Newsline 366 - 15 January 2016

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Changes to Rural Land Rules Proposed

We‘re looking at changing the rules about rural subdivision and land use to ensure greater protection of the District’s best productive land, allow for flexibility of use and maintain rural character – while offering greater choices for landowners.

A review of the current rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan, combined with community feedback, let us know which areas needed some work. Details of the proposed changes will be publicly available from 30 January 2016.

Find out more

Information will be posted on our website, at, and Council service centres will have copies of the changes for you to look at. We will also provide a summary of the main changes in the next issue of Newsline, out on 29 January 2016. Submissions will close on 14 March 2016.

There will be community briefing sessions if you wish to hear more about the changes and ask staff and councillors any questions.

Briefing sessions will be held from 5.00 pm – 8.30 pm on:

  • Tuesday 16 February, Wakefield – Wakefield Fire Station
  • Wednesday 17 February, Takaka – Takaka Fire Station
  • Tuesday 23 February, Motueka – Motueka Hall supper room.

Contact us about the plan change

Email: Mary Honey, at, or

Steve Markham,

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Mayor's Message

Welcome to 2016.

With the festive season behind us and summer in full swing, I’d recommend taking a look at Nelson Tasman Tourism’s fantastic I love Nelson Tasman Facebook page to see what’s been going on in our district.

With everything that’s going on in the world, we definitely want to celebrate what a great place Tasman is to live in and visit. With that in mind, whether you’re a resident or a visitor I’d like to invite you to share your summer experiences with us.

Send us a picture, tell us what you’ve been up to this summer or let us know your favourite thing to do in the district. Better yet, visit the Council’s Facebook page and share a post with us. We’d love to hear from you.

I hope you have a great year ahead of you.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Richmond Projects Coming Up

Consultation on three projects that affect central Richmond is happening in February 2016.

The Queen Street Reinstatement (consultation already underway, see this issue of Newsline for more information), housing choice for central Richmond and the Richmond Town Centre Upgrade projects are all in the early stages now.

Some of these projects will result in changes to the rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan. We want your feedback on these changes and will seek public comments in two stages, the first begins next month and the second opportunity will be later in the year. Keep an eye out for more details in future issues of Newsline.

For more information about the projects, see our website or come along to the open days on Friday 12 February at the Richmond Mall and Monday 15 February at the Richmond Library. Both sessions run between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm.

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We Want to Create a Safer Queen Street

In August 2016 we begin work to upgrade stormwater pipes and change the shape of Queen Street in Richmond to greatly reduce the risk of damage from future floods. When we replace the surface of the street after new pipes are installed underneath, we also have the opportunity to make the retail heart of Richmond safer and more accessible. The concept we’re considering – and would like your feedback on – is one of wide footpaths, a narrow road and no dropped kerb.

Won’t a narrower road be less safe?

A narrow road encourages motorists to slow down and take extra care. The evidence is clear that the slower cars travel, the less harm they do in the event of a collision and research shows that the wider the road, the faster motorists go.

Slower traffic speeds will help pedestrians to cross safely, and cyclists to travel confidently in the traffic lane without impeding cars. Drivers leaving car parks will need to check carefully before moving off slowly.

Why no kerb?

The footpath, road and car parks are proposed to be a continuous level surface to make the street more pedestrian-friendly – kerbs can pose difficulties for people pushing prams and those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Tactile and visual features would differentiate the road proper from the footpath.  Because the look and feel of the street is pedestrianised, motorists instinctively drive more slowly. Examples of this concept include Upper Trafalgar Street in Nelson, and O’Connell Street in Auckland.

Considered design

The dimensions of each part of the street have been considered carefully to maximise safety. The proposals are:

  • The road reduced from the current nine metres wide to six metres – three metres for each traffic lane. Typically, cars measure 1.8m in width, while buses are 2.5 metres wide. A three metre lane is easily wide enough to accommodate even large vehicles.
  • Two metre wide parallel parking bays, with an extra one metre buffer zone between the parking space and footpath. The buffer zone provides a margin of error for parked vehicles.
  • Trees, street furniture and other vertical features within the buffer zone to keep the footpaths clear of obstacles.

