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Monday 28 September 2015

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Feedback Sought on New Speed Limits 

Speed up or slow down? The Council is now seeking your feedback on its draft Speed Limits Bylaw, which could see changes on 20 of the District’s roads.

In May we asked for submissions on existing speed limits. After considering requests from 141 submitters for speed limit changes, the Council has settled on 20 roads where alterations to the existing maximum speeds are proposed. 

Roads past schools were of particular concern to many in the community so speed advisory signs are proposed to be installed in school zones. In response to the feedback, gravel roads are proposed to have 100kmh speed limit signs removed and replaced with an open road speed sign, combined with speed advisories, signage in potentially hazardous spots.

The Changes

  • Under the draft bylaw, slower speed limits are proposed to be introduced along the entire length of Bartlett Road, Cliff Road, Cotterell Road, Dehra Doon Road, Edens Road, Higgins Road, Kina Beach Road, Kina Peninsula Road, Old Coach Road, Pugh Road, Ranzau Road West and Swamp Road.
  • Speed limit reductions are also proposed to be applied to parts of Central Takaka Road, the Collingwood-Puponga Main Road, Lower Queen Street, Ranzau Road and Rototai Road.
  • A higher speed limit is proposed for Redwood Valley Lane, part of School Road and Carlyon Road, both in Mahana.
  • If adopted, the new bylaw will also simplify the process for making changes to speed limits in future.

Have your Say

Submissions on the bylaw close at 4.30 pm on Friday 16 October 2015.

More information on the proposed new limits and submission forms can be viewed at

Forms are also available from Tasman District Council Service Centres and libraries.

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Message from the Mayor 

I read an article recently that hailed New Zealand as one of the top destinations in the World to experience high quality, locally sourced cuisine.

This led me to reflect that in our District, we have a great range of places to experience food and beverages made from local produce. This makes us a sought after destination for visitors and these products also serve the local economy well in the export market.

We host an abundance of excellent cafes and restaurants and numerous award winning vineyards. Tasman’s Great Taste Trail gives access to these businesses and brings together two of the key things we are most proud of in our District; high quality produce and breathtaking scenery.

Last week I attended a Chamber of Commerce event where the Prime Minister was speaking. I took the opportunity to further our request for government assistance to match local funding to finish Tasman’s Great Taste Trail. I am hopeful of a favourable outcome and will keep you up to speed with any developments.

In the mean time, with spring in the air, I’d say it’s the ideal time to get out there and enjoy some of the very best that New Zealand has to offer.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Plenty of Reserves of Goodwill 

Our District is blessed with a number of walkways, gardens and reserves. We are have an even greater number of people who give their time, expertise and experience to develop and maintain these important recreation assets for the benefit of residents and visitors to Tasman. The scope and scale of the work groups and individuals donate is spread throughout the District.

Recent examples show the level of the commitment these groups provide:

  • The Waimea Inlet walk and cycleway (Richmond) has been enhanced through plantings managed by Keep Richmond Beautiful
  • Two new shelters over barbecues on Moturoa/Rabbit Island have been constructed by the Richmond Rotary Club
  • A walkway has been developed through Wakefield’s Faulkner Bush from Edward Street by the Wakefield Bush Restoration Society
  • The Soroptimist Society has provided a seat on the cycle trail in Brightwater
  • The Dominion Flats Planting Group even organised and hosted another planting group from Wellington
  • The Nelson Heritage Rose Society gifted and planted a number of roses in Washbourn Gardens
  • Keep Motueka Beautiful has completed plantings in Motueka Beach Reserve
  • The Battle for the Banded Rail group have carried out a number of plantings on reserves around the Waimea Inlet.

The list could go on, with a great deal of the incredible work unrecognised, but certainly appreciated and enjoyed. This army of Tasman volunteers work closely with the Council’s Parks and Reserves team to identify the areas of highest priority and the best way of enhancing the area.

Council contractors also go beyond the strict terms of their contract with the Council often offering labour and machinery to tackle the bigger jobs. For example, Fulton Hogan is to tackle the Banana Passionfruit and Old Mans Beard in Dellside Reserve in partnership with Keep Richmond Beautiful.

We’d like to say thanks to all the people who help out, and invite you to join in. Community plantings and working bees are regularly advertised – so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to help make our region even more special.

