Newsline 374 - 6 May 2016

Friday 6 May 2016

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New School Speed Signs Go Up 

Extra speed warning signage has been installed outside several Tasman schools ready for the start of term two.

Please take note of the signs and remember to slow down at the start and end of the school day to help our children travel to and from school safely.

Extra-large school zone signs have been put up at Brooklyn, Mapua, Lower Moutere, Mahana and Appleby schools. The 1.2-metre-high bright yellow signs let you know to travel at 40kmh through the school zone when children are present – typically before and after school times.

Additional school warning signs have also been placed on both sides of the road near Dovedale, Ngatimoti and Central Takaka schools to increase driver awareness. A further three schools – Ranzau, Motupipi and Hope – will have flashing 40kmh signs installed before the start of term four in October. The flashing signs operate only at school start and end times, when the 40kmh temporary speed limit is in operation.

The new signage is just one aspect of our work to improve safety around schools. We also provide road safety education programmes such as the Ride On cycle safety training we run with local schools in partnership with Nelson City Council and NZTA.

For more information on road safety go to

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Mayor’s Message 

There has been a lot of discussion recently about possible changes to the way we manage water.I believe this is something we do a great job of in Tasman District. Ensuring that we allocate water appropriately and manage the quality of the water in our region is extremely important. This is a responsibility shared by us all and there are many sections in our community who work well collaboratively to ensure we have good environmental outcomes.

We currently have Freshwater and Land Advisory Groups in Waimea and Takaka, whose members represent many interests within our communities. The Sustainable Dairying – Water Accord results have just been published for this year. I would like to compliment the famers in our region for some excellent results in very difficult financial times. Tasman District had no significant non-compliances, among the best results in the country.

Our famers go beyond what they are mandated to do, to work towards the best outcomes for water quality in our region.

While there is still work to be done in establishing how we measure nitrogen loss and the factors leading to this, overall this is an excellent result.

As someone who is familiar with the challenges that our farmers and horticulturalists face, I’d like to compliment the dairy farmers on this result. I invite you to join with me in showing your support for our farming and land based business communities.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Battle for the Banded Rail 

Please come and join us at a Community Planting Day on the Waimea Inlet.

  • Sunday 8 May: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Hoddy Estuary Park, Off Coastal Highway near Research Orchard Road
  • Sunday 15 May: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Manuka Island. Follow sign to Manuka Island from Redwood Road        
  • Saturday 21 May: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Dominion Embayment, meet 43 Apple Valley Road. Turn off between Bronte Road & Mapua Drive.
  • Sunday 29 May: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm Stringer Creek, Westdale Road opposite The Playhouse Cafe.

Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Battle for the Banded Rail is a Waimea Inlet Forum project working with local communities and supported by Tasman District Council and DOC. It aims to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators.

For more information email us at or phone Kathryn 03 544 4537.

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Tasman to Open World Fish Migration Day Events 

On Saturday 21 May Tasman District will be ‘on stage’ to open the world proceedings for World Fish Migration Day with a morning of activities at the fish pass in Reservoir Creek within suburban Richmond – we would love to see you there.

World Fish Migration Day is a global initiative, with local events worldwide, to create awareness about the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. Many migratory fish species are severely threatened. Among the main causes are man-made obstacles like dams, weirs and sluices, which disrupt the natural flow of rivers and prevent fish migration. Many fish need to migrate to reproduce, feed and complete their life cycles.

The Richmond event will feature activities, games, speeches and education. Co-hosted by our engineers and environmental scientists, it will also involve local schools who have been learning about the importance of enabling fish migration, particularly in urban waterways.

The fish pass is on the site of a historic dam that supplied water for drinking to Richmond. In decommissioning the dam, our engineers restored a path for fish with the help of the resource scientists by creating a fish ladder using specialised fish passage devices and ropes. It is one of 300 structures we have remediated over the past 12 years to provide for fish passage.