Let us know what you think

See our website for more information on the Queen Street Reinstatement project and to fill in a feedback form:

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More Ideas for Moturoa/Rabbit Island

With more people taking the chance to use Moturoa/Rabbit Island over the holiday period, we're keener than ever to get your feedback on how we should manage Moturoa/Rabbit Island, and we’re thrilled at the large number of comments and submissions already flowing in.

Many of you have taken the opportunity to fill in a submission form on our website or leave a comment on our Facebook page. Some of the comments so far cover:

  • The areas provided for dogs, horse-riding, mountainbiking
  • Water quality
  • Signage
  • Conflicts between different users
  • The opportunity to enjoy the natural setting.

We’re taking feedback until the end of February – so keep it coming! Visit our website or the Facebook page Rabbit Island, Moturoa.

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Some Rural Rating Valuation Numbers to be Combined

Some rural properties are set to receive a new, single rating valuation number.

Land Information New Zealand has advised us that some properties that currently have more than one rating valuation number must be identified by a single number.

The properties requiring a new number include those that are (all of the following):

  • Owned by the same person or people
  • Used jointly as a single unit
  • Contiguous (adjoining the homestead)
  • Used as one farming operation
  • Likely to be held as one farming operation.

If your property is affected, you will receive a letter from our valuation service provider QV informing you of the changes and the new proposed valuation number. You will have the usual objection rights, and can contact QV if you have any questions.

Your rates are generally not expected to increase as a result of this property valuation amalgamation, and the changes won’t affect your rates for the 2015-16 rating year. From July 2016 you will receive just one rates notice for the combined properties.

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We’re Keeping an Eye on Water Levels

Rain early this month helped replenish water levels in the District, but we are keeping a close watch on our water supplies.

Water saving tips

Here are some general tips that might help you save on your day-to-day water usage:

  • Water your garden during the cool of the morning or evening to minimise evaporation.
  • Repair leaky taps, hoses and fittings.
  • Make sure every load in the washing machine is a full one.
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Install a dual flush toilet. By using the half flush you can save upto five litres of water per flush.
  • ​Re-use water where possible rather than putting it down the drain (e.g. use a bowl for washing the dishes and water the plants with the water when you have finished).
  • Install a low-flow shower head – these can save more than five litres per minute of showering.

Tips for rural water users

To help better manage your water usage, if you live in an area where your water is supplied by a Council rural water system to a tank via a restrictor (low-flow unit):

  • Ensure you keep your storage tank in good condition.
  • Maintain your property reticulation, e.g. stock troughs and repair leaks promptly.
  • It is recommended that you fit your tank with a water level indicator which gives you an early warning when your water level is running low.
  • Ensure you have at least 25,000 or seven days storage, whichever is the greater. Note that this only covers drinking water – additional storage is required for fire fighting purposes.
  • If you notice any leaks on the supply line ring the Council on Ph. 03 543 8400 (24 hours).
  • We rely on people calling in water leaks to ensure they are fixed and appreciate your vigilance to report leaks.

Please conserve water as much as possible and stay up to date with restrictions by visiting our website

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 Bridges Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Two of Golden Bay’s key bridges will be repainted this summer to ensure continued protection of their steel structures.

The painting on the Aorere River Bridge (on Collingwood-Bainham Main Road at Rockville) and the Anatoki River Bridge (One Spec Road) is set to begin in mid-January. There will be some traffic disruption while scaffolding is erected, with traffic lights controlling car movements for up to 10 days. You may face a delay of up to 10 minutes during this period.

Contractor Intergroup is carrying out the work, and will wrap the bridges to make sure paint is contained while the old paint is removed and a fresh coat applied.

Intergroup will complete the painting in February and March, depending on the weather.  The wrap will be in place during this time, so the work will mostly be out of sight and there should be little disruption to your journey.

Once the painting is complete, the containment and scaffolding will be carefully removed. Motorists are likely to face some delays while this work is done in late March or early April, and we appreciate your patience.

