Newsline 363 - 20 November 2015

Friday 20 November 2015

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Mapua Shed 4 set for Pre-Christmas Opening 

The Mapua Wharf Retail Complex, Shed 4, will be open for business by Christmas, creating a vibrant, family-friendly destination for residents and visitors to enjoy over summer.

The construction team at the complex have been working extra hours to make sure we’re ready to hand the building over to tenants at the end of November 2015.

Six new tenants will be moving in and setting up ready for a pre-Christmas opening.

They include:

  • Rabbit Island Coffee Company
  • Wheelie Fantastic bike hire
  • Rimu Grove wine and cuisine
  • Kete – selling local jams, sauces, fresh and frozen produce and more
  • Architecture Studio Mapua
  • Darby and Joan Ltd – an interior design/homewares store

The first stage of landscaping will also be completed before Christmas, improving drainage and providing paving, plantings and outdoor furniture.

Please remember there is still no vehicle access to the wharf during construction from Monday to Saturday, 7.00 am to 5.00 pm, apart from service vehicles. When the new building opens, limited vehicle access outside peak periods will be permitted for boat access and deliveries. There is parking available on Aranui Road and Tahi Street.

More information about the project can be found on our website,

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Message from the Mayor 

It was my honour and privilege to meet and host Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall recently at Mahana Estate in Old Coach Road. It was especially pleasing to share the range of top quality food and beverages we have to offer here in Tasman.

It highlights aspects of our community that make Nelson and Tasman a great place to live in or visit. Thank you to those that took the time, effort and investment to welcome the Royal couple.

I’m also pleased to say that the generosity of our community spreads further afield. For the fifth year in a row Upper Moutere has taken the title of NZ’s most generous town in the Oxfam Unwrapped Generosity List. Takaka came in second on the list, while Brightwater also deserves a mention by making the top 10. Your willingness to give practical help to those in need is inspiring.

As we hurtle towards the end of another year, it’s worth remembering that whatever your background or current situation, there are always ways we can help each other. Collaboration, respect and lending a hand if needed is the basis of what holds our communities together – let’s keep it that way.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Tasman Communities Top Kind-Hearted List 

Congratulations Upper Moutere and Takaka – an Oxfam list has revealed you are New Zealand’s most charitable towns!

For the fifth year in a row Upper Moutere has taken the title of NZ’s most generous town in the Oxfam Unwrapped Generosity List. Takaka came in second on the list, while Brightwater also deserves a mention by making the top 10.

The rankings are based on the number of Oxfam Unwrapped gifts purchased per capita. Oxfam Unwrapped gifts include items such as goats, water wells, training for farmers, and plants and seeds, which are provided to communities in need in developing countries. The purchaser receives a card to give to a relative or friend explaining how their gift will be used to help others.

Oxfam New Zealand executive director Rachael Le Mesurier applauded our kind-hearted communities.

“It’s fabulous that once again Kiwis in some of our most beautiful rural areas are giving a hand up to rural communities in developing countries and helping them to build a better future for their families.”

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Recycling Volumes Up 

Thanks to your efforts, our new recycling service is proving successful at reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Figures for the past few months show kerbside recycling volumes are up 23%.

On 29 June 2015 we changed the kerbside recycling service, moving to fortnightly collections and issuing large 240-litre bins to households for plastics, cans, paper and cardboard. The previous small blue bins are now solely for glass.

Between July and September 2015 kerbside recycling volumes were up 23% on the same period last year. Between 200 and 250 tonnes of recyclables were collected each month during this period. In October 2015 a total of 262 tonnes was collected, up 17% on last October.

The main driver for the changes to the service was to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Our research showed that one of the reasons people chose not to recycle was because it was not particularly easy to fit everything in the blue crates.

We’re aware the new system has been a big change for you, having to get used to a new collection day, fortnightly collections and managing a larger bin, so it’s great to see people are already recycling more.

We’re hopeful the trend will continue so we can make a big dent in the amount of material that ends up in our landfill.

We also offer a $20 discount on compost bins at participating retailers – composting is great for your garden and avoids the need to put food scraps in the rubbish.

For information on the new service and a calendar of collection days visit

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How Can We Improve Queen Street? 

We’ve begun talking to a range of people and organisations about our plans for improvements to Queen Street and we’d really like to hear from you.

In the last issue of Newsline we outlined the drivers for the project, which will involve lowering the centre of the road, replacing water pipes underneath and then restoring the street surface from shop front to shop front. This is all part of a major stormwater upgrade for Richmond that will reduce the risk of flooding in future.

The work, set to begin in August next year, gives us the opportunity to consider improvements to the safety, accessibility and functionality of the street. Part of the concept we’re considering is wider footpaths and a narrower road, to slow traffic and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

We have meetings coming up this month with business and property owners, Accessibility for All, Positive Ageing, and bus operator NBus to get their thoughts. We’ve also been talking to students at Waimea College to find out how our young people think our main retail street could be improved.