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Boost to Public Transport 

Catching a bus to work or play is a great option and the Council is doing its bit to keep public transport between Richmond and Nelson running smoothly.

We have confirmed continued funding for the NBus and Late Late Bus services and for the Total Mobility scheme, which aims to ensure transport is accessible to all.

Tasman District Council provides an annual subsidy of $83,673 (including a portion from NZTA) towards bus services between the two centres. These services are run by SBL Group and administered by the Nelson City Council. We also contribute $82,241 funding (again with NZTA co-investment) to Total Mobility, which offers discounted taxi fares to Richmond, Motueka and Nelson residents who are unable to use buses due to the nature of their disabilities. The Total Mobility scheme helps 1400 people make more than 32,000 journeys each year within Nelson-Tasman.

Future route extension

The Council has also signalled the need for an investigation into extending the NBus route through Richmond in its Tasman Regional Public Transport Plan. A link covering Richmond South, including Champion Road, Hill Street and Hart Street, should be considered due to strong population and economic growth in the area.

Information on the NBus and Late Late Bus timetables and fares can viewed on the Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council websites.

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Digital Enablement Plan 

The Tasman District Council has submitted the District’s Digital Enablement Plan in the second part of a two stage application process to the funding announced by the Government. The first stage closed in July this year.

The registration of interest (ROI) invited Councils to provide supporting information to enable extension of ultra fast broadband, rural broadband and mobile blackspot coverage. The work, while carried out by Government funded contractors, will be funded where the most benefit will be gained.

“The District’s Digital Enablement Plan couldn't have happened without the close collaboration, co-operation and commitment of Tasman communities,” said Councillor Judene Edgar. “All the groups, organisations and representatives who stepped up deserve recognition for making this plan a reality.”

“The submitted plan represents a community-wide commitment to working together to realise the opportunities identified in the many recent meetings held throughout the district.”

“It is a living plan. It will keep changing as older projects finish and new projects come on. It also needs to be flexible to take advantage of rapid technology change, especially if our region is successful in receiving more funding."

“With one regional economy across the Tasman and Nelson region, the benefits will be region-wide.”

“It will be a few months before anyone finds out which regions benefit will from the Government’s investment. Regardless of outcome, as a community we're getting on with creating a digital future.”

“While the funding isn’t guaranteed, a good business case has been put forward to attract something from each of the three funds. Our ROI and Digital Enablement Plan is focused on delivering support and investment across the region for ultrafast broadband, rural broadband and mobile blackspot coverage."

To view the digital enablement plan and updates on Tasman’s digital journey go to

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Continued Funding to Sustain Regional Development 

The creation of a strong regional identity is vital to attracting investment, visitors and sustaining growth in our region.

Tasman is already one of the fastest-growing areas in the country – Infometrics’ June 2015 quarterly economic monitor put annual GDP growth at 3.2 percent, matched by 3.1 percent growth in Nelson – and to capitalise on the region’s many strengths the Council has agreed to fund $400,000 towards regional economic development work. These services are currently provided through the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency and Nelson Tasman Tourism. Nelson City Council is reviewing how these services are delivered. The Council will be closely involved with setting the work programme for the service.

The agency will merge with Nelson Tasman Tourism to better deliver economic development, visitor promotion and destination marketing and the Council will be closely involved with setting the work programme for any new entity.

Building an even stronger distinctive regional image in order to promote Nelson-Tasman’s people, products and attractions will provide broad community benefits, attracting increased business investment, underpinning tourism growth and encouraging greater use of our facilities and services by residents and visitors alike.

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Sewerage Joint Venture Going Strong 

It’s a dirty business, but someone’s got to do it. With that in mind, the Tasman District and Nelson City councils have signed a new agreement covering their joint management of sewerage facilities in the region.

The two councils have worked together to deliver a regional sewerage scheme since the 1970s. A board made up of members of each council, as well as iwi and industry representatives, looks after the running of the Bell Island treatment plant and reticulation network. The Bell Island plant, in the Waimea Inlet, serves the communities of Wakefield, Brightwater, Hope, Richmond, Mapua and Ruby Bay, as well as Nelson South. The plant is jointly owned by the two councils.

The memorandum of understanding signed by the councils sets out the Nelson Sewerage Business Unit’s structure, membership and responsibilities. It runs through until June 2025.

