Newsline 386 - 21 October 2016

Friday 21 October 2016

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Your New Council and Community Boards Sworn In 

This week your newly-elected Council met for the first time. Each was sworn in, promising to use their skills and judgment in the best interests of the entire District.

A total of 18,161 of you cast your votes in the local body election (this number excludes special votes) – equating to 49.4% of eligible voters. Golden Bay was the most active voting area, with turnout of 57.51% (again, not including special votes).

Richard Kempthorne was returned for his fourth term as mayor. Incumbent councillors Paul Sangster, Tim King, Peter Canton, Stuart Bryant and Mark Greening are joined by eight new councillors.

image of new councillors and community board

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Kids Prepared to Get Ready – are You? 

Get Ready Week, held from 10 – 16 October, is held every year to mark the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (13 October).

This year the theme for Get Ready Week was Prepared Kids. We know that when kids are involved in preparing for emergencies and learning about natural hazards, they encourage their families to be more prepared and play a more active role in responding to and recovering from emergencies.

In New Zealand emergencies can happen any time, anywhere and often without warning. Floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes and other hazards can disrupt our lives, damage property and cause serious harm. When an emergency happens, Civil Defence and emergency services will be busy helping the people who need them the most. It’s up to you to make sure your family, and the people you care about, know what to do, and you have what you need to get through.

If you don’t already have a plan for what you and your family will do in the event of a natural disaster, now is the perfect time to make one. Get the whole family involved so everyone will know what to do in an emergency. Head to to make a plan and Get Ready.

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Short-term Chlorination Planned for Richmond Water 

To safeguard Richmond’s water supply while major supply pipeline work takes place, we will introduce chlorine into the water for several days in early November.

The work to realign a section of pipeline at the end of Champion Road, as well as some minor repair work at the Champion Road reservoir, carries a small risk of introducing bacteria into the supply. To ensure your drinking water remains safe, a small amount of chlorine will be added to the water at the Richmond Water Treatment Plant from 4 to 7 November. This is a temporary measure. Once the work is finished and the bacteria risk is gone, we will stop chlorination and the water will continue to undergo ultra-violet (UV) treatment as usual.

Will my water be affected?

The Richmond water supply covers the Wakatu Industrial estate and ENZA in the north, residential houses on the northern side of Champion Road (Nelson City Council area) and all of urban Richmond, including the Beach Road area and as far south as Haycock Road. If you live in this area you will receive chlorinated water for this time.

I don’t like the taste of chlorine – what can I do?

We suggest you fill clean bottles with water before 4 November and store them somewhere cool and dark in order to have unchlorinated water for drinking during this period.

Alternatively, you can leave chlorinated water out in an open-topped container for several hours, then chill it, to reduce the taste of chlorine.

I have pet fish – can I top up their water?

If you have pet fish, don’t forget to de-chlorinate the water first before topping up their tank or set aside some non-chlorinated water before 4 November. You can de-chlorinate by using a specialist chemical you can buy from most pet shops.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the temporary chlorination measures, you can contact us on Ph. 03 543 8400.

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Big Response to Golden Bay’s Landscapes Consultation 

Between July and the end of September we sought feedback from you on the draft Golden Bay Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes plan change.

We wanted to know if you thought we had identified the right places in need of special care and protection, and whether the suggested changes to the way these areas are managed and protected were the right way to go about it.

We received 99 submissions – thank you to everyone who took the time to consider the proposals and submit feedback.

The next steps will be in the hands of the new Council. However:

  • Feedback will be summarised and analysed, and both the original feedback and summaries made public;
  • Further development of the plan change text and maps, incorporating feedback points and available evidence;
  • The Environment and Planning Committee decides whether to proceed with the proposed plan change, and whether to advertise it for public submissions.

The timing of these steps has yet to be finalised.

For further information: Contact Policy Planner Tom Chi at or Ph. 03 543 7229.

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Free Dog Microchipping 

Microchipping is a legal requirement for nearly all dogs – and is also the best way to reunite lost, injured or stolen pets with their owners. We’re offering free microchipping for all dogs registered in Tasman District over the next few months.

About microchips:

Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and are implanted under the skin just forward of the shoulder blades going up the neckline.

They; carry a number unique to your dog; are a transponder which responds to a scanner; are not a transmitter, there is no power source.

Microchip details are kept on the National Dog Database which managed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Microchipping is legally required for all dogs born after June 2006, with the exception of dogs used principally for the moving or herding of stock. Failing to microchip your dog risks a $300 fine.

When and where:


Each Friday morning (unless arranged otherwise)

Richmond Dog Pound, 121 Beach Road.