And now we’d like to know what you think. There is a display to view and submission forms at our Queen Street offices or visit our website, check out the video and fill in a feedback form at Queen Street Reinstatement Project Feedback.

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Positive Signs for Richmond’s Future 

The signs are clear – Richmond’s retail precinct is set to go from strength to strength with new direction signage going up and improvements to Queen Street planned.

Richmond Unlimited has been working on how best to direct travellers towards the shops, cafes, mall and services in Richmond’s town centre, and two years ago identified the need for more and clearer signs.

Because cars are not able to turn directly onto Queen Street from the Richmond Deviation or Gladstone Road, Richmond Unlimited felt the existing standard NZTA signage needed upgrading to make sure travellers were aware of the town centre and easily able to find their way.

The new signs commissioned by Richmond Unlimited go up on the Deviation and Gladstone Road on Tuesday 17 November 2015. They will later be followed by three more, on Salisbury Road, Appleby Highway and Lower Queen Street.

"Richmond Unlimited worked with the Council, NZTA and local businesses to ensure the signs were well-designed and in keeping with the overall look of Richmond," said Tasman District Councillor Judene Edgar.

“We have some exciting things happening in Richmond with the Queen Street upgrade, and these new signs will help kick that off.”

Consultation has begun on the proposal to improve Queen Street as part of a 10-year infrastructure project to reduce the risk of flooding in central Richmond. More information is available in this issue of Newsline.

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Second Hand Sunday Returns 

Second Hand Sunday is returning for the final time in 2015 – it’s a chance to clear out some clutter before Christmas or grab a treasure or two.

What is Second Hand Sunday?

People taking part in Second Hand Sunday leave unwanted items on their driveway for others to take away for free. Goods can include anything from old furniture, books, clothing or leftover bits and pieces from building projects. We ask you not to put out food or dangerous goods such as faulty electrical equipment, chemicals or firearms.


Sunday 13 December 2015, 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.

How do I participate?

To offer items, complete a registration form online before 9.00 am on Thursday 10 December 2015. Visit and use the search phrase “second hand sunday”. Alternatively, register at one of our Council service centres. On the day, put your items out on your driveway or front lawn and attach the downloadable poster (also available at Council service centres) to your letterbox so people can easily identify your address. Responsible removal of any uncollected items is required at the end of the day.

To collect items, find a list of the households offering free stuff on our website from midday on Friday 11 December 2015.

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Have a Safe and Happy Time on the Water 

Our District is a boating paradise, and we want you to have a great time on the water without any mishaps.

Our coastal waters and lakes are used by a wide range of recreational users, and many rules have been put in place to ensure that all the different water activities remain safe and enjoyable. Before heading out on the water please read the information in our 2015/2016 Boating and Water Sports guide, and on our website to keep yourself and others safe. The guide also contains the local TideTables for December 2015 through to May 2016.

The 2015/2016 Boating and Water Sports guide will be available in December from Council service centres, some garages and service stations and at boat ramps. The information it contains is also available at

This web page also has information on ports and wharves, our Navigation Bylaw and links to details of marine farms. There are also marine charts showing where mussel farms and seasonal spat catching sites are located, these farms are in both Tasman and Golden Bays and boaties should be aware that the farm boundaries may change seasonally. Read the Boating and Water Sports guide for information on how to interpret the cardinal marks that mark out these areas.

Aid to navigation changes

A new Navigation Safety Bylaw is now in place for the Tasman region. Please go to and search “Navigation Bylaw” to remain up to date with the changes that are likely to affect your boating.

Details of buoys and beacons, and specific advice for navigating near ports and wharves are available on the Tasman District Council website

A new edition of Tasman Bay Chart 614 was published in September 2015. Please make sure your charts are up to date.

Basic rules of the sea

  • Always keep a good lookout and travel at a safe speed
  • Powerboats give way to sailing vessels and rowed or paddled vessels
  • In general, alter course to starboard (right) to avoid other vessels and keep a 50 metre buffer zone
  • When on converging courses the vessel looking at the port (left side and red light) of the other vessel gives way
  • All skippers should know Maritime Rule Part 22 – Collision Prevention in the same way drivers must know the road code. See

Before you go

  • Check the coastal forecast at or tune in to Nowcast on VHF channel 22 once you are at sea
  • Keep your cell phone in a sealed bag in a zipped pocket. Dial 111 in an emergency. Flares, VHF radio and a registered 406mhz EPIRB are also recommended
  • Avoid alcohol – it affects your judgement and changes the way your body reacts to a sudden plunge into water
  • Make sure you have lifejackets that fit for every person on board


Harbourmaster Dan Cairney will be out on the water over summer and has some goodies to give away to safety-conscious boaties. These include:

  • Fuel discount vouchers – 12 cents a litre off fuel at NPD outlets.
  • Double-sealed waterproof cell phone bags
  • Floating key rings
  • Copies of the NZ Boaties Book 2015/2016.

