Newsline 388 - 18 November 2016

Friday 18 November 2016

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Using the Library has Never Been Easier 

 Checking out your library books is now easier and faster at Richmond, Motueka and Takaka libraries.

Our new radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging system for books, magazines, CDs and DVDs means people in Richmond and Motueka can now use a self-issue machine to borrow items – and there’s no need to scan them individually as the clever new machines can read the RFID tags simultaneously.

You can also use the self-check machines to view or renew items on your library account. However, library staff are still close at hand to issue your books.

Returns are also more efficient at Richmond, Motueka and Takaka: your items will be immediately logged off your account when you pop them back through the return slot – even if you’re returning them after-hours.

Although the libraries look a bit different, we are still providing the same friendly services and one-on-one help we have always provided. If you need assistance finding your way around the library, or you have any questions just ask one of our friendly staff.

Head to for more information on our libraries.

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Mayor’s Message 

 My wife Jane and I had the privilege of attending a state dinner to celebrate the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

This was an important step in recognising the great relationship between our district and the people of the Netherlands. We have a close relationship with the town Lutjegast in the municipality of Grootegast. There have been visitor exchanges between our community and theirs over the years and there is a close and enduring friendship.

The importance of Tasman District’s connection with the Netherlands results from Dutch explorer, Abel Janszoon Tasman being officially recognised as the first European to ‘discover’ New Zealand.

He and his men anchored near Wainui Inlet to the north of what is now Abel Tasman National Park, on 18 December 1642. It was Abel Tasman who recorded the western coastline of New Zealand and the Cook Straight for the first time. He and his men were also the first Europeans recorded to have met with Māori people. This is hugely significant to New Zealand’s history and it is from Abel Tasman that our district gets its name.

This highlights the importance of recognising our district in the history of New Zealand and it was an honour to represent our community when we met the King and Queen of the Netherlands.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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In case you missed it... 

 Catch up on what we’ve been up to with our round-up of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Community Development Committee 3 November 2016

Agreed in principle to entrust management of the Golden Bay Community Recreation Facility to the Golden Bay Shared Recreational Facility Committee once the centre opens. See page 3 for more.

Appointed councillors as liaison representatives on a range of community associations and groups. See page 4 for the full list.

Heard that staff have begun a review of our Aged Care Policy, and will ensure our policies and initiatives are aligned with that of
Nelson City Council.

Engineering Services Committee 10 November 2016

Staff highlighted that growth in residential development in the District over the past several years has been higher than anticipated, leading to a shortage of serviced land for development.

Received an update on the minor roading improvements planned for the coming year. Close to $1 million will be spent to complete 24 projects throughout the District – the projects include improvements such as intersection upgrades, pedestrian refuges and school safety signage.

Full Council 10 November 2016

Mayor Richard Kempthorne informed councillors that he has been appointed chairman of Local Government NZ (LGNZ) Zone 5. Zone 5 includes councils from Timaru and Westland District north to the top of the South Island.

Chief executive Lindsay McKenzie told councillors the current capital budget for 2016/17 was $57.921 million, but would be reviewed through the Annual Plan process.

The councillors received the first Health and Safety Indicators and Monitoring Report for the new term. The report explained systems for identifying risk, monitoring events and corrective actions, as well as any audits and staff training completed. The Council holds Tertiary accreditation level for the ACC Workplace Safety Management Programme.

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Community-based Committee to Run Golden Bay’s New Recreation Facility 

The community group that has been the driving force behind Golden Bay’s new Community Recreation Facility is likely to take over managing and operating the facility when it opens to the public.

We have agreed in principle to entrust the facility’s ongoing management to the Golden Bay Shared Recreational Facility Committee, made up of representatives of user groups.

Community Development Committee chairman Cr Peter Canton said there were many benefits to local groups managing community facilities on the Council’s behalf.

“Local people have a wealth of knowledge about the community’s needs to bring to the task, and we also find that community support and buy-in for facilities is greater when it is locally managed and operated. Ratepayers across the District also benefit from the lower cost of this arrangement compared to contracting an external provider.”

 Cr Canton said the facility committee would hire a manager, who would report to a board that included Council representatives and at least one member of the Golden Bay Recreation Park Management Committee.

