Newsline 379 - 15 July 2016

Friday 15 July 2016

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Nominations for Council Elections Open 

Ready, set … go! Nominations for candidates in this year’s local body elections open on Friday – why not enter the race for an opportunity to make a difference for your community?

While no formal qualifications are required, you must be a New Zealand citizen and be on the Parliamentary Roll. However, a wide range of skills and life experience is an asset in an elected member’s ability to make the decisions that will shape Tasman’s future.

Nominations for the mayor, ward councillors and community board members must be in the hands of the Electoral Officer in Richmond by noon on Friday 12 August.

The Countdown

  • 15 July: Candidate nominations open; Electoral Roll open for inspection
  • 12 August: Nominations close 12 noon
  • 17 August: Public notice of election day and candidates
  • 16-21 September: Delivery of voting documents
  • 8 October: ELECTION DAY

A note for candidates: The completed nomination paper and nomination deposit for each listed position (or proof of payment), candidate profile statement and photograph (if any) must now be lodged at the same time.

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Successful SmartWeek Throws Spotlight on the Imaginarium 

SmartWeek may be over, but that doesn’t mean your journey to digital literacy should end there.

The successful week of free workshops, covering everything from using social media, to making the most of smart devices, to advice for businesses and community groups, was a great introduction for those wanting to get to grips with digital technology.

SmartWeek co-ordinator Karen Lee says attendance at SmartWeek was high, and showed a strong appetite for similar events in future.

“The library was a big success as a venue – with great technology in its meeting spaces and the ground-breaking Imaginarium – and the workshops were very well received by business and individuals alike,” Karen says. “Ranging from Instagram for business through to introductions to coding, there was pretty much something for everyone.

“A big thank you goes out to all the local organisations who donated their time free to run workshops, along with sponsorship from Richmond Unlimited and Tasman District Council, which made the event possible.”

The week also threw the spotlight on one of the wonderful – and free – digital resources available at Richmond Library all year round: The Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium is a private sound-proof studio, equipped with computers, editing software, scanning, video and sound recording gear. That means you can lay down music tracks, digitize slides and photos, create a poster, make a movie, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

The Imaginarium is available for anyone, for non-commercial use (you don’t need to be a library member). Children under 14 must have an adult with them. You can book the space for up to three hours a day and library staff can also offer assistance with using the equipment for up to 45 minutes with a prior booking.

Let your imagination run wild and get creating – the digital way.

For more information on the Imaginarium, visit

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Changes to Parking Restrictions Proposed 

We are considering several changes to parking restrictions in the District, including a ban on advertising vehicles for sale on Salisbury Road, Richmond, and prohibiting overnight parking in the Motueka Saltwater Baths carpark.

Submissions are now open on the proposals, as well as on a review of our Traffic Control Bylaw. You can find out more and make a submission online at

The proposed parking restrictions are:

  • A ban on advertising vehicles for sale along the full length of Salisbury Road, Richmond, to address safety concerns associated with school pick-up and drop-offs, and to free up parks for the school’s communities and the general public.
  • New P2 drop-off/pick-up parking spaces on Salisbury Road outside Waimea College and Waimea Intermediate.
  • Extension of no-stopping lines on Salisbury Road on the northeastern side of the Waimea College staff carpark entrance to improve sight lines.
  • Introduction of P180 time-restricted parking on Stephens Bay Road, Kaiteriteri, to free up spaces for beach-goers.
  • No overnight parking in the Motueka Saltwater Baths carpark on North Road, Motueka, to discourage freedom camping in this location.

Submissions close on Wednesday 3 August.

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Thanks, and Well Done 

Several of our contractors have recently received recognition for their work on Council projects – our congratulations, and thanks for the wonderful work done.

Three of our contractors were successful at the Civil Contractors Nelson/Marlborough Branch 2016 Contractors Awards:

  • Spooner’s Tunnel Approaches and Cycle Trail – category win for Fulton Hogan
  • Borck Creek Poutama Drain Upgrade – category win and health and safety award for Downer
  • Seaton Valley Stream Widening – special mention for Donaldson Civil

In addition, Design Windows won their category in the WANZ (Window Association of NZ) Awards for the aluminium joinery at Shed 4 Mapua.

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Consultation Opens on Golden Bay’s Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes 

We want to make sure Golden Bay’s outstanding natural features and landscapes are preserved and protected for future generations.

In partnership with a working group of key Golden Bay interest groups and stakeholders, we have spent several years identifying the Bay’s most precious places and reviewing the rules that govern the way they are managed and protected. We have come up with a draft set of locations in need of particular care, as well as draft rule changes to ensure their protection. Now we want to know if you think we have got it right. The rule changes aim to ensure these areas are protected, while also recognising existing uses and activities.