For appointment Ph. 03 543 7012


26 November 9.00 am – 10.30 am 

Council Service Centre, Hickmott Place

Golden Bay

26 November 11.45 am – 1.30 pm  

Golden Bay Recreation Park


3 December 9.00 am – 10.00 am  

Recreation Reserve, Matai Street


3 December 11.00 am – 12.00 am

Carpark behind the Library


10 December 8.00 am – 10.00 am

Richmond Dog Pound, 121 Beach Road

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Safer Boating Week – Prep, Check, Know 

It’s Safer Boating Week, the perfect opportunity to prep your boat, check your gear and know the rules before you head out on the water this summer.

Tasman is a boating paradise, but a day out on the water can easily turn to disaster.

To keep yourself and your companions safe, follow these three simple steps:

  • Prep your boat – service the engine, check and change the fuel, check the battery and just generally give the boat a good onceover.
  • Check your gear – make sure your lifejackets are still fit for purpose and you have enough. Service any inflatable lifejackets and ensure you have two reliable forms of communication equipment.
  • Know the rules – ensure you know the ‘rules of the road’ on the water, and check your local bylaws to make sure you understand what the requirements are in your area.

You can find all the information you need about the local rules and conditions on our website – see

Colouring competition

Win the opportunity to be ‘Harbourmaster for a Day’ – just colour in the picture of the Tasman Harbourmaster’s boat Sentinel.

The competition is open to primary school-aged children (ages 5-12). Copies can be picked up and handed in at any Tasman District library or Council service centre. Entries must be in by 26 October.

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Pouring Paint Down Drains Pollutes Our Streams 

There have been several incidents recently where paint or chemicals have been poured into an outdoor drain, leading to pollution of our streams. Everything that goes into an outside drain ends up in our streams and sea – please do not pour anything you would not want to swim in down an outside drain.

We all want clean, clear waterways for our children to play in, for fish to flourish and for us all to enjoy. People who pour anything other than plain water down outside drains are directly contributing to water pollution.

The law treats this kind of contamination quite seriously, and individuals can face a fine of up to $300,000 and companies a maximum fine of $600,000 if caught.

Only rain and clean tap water should go down your outside drains. Please follow these guidelines for disposing of other liquids and materials:

The following should be diverted or swept onto grass

  • run-off from washing your car
  • any litter (including pet litter)
  • cleaning chemicals
  • run-off from driveway and roof cleaning (even environmentally-friendly chemicals)

The following should be well-diluted and drained into a laundry sink or toilet (inside drains lead to the sewage system)

  • water from cleaning water-based paint brushes (even environmentally-friendly paints) – please check paint websites for safe ways to clean brushes first
  • emptying a chlorinated swimming pool (book a time with  us first)

The following should be sealed in a suitable, non-leaking, container and taken to a resource recovery centre

  • Solvents
  • Oil and fuel
  • Chemical concentrates
  • Left-over paints and glues
  • Concrete wash

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Event Aims to Create Generation of Clued Up Kids 

A pilot event run by community safety agencies this month gave hundreds of Tasman schoolchildren confidence and life skills in order to help them stay safe in a range of real-life scenarios.

From 17-21 October, 450 year 5 and 6 children from Appleby, Wakefield, Ranzau, Hope, Brightwater and Richmond schools took part in Clued Up Kids, a multi-agency pilot programme modelled on an award-winning initiative that has run in Marlborough for the past 10 years.

“By getting a group of different agencies together to teach children practical safety skills we hope to give them the tools to keep themselves safe in a variety of real-life situations,” Tasman District Council road safety co-ordinator Krista Hobday said.

“For example, there was be a ‘shaky house’ for practising what to do in an earthquake, a fire simulation to teach children how to react during a house fire, as well as a range of demonstrations and activities relating to water safety, interacting with dogs, road safety and first aid.”

Marlborough’s event has been successful in reducing ACC injury claims among young people in the region, and has won several awards, including the ACC Community Injury Prevention Award, and the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board Health Quality and Innovation Award for a quality healthy community initiative.

Krista said if the pilot proved successful here, agencies would hope to see a similar reduction in injuries to young people over time.

The major supporter of the pilot programme is ACC, in partnership with Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, Nelson Bays Primary Health, Tasman District Council, Rotary, NZ Fire Service, NZ Red Cross, NZ Police, Nelson Tasman Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Benge and Co, Neltech Communications and Farm Skills.

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Temporary Parking Restrictions – Wensley Road 

From October 25, parking will not be available on the section of Wensley Road between the Queen Street and Oxford Street roundabouts while we carry out planned replacement work to 50-year-old water supply pipes.

The work will see old water pipes replaced with larger-capacity mains. The pipe replacement will take about three weeks, before moving on to Cambridge Street in November.