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Drones and Model Aircraft Welcome to Fly 

New Civil Aviation Authority rules mean anyone wanting to fly an unmanned aircraft, including drones, must first get permission from the owner or occupier of the land under the flight path.

To keep matters simple for people who own drones or model aircraft, the Council has adopted an interim policy giving permission to fly over Council-owned land, apart from some listed exceptions.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne says unmanned aircraft have rarely caused problems on Council land. “We have agreed to a reasonably permissive approach, backed up with specific conditions for use. However, there are some no-go areas, including formal gardens, cemeteries, plantation forest, council buildings and any location on council land during an organised event.”

People must comply with all CAA regulations, including restrictions on flying in controlled airspace and in 4km zones around aerodromes. More information on these rules, the Council’s policy and the no-fly areas in Tasman District, can be found on the Council’s website at

No-fly Areas

  • Council offices and libraries;
  • Council land managed as plantation forest;
  • Mapua precinct and wharf area, and Waterfront Park;
  • Washbourn Gardens;
  • Pethybridge Rose Gardens;
  • Takaka Memorial Gardens;
  • Council cemeteries;
  • Motueka sandspit (Council owned portion. Refer to the Department of Conservation on rules for its portion of the spit);
  • Any Council land that is leased to another party (e.g. bowling greens, tennis courts, grazing licences); and
  • Any location on Council land during an organised gathering of people (including sporting events).

The Council may consider specific requests to fly over these areas.

Conditions for Flight

    • Comply with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner guidance on preserving peoples’ privacy by not flying over other people or adjoining private property without consent.
    • Be courteous of other park users.
    • Do not operate over a sports field if in use by others.
    • Do not operate within 20 metres of or be flown over other users of a park or livestock.
    • Do not operate within 20 metres of sensitive wildlife habitats (such as coastal or river margins).
    • Do not operate within 20 metres of nesting or roosting birds.
    • Do not operate within 20 metres of, or be flown over, any building on Council land.
    • Do not operate during a fire ban period.
    • Cease operation if requested by Council staff.
    • Any person proposing to use unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes must obtain specific permission from the Council.

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Record Number of Applications Received for Tasman Community Grants 2015 

Tasman District Council’s Community Grants closed on 30 August 2015 with a record number of 170 applications received. The applications requested a total of $423,610.33 from the available pool of $219,000. The Tasman District Council’s Community Grants subcommittee will consider all of the applications with the applicants notified of the outcome in October 2015.

Tasman District Council Community Grants provide funding support to community groups so they can get on with delivering local projects and services. This is often the most cost-effective means for services to be delivered in local communities, as the grants support the direct costs of projects while volunteers contribute skills and time.

The Community Grants scheme has supported a wide variety of projects in the past including pest trapping, walkway developments, community planting, community events, renovating buildings, recording oral histories, creating public art, providing emergency services and much more.

“There is a lot of knowledge in communities about the ‘right’ project or service that would make a positive difference,” said Mike Tasman-Jones, Tasman District Council’s Community Partnerships Coordinator. “These projects are often supported by individuals and groups with the skills, energy and time who are prepared to roll up their sleeves. With the community grants the Council investment can be the catalyst for the project to proceed and succeed.”

For more information on Council grants go to

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Newsline Updates 

Public Notices

IMPORTANT: Online Payments Systems Maintenance

Customers who make electronic credit card payments to the Council are advised that systems maintenance will take place from Monday 28 September until Thursday 1 October 2015. This downtime will allow upgrades to be completed.

Alternative options for payment include internet and phone banking, as well as over-the-counter transactions.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park Lease Notice

The Council is seeking the public’s views on its proposal to grant a longer term lease to the operators of the Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park located on Fearon Bush Recreation Reserve. The current lease still has 27 years to run. Council’s proposal is to grant a new lease for 33 years.

The new lease and its conditions would enable the Council to earn greater returns on the camping ground assets. The new lease will include some planned improvements by the current lessee. The proposed new terms would also see the Council purchase a number of buildings currently onsite from the current operators. The desired result is improved returns to the ratepayer through the commercial operation on the publicly owned reserve.

If the new lease is not successful, the current lease for 27 years will be continued.