Another successful fish pass can be found below Templemore pond. Over several years, the Reservoir Creek restoration project saw our staff work with the Ministry for the Environment, schools, iwi and volunteers on a wide range of stream-health projects – including the identification and removal of barriers to fish migration. Follow-up surveys showed hundreds of native fish migrating upstream through this route.

You can read more about World Fish Migration Day at

Join us for World Fish Migration Day

  • Where: Reservoir Creek fish pass, former Reservoir Creek Dam site. The fish pass is about a 15-20 minute walk up the valley from Richmond’s Easby Park, Marlborough Crescent.
  • When: 11.00 am, Saturday 21 May 2016.

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Rates Due 20 May 

A reminder that your quarterly rates instalments are due on 20 May 2016.

Visit to make a credit card payment online.

You can also pay with internet banking (please visit our website for the correct reference codes), by post or in person.

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Study into Mapua’s Infrastructure Needs Planned 

This year we will carry out a feasibility study into Mapua’s water and wastewater infrastructure needs. By carrying out the study now, we will be in a position to act quickly to upgrade pipes and other infrastructure if needed.

There have been several water pipe breakages over the past year in Mapua. As pipes near the end of their life, breakages quickly become more frequent. A feasibility study will let us know if we are reaching that point with the existing water pipes in Mapua and allow us to act sooner if we need to replace them.

The study will tell us the best pipe design and routes, as well as give us better information on demand, the benefits and risks of the upgrades, and detailed costings.

We have been planning significant infrastructure work, totalling $11 million over 10 years, in Mapua between 2017 and 2028. The study will tell us whether we need to consider bringing some of those upgrades forward.

In addition to the pipe breakages, growth in Mapua is testing the limit of the current infrastructure, and the feasibility study will give us a better idea of how we can manage those effects as well.

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Over 100 Submissions on Rural Land Rules 

We received 144 public submissions on proposed changes to the rules for rural land use and subdivision – thanks to everyone who took the time to learn about the changes and have a say.

The idea behind the changes is to protect the District’s best productive land. The submissions will help us refine and make final decisions on the proposed changes.

Staff are currently working on summarising the submissions. Once complete, the summaries and copies of the full submissions will be available to read on our website and at Council service centres.

Those who have made a submission will have the opportunity to lodge a further submission, and a hearing is likely to be held in August.

Final decisions will be made after the hearing.

Find out more

Further information about Proposed Plan Change 60 can be found on our website,

Or, you can contact: Mary Honey or Steve Markham on 03 543 8400, Email: or


Spat Catching Season Extended

The Golden Bay Mussels Ltd have been granted an extension to their spat catching operation after a slow start to the season.

The deadline to remove spat catching lines within the Aquaculture Marine Area 2 subzone has been extended from 30 April to 31 May 2016.

Mariners are advised to continue exercising caution in the area.

The location of the spat catching area can be viewed on our website,

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Apply for a Community Grant Online 

Are you planning a great community event or project – but need a little help to make it happen? We may be able to help.

Applications for our Community Grants are open, and there is funding available for Tasman-based projects that meet a community need, join communities together and have community support. Priority is given to projects that can show financial support from other sources as well.

We’re moving to a simplified, online-only application form this year. To help you get started, we will be running sessions at our local libraries to show you how to fill in the online form. Details of these will be posted on our website and publicised in future editions of Newsline.

Applications close on 31 July 2016.

Grants are available for projects that fit into the following categories:

  • Arts/culture/heritage/museums
  • Festivals and events
  • Youth and children
  • Social services
  • Environment
  • Emergency services
  • Sports and recreation facilities.

Apply online:

Visit to fill in the online application form.

For more information:

Visit our website, or email Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones,

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Have you Seen this Bird?

australian ducks 400pxThe Australian Wood Duck is widespread in Australia but a very rare visitor to New Zealand – up until 2010 there had only been five recorded sightings.

But in late 2014, four birds were seen in Maisey Road, Redwood Valley. This was followed by a sighting at the ponds at Tasman’s The Playhouse Café in October 2015 when unfledged ducklings were recorded – the first known time breeding has occurred in New Zealand. Another group of fledged young were seen in March 2016.

