Newsline 375 - 20 May 2016

Friday 20 May 2016

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Annual Plan 2016 Confirms Rates and Key Projects 

The Annual Plan for 2016 has been adopted, confirming a 1% rates income increase and progress on projects including the Golden Bay Community Facility and stormwater, wastewater and water supply upgrades.

The key challenges identified in the Long Term Plan for 2015-2025 remain the same – water management, natural disaster recovery, population growth, rates, debt and regional co-operation.

 It was reassuring to have most people endorse the prudent financial strategies we’re following. That was followed up by a firm reminder, though, that’s it’s not just the big-ticket items that affect our communities. We were told in no uncertain terms that the small stuff matters too – that means making sure the roadside grass is cut at the right times, and that gravel roads are adequately maintained, among other things.

We were also reminded that, although the provision of good quality infrastructure is a core Council function, it is the other things that councils do, like libraries and community facilities, that create the heart of our communities and make them the wonderful places that we all want to live in.

Our thanks goes to everyone who came along to one of the events to have a chat. We will use the feedback you gave us to help develop future work programmes.

The Annual Plan 2016 includes:

  • 1% Rates Income Rise – Down from 2.96% forecast in the LTP in the year 2016/2017
  • $32.5m Capital Expenditure – on target at $32.5m as forecast for 2016/2017
  • $105.9m Operating Expenditure – Down from $106.3m forecast for 2016/2017
  • $166.4m Net Debt  – Down from $178.6m forecast for 2016/2017
  • $111.6m Income – Down from $113.1m forecast for 2016/2017.

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Golden Bay Community Recreation Facility Site Issues Resolved 

The Council has confirmed it will enable up to an extra $150,000 needed to remediate land on the site of the Golden Bay Recreation Facility.

After finding a soft spot on the site geotechnical engineers were hired to work with its structural engineers to assess the area and come up with a solution to allow the facility to be built safely.

The extra funds required for the solution means construction can continue, and we are expecting a delay of just a month – to December this year – in completing the facility.

The original project budget of $4 million was made up of $3.2 million of Council funding and $800,000 fundraised by the Golden Bay community. The community is also responsible for fundraising to fit out the facility.

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Schools to Plant Trees for Arbor Day 

Arbor Day is coming up and Tasman schools have been invited to plant trees in their community or on their school grounds.

The annual event encouraging communities to plant and care for trees is on 5 June 2016. Several Tasman schools have adopted a nearby area to plant trees over several years, helping to provide habitat for birds, shade for fish and other aquatic life in streams

and a pleasant environment for people to enjoy.

Any school wishing to take part in planting during June can contact Horticultural Officer Richard Hilton by emailing We provide the trees for free,

and Richard can offer guidance on areas near your local school that would be suitable for carrying out planting.

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Wave Pool Closed for Maintenance 

The wave pool at the Richmond Aquatic Centre has been emptied and is currently closed for maintenance.

We’re expecting the wave pool to be back in action in mid-June. In the meantime, the Aquatic Centre’s other pools, the sauna, gym, café and other facilities are all still open seven days a week.

More information on the pool’s opening hours and facilities can be found at

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Have a Say on Moturoa/Rabbit Island Proposals 

Consultation is now open on a draft reserve management plan to guide Moturoa/Rabbit Island for the next decade.

Over the summer of 2015/2016, 660 individuals and groups let us know what they love about Moturoa/Rabbit, Rough and Bird islands, what they think should change and what should stay the same. That feedback was used to develop the Draft Moturoa/Rabbit Island Reserve Management Plan.

Community Development Committee chairperson Judene Edgar explains: “Part of the vision for the islands into the future is that generations of visitors continue to experience and enjoy the low-key outdoor recreation opportunities in a natural setting, free of development and commercialism.”

That’s not the end of the process though – we still want to know if you think we’ve got it right. There are 12 key proposals we’re seeking specific feedback on, but you’re welcome to comment on any part of the draft plan.