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Newsline Updates

Public Notices

Navigation Safety Bylaw:

Temporary reservations and speed limit uplifting for maritime events between 31 December 2015 and 6 March 2016.

Pursuant to provisions of the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2015, the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster has (or may soon) grant authorisations for the following known events during the upcoming holiday period. Other events may also occur during this time but the Harbourmaster has not yet received further applications.

Event Date



16 January 2016

Tata Beach

Annual Tata Swim

17 January 2016

West Bay Lake Rotoiti

Family Fun Day/Rally

24 January 2016

Tata Beach

Tata Titanic Cardboard Boat Race

12 – 13 February 2016

Lake Rotoiti

Waka Ama Event

27 – 28 February 2016

Lake Rotoiti

Power Boat Regatta

5 – 6 March 2016

Lake Rotoiti

Classic Boat Show

Due to Navigation Safety requirements, water users not involved in these events may be excluded from defined areas during these activities. Notices will be placed at nearby access points during these events.

Further details for these and any new events may be viewed at

Ground-based River Spraying Operations

Tasman District Council has started its annual ground-based river spraying operations.

Running from October 2015 to April 2016 the spraying is focused (but may include other waterways) on the following sections of rivers/waterways within the Tasman District; Waimea/Wairoa, Wai-iti, Redwood and Eves Valley Streams, Moutere River and company ditches, Pawley Creek, Upper Motueka, Motupiko, Sherry and Tadmor Rivers, Dove, Lower Motueka, Riwaka mainstem and delta waterways, Takaka, Waingaro, Anatoki, Aorere and Kaituna Rivers.

The main purpose is to control woody weed growth on the fairways that could impede or divert flood flows. Herbicide application will also be used to control pest plants within waterway management corridors. For any objections, queries or comments on the operation please contact Giles Griffith, Rivers and Coastal Engineer, Ph. 03 543 8400 or Email:

Tasman Resource Management Plan

Proposed Plan Changes 57 to 59

The Council has prepared amendments to the Tasman Resource Management Plan, known as the following:

Proposed Plan Change 57: Brightwater Strategic Review

This Plan change provides for the future expansion of Brightwater’s Light Industrial and Residential zones away from flood prone land. It includes revised policies, zoning and area maps and rule changes to manage flood hazard risk and service availability. There are also minor changes to commercial, open space and recreation zoning, indicative roads and walkways.

Proposed Plan Change 58: Wakefield Strategic Review

This Plan change provides for the future expansion of Wakefield’s Residential and Rural Residential zones. It includes revised policies, zoning and area maps and rule changes to manage flood hazard risk in industrial zones, cross-boundary effects and to facilitate housing choice. There are also minor changes to indicative roads and walkways.

Proposed Plan Change 59: Residential Zone Coverage

This Plan change reviews and updates the building coverage rule in the residential zone, allowing higher maximum building coverage in Richmond, Motueka, Brightwater and Wakefield, subject to stormwater detention. It also clarifies the term “site coverage”.


Any person may make a submission on any part of any of the proposed Changes. Submissions can be sent to the Environmental Policy Manager, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 to be accepted by Council until 4.00 pm on Tuesday 2 February 2016. Submission forms are available as indicated below under “Availability of Proposed Changes”.

Submissions must be in writing, clearly indicating support or opposition to the provisions, the decision that the submitter wishes the Council to make (with reasons), whether or not the submitter wishes to be heard in support of the submission and an address for service or contact address.

Consideration of Proposed Amendments

After submissions have closed, the Council will publish a summary of all decisions requested by submitters. There will be a further period of 10 working days within which further submissions in support of or opposition to those submissions made may be sent to the Council. The Council will then hold hearings on all submissions and all submitters may be heard. After the Council considers the submissions and makes its decisions, any submitter who is not satisfied with the decision has the right of appeal to the Environment Court.

Availability of Proposed Amendments

The proposed amendments are available to view at the Council’s Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries or online at

Submission forms are also available.