The places identified are:

Outstanding Natural Features

  • Aorere River, Gorge and Tributaries
  • Big River Estuary
  • Farewell Spit
  • The Grove
  • Hanson Winter
  • Paynes Ford
  • Tarakohe Cliffs
  • Te Waikoropupu Springs
  • Wainui Bay Inlet
  • Whanganui Inlet
  • Abel Tasman
  • Parapara-Kahurangi Ranges
  • Northern Northwest Coast
  • Southern Northwest Coast
  • Golden Bay-Mohua Marine
  • Northwest Coast Marine

Outstanding Natural Landscapes

Find out more

Check out our website for more information:, or come along to one of three drop-in sessions to be held in Golden Bay from 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 27 July, Takaka Fire Station
  • Thursday 28 July, Pakawau Memorial Hall
  • Wednesday 3 August, Kahurangi Function Centre, Tukurua

Have a say: Make an online submission on our website,, or pick up a discussion document and feedback form from any Council service centre. 

Consultation closes on 9 August 2016.

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Motueka Community Swimming Pool Fundraising 

A fundraising campaign is well under way to cover the Motueka Community Swimming Pool. The project is under the management of Good Sports Motueka, the community organisation responsible for building the Motueka Sports Park grandstand.

The pool project will see the existing Motueka High School Pool covered and eventually heated, and turned into an aquatic facility used by the school and the community under a sharing agreement.

The Department of Internal Affairs last week agreed to pay for an independent, professional feasibility study, which is required for an application for significant Lotteries funds to complement the $400,000 community fundraising target.

No Tasman ratepayer money will be used for the project, so the fundraising team are urging Motueka people to get behind the initiative with generous donations.

For more information and contact details, go to

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Awards Say ‘Thank You’ to Wonderful Volunteers 

The winners of the Trustpower Nelson Tasman Community Awards have been announced, honouring the volunteers who gift their time and energy to benefit our community.

The awards are run by Trustpower in partnership with the Tasman District and Nelson City Councils.

Our huge thanks and congratulations go out to all the region’s volunteers. The 2016 winners are:

  • Histrionics – Supreme Award for its educational programme the Somme Experience, which connected school pupils with NZ’s war history
  • Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust – Overall Winner for Tasman
  • LANDSAR – Overall Winner for Nelson
  • Friends of the Maitai – Heritage and Environment Award
  • Hospice Nelson Tasman – Health and Wellbeing Award
  • Richmond Creative Fibre – Arts and Culture Award
  • Murchison Youth Council – Sports and Leisure Award
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – Education and Child Youth Development Award
  • Keegan Phipps, Nelson College student – Youth Community Spirit Award

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Regional Landfill Consultation Open 

You may have heard we are proposing to amend our Long Term Plan so we can operate a single regional landfill in partnership with the Nelson City Council. Before we proceed any further with the proposal, we want to know what you think about some of the key elements of the plan.

The arrangement would see us share control of the Eves Valley landfill with Nelson. In return, we get to have an equal say in the control and operation of Nelson’s York Valley landfill as part of the regional partnership. We would make a one-off payment of $4.2 million to Nelson to recognise the difference in value of the two landfills. That will allow both to have an equal interest and equal say in the regional landfill. We would form a Regional Landfill Business Unit to run the joint landfill, controlled by a joint committee of the two councils.

Why operate a joint landfill?

The short answer is two-fold. First, a joint landfill will save us money. Eves Valley is nearly at capacity, so if we ‘go it alone’ we will need to spend an estimated $40 million extending the landfill between now and 2045. Under the proposal, waste that currently goes to Eves Valley landfill will instead be sent to York Valley landfill. In the future, the joint committee will decide if and when the regional landfill will move to Eves Valley.

All the operating, maintenance and capital costs associated with the regional landfill will be shared by the councils – and, for a region our size, a single landfill would be significantly more efficient to operate than two.

Secondly, a joint landfill will help us meet our aim of reducing waste volumes going to landfill. A single landfill would aid efforts to minimise waste by providing a single collection point as, under the current model, the councils are effectively competing for waste.

Have a say

You can find more information and make an online submission on our website,

Copies of the Proposal for a Regional Landfill Business Unit Consultation Document are also available at Council service centres and libraries.

The consultation closes on 5 August 2016.

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Progress on Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Continues 

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is on its way towards becoming the largest native wildlife sanctuary in the South Island. The Sanctuary’s pest proof fence will be complete in June, and its breeding programme will begin in October.

As well as providing a home for some of our most vulnerable native species, the Sanctuary expects existing populations of native species to increase once the fence is complete. Residents can expect a ‘Halo Effect’ around the Sanctuary as more native birds spread across the surrounding area, back into gardens and daily lives.