Key Proposed Changes

  • Changes to the layout of cycling/walking trails on the western half of Moturoa/Rabbit Island. Public access to the forestry plantation will be restricted, and a single trail provided around the coastline in addition to a shorter loop via Barnicoat Road
  • The development of a Grade 2 mountainbike park west of the existing mountainbike track in Conifer Park
  • New tracks for horse riders only along the eastern side of Ken Beck Drive and along Monaco Road at high tide
  • Progressively adding recreational amenities such as toilets, picnic tables, gas barbecues, shade sails and information hubs
  • Restoration of some of the coastal margins of the islands with native plants to improve habitat for indigenous species
  • The possibility of upgrading or developing new boat ramps
  • Possibly allowing biosolids application on part of Rough Island
  • Potentially closing the eastern half of Moturoa/Rabbit Island for one day each winter to allow an organised game bird hunting event
  • Potentially allowing for one of the riding arenas in the Rough Island events and equestrian park to be partially covered (roof but no walls) to allow riding lessons on wet days
  • Restricting access to forestry areas for firewood collection. We are considering a system where the forestry contractor would deliver logs for non-profit groups to cut into firewood off-site
  • Investigating a change of reserve classification for specific areas.

Have a Say

You can read the full draft plan and make a submission by visiting our website,, or in hard copy at Council offices and libraries. Submissions close on Friday 8 July.

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Completion of Champion Road Culvert Reduces Flood Risk 

All the major works on the Champion Road culvert, a project to reduce flooding of nearby properties in major rainstorms, are now complete.

The project suffered some delays and has taken several months longer to complete than expected. Thank you to everyone who has been affected by the construction work for your patience.

The new culvert will able to handle one-in-100-year floodwater flows from Saxton Creek, significantly reducing flooding into properties in Champion Road and the Saxton area in the event of heavy rain. In the short-term, the culvert will be ‘throttled’ to limit the downstream flow until Nelson City Council completes other channel improvements downstream.

A pipe bridge over the culvert carries the water mains and other services and ensures an improved water supply to Champion Road, Park Drive, Waimeha and part of Hill Street.

Earlier this month, our contractor Donaldson Civil reinstated and resealed Champion Road as the final major stage of work. Tidying and touch-ups around the site continue throughout May.

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Harbourmaster’s Boat ‘Sentinel’ Ready to Sail 

The new Tasman Harbourmaster boat will be launched on 30 May, with the winners of the Name the Harbourmaster’s Boat competition taking part in its first official sea journey from Port Motueka.

The new vessel, named ‘Sentinel’, gives Harbourmaster Dan Cairney greater ability to provide assistance and guidance to boaties, and has modern electronics including a night vision camera, which will enable safer night operations and a greater ability to assist with night time search and rescue.

Dan’s job requires him to patrol 238 kilometres of coastline, as well as the District’s lakes and rivers, undertaking boating safety education and enforcement, attending maritime events and maintaining navigation aids.

John Leydon of Mapua, and Steven Bosecke of Richmond both suggested the winning name ‘Sentinel’, admired by the boat naming panel because it was an accurate representation of the harbourmaster’s role in watching over the safety of boaties, as well as being easy to remember, pronounce and decipher over radio static.

Dan said there were a wide range of names suggested by the public, and the naming panel, made up of 6 Council representatives and an iwi representative, had a tough job picking a favourite.

“There were some really great names, ranging from those with special connections to Tasman’s waters or history, to some that were meaningful in terms of the work the harbourmaster does.

“The winner of the second-place prize will receive marine vouchers for their entry of Kaitiaki (or guardian), as that name really resonated with the judges as well,” Dan said.

The current harbourmaster boat, Legato, enters retirement after 15 years and more than 7500 hours on the water.

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Second Hand Sunday Returns 

Clear out some clutter or grab a treasure or two when Second Hand Sunday returns on 12 June 2016, starting at 10.00 am.

More than 100 households took the opportunity to gift unwanted bits and pieces to others when the last event was held in March 2016.

What is Second Hand Sunday?

