Newsline 364 - 4 December 2015

Friday 4 December 2015

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What Does the Future Hold for Brightwater and Wakefield? 

With the help of the community, we’re planning for the future of Brightwater and Wakefield. Detailed proposals to help guide the development of the villages are out now – and we’d like your input.

Council staff have been working with the community on where future residential and business development can happen, as well as providing room for recreational space. We need to do this to cater for the expected population growth of the villages over the next 20 years.

Residents and others affected by the review have given valuable feedback on what they would like their communities to look like. Their comments have helped shape the current zoning proposals.

The Council's planners have taken particular care to make sure future development takes place in areas safe from flood risk and to protect the heritage and community character of your villages.

We have drawn up maps of where future residential, industrial and open space zoning is proposed. You can view the details (plan changes 57 and 58) on our website and fill in a submission form at or at any library.

Key proposals for Brightwater

  • Land east of Snowdens Bush and northwest of the Lord Rutherford Memorial rezoned deferred residential
  • No further subdivision of industrial land prone to flooding
  • New deferred industrial land southeast of Factory Road
  • New village green open space at Ellis/Starveall streets
  • Safer cycle and pedestrian access to Brightwater School

The zoning proposals for Brightwater will be deferred until a secure water supply can be guaranteed. The timing of this will depend on the outcome of planning for the Waimea Community Dam.

Key proposals for Wakefield

  • No further subdivision of heavy industrial land on Bird Lane and
  • Pigeon Valley Road because of flood risk
  • Change rural zoning to residential east of Pitfure Road and northwest of Whitby Road
  • Rezone small area to the west of Higgins Road to allow for rural-residential and tourist support businesses
  • Provide for higher density housing on Edward Street south of Treeton Place
  • Improve walking connections through the village.

Residential coverage increase

We are also consulting on plan change 59, which increases the amount of a residential site that can be covered by buildings. The change would see the allowed residential building coverage increase to 40 per cent, from the current 33 per cent, in Richmond, Motueka, Brightwater and Wakefield. People making use of the ability to build over a larger portion of their section will need to provide for on-site stormwater detention.

Submissions close Tuesday 2 February 2016. Hearings will be held in 2016.

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Mayor's Message 

In recent years, some of you have been significantly affected by coastal erosion and we have been considering how the Council may best assist people to find solutions that are right for them. This issue also affects publicly owned assets like our roads.

A recent report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright, has suggested central government work with local councils to address these issues.

The Commissioner’s recommendation to establish a working group between central and local government is sensible and we would like to be involved. The Council is already assisting some groups within our community who are affected by coastal erosion.

The Government needs to be involved to help develop a consistent national approach.

For those interested, the Council has agreed to host the five flags that you are being asked to rank in the current referendum and they are available for viewing in the Richmond main office foyer.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Summer Guides Out Now 

The Summer Events guide for the region is out now – grab a copy at Council service centres, i-Sites or your nearest library.

This year’s Summer Events programme includes an exciting line-up of activities, supported by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council, sure to inspire and entertain locals and visitors throughout the holiday season.

There is something for everyone from sporting events, including the Black Caps heading to Saxton for two one-day Internationals, to cultural and community events on offer throughout Nelson and Tasman.

Holiday-makers should also pick up a copy of the Tasman District Summer Service Guide. This handy guide holds a wealth of information on the services and facilities available in the District, from where to camp, swim, picnic, or walk your dog, to when and where to dispose of rubbish or who to phone in an emergency.

You can pick up a copy at Council service centres. Both guides are also available to download on our website.

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Moturoa/Rabbit Island – Keep the Ideas Coming 

Early last month we asked for your feedback on how we should manage Moturoa/Rabbit Island and we’re thrilled at the large number of comments and submissions already flowing in.

Many of you have taken the opportunity to fill in a submission form on our website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Some of the comments so far cover:

  • The areas provided for dogs, horse-riding and mountainbiking
  • Water quality
  • Signage
  • Conflicts between different users
  • The opportunity to enjoy the natural setting.

We’re taking feedback until the end of February – so keep it coming! Visit our website or the Facebook page Rabbit Island, Moturoa.