People are welcome to make a submission on the proposed new lease between the Motueka Top 10 Holiday Park and the Council. Written submissions are sought under Section 54 of the Reserves Act 1977. Submitters may wish to comment on a range of matters including:

  • the benefits and disadvantages of continuing to use the reserve for a commercial camping ground;
  • the length of the proposed lease;
  • any positive or negative impacts on the reserve from the camping ground activity;
  • any positive or negative impacts on recreational and cultural values; and
  • public access.

The Council will take account of all submissions when it decides whether to grant the lease and, if so, on what terms and conditions.

A submission form is available on the Tasman District Council website or can be obtained from the Tasman District Council offices and libraries.

Submissions close at 4.00 pm on 12 October 2015 and should be sent to:

Rhonda Marshall, Administration Officer – Commercial, Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond 7050.

Or Email:

Draft Speed Limits Bylaw 2016

The Tasman District Council seeks your view on a new Speed Limits Bylaw.

The draft bylaw is now available for consultation in accordance with Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

The purpose of this draft bylaw is to address legacy issues from a previous 2014 bylaw review and establish the bylaw under the Land Transport Act 1998 (the Act) rather than the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA).

The draft bylaw changes the speed limit for a number of roads and these are listed in a summary of information available on the Council’s website, offices, and libraries. The draft bylaw also provides the Council with the ability to change speed limits and/or set new speed limits by Council resolution in the future. Such changes are likely to be to the maps and schedules that accompany the Bylaw and will be an efficient and cost effective alternative to the full bylaw review procedure previously required under the LGA. The Council is required to consult with certain groups before making changes.

Separate to the draft bylaw and in response to community concerns, the Council intends to install speed advisory signs for several schools and some gravel roads.

A statement of proposal and summary of information is available for viewing on the Council’s website


and at the following Council Service Centres and libraries during normal opening hours:

  • Main Office, 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka
  • Golden Bay Service Centre, Junction Street, Takaka
  • Murchison Service Centre, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison
  • Tasman District Library, Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Library, Pah Street Motueka
  • Takaka Library, Commercial Street, Takaka

Making a submission:

You are welcome to make a submission on the draft Speed Limits Bylaw 2016. A submission form is available with copies of the statement of proposal, draft bylaw, and summary of information. You can present your submission to the Council in writing and if you wish, in person at a hearing.

Submissions should include your name, address, telephone number and email address and should state if you wish to speak to the Council in support of your submission.

Presenting your submission in person:

The Council will contact all submitters (who wish to be heard) in writing to advise the date, time and venue of the submissions hearing.


Please note that all submissions are a matter of public record and subject to the requirements of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

All written submissions will be acknowledged. The Council will be taking account of all submissions made when it decides on the final content of the Bylaw and an explanation of the Council’s final decision on the bylaw will be sent to all submitters.

Please send and make your submission for the attention of the Executive Assistant, Engineering Services:

  • Online at: Make an online submission
  • Posted to: Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050
  • Delivered to: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • Faxed to: 03 543 9524
  • Emailed to:

Submissions close at 4.30 pm on Friday 16 October 2015.

Call for Expressions of Interest – Readvertised - Greenwaste Processing Supplier

Tasman District Council is examining options for the receipt and processing of Greenwaste accepted by the Council through its Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) network at Takaka, Mariri and Collingwood. These sites are located at:

  • Robinson Road, Mariri (Motueka)
  • Scott Road, Takaka
  • Collingwood/Bainham Road, Collingwood.

The Council’s Richmond Resource Recovery Centre does not accept Greenwaste from the public, instead the Council directs those requiring Greenwaste services to its current Greenwaste supplier located in Richmond.

The Council is looking for suppliers of Greenwaste Processing Services who may be interested in entering into a seven year supply agreement to accept the Greenwaste from the RRCs, process it and on sell the resulting products.

At this stage the Council is seeking input from Greenwaste processing suppliers on possible options, and their potential involvement. It is the Council’s intention to take the information received through this Expression of Interest process to identify practical and sustainable options for the whole of the District, shortlist respondents and then to enter into a negotiated commercial supplier agreement(s) with a preferred respondent(s). Should the Council not identify a solution that caters for the entire RRC network that currently accepts Greenwaste then a stage two Request for Tender process may follow.

Please send your expression of interest outlining your response to the above by 4.00 pm, Wednesday 30 September 2015 for the attention of Jeff Cuthbertson, Senior Engineer – Utilities.

Call for Expressions of Interest - Tasman Skatepark Tour Event Support Staff

Tasman District Council is calling for Expressions of Interest from service providers to provide Event Support Staff to assist in the delivery of the Tasman Skatepark Tour 2016.