Make sure you have all the items in the Safety Equipment Checklist in the guide to win a voucher.

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Newsline Updates 

Public Notices

Notice of Road Stopping

Tasman District Council is notifying its intention to stop a portion of un-named and unformed legal road which runs alongside the Anatoki River from the southern end of McCallum Road to a dead end where the legal road stops. The proposal to stop this section of unformed road is being considered pursuant to Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974.

The road proposed to be stopped is shown as Section 1 on SO Plan 487432. The land area is 1.6429 hectares.

The road stopping application is being made by Rainbow Valley Community Ltd which owns freehold land adjacent to the road to be stopped. The road itself is 40m wide in most places. If the road stopping is approved, the public will retain the right to use a minimum of 20m of public road and other public land adjacent to the Anatoki River. If the applicant is able to acquire the land involved, it has offered a 10m wide esplanade strip alongside the Anatoki River where there is no legal access at present. When combined with the 10m wide esplanade strip, public access will be possible from the northern end of McCallum Road to the Southern end, alongside the river.

A number of dwellings encroach onto the legal road corridor. The proposal is intended to improve legal access alongside the Anatoki River, while allowing the applicant to acquire the legal road underneath the dwellings.

An unformed portion of McCallum Road is to be moved slightly to the south. The width of the road will remain the same.

Plans of the proposed road stopping are available by Email: Plans may also be viewed at the Takaka Service Centre and Richmond Office of the Tasman District Council. Copies of plans, and this public notice, will also be available on the Council’s website.

For further information please contact Robert Cant at Tasman District Council on Ph. 03 543 8400 or by Email:

Any objections to the proposed road stopping must be made in writing to the address below and must be received no later than 4.00 pm on Friday 18 December 2015. This is the second of the two notices required under the Local Government Act 1974.

Richmond & Districts Information Centre

With the busy season arriving, volunteers are urgently required to work three hour shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the Information Centre in Gladstone Road.

Successful applicants would be required to work with more experienced volunteers initially before being asked to work on their own. Although applicants should preferably have a good knowledge of the local community, this is not necessary, as the Centre has a large data base. They should be well presented and enjoy meeting and conversing with visitors from all over

New Zealand and the world. The Centre is well appointed with good facilities. If you are interested in this type of work, call in to the Centre or Ph. 03 543 9521 or Sally Symonds Ph. 03 542 3983 (rosters) for further details. Authorised by Keith Chaplin, Volunteer co-ordinator, Ph. 03 547 3116.

Navigation Safety Bylaw Temporary Reservation and Speed Uplifting for Giant Slalom event on the Waimea River: Sunday 22nd November 2015.

Jet Boating NZ Inc, (Nelson/Marlborough Branch) intend to run a jet boat Giant Slalom and Christmas Picnic event on the stretch of the Waimea River between the Appleby Bridge and a point upstream of the Bartlett Road gravel plant on 22 November 2015 between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm, (with a backup day of Sunday 29 November 2015 if conditions are not suitable for the event on 22 November 2015).

For the duration of the event, the specified reach of the Waimea River is reserved exclusively, and the speed limits imposed by the Tasman District Navigation Safety Bylaw will be suspended, for those boats taking part. This action is taken by the Harbourmaster pursuant to the provisions contained in Section 3 of the Tasman District Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2015.

The effect of the temporary reservation will be to prevent other activities including swimming, fishing or other boating activities from occurring within that area for the time specified, in the interests of safety.

Conditions imposed on the organisers may be viewed at


Proposed Road Closure

The following roads are proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below:

Richmond Market Day

Wednesday 30 December 2015, from 6.00 am to 5.00 pm, Queen Street from McIndoe Place to just below the entrance to the Warring car park (lane beside Night ‘n’ Day).

Objections can be lodged at: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond. Objections close: Friday 4 December 2015.

Road Closures

The following roads are to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below:

Westland Car Club – Rally Sprint

Saturday 5 December 2015, 9.30 am – 7.00 pm, Matakitaki Valley Road from 500m prior to 933 Matakitaki Road to 500m past Mailman Creek Bridge.