People taking part in Second Hand Sunday leave unwanted items on their driveway for others to take away for free. Goods can include anything from old furniture, books, clothing or leftover bits and pieces from building projects. We ask people not to put out food or dangerous goods such as faulty electrical equipment, chemicals or firearms.

It’s easy to participate

To offer items, complete the registration form online by 9.00 am on Thursday 9 June 2016, this can be found at [search phrase = second hand sunday]. You can also register at any Council service centre.

On the day, put your items out on your driveway or front lawn and attach the downloadable poster (also available at Council service centres) to your letterbox so people can easily identify your address. Please remove any uncollected items at the end of the day.

For treasure-hunters, the final list of addresses for those offering free stuff will be available on our website by midday Friday 10 June.

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Wetland Mapping in Golden Bay 

If you live in Golden Bay and have a natural wetland, then you will soon receive a letter from us showing the suggested extent of the wetland(s), and inviting you to help us verify this.

We have been actively mapping wetlands over the past three years to fulfil our legal obligations at a national and district level. This information helps both us and landowners be clear about where wetland rules apply.

As a wetland owner you will be invited to a meeting to discuss the rules, learn how the mapping is done and more. These meetings are an ideal chance to clarify what the maps mean and how we will go about working with you to protect wetlands.

The rules regarding wetlands are not new and are in place for good reason. Wetlands are important for mitigating floods, for maintaining good water quality in streams and rivers, and for biodiversity. Catchments with wetlands usually have streams that flow for longer

in summer and therefore support a lot more stream life and provide more water for stock.

There are various restrictions on activities that take place in and around wetlands, particularly activities such as drainage. But for most farmers there is little need to change present practices. Care is needed when maintaining drains around wetlands, but fencing is normally only needed where a fairly intensive stocking rate is causing significant trampling in the wetland.

Only 10 to 20% of the Nelson region’s original wetland area now remains.

“This means that most types of wetlands are now rare in the Tasman District and therefore of greater ecological value,” resource scientist Trevor James explains.

Find out more

Contact Trevor James to learn more about the wetland project,

Email: or Ph. 03 543 8400.

A guide to wetland rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan can be viewed online at:

Get to know your patch

A separate Tasman District Council project called Native Habitats Tasman is also taking place in Golden Bay over the next few years.

This project aims to help landowners get to know their patches of bush, wetlands and other native habitats on their land. The project is voluntary and there is no obligation or regulation involved.

Participating landowners will have the opportunity to spend time with an ecologist discussing the native plants and animal species present. They will also receive a detailed ecological report at no cost. This report also provides suggestions for management and protection of the values identified.

Get involved

Contact Paul Sheldon, Co-ordinator Biosecurity and Biodiversity, Ph. 03 543 8432 or Email:

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O-fish-al Mysteries Revealed 

Join us at the former dam site on Reservoir Creek for a bit of fun and to o-fish-ally open this year's World Fish Migration Day at 11.00 am on Saturday 21 May.

Which fish migrate? What do our native fish look like? What is this interesting piece of engineering? How does it work? What happened to the dam? Why do fish need help with migration? All these questions will be answered.

Join us for World Fish Migration Day

  • Where: Reservoir Creek fish pass, former Reservoir Creek Dam site. The fish pass is about a 15-20 minute walk up the valley from Richmond’s Easby Park, Marlborough Crescent.
  • When: 11.00 am, Saturday 21 May 2016

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Newsline Updates 

Public Notices

Richmond Unlimited – Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 14 June 2016, 5.30 pm, Richmond Town Hall, Richmond.

Apply for a Community Grant online

Are you planning a great community event or project – but need a little help to make it happen? We may be able to help.

Applications for our Community Grants are open, and there is funding available for Tasman-based projects that meet a community need, join communities together and have community support. Priority is given to projects that can show financial support from other sources as well.

We’re moving to a simplified, online-only application form this year. To help you get started, we will be running sessions at our local libraries to show you how to fill in the online form. Details of these will be posted on our website and publicised in future editions of Newsline.

