/Stock Road, Stock Road/Valley Road, North Road/SH63, SH63/Kohatu, and Swamp Road/SH60 at Riwaka. The finish area, the two lane section at the top of Takaka Hill, will be the single inside lane for riders finishing, and uphill traffic from the Motueka side will use the single outside lane.

Stage 5, Saturday 3 January 3 2015, 9.00 am start, The Stables Hill Street Circuit, Richmond. Start/finish on Hill Street by Hillplough Heights, and takes in Washbourn Drive, Chelsea Ave, Wensley Road, Hart Road, and Hill Street. Traffic Stop/Go measures will be carried out at Hill Street, Washbourn Drive, Chealsea Ave, Wensley Road, and Hart Road Roundabout. The event is scheduled to finish approximately 1.30 pm.

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