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River Health Roadshow Travels the District 

Are you interested in or worried about a local stream or river? Have you wondered if your favourite swimming hole is still safe? Would you like to know how to help? Would you like to know about fish numbers?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – then don’t miss this informative free evening. The River Health Roadshow examines the amazing things that rivers provide us, the issues they face, and how communities and agencies are working together to improve them. Resource scientist Trevor James will present information about local waterways and answer questions.

The details:

  • Tuesday 1 November: 7.00 pm – Moutere Hills Community Centre
  • Wednesday 2 November: 7.00 pm – Indigo Room, Ngatimoti School
  • Thursday 3 November: 7.00 pm – Murchison Centre

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Public Notices 

Neighbourhood support – Waimea

Neighbourhood Support Waimea is a very active group with special emphasis placed on setting up neighbourhood street groups. This area has been the target of criminals and nuisance graffiti artists over the past year. Enabling residents to form networks in their communities, advising them they can call the Police at the time the suspicious activity is witnessed, and being attentive to the security of their own property has been paramount.

The work of Neighbourhood Support – Waimea is achieved by employing a paid coordinator who works 20 hours a week spending face to face time with residents, and setting up support groups and networks in the Richmond-Wakefield area. Currently our group has enough funding to operate until the end of October 2016. Unless interim funding can be secured, our operation will have to go into recess. The work of Neighbourhood Support – Waimea is very important to the safety of our local community and we are seeking your support as sponsors, donators or funders to ensure that the great work of the organisation can continue.

In return for your support, we will undertake to provide you with regular newsletters outlining the safety measures that individuals and businesses should be taking to protect themselves and their property. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Glenys at, Ph. 021 176 0495 or Mike at, Ph. 027 286 4157.

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Closure – Moturoa/Rabbit Island and Rough Island 

To allow harvesting operations to take place, the following closures and notices are in effect on Rough Island.

  • Traverse Walking Track and Heath Road East closed until 19 December 2016
  • Tic Toc Road, Ken Beck Drive and Great Taste Trail subject to occasional traffic control
  • Kingsland Road, Clark Road, Heath Road West remain open.

Some areas of Moturoa Rabbit Island will be closed until 15 November 2016 to ensure public health and safety during bio-solid operations.

Alternative routes and access to the Mapua Ferry are still available via Tasman’s Great Taste Trail and Cooper Road. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Traffic Control Bylaw 2016

At its meeting on Thursday 22 September 2016, the Tasman District Council adopted the Consolidated Bylaw Chapter 7 – Traffic Control Bylaw 2016. The bylaw comes into force on 1 November 2016.

Copies of the bylaw can be viewed on the Council’s website or viewed at any Council office, library, or service centre.

Salisbury parking changes in November

A ban on displaying ‘for sale’ signs on cars parked on Richmond’s Salisbury Road will come into force in November as well as new short-term parking spaces (2 minutes) outside Waimea College and Waimea Intermediate to make it easier for parents to drop-off/pick-up their children without driving into the school grounds.  

Fodderbeet seed warning

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is cautioning farmers not to plant left-over seed from any of the six lines of fodder beet seed imported last year and known to be contaminated with velvetleaf.

The six contaminated seed lines MPI is warning farmers against using are:

  • Kyros DNK–16UB128
  • Bangor DNK–15UB079
  • Bangor DNK–16UB126
  • Bangor DNK- 16UB114
  • Feldherr DNK–16UB131
  • Troya DNK–16UB112

Velvetleaf is an unwanted organism and under the Biosecurity Act 1993 it is an offence to knowingly plant and grow it.

MPI recommends any new detections of velvetleaf (that have not already been reported to MPI) are phoned through to the MPI hotline 0800 80 99 66.

Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016

At its meeting on Thursday 22 September 2016, the Tasman District Council adopted the Consolidated Bylaw Chapter 10 – Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016. The bylaw comes into force on 28 October 2016. Copies of the bylaw can be viewed on the Council’s website or viewed at any Council office, library, or service centre.

Summer sport codes sport NZ rural travel fund

Are you a Tasman rural based club or do you have rural based players? If so, the Tasman Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund can help meet your travel costs. Sport NZ Travel Fund reduces the barriers for young people (aged 5 – 19 years) taking part in local sports competition by offering grants to subsidise travel costs. The clubs must apply on behalf of players and the next closing date is 31 October.

Application forms and further information is online at or contact Mike Tasman-Jones on Ph. 543 8403 for further information.

Kingsland Forest MTB Track Closure

Two mountain bike tracks in Kingsland Forest are closed during weekdays.

The closure, in place until 26 October, is to allow forest thinning operations to take place. Escalator Climbing Track and Hang Ten Track are both closed above the cellphone tower. Please contact PF Olsen during business hours if you require further information: Ph. 03 544 0066.

We appreciate your help in keeping this area safe, and apologise for any inconvenience.