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Stay Up to Date With Water Restrictions 

It’s likely to be a long, hot, dry summer and that means we need to take extra care with our water resources.

Water restrictions for the Waimea Plains came into force for the first time this summer on Monday 30 November 2015.

The rain we had over the last three weeks just held the Waimea River above the rationing trigger but groundwater levels are low for this time of the year. Irrigation demand has not been high and recent night-time temperatures have been relatively cool.

These conditions could change very rapidly though and we have to be prepared for the predicted long hot ‘el nino summer’

Restrictions in the Waimea catchment are Stage 1 rationing (a 20% cut in consented takes) for those permit holders in Reservoir, Waimea West, Upper Confined, Upper Catchments, Delta and Golden Hills zones.

Richmond, Mapua – Ruby Bay, Hope, and Brightwater residents and their rural extensions are also under restriction. Hand held hosing only can occur on odd and even days corresponding to the house street number to water productive gardens.

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Water Management Changes Hearing Soon 

A hearing on planned changes to the water management rules for the Waimea zone will be held on 16 and 17 December 2015.

The hearing would see a proposed two-tier water allocation regime confirmed. The regime allows for water permits with high security of supply linked to release of water from the proposed Waimea Community Dam, as well as permits with a very low security of supply where there is no affiliation with the dam.

We received 32 submissions on the draft changes, and those people or organisations then had the opportunity to make further comments after reading a summary of the submissions.

Commissioner Rob van Voorthuysen will conduct the hearings before making recommendations to the Council on the submissions received. The Council expects to receive the recommendations and make a decision to publicly notify them early next year.

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Getting Down to Business 

Recognising the important role business plays in the vitality and prosperity of our community, we are talking to business leaders about how the Council can better support enterprise.

Meetings with representatives from the primary industries, finance, infrastructure and tourism and recreation sectors are ongoing and will focus on how well the Council is supporting and enabling local businesses. We want to know what we are doing well and where we can improve.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne and Council Chief Executive Lindsay McKenzie are attending the forums to outline the Council’s approach and planning, and to discuss sectors’ concerns and comments in detail.

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Swimming Water Health Check-up 

Heading out for a dip? The warm waters of Tasman are ideal for swimming and we have a wide selection of places to go, including beaches, rivers and public pools. None of our beaches are patrolled, so it’s a good idea to consider safety before leaping in:

Can you be seen?

  • Avoid areas with lots of boat traffic and consider a bright swim cap or fluro swimwear
  • Avoid swimming near boat launching ramps or wharves, especially when they are in use by boats - take special care to watch out for children near ramps
  • Do not swim in areas reserved for waterskiing or access lanes if they are in use
  • Avoid channels or other areas subject to strong currents, especially during outgoing tides.

We take an active approach to monitoring the region’s swimming spots to make sure the water is clean and safe. Every year we test the Lee River, Roding River, Rabbit Island, Mapua, Kaiteriteri Beach, Takaka River at Payne’s Ford and Pohara. The rest of the swimming areas in the district are tested every two years.

As a general rule our waterways are excellent for swimming in but  you should avoid them during or immediately after moderate rainfall to allow the water to clear and level of disease-causing organisms to reduce again.
You can check out the monitoring results and find out what they mean on our website,

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Monitoring Toxic Algae 

If you are a regular user of our rivers and take dogs or toddlers down to play in the water, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with the toxic algae and avoid contact when it is present.

The algae that is of most concern is relatively distinctive, forming mats that are soft, dark coloured (black, dark green or dark brown), sometimes thick (over 5mm) and somewhat jelly-like.

We will place warning signs at the most popular sites if the algae reaches levels exceeding 20%.

Any resident concerned about toxic algae, or who wishes to report a site where algae is present, can contact the Council any time on Ph. 03 543 8400. A photo of the algae and/or the site would also be helpful.

For more information go to:

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Book Early for Building Inspections 

Our building inspections team is gearing up for a busy lead-up to Christmas. We know there is often a rush to get the job finished at this time of year, and maybe a few DIY jobs to be wrapped up at home before Christmas. Here’s what you need to know about consents and inspections between now and the New Year.