A large number of volunteers have worked hard to realise the Sanctuary dream of a safe haven for wildlife. Beyond the fence, Nelson Nature, a partnership between Nelson City Council and Department of Conservation, is working with the wider community to support native bird populations in the wider area.

Much of this work is dependent on volunteer groups, like the Marsden Valley Trapping Group and Bird Life on Grampians, which are actively involved in supporting growing populations of native birds around the outskirts of the pest proof fence. With the community’s help, tui, bellbird and kererū will be seen and heard in increasingly large numbers in our gardens, and the hills of Nelson will become a safe haven for some of Nelson’s globally unique native wildlife.

The Tasman District Council is a principal partner of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.

For more information visit the Trust’s website at or

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Public Notices 

Roadside spraying for vegetation control in rural areas and registration of non-spray areas

Tasman District Council’s roading maintenance contractor is responsible for vegetation control within the road reserve. This includes the use of knockdown, residual and brushweed herbicides to remove vegetation growing in the roadway and around street furniture. The contractor is also responsible for control of pest plants and other noxious weeds such as gorse, fennel, hemlock, blackberry, broom, bracken, purple pampas grass and box thorn.

‘No spray’ registration option for residents

Residents can request that their rural property frontage not be chemically sprayed and instead undertake the vegetation control themselves.
On approval, the Council's contractors will mark the no spray area with
red marker pegs.

Rural residents who choose the “no spray” option must control the vegetation growth along their property frontage to ensure:

  • Road users are not impeded and all roadside signs and markers are clearly visible; and
  • Vegetation height will not exceed 300mm; and
  • Any stormwater drainage ditches need to be kept clear of excess vegetation; and
  • At intersections vegetation must be kept well clear to ensure good sight lines for traffic using the intersection.

An application form for your property to be included on the no spray database is available on the Council’s website – – search for ‘no spray’.

Opus International Consultants administer a separate vegetation control programme for the state highway network on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Dog registration

If you have a dog aged three months or older you need to register it.
The fee for dogs that have not been registered by 1 August will increase by 50% on top of the standard urban or rural registration fee. If you have just moved here or have not registered your dog before please call the Council on Ph. 03 543 8400.

Roadside spraying – State Highways

Contractors employed by the New Zealand Transport Agency undertake an ongoing vegetation control programme to ensure that roadside vegetation does not affect the safety or operation of the region’s state highway network.

This programme includes the spraying of chemical herbicides including the following active ingredients: Glyphosate, Metsulfuron, Terbuthylazine and Triclopyr. Persons wishing to register their property as a ‘no-spray’ zone, which requires a commitment to maintain a property’s highways frontage to specifications provided by NZTA, may do so by contacting Lea O’Sullivan or Donna Hills on Ph. 03 548 1099 or at Opus International Consultants, Private Bag 36, Nelson.

Apply for a Community Grant online

Are you planning a great community event or project – but need a little help to make it happen? We may be able to help.

Applications for our Community Grants are open, and there is funding available for Tasman-based projects that meet a community need, join communities together and have community support. Priority is given to projects that can show financial support from other sources as well. We’re moving to a simplified, online-only application form this year.

Applications close on 31 July 2016.

Grants are available for projects that fit into the following categories:

  • Arts/culture/heritage/museums
  • Festivals and events
  • Youth and children
  • Social services
  • Environment
  • Emergency services
  • Sports and recreation facilities.

Apply online:

Visit to fill in the online application form.

Need help filling in the online form? Help is available at the following information sessions from 10.30 am to midday:

  • Takaka Library, Tuesday 12 July
  • Motueka Library, Wednesday 13 July
  • Richmond Library, Thursday 14 July
  • Murchison Library, Friday 15 July

For more information:

Visit or email Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones,

Felling of unsafe trees in Mapua progresses

The felling of a large group of pines and blue gum trees along Mapua Drive is well underway and will continue for several more weeks.

After a pine fell on the road in April, other trees in the area were inspected and found to be under stress and at risk of falling. Unfortunately, this means the trees are a risk to road users, and to ensure public safety we must remove them.

We’d like to thank those who use Mapua Drive for their patience with the work. Please be aware short travel delays are possible for the duration of the felling, so leave a little extra time for your journey if taking this route.

Anyone with enquiries about the felling can contact us on Ph. 03 543 8400.

Draft Traffic Control Bylaw 2016

The Tasman District Council seeks your view on a new Traffic Control Bylaw.

A statement of proposal, the draft bylaw, a summary of information, and submission form is available for viewing on the Council’s website, and at the following Council offices and libraries during normal opening hours:

  • Main Office, 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka
  • Golden Bay Service Centre, Junction Street, Takaka
  • Murchison Service Centre, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison
  • Tasman District Library, Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka
  • Takaka Library, Commercial Street, Takaka

You are welcome to make a submission on the draft Traffic Control Bylaw 2016.