The Tasman Skatepark Tour is an extreme sports showcase, providing an avenue for young skate, scooter and bmx enthusiasts to compete against each other during a series of regional competitions. Hosted at each of Tasman’s six community skate parks, the Tour takes place over a 2 ½ week period in January.

For a copy of the proposal documents, please visit our website or Email:

Expressions of Interest should be received no later than 4.00 pm, Friday 2 October 2015.

A preferred provider will be selected by 16 October 2015 and the details of the contract will be negotiated subject to funding approval by Council. The service contract fee is $3,450 ex GST.

Tasman Resource Management Plan - Proposed Plan Changes 54 to 56 - Waimea Water Management: Amended Security of Supply Provisions

The public is invited to make submissions on Proposed Plan Changes 54 to 56 that amend Parts I, II and V of the Tasman Resource Management Plan with regard to security of supply of water in the Waimea area.

The Council proposes amendments to the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) as a result of changes to the funding structure providing for the Waimea Community Dam in the Council’s Long Term Plan 2015 – 2025 (LTP). The new Plan provisions provide two water management security of supply standards depending on whether a permit holder is affiliated to the dam or not. This will replace the allocation regime that was based on an equal access model whereby all owners of irrigable land and in the affected areas would be subject to a rate under the Local Government Act that would be used to construct the dam.

The rationing triggers for the high security permits remain unchanged and the management of dam flows will continue to be based on river flows on the Lee and the lower Waimea Rivers. The rules are amended to ensure holders of the high security permits are affiliated to the dam through a water supply agreement or other relevant agreement.

Amendments to the TRMP are now proposed to provide for:

  • The water management regime for Waimea Plains water management zones to allow for two security of supply standards, depending on whether the permit is affiliated to the Waimea Community Dam or not.
  • Transitional water management regimes until commencement of the construction of the dam for both affiliated and non-affiliated permits.
  • Changing references from the ‘Lee Valley Community Dam’ to ‘Waimea Community Dam’.

Provisions for managing water regime in the event there is no augmentation dam, including the new four-step rationing, have not been amended.

Availability of Proposed Amendments

The proposed amendments are available to view at Council’s Richmond office or online at

Submission forms are also available.


Any person may make a written submission on any aspect of the proposed Changes.

Submissions must clearly indicate support or opposition to the provisions, the decision that the submitter wishes the Council to make (with reasons), whether or not the submitter wishes to be heard in support of the submission and an address for service or contact address.

Submissions can be sent to the Environmental Policy Manager, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.

Submissions close 4.00 pm, Monday 19 October 2015.

Consideration of Proposed Amendments

After submissions have closed, the Council will publish a summary of all decisions requested by submitters. There will be a further period of 10 working days within which further submissions in support of or opposition to those submissions made may be sent to the Council.

The Council will then hold hearings on all submissions and all submitters may be heard. After the Council considers the submissions and makes its decisions, any submitter who is not satisfied with the decision has the right of appeal to the Environment Court.

Update Pages to the Plan

Update No. 51 to the Plan, including all amendments to the text as a result of the proposed amendments, will be available as soon as possible. For enquiries concerning the update or availability of the Plan, please contact Pam Meadows, Ph. 03 543 8581, Email: or one of the Customer Services staff.


For more information or advice on these amendments, please contact:

Mary-Anne Baker, Ph. 03 543 8486 or Email:

Tasman Resource Management Plan Commencement of Operative Changes 45, 46, 47 and 48 to Parts I and II

Notice is given that the Tasman District Council has, on 27 August 2015, approved the following Plan Changes:

Waimea Water Management and Augmentation

  • Change 45: Amendments to Part I
  • Change 46: Amendments to Part II
  • Change 47: Amendments to Part V
  • Change 48: Amendments to Part VI

to commence from 19 September 2015 as Operative Changes to the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

The text of the Plan as Operative will be available on Council’s website as soon as possible. All current Plan holders will be forwarded Update 51 shortly afterwards.


Proposed Road Closure

The following roads are proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below:

Nelson Car Club – Rally Sprint

Saturday 31 October 2015, from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, Pigeon Valley Road, from its intersection with Sharp Road through to its intersection with Dovedale Road and Dovedale Road, from its intersection with Pigeon Valley Road through to its intersection with Brandy Creek Road.