Applications close on 31 July 2016.

Grants are available for projects that fit into the following categories:

  • Arts/culture/heritage/museums
  • Festivals and events
  • Youth and children
  • Social services
  • Environment
  • Emergency services
  • Sports and recreation facilities.

Apply online:

Visit to fill in the online application form.

For more information: Visit our website, or email Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones,

Water main and resurfacing works

As part of their responsibility to maintain and improve state highways across the country, the NZ Transport Agency is upgrading the water main on Gladstone Road between Oxford Street and McGlashen Avenue and then resurfacing the road.

Crews are working at night from 7.00 pm–6.00 am, starting Monday 9 May, for approximately six weeks (about 25 nights work). Crews will not be working every night and given the nature of the work they will not work if bad weather strikes.

Work will occur in stages over the four weeks to minimise disruption to local residents, businesses and the travelling public.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about this project please contact Andrew McAllister on 03 546 3680 or 027 448 6267.

If you need to talk to someone while the work is happening, please contact Nick Hill on 027 2468 499.

Rating Information Database

Tasman District Council’s Rating Information Database is available for inspection (without fee) at Council offices during normal opening hours.

The database provides the rates for the current year (2015/16) and those proposed for the next. Go to then enter the property street address to view the current year’s rating information and then click on "Next Year – 2016/17" to see next year’s.

While the Rating Information Database contains a record of all information required for the setting and assessing of rates, the information will not include any subdivisions/boundary adjustments/amalgamations that were completed after 6 May 2015.

Please note legislation does not allow the names of owners and ratepayers in the Rating Information Database.

Notice given under Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Resource Consents

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note this is an abridged advisory notice only.

Applicant: Talley’s Group Limited

Location: Port Motueka, 21 Ward Street, Moutere Inlet

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:

The operation of Talley’s plant at Port Motueka comprises three distinct processes:

  • wet fish and shellfish processing and value added product preparation;
  • manufacture of ice cream;
  • processing of fish offal to produce fishmeal.

The following applications for resource consent are to renew permits for discharges to coastal water and air; and consents for the storage of hazardous substances and coastal occupation for the two discharge outlet structures.

RM140156 - Discharge of stormwater and wash down water to coastal waters.

RM140157 - Discharge of contaminants to coastal waters from a fish processing and food manufacturing plant.

RM140158 - Discharge to air from the Port Motueka Plant – specifically the products of combustion from the operation of boilers, and the vapours and gases including odours generated by the rendering of fish and fish offal.

RM140159 - Land use consent for storage of hazardous goods and facilities.

RM160291 - Occupation of the coastal marine area with two new discharge outlet structures.

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Friday 20 May 2016.

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Community Notices 

Richmond & Districts Information Centre

With the busy tourist season is still with us, and winter on the way, more volunteers are urgently required to work three hour shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the Information Centre in Gladstone Road. Successful applicants would be required to work with more experienced volunteers initially before being asked to work on their own. Although applicants should preferably have a good knowledge of the local community, this is not necessary, as the Centre has a large database. They should be well presented and enjoy meeting and conversing with visitors from all over New Zealand and the world. The Centre is well appointed with good facilities. If you are interested in this type of work, call in to the Centre or Ph. 03 543 9521 or contact Sally Symonds, Ph. 03 542 3983 (rosters) for further details.

Rates rebate

You may qualify for a refund of a portion of your rates. You have until 30 June 2016 to apply for a rebate for the 2015/2016 rating year.

You will have automatically received a rates rebate application form and guide if you have received a rates rebate in the past. These were sent in mid to late August 2015. You need to pay your rates account as usual.