Richmond Unlimited – Richmond Santa Parade

Sunday 29 November 2015 – times and locations as below:

  • Cambridge Street Car Park, 6.30 am to 4.00 pm
  • Cambridge Street from Oxford Street to Queen Street, 11.30 am to 2.00 pm
  • Edward Street, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
  • Oxford Street from Crescent Street to Queen Street, 11.30 am to 1.00 pm
  • Queen Street (from Edward Street to Salisbury Road), 11.30 am to 1.00 pm
  • Queen Street (from Salisbury Road to Cambridge Street and including Croucher Street), 11.30 am to 2.00 pm
  • Salisbury Road from Talbot Street to Queen Street, 11.30 am to 1.00 pm
  • Warring Car Park, 6.30 am to 4.00 pm
  • Wensley Road from Oxford Street to Queen Street, 11.30 am to 2.00 pm

Some roads may reopen earlier than advised above.

Please note that the car parks on Queen Street from Cambridge Street to Salisbury Road will not be available on the day of the parade.

Resource Consents

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notices may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note that the following are abridged advisory notices only.

Applicant: Harakeke 2015 Limited.

Location: In the Aporo Road, Mamaku Road, Marriages Road, Horton Road and Permin Road area between Tasman Village and Ruby Bay.

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

This application seeks resource consents for a significant residential and commercial development either side of Aporo Road. The proposed residential development is designed in several rural-residential clusters across the 178 hectare site, with the apartments and commercial activities in a new village centre.

Subdivision Consent (Application RM150576): To subdivide 17 existing computer freehold registers (CFRs) with an overall area of 177.8278 hectares to create 130 rural residential-style allotments; 55 apartment allotments; 2 commercial apartments; Lot 700 walkway to vest as local purpose reserve; Lot 701 to vest as esplanade reserve; Open Space allotments Lots 702-710 and 714-716; three utility allotments Lots 711, 712, 713; a separate title for an historic pa site; and Lots 720, 721, 722 and 723 to vest as road, within a Rural 3 Zone.

Other Consents

Eighteen other associated consents are being sought, for:

  • land use activities including dwellings, apartments, commercial buildings and activities; earthworks, and the removal and replacement of contaminated soil and for the proposed change to residential activity in accordance with the National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health Regulations 2011;
  • discharges of potentially contaminated stormwater to land where it may enter water during the construction phase; and to discharge stormwater from each of the residential allotments, and from apartments and commercial areas;
  • discharges of wastewater from apartments and commercial areas, and from individual allotments;
  • a water permit to change conditions of taking groundwater to transfer use from irrigation to community supply;
  • to carry out works in the bed of a waterway for the purpose of channel realignment and the placement of boulders and woody debris within waterways; to discharge sediment-laden water from land disturbance activities and works in waterways; to divert and dam water for new waterbody channels and wetlands and bypass; to dam and divert flood waters, including by earthworks that raise the level of the land and by structures.

The land is zoned Rural 3 according to the Tasman Resource Management Plan. Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Monday 23 November 2015.

Applicant: Allied Petroleum Limited.

Location: Intersection of Sandeman Road and Lower Queen Street, Richmond.

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

Land Use (Application RM150755): Erection of an off-site plinth sign for the Allied Petroleum truck stop facility in Artillery Place.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 27 November 2015.

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Community Partnerships 

Summer Guides

Look out for Your Guide to Events in Nelson Tasman, and the Tasman District Summer Service Guide – both out in December 2015.

Summer Bike Check and Tune Ups

You can get a free bike check from the Get Moving team at Decks Reserve opposite the Motueka Market 9.30 am – 1.00 pm on Sunday 29 November as part of the Backyard Games, and at Takaka Market on Sunday 12 December.

Head over to the Tasman District Council gazebo to get your bike checked over from the Get Moving mechanics and pick up a some bike brighteners to help you be safe and seen while riding in Tasman.

Get Moving is supported by Tasman District Council and is an organisation that is focused on getting people more motivated, active and out enjoying some exercise. It’s website is a great place to start your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle. So whether you walk, run or cycle find out some fun ways to do it at

What’s Happening in Tasman’s Community Facilities

Motueka Recreation Centre

Backyard Games

Sunday 29 November 2015. Bring the family down to the Motueka Recreation Centre for some frisbee throwing, kite flying, swing ball, tick tac toe and heaps more. FREE family fun at this Sport Tasman and Tasman District Council summer event.

Golden Bay Museum

Ever changing items in the Margaret Wilson Collection are currently on display.

New exhibition: “Inside Secret Societies”

December 2015 – April 2016. Open daily 10.00 am – 4.00 pm. Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Motueka District Museum

Motueka Pottery display their work. There is always something to please all tastes. The exhibition runs from 7 – 27 November 2015.

“All about APPLES”

The story of apple growing in our District from the early days. The exhibition will run from 7 December 2015 and finish 29 March 2016.

Open Tuesday – Friday, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm; and Sunday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm. Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Murchison Museum & Information Service

Display of locally crafted mixed media arts – some items for sale.

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