For more information or advice on these amendments, please contact Rose Biss Ph. 03 543 8421, Email:

Update Pages to the Plan

The next update of the Plan (Update 52), including to all amendments to the text as a result of the three proposed changes, as above, will be available as soon as possible. For enquiries concerning the update or availability of the Plan, please contact Pam Meadows Ph. 03 543 8581, Email: or talk to one of the Customer Services staff.

Resource Consents

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notices may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on the Council’s website. Please note that the following are abridged advisory notices only.

Applicant: D & N Inch.

Location: 25 Green Tree Road, Riwaka.

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

Coastal Permit – Occupation, Disturbance and Erection of a Structure (Application RM150737)

To occupy and disturb the coastal marine area in association with the construction and use of a jetty and excavation of an access channel.

Coastal Permit – Disturbance (Application RM150885)

To disturb the coastal marine area in association with the removal

of abandoned structures.

Land Use Consent – Erection of a Structure (Application RM150738)

To erect a structure (jetty) in the coastal environment area.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 22 January 2016.


Proposed Road Closure

The following roads are proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below. Objections can be lodged at: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond:

Sprig & Fern Summer Harvest Fare

Friday 18 March 2016, 2.30 pm to 11.00 pm, Sundial Square and

Croucher Street from Queen Street to McGlashen Avenue.

Objections close: 19 February 2016.

Nelson Drag Racing

Saturday 26 March 2016 (rain date Sunday 27 March 2016), 7.30 am to 4.00 pm, Queen Victoria Street, from King Edward Street to Green Lane.

Objections close: 26 February 2016.

Community Notices

Tata Titanic Cardboard Boat Race

$10 Per Team • 24 January, 9.00 Am •  Tata Beach, Golden Bay

Cardboard crafts resembling wedding cakes, BMWs and even fire engines, brave the waves for a fun time. Entry forms and cardboard available.

Flash Electrical Beach Fun Day

Free Event • 13 February • Kaiteriteri Beach

Beach sprints, tug of war, sand castle competition, free BBQ sausage (first come, first served), big dig and karaoke sing-along. Fun for the whole family.

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Golden Bay – Have a Say on Targeted Rate

Golden Bay ratepayers’ views on paying an additional charge through their rates to contribute towards funding the Golden Bay Visitor Centre in Takaka are currently being sought through a survey.

The feedback received through the survey will provide input into the Golden Bay Community Board's recommendation to the Council, which will make the decision whether to proceed.


Tasman District Council has funded the District’s i-SITEs for many years, initially through targeted rates. These rates provided funding to Nelson Tasman Tourism (NTT), an organisation funded by the Tasman District and Nelson City councils for destination marketing and i-SITEs. Nelson Tasman Tourism stopped funding all Tasman i-SITEs in 2014.

We still contribute funding towards NTT, but it is only used for destination marketing activities.

The Golden Bay Promotion Association took over the visitor centre when NTT ceased its funding. Golden Bay Promotions is seeking $30,000 per year to keep the Golden Bay Visitor Centre open. Currently, there are 3,260 rateable rating units in Golden Bay, so the targeted rate would total $9.20 per unit per year.

Note on 2016/2017 Rates

In the interests of transparency, ratepayers need to be aware that their rates for 2016/2017 will also have an extra sum added for the operation of the new Golden Bay Community Recreation Facility of between $42.00 and $49.00. All other Tasman ratepayers pay this rate and Golden Bay will start paying in 2016/2017 as the Bay’s recreational facility becomes operational next year.

Complete the survey

See to have your say. Paper copies are available from the Takaka Service Centre.

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Mobile Recycling Bins – Exchange Fee

Some Tasman residents have requested the opportunity to downsize their current recycling bin with a smaller bin.

Residents who wish to change their existing larger bin (240 litres) for a smaller bin (80 litres) can do so for a fee of $70 (GST inclusive). The fee will also apply to a change from smaller to larger bin. The fee reflects the costs of transport and administration for the exchange.

The Council’s schedule of fees and charges has been amended to include the following item:

Exchange fee to deliver a smaller or larger recycling bin: $70.00

The opportunity to exchange the current large bin for a smaller bin will come into effect from 20 February 2016. For more information, contact the Council on Ph. 03 543 8400 (24 hours).

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