We will credit the rates rebate amount to your rates account and notify you once your application has been processed. For more information go to


Proposed Road Closures

The following roads are proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below. Objections can be lodged at: Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond:

Department of Conservation, Motueka – Aerial application of 1080

  • Totaranui Road (from Pigeon Saddle to Totaranui)
  • Awaroa Road (from Totaranui Road to Awaroa Inlet)
  • Cobb Dam Road (from the Cobb hydro power station to the Cobb Reservoir)
  • Wangapeka River Road (from Rolling Junction campsite to Courthouse Flat)

Friday 1 July 2016, 7.00 am to 2.00 pm (this date is weather dependent and could be carried out at later date if necessary). Objections Close: Friday 3 June 2016.

Road Closures

The following roads are to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below:

Nelson Car Club Inc & Nelson Vintage Car Club – Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road Race

Sunday 22 May 2016, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Riwaka-Sandy Bay Road from the intersection with Takaka Hill Highway (SH60) to just over the crest of the Marahau Hill summit.

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Write Choices 

I love my library because …

We’ve been delighted with your responses to our I love my library because… promotion. If you haven’t already told us why you love your library you still have time. Head into any Tasman library, write your favourite things about your library on the cards provided and post it to the board. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. I love my library because… runs until 28 May.

New Zealand Music Month at your library

May is New Zealand Music Month – a time to celebrate our music, our musicians, our heritage and our creative spirit.

You can catch performances by local musicians at Richmond, Motueka and Takaka Libraries over the last days of May.

Check out the programme on our website Featured Events page.

Support our local talent and add these events to your calendar today.

Law for Lunch at Takaka Library

Join Simon Jones from the Community Law Centre at Takaka Library for two free Law for Lunch sessions.

On Wednesday 25 May, Simon will be talking about how your rights have been increased under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

And on Wednesday 1 June, he’ll be talking about how to deal with disputes with neighbours.

Sessions start at 12.00 pm. Bring along your questions and your lunch.

Matariki at Richmond Library

The rise of the star cluster Matariki marks the beginning of the Aotearoa Pacific New Year. To celebrate the end of a cycle and the beginning of another we have a number of lunchtime events happening at Richmond Library in June.

Come along and hear Brian Flintoff, master carver talk about his work. There’ll also be an example of Brian’s carving, the Waka Ama trophy, on display in the library in June.

Find out more about the Matariki night sky with astronomer Dr Robert Rea of the Nelson Science Society. Learn to make flax flowers or a small kete with Beryl Wilkes.

Bookings are essential for all sessions. For full information go to the library website Events page or phone us on 03 543 8500.

Smart Week at Richmond Library

Here at Richmond Library we’re excited to be part of Richmond Smart Week with events happening at various locations around Richmond as well as at the library. It’s all part of a concerted effort to help us keep up with the rapidly developing digital world.

A range of workshops and classes on using digital technologies in both business and personal life will help you maximise the opportunities the digital world provides.

Full details of what’s on offer will be available through the library’s website early in June.

Cath Welsh at Motueka Library

Do you have a horse-mad child in your life?

Be sure to let them know about Cath Welsh’s upcoming visit to Motueka Library on Monday 30 May at 4.00 pm.

Cath is the author of children’s books Ponies of Pencarreg and Children of Dove Farm. Cath has spent years around wild horses and ponies in Wales and NZ and is also involved in the Kaimanawa horses rescue project. As well as reading from and talking about her books, Cath will answer questions on horse taming and training.

Art workshops at Motueka Library

Whether you’re a budding artist or you’ve been doodling for years, Motueka Library’s series of art workshops for adults is bound to have something for you. Local artist Marian Painter will inspire your creativity with three workshops exploring drawing, the world of colour and collage. Cost is $12.00 and bookings are essential.

Phone 03 528 1047 to book your place today.

Device drop in at Motueka Library

Do you have trouble figuring out the finer points of your tablet? Not sure how to install an app? Stumped about streaming to your iPad?

Some keen senior students from Motueka High School’s digital class are ready to share their tech savvy skills with you. Head into Motueka Library on Tuesday 24 May 2.30 pm -3.15 pm. Bring along your mobile phone, laptop, iPad or other electronic device and see if one of these keen teenagers can help you with something that has got you stumped.

No bookings required.

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