In an effort to determine the distribution and size of the breeding population, bird watcher Willie Cook and ornithologist David Melville are asking landowners with ponds on their property to check for these birds.

With duck shooting season about to begin, we’re also asking hunters to please take care not to shoot these ducks, which are a rare and welcome addition to our local wildlife.

Adult wood ducks spend a lot of time on land grazing, but will take to water if disturbed. They nest in holes in trees, and may use nest boxes.

Report a sighting

Please contact Willie Cook, Ph. 03 544 7189 Email:

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Newsline Updates 


Public Notices

Part of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail Closed 7 May

A section of Tasman's Great Taste Trail will be closed on Saturday 7 May for the first day of the game bird hunting season.

The trail is closed:

  • From Ravensdown on Lower Queen Street through to Lansdowne Road.
  • Between midnight and 10.00 am and between 4.00 pm and midnight.

Alternative Route

Please use Lower Queen Street as an alternative route during this time.


Signs have now been erected along Tasman's Great Taste Trail, from Lower Queen Street (at Ravensdown) to Lansdowne Road, advising trail users of the presence of recreational hunters during the hunting season.

Please Exercise Caution

Due to the presence of recreational hunters during the hunting season, all trail users are advised to exercise caution. During this time trail users need to be aware that shot gun blasts may occur.

The season opens on Saturday 7 May 2016. The game bird hunting for most species in the Tasman region closes on Sunday 31 July 2016.

Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Tsunami Maps and Meetings

The Nelson Tasman Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group will this month publish maps of the areas that could be affected if a tsunami hit our shores.

The tsunami evacuation maps are intended to act as a guide for residents of the areas that could be affected should there be a threat of tsunami and are for information only. Similar maps have been published around New Zealand.

The maps are available on the Civil Defence website,

Those interested in learning more about the tsunami risk and evacuation maps are invited to attend one of the public meetings that will be held throughout the region in May.

Public meetings in Tasman

Saturday 7 May – Club Waimea

  • 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm, Club Waimea, Queen Street, Richmond.

Monday 9 May – Mapua Hall

  • 7.00 – 8.00 pm, Mapua Community Association, Mapua Hall

Tuesday 10 May – Takaka, Kaiteriteri

  • 10.00 am – 11.00 am, Golden Bay Community Board meeting, Takaka Fire Station;
  • 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm, Kaiteriteri Campground, Kaiteriteri.

Water main and resurfacing works starting Monday 9 May 2016

As part of their responsibility to maintain and improve state highways across the country, the NZ Transport Agency will be upgrading the water main on Gladstone Road between Oxford Street and McGlashen Avenue and then resurfacing the road.

Crews will be working at night from 7.00 pm–6.00 am, starting Monday 9 May for approximately six weeks (about 25 nights work). Crews will not be working every night and given the nature of the work they will not work if bad weather strikes.

Work will occur in stages over the four weeks to minimise disruption to local residents, businesses and the travelling public.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about this project please contact Andrew McAllister on 03 546 3680 or 027 448 6267.

If you need to talk to someone while the work is happening, please contact Nick Hill on 027 2468 499.

How are we doing?

From Friday 6 May we are conducting our annual survey to find out how Tasman residents think we are performing. 

In supporting and developing our communities through the activities and services we provide, we also need to look closely at how well we are delivering our services now and into the future.

The residents’ survey helps us to track our performance and hear your views on what we do well and where we can improve. The best way to do this is through an independent and impartial interview of a representative cross-section of Tasman people.

The results of the survey will be made public. They form part of the Council’s formal reporting and are a critical ingredient in planning for further improvements to our services. For this reason, we greatly appreciate those residents who are contacted taking the time to be involved. The survey is totally confidential.

National Research Bureau will undertake the telephone survey.

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Resource Consents 

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website

( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note this is an abridged advisory notice only.