Objections can be lodged at: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond. Objections close: Friday 9 October.

Westland Car Club – Rally Sprint

Saturday 5 December 2015, 9.30 am – 7.00 pm, Matakitaki Valley Road from 500m prior to 933 Matakitaki Road to 500m past Mailman Creek Bridge.

Objections can be lodged at: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond. Objections close: Friday 23 October 2015.

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Community Partnerships 

The Summer Events 2015-2016 Publication

45,000 copies of the summer events publication for Nelson and Tasman will be distributed in early December. The calendar of events at the back of the guide will have a listing of community events in the region, this information will be lifted directly from

Event organisers – if you want your event to be included ensure your events are listed on ItsOn no later than 16 October 2016. To list your events go to

Mudcakes and Roses – tell us what you think

Mudcakes & Roses magazine is produced by Tasman District Council as part of its Positive Ageing Strategy. The publication is funded by Tasman District with support from Nelson City Council and advertising.

The purpose of the magazine is to:

  • Share information relevant to people over 60 years old that encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • Encourage community participation in, and support of, events and activities taking place in our region.
  • Provide community groups with a free way to promote their events and activities.

We would like to know if you think Mudcakes & Roses meets its purpose and if you have any suggestions on how it could be improved.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey and tell us what you think.

The survey closes Friday 20 November 2015.

Summer Sport Codes Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

Are you a rural based club or do you have rural based players? If so the Tasman Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund can help meet your travel costs. Sport NZ Travel Fund reduces the barriers for young people (aged 5-19 years) taking part in local sports competition by offering grants to subsidise travel costs. The clubs must apply on behalf of players and the next closing date is 31 October 2015.

Application forms and further information is online at or contact Mike Tasman-Jones on Ph. 03 543 8403 for further information.

Pearl Creek Restoration Project – Planting Day

Saturday 26 September, 9.00 am

Meet at the end of Cotterell Road, Appleby, armed with gardening gloves and planting spades. We will be planting the last open area near the south end of the restoration project area. Those who are interested in this or any future Pearl Creek events, please contact Jo Kay, Ph. 03 544 9666 or 0211169877, Email: and they will keep you updated.

What’s Happening in Tasman’s Community Facilities…

Golden Bay Museum

Lest We Forget WW1 exhibition. Continues until 30 October 2015.

Motueka District Museum

Grandma’s kitchen 22 September to 30 October 2015.

A look at kitchens from the 40s and 50s.

Nelson Provincial Museum and the Suter Art Gallery

Rembrandt Remastered 12 October to 15 November 2015.

A remarkable collection of 57 digitally remastered and life size paintings from one of the world’s greatest painters of all time. Thanks to the generosity of Nelson Pine Industries Limited all residents of Nelson and Tasman can visit the exhibition FREE. The season is five weeks only and the exhibition must close on 15 November 2015.

Moutere Hills Community Centre Quiz Evening

A fun night out with raffles, auction, bar and good company! The quiz will cover a wide variety of topics including local knowledge, literature and entertainment, sports, children/childhood, nature and geography so there will be something for everyone. There will also be audio and visual sections sure to test the memory or just bring back the memories. Teams of six adults cost $90 per team - Nibbles and Supper provided.

Moutere Hills Community Centre Annual General meeting

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 7.00 pm.

Everyone in the wider Moutere Hills area is welcome to attend.

For further information visit

Golden Bay Boredom Busters

Ten days of fun and getting out’n’about. Archery, mini MX bikes, water games, bike rides (Pohara, Clifton and Motupipi Hill track), a trip to Ngarua caves and source of the Riwaka River, cooking, art’n’crafts and much more.

Full programme details in Golden Bay school newsletters, Council Service Centre, Takaka Library and i-site, Golden Bay Community Centre and

We can e-mail you programme details and a registration form. Register at GB Community Centre, 88 Commercial Street, Takaka, down behind The Brigand Café. Ph. 03 525 8876 Email:

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Council Assessing Coastal Damage 

An easterly gale that coincided with the highest tide of the year has severely eroded several of Tasman’s beaches.