Building Consents

If you have applied for a building consent and provided all the information required, we expect to process these within 20 working days of you lodging the application.

If you have not yet lodged a consent application for your project, it will be the new year before you can start work as we may not be able to complete processing it before the end of the year.

Building Inspections

We will have a building inspector available over the Christmas and New Year period, excluding public holidays. This means

there will an inspector working the three days between Boxing Day and 1 January 2016, excluding Golden Bay and Murchison.

It is till a busy time, so please book inspections two to three days in advance.

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Motueka Streets Benefit from Upgrades 

Motueka streets are safer and more attractive because of two recently-completed projects.

Queen Victoria Street-Whakarewa Street intersection

An upgrade of the Queen Victoria Street-Whakarewa Street intersection was designed to make the intersection safer. Changes included:

  • Widening the intersection
  • New kerbing to create stronger definition of the intersection’s corners
  • New asphalt surface to better withstand the high numbers of turning trucks
  • The intersection has been designed for a small roundabout to be installed in future should this be needed.

Fulton Hogan undertook the construction work and was in charge of traffic management during the upgrade. We would like to join them in thanking drivers and residents for their patience during the work.

This is the third intersection in Motueka where safety improvements have been undertaken. It was funded through our Minor Improvements Programme, which is subsidised by NZTA.

Undergrounding wires in High Street

Unsightly overhead power and phone wires have been moved underground along a section of High Street Motueka, creating a much clearer and more attractive streetscape. So far, lines along High Street from Wharf Road to Whakarewa Street have been buried.

New power and telecommunications cables were installed underground, as well as cabling to allow for broadband services.

Network Tasman managed the project, while the Council and Chorus contributed funding.

The next stage of work will see lines moved underground on the portion of High Street from King Edward Street to Whakarewa Street. That section is set to be completed late next year. The final stage, from Poole Street to Fearon Street, is likely to be done in 2017.

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Newsline Updates 

Public Notices

Takaka Wastewater Treatment Plant

Please join us to celebrate our upgraded Takaka Wastewater Treatment Plant and to acknowledge all involved.

  • When: 3.30 pm, Tuesday 8 December 2015
  • Where: Takaka Wastewater Treatment Plant, Haldane Road

Please note: This is an operational wastewater treatment plant, so please wear closed-toed protective shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, and high visibility colours. Parking is limited, so please watch for cars and trucks when parking and walking on Haldane Road.

Intention to Prepare Management Plan for Moturoa/Rabbit Island

You are invited under s.41(5) Reserves Act 1977 to send written suggestions to Tasman District Council on the proposal to prepare a management plan for the recreation and local purpose (plantation) reserves on Moturoa/Rabbit Island, Rough Island and Birds Island. Written suggestions need to be lodged with Council by 29 February 2016. Information about the natural/historic/recreational/other resources of the reserves is available on the Tasman District Council website (search for Moturoa/Rabbit Island).

Summer Irrigation Water Metering

This message is for holders of water resource consents (water permits) in the Tasman District subject to water metering.

Weekly meter readings are currently being carried out. If you have any queries surrounding water metering requirements, please contact the Council as soon as possible. The Council staff members responsible for the water metering project are:

Jim Trembath: Ph. 03 543 8412, Email:

Vicky Thorn: Ph. 03 543 8567, Email:

Tasman Resource Management Plan Proposed Plan Changes 57 to 59

The Council has prepared amendments to the Tasman Resource Management Plan, known as the following:

Proposed Plan Change 57: Brightwater Strategic Review

This Plan change provides for the future expansion of Brightwater’s Light Industrial and Residential zones away from flood prone land. It includes revised policies, zoning and area maps and rule changes to manage flood hazard risk and service availability. There are also minor changes to commercial, open space and recreation zoning, indicative roads and walkways.

Proposed Plan Change 58: Wakefield Strategic Review

This Plan change provides for the future expansion of Wakefield’s Residential and Rural Residential zones. It includes revised policies, zoning and area maps and rule changes to manage flood hazard risk in industrial zones, cross-boundary effects and to facilitate housing choice. There are also minor changes to indicative roads and walkways.