Wakefield School Gala

Saturday 12 November, 3.00 pm – 6.30 pm

Dine on our fantastic local fare: Mutton or wild pork sandwiches, whitebait patties, real fruit ice-creams, barbeque and burgers, café, desserts, kids food, dairy and gluten-free stall and much more!

Check out our fantastic stalls: Silent auction, plants, produce, books, toys, clothing, white elephant, mystery bags.

Fun for kids of all ages: Inflatables, shooting gallery, digger, tractor rides, horizontal bungee, face painting, haunted house, petting zoo and more!

The Productivity Ninja Masterclass

Do you feel your workload and constant email bombardment has taken over your life?

This one day Masterclass by Graham Allcott, from the UK, will cover some of the key principles from his bestselling book “How to be a Productivity Ninja”.

Event details: Friday 4 November 2016, 9:15 am to 3:30 pm at Trafalgar Pavilion, Trafalgar Park, Nelson. Cost: Students: $85 + GST; Community Sector: $100 + GST; Business Sector: $150 + GST.

Ticket price includes: a light lunch and Graham’s “How to be a Productivity Ninja” book. To register online and for further information go to:

This workshop has been organised by Volunteer Nelson and is a fundraiser for our Youth Volunteer Programme.

Richmond & Districts Information Centre

More volunteers are urgently required to work three hour shifts on a weekly or fortnightly basis at the Information Centre in Gladstone Road. Successful applicants would be required to work with more experienced volunteers initially before being asked to work on their own. Although applicants will preferably have a good knowledge of the local community, this is not necessary, as the Centre has a large database. You should be well presented and enjoy meeting and conversing with visitors from all over New Zealand and the world. The Centre is well appointed with good facilities. If you are interested in this type of work, call in to the Centre or Ph. 03 543 9521 or Sally Symonds Ph. 03 542 3983 (rosters) for further details. Authorised by Keith Chaplin, Volunteer co-ordinator Ph. 547 3116.

Tasman Bay Christian School Garden Gala

Event details: Friday 28 October 2016, 4:30 pm – 8.00 pm at  Tasman Bay Christian School, 6 Williams Road, Tasman.

Children & teens try out the 'Obstacle Challenge & Water Wipeout' – bring your togs & towel! Enjoy eating fantastic food (curries, pig on a spit, desserts & salads) while listening to music & cultural entertainment; 6pm the Twisty-Twinz are on stage. Lots of stalls to supply your garden & Christmas needs. 8.00 pm free outdoor movie (see for movie confirmation) bring your rug and chair. Coffee, cake and popcorn for purchase.

Spooners Tunnel Update

The recent wet weather has slowed up repairs at Spooners Tunnel. The unique requirements of the site means work cannot proceed during or immediately after rain. At this stage, the earliest the tunnel will be open is the first week in November. Thanks must go to Nelson Forests Limited who have taken the opportunity to bring forward harvesting in the area during the tunnel closure period to avoid an additional future closure of the trail, which passes through their forest.

Events for motorcyclists

Friday 18 November – Brittany Morrow

Come along to the Waimea Club from 6pm and hear what Brittany has to say about wearing “All the gear. All the time”. She will tell her story about how an unlocked helmet visor flipped up at speed and dragged her off the back of a friend’s bike in 2005. The helmet saved her life, but a complete lack of protective gear meant that her life changed forever. She has become the Queen of Road Rash – Hot drinks and snacks provided.

Saturday 19 November – Dave Moss

Dave will be at Speights Ale House from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. Dave’s mission is to ensure that every motorcyclist gets the fundamental information needed to understand the basics of their own motorcycle’s suspension. With that information all can begin to understand why setting up a motorcycle chassis and suspension is critical to rider safety for every motorcycle produced. Check out Dave’s website –

No registrations are needed for either event. For further information please contact Krista Ph. 03 543 8551 or

Road closures

The following roads are to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below.

Applicant: Westland Car Club

Location of road closure: Matakitaki Road – 500m before property 933 to 500m past Mailman Creek Bridge

  • Date of road closure: Saturday 3 December, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
  • Date objections close: 5 November 2016

Council Meetings

Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at

Full Council

Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.
Thursday 27 October 2016, 9.30 am. Public forum

Community Development Committee

Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.
Thursday 3 November 2016, 9.30 am. Public forum

Everyone is welcome to attend our public meetings. There is a public seating area where you can observe the meeting, with many of the meetings having a ‘public forum’ providing an opportunity to speak to the meeting if you wish. At the beginning of ordinary meetings up to 30 minutes is set aside for public forum. Each speaker is allocated three minutes. You don’t need to pre-register your intention to speak – just take your turn when invited by the chairperson. These presentations don’t form part of the formal business of the meeting – a brief record will be kept of the matters raised. Any matters requiring further investigation may be referred to staff by the Chairperson.

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