Applicant: Talley’s Group Limited

Location: Port Mouteka, 21 Ward Street, Moutere Inlet

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

The operation of Talley’s plant at Port Motueka comprises three distinct processes:

  • wet fish and shellfish processing and value added product preparation;
  • manufacture of ice cream;
  • processing of fish offal to produce fishmeal.

The following applications for resource consent are to renew permits for discharges to coastal water and air; and consents for the storage of hazardous substances and coastal occupation for the two discharge outlet structures.


Discharge of stormwater and wash down water to coastal waters.


Discharge of contaminants to coastal waters from a fish processing and food manufacturing plant.


Discharge to air from the Port Motueka Plant – specifically the products of combustion from the operation of boilers, and the vapours and gases including odours generated by the rendering of fish and fish offal.


Land use consent for storage of hazardous goods and facilities.


Occupation of the coastal marine area with two new discharge outlet structures.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 20 May 2016.

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Community Notices 

Keep Richmond Beautiful Committee Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 11 May 2016, 3.00 pm, Tasman District Council Chambers, Queen Street, Richmond.

Afternoon tea at 2.45 pm, then a short business session and election of officers followed by a presentation by Greg Pickford on his caving experiences.

Newcomers are most welcome.

Any enquiries to Gordon Curnow, Ph. 03 544 8504 or Gwen Brooks, Ph. 03 541 0023.

Richmond & Districts Information Centre

With the busy tourist season is still with us, and winter on the way, more volunteers are urgently required to work three hour shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the Information Centre in Gladstone Road. Successful applicants would be required to work with more experienced volunteers initially before being asked to work on their own.

Although applicants should preferably have a good knowledge of the local community, this is not necessary, as the Centre has a large database. They should be well presented and enjoy meeting and conversing with visitors from all over New Zealand and the world. The Centre is well appointed with good facilities.

If you are interested in this type of work, call in to the Centre or Ph. 03 543 9521 or contact Sally Symonds, Ph. 03 542 3983 (rosters) for further details



Road Closures

The following roads are to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below:

Nelson Car Club Inc & Nelson Vintage Car Club – Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road Race

Sunday 22 May 2016, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road from the intersection with Takaka Hill Highway (SH60) to just over the crest of the Marahau Hill summit.

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Improvements Planned to George Quay, Motueka Harbour Entrance 

A long-planned landscaping project at the former George Quay, by the Motueka Harbour entrance, is set to start on 2 May.

The first step will be to construct a kerbed parking area for 14 vehicles, just back from the rock groyne at the entrance. The car parks are laid out to provide views across the Inlet to the Richmond Range, and should provide a good place for the not-so-mobile to enjoy watching passing boats, and breathing in the good sea air!

Once the parking area is established, attention will turn to landscaping – tidying up the surrounding area, installing crushed shell paths to link with the walkway to Beach Reserve, adding soil to enable planting of native vegetation, placing bollards to control vehicle access, and perhaps planting shade trees and adding a picnic table or two. The project is being led by Keep Motueka Beautiful, with a grant from Tasman District Council.

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Tasman’s Great Taste Trail Benefits Region – Study 

A survey carried out early this year shows Tasman’s Great Taste Trail is growing in popularity and having positive social and economic benefits for our District and wider region.

The research was carried out by Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology academic staff for the Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust to find out where riders are from and how satisfied they are with the trail. It follows on from surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015.

The research shows a marked increase in rider satisfaction – 94% in 2016 up from 88% in 2015.

There has been a steady increase in the proportion of international visitors riding the trail over the three years of surveys, with 9% of riders coming from overseas in 2016 compared with 5% in 2014.

Of the visitors to the region, 20% said cycling was the main reason for their visit – up from 11% in 2015.

Research coordinator Katrina Marwick notes in her executive summary that “the increase in popularity in cycling since the trail was opened in 2013 has seen established and new businesses growing and extending their product range to cater for growing demand for ‘trail tastes’.

“Results gathered over three years of research support the hypothesis that local and visitor usage of the TGTT is growing and providing positive social and economic benefits to local businesses, communities and the region.”

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