Proposed Plan Change 59: Residential Zone Coverage

This Plan change reviews and updates the building coverage rule in the residential zone, allowing higher maximum building coverage in Richmond, Motueka, Brightwater and Wakefield, subject to stormwater detention. It also clarifies the term “site coverage”.


Any person may make a submission on any part of any of the proposed Changes. Submissions can be sent to the Environmental Policy Manager, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 to be accepted by Council until 4.00 pm on Tuesday 2 February 2016. Submission forms are available as indicated below under “Availability of Proposed Changes”.

Submissions must be in writing, clearly indicating support or opposition to the provisions, the decision that the submitter wishes the Council to make (with reasons), whether or not the submitter wishes to be heard in support of the submission and an address for service or contact address.

Consideration of Proposed Amendments

After submissions have closed, the Council will publish a summary of all decisions requested by submitters. There will be a further period of 10 working days within which further submissions in support of or opposition to those submissions made may be sent to the Council. The Council will then hold hearings on all submissions and all submitters may be heard. After the Council considers the submissions and makes its decisions, any submitter who is not satisfied with the decision has the right of appeal to the Environment Court.

Availability of Proposed Amendments

The proposed amendments are available to view at the Council’s Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries or online at Submission forms are also available.

For more information or advice on these amendments, please contact Rose Biss Ph. 03 543 8421, Email:

Update Pages to the Plan

Update No. 52 to the Plan, including all amendments to the text as a result of the proposed amendments, will be available as soon as possible. For enquiries concerning the update or availability of the Plan, please contact Pam Meadows Ph. 03 543 8581, Email: or talk to one of the Customer Services staff.

Ground-based River Spraying Operations

Tasman District Council has started its annual ground-based river spraying operations.

Running from October 2015 to April 2016 the spraying will be focused (but may include other waterways) on the following sections of rivers/waterways within the Tasman District; Waimea/Wairoa, Wai-iti, Redwood and Eves Valley Streams, Moutere River and company ditches, Pawley Creek, Upper Motueka, Motupiko, Sherry and Tadmor Rivers, Dove, Lower Motueka, Riwaka mainstem and delta waterways, Takaka, Waingaro, Anatoki, Aorere and Kaituna Rivers.

The main purpose is to control woody weedgrowth on the fairways that could impede or divert flood flows. Herbicide application will also be used to control pest plants within waterway management corridors.

For any objections, queries or comments on the operation please contact Giles Griffith, Rivers and Coastal Engineer, Ph. 03 543 8400 or


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Community Notices 

Motueka Community Christmas Dinner

Held on Christmas day at the Memorial Hall, Pah Street, Motueka, our guests enjoy entertainment and carols beginning at 11.30 am, with the beautiful meal served at noon. Father Christmas will also be arriving.

This is a completely free event and anyone who would like to share their Christmas Day with us is most welcome. Come along to the Fun, Free, Fantastic Food event. You need to register early as places are limited. This is required for catering purposes. You can go in person to the Salvation Army, Greenwood Street or to Community House, Decks Reserve. Alternatively contact Pat Ph. 03 528 9802, Rankeil Ph. 03 528 5089; txt Sandra 0212 645233;


Richmond & Districts Information Centre

With the busy season arriving, volunteers are urgently required to work three hour shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the Information Centre in Gladstone Road.

Successful applicants would be required to work with more experienced volunteers initially before being asked to work on their own. Although applicants should preferably have a good knowledge of the local community, this is not necessary, as the Centre has a large database. Volunteers should be well presented and enjoy meeting and conversing with visitors from all over New Zealand and the world. The Centre is well appointed with good facilities. If you are interested in this type of work, call in to the Centre or Ph. 03 543 9521 or Sally Symonds Ph. 03 542 3983 (rosters) for further details.

Keep up with the Tasman District Council Lowdown

Hear news items from the Council about current public consultations, Council and community projects, topical interviews, plus a range of notices about activities and events in the Tasman District.

  • Tune in to Fresh FM on Monday 11.40 am or Wednesday 3.40 pm.
  • Nelson-Tasman 104.8, Golden Bay 95.0.

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