In Tasman Bay, the beaches of Kaiteriteri and Torrent Bay were the most affected. Kaiteriteri lost a significant portion of the front beach, with Torrent Bay losing much of the previous sand replenishment and plantings as the waves scoured back the beach. A resource consent held by the Kaiteriteri Reserve Board has allowed the Board to bring forward its annual sand push-up programme and in Torrent Bay, the Council is using emergency RMA provisions to replenish the beach. Having funds and consents in place to repair damage like this is the secret to a quick recovery.

The situation is also serious in parts of Golden Bay. The beaches of Pakawau, Parapara and Rototai bore the brunt of the storm. At Pakawau and Parapara most of the buffers provided by the earlier sand push-up were washed away. The buffers performed as planned protecting a number of community amenities and private beachfront sections. Erosion at Pohara has steepened the face of the dunes.

Council scientists and reserves staff have been out assessing the damage to the previous work and possible responses. Once the extent of the damage and the availability of sand and resources has been identified, the Council will provide the information to affected residents in these areas and support them with advice and information about their options.

The investigations will conclude this week with action plans discussed with landowners shortly after. It is likely that priority will be given to areas where community assets and private property is at risk.

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Motueka Library Closure 

Motueka Library will be closed on Tuesday 29 September 2015 due to a planned power shutdown. Should the power shutdown be postponed for any reason, the library will be closed on Thursday 1 October 2015.

School holiday events scheduled for Tuesday 29 September at Motueka Library will now take place on Monday 28 September. Network Tasman has two further power shutdowns scheduled on Tuesday 13 October (alternative date Thursday 15 October) and Tuesday 27 October (alternative date Thursday 29 October). These may require further closures for Motueka Library.

To find up to date information on the library’s opening hours check the library website or Facebook page.

We apologise for any inconvenience the closure may cause.

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Minor Road Work Projects 

Within the recently approved Regional Land Transport Plan we have committed to a number of minor improvements on and around the roading network throughout the District.

We prioritise the minor works throughout the district using three factors; a safety risk assessment, community demand and exposure. After a successful application to the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Council has received nearly $3 million spread over three years to undertake the planned improvements.

This year we will be focused the following road work projects across the District:

  • Wallace Street Pedestrian Crossing
  • Flett Road / Moutere Highway Intersection
  • Whakarewa Street / Queen Victoria Street Intersection
  • Mapua Drive Pedestrian Connection
  • Mapua Drive Roundabout
  • Upper Moutere Village Pedestrian Connection
  • Lower Queen Street Widening
  • Motupipi Street / Abel Tasman Drive Intersection
  • Whiteside Bridge Widening.

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Have your say on the Abel Tasman Foreshore Plan 

The Abel Tasman Foreshore Scenic Reserve is jointly managed by the Council and the Department of Conservation. The Foreshore Plan is the statutory document that describes how the reserve is managed.

A partial review of the Foreshore Plan is underway, with submissions closing on 12 October 2015. A few changes are proposed, focusing on:

  • Access to the reserve for kaitiaki responsibilities and non-commercial cultural activities.
  • Recreation concessions at Watering Cove and Observation Beach bays.
  • Provision of an additional Coastal Access Point at Tonga Quarry for a trial period.
  • Drop off/retrieval of commercial hire equipment from the reserve.

We want to know what you think about the proposed changes – good or bad

A full review of the Foreshore Plan will take place in 2018, together with the Abel Tasman National Park Management Plan review. Other issues will be considered at that time.

Read more about the draft Foreshore Plan partial review and make a submission on the Council’s website,

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Or view a hard copy at local libraries or Council and DOC offices and Service Centres.

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What’s the Plan with the Dam? 

It has been a while since you’ve heard from the Council about progress on the Waimea Community Dam project. After the community consultation last year, we decided not to fund the project solely from rates revenues.

Instead, the Council has budgeted $25 million for the share of the cost of the dam it anticipates having to pay for urban water supply and environmental benefits.

Waimea Community Dam Limited is working to fund the rest. The company has provided us with an outline of its preferred business and funding model. We are currently evaluating that and expect to make a formal response to the company on its proposal later in October this year.

In the meantime Waimea Community Dam Limited and the Council have been progressing the other streams of work to get to the point where a decision to proceed to engage a contractor can be made.

That work includes a resource management plan change, land and access discussions and the method for engaging contractors.

There is still a lot to do before both parties can go to their stakeholders and the community with a firm proposal. That is planned for later this year by Waimea Community Dam Limited and the second quarter of next year for the Council.

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