Submissions close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 3 August 2016.

The draft bylaw is now available for consultation in accordance with Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Are you planning a community art project?

Creative Communities provides funding to support community involvement in the arts, whether that’s music, theatre, festivals, mural painting, outdoor sculptures, art in public spaces, kapa haka, singing, art workshops or something else.

If you have a great community arts project needing some dollars to make it happen, the Tasman Creative Communities Scheme may be just what you’re looking for. There are three rounds of applications each year. The next round is for projects starting after 15 August, and the applications close on 10 November.

There is $39,000 allocated per annum. Average allocations are $1,000.

For application forms visit or call Mike Tasman-Jones Ph. 03 543 8403 for further information.

Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016 

The Tasman District Council seeks your view on a new Public Water Supply Bylaw.

A statement of proposal, the draft bylaw, a summary of information, and a submission form is available for viewing on the Council’s website, and at the following Council offices and libraries during normal opening hours:

  • Main Office, 189 Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka
  • Golden Bay Service Centre, Junction Street, Takaka
  • Murchison Service Centre, 92 Fairfax Street, Murchison
  • Tasman District Library, Queen Street, Richmond
  • Motueka Library, Pah Street, Motueka
  • Takaka Library, Commercial Street, Takaka

You are welcome to make a submission on the draft Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016. Submissions close at 4.00pm on Wednesday
10 August 2016.

The draft bylaw is now available for consultation in accordance with Section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Community Notices

Equestrian Park Management Board – Annual General Meeting

The Equestrian Park Management Board AGM will be held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 3 August 2016 at the Tasman District Council office, Queen Street, Richmond. All welcome.


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Write Choices 

Crafting together

Would you like to learn a new craft skill? Or brush up on an old one? Or finish that project that’s been years in the cupboard? Now’s your chance. Takaka and Richmond Libraries are running a series of informal craft get togethers. Bring along your knitting, crochet, card-making kit, patchwork or craft work of your choice. Chat, learn and create together with other crafty people in the warm comfort of your library. Takaka’s Craft Open Home runs every Friday 10.00 – 11.30 am until the end of August. Richmond’s Crafternoons run every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2.00 pm starting 20 July until late October. A great opportunity to get inspired with new ideas and to check out the stunning range of craft books in the library.

School holiday programmes

There’s still time to check out what’s on at your library for the second week of the school holidays. From storytimes to scavenger hunts, a book launch or a special puppet show there’s something happening to keep the kids entertained. Of course our great range of family-friendly DVDs are just what’s needed for those rainy holiday afternoons. Check one out today.

Family History month

August is Family history month and we have quite a programme of events happening across the District this year. The theme is places and names from the past. Enter our What’s in a name competition and be in to win a prize. Check out the displays in Motueka, Richmond and Takaka libraries. Take a family history class, create a time capsule or test your local knowledge in a quiz – all this and much more will be happening around the District. Find the full programme of events on the library website Featured Events page.

Change to overdue fees

From 1 July library overdue charges changed to a daily charge rather than the previous graduated fee system.  The charge for items on a children’s card is now 10c per day and the charge for items on an adult card is 30c per day. The current maximum charge of $2.50 per item for children and $5.00 per item for adults won’t change.

Firooz Zadeh at Richmond Library

Find out more about the Syrian situation both before and since 2011 and the worldwide refugee crisis with award-wining author Firooz Zadeh. According to World Vision’s latest figures, 4.8 million Syrians are refugees with a further 6.5 million people displaced within Syria. Most Syrian refugees remain in the Middle East, in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Slightly more than 10 percent of the refugees have fled to Europe. Firooz brings a wealth of knowledge to his subject. As an American Kiwi born and raised in Iran he presents a unique view of the Middle East and the politics of the region. Firooz will be at Richmond Library on Tuesday 26 July 5.30 – 6.30 pm. Bookings are not required but numbers are limited to 50 people.

Patricia Grace at Takaka Library

We’re delighted to host eminent NZ author Patricia Grace at Takaka Library on Thursday 28 July at 5.15pm. Local author Gerard Hindmarsh will facilitate a conversation with Patricia. Patricia has been described as a “key figure in contemporary world literature and in Māori literature in English.” Of Ngati Toa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Ati Awa descent and affiliated to Ngati Porou by marriage, Patricia began writing early, whilst teaching and raising her family of seven children. She has since won many national and international awards, including the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize for Fiction, the Deutz Medal for Fiction, and the Neustadt International Prize for Literature (widely considered the most prestigious literary prize after the Nobel). A deeply subtle, moving and subversive writer, Patricia received in 2007 a Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to literature. This should be a fascinating evening with one of NZ’s great writers.

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