The facility committee is also planning on establishing a user council, made up of 12 representatives of the 25 main user groups of the new centre and the recreation park.

The Golden Bay Community Recreation Facility is currently under construction, and is expected to be largely complete by December.

We hope to be able to gain a certificate of public use for the building in time for it to be used for the A&P Show in January.

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Recycle your household batteries 

It is now possible to recycle many types of household batteries in Tasman – simply take them to your local resource recovery centre in a plastic bag.

Lead, mercury and cadmium, which are found in some batteries, can be harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. To reduce this risk, you can now recycle the following types of household battery:

Button cell batteries: Check the packaging – recyclable types are those containing mercuric oxide, zinc air, silver oxide and lithium

Rechargeable batteries: Check the packaging – recyclable types are those containing nickel cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium.

Batteries that cannot be recycled include standard non-rechargeable household batteries such as AA, AAA, C and so on. These batteries contain zinc carbon, zinc chloride or alkaline manganese, which are safe to dispose of in your household rubbish.

Where can I recycle batteries?

You can take recyclable batteries to any Tasman Resource Recovery Centre.

  • Richmond – 14 Fittal Street
  • Murchison – 41 Matakitaki West Bank Road
  • Motueka – Robinson Road, Mariri
  • Takaka – 45 Scott Road
  • Collingwood – 93 Bainham-Collingwood Road

For opening hours see our website,

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Councillors to Liaise with Community Groups 

Tasman District councillors serve as a point of liaison with a wide range of community groups and associations. The newly-elected Council will carry on this tradition, which helps ensure close links between the Council and the community.

Councillors have been appointed as liaison representatives to the following community groups:

Contact details for councillors and community board members are listed on our website:

Moutere/Waimea Ward


Brightwater Recreation Reserve Committee       

Dovedale Recreation Reserve Committee             Cr McNamara

Spring Grove Recreation Reserve Committee       Cr McNamara

Moutere Hills Recreation Reserve/Community Centre Committee        

Waimea West Recreation Reserve Committee

Ngatimoti Hall Management Committee

Wakefield Recreation Reserve Management Committee

Ngatimoti Recreation Reserve Committee

Equestrian Trust Board

Wakefield Health Centre Board

Mapua Health Centre Board

Pinegrove Trust

Cr King

Cr McNamara

Cr McNamara

Cr Turley

Cr King

Cr McNamara

Cr King

Cr McNamara

Cr Maling

Cr Bryant

Cr Turley

Cr King

Richmond Ward


Hope Recreation Reserve Committee

Keep Richmond Beautiful Committee

Richmond Bridge and Croquet Club Committee

Richmond Unlimited Committee

Saxton Velodrome Working Party

Digital Enablement Plan Steering Group

Cr Maling

Cr Tuffnell

Cr Greening

Cr Tuffnell

Cr Wensley

Cr Wensley

 Lakes/Murchison Ward


Murchison Recreation Reserve Committee

Stanley Brook Recreation Reserve Committee Cr Bryant

Tapawera Recreation Reserve Committee Cr Bryant

Lake Rotoiti Community Facility Committee Cr Bryant

Cr Bryant

Cr Bryant

Cr Bryant

Cr Bryant


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Help Us Prioritise Motueka Projects 

Calling all Motueka residents – your Community Board wants to know which local projects you would like to see happen this year.

The board has $47,570 to allocate towards special projects each year – this money comes from the community board targeted rate paid by all Motueka ratepayers.

The Board has identified several possible projects it could fund in 2016/2017, and needs your help to prioritise them – head to to rank the projects.

Proposed Motueka Special Projects

  1. Saltwater Baths flood gate: Fund 50% of the cost (up to $10,000) of replacing the flood gate to meet new safety standards.
  2. High Street security cameras (subject to agreement with Our Town Motueka): Allocate $5000 to upgrade Motueka’s security camera network, including two new cameras to cover recognised black spots in the current coverage. Also investigate two mobile cameras that can be relocated to perceived trouble spots.
  3. Motueka and Districts Museum: Pay 50% of the cost (approximately $10,000 of $20,000 total) to install environmental control to protect the collections and artefacts in the two main rooms of the museum.
  4. Welcome to Motueka sign: Install a welcome sign at the Motueka Airport (College Street), identical to the one near the roundabout at a cost of $10,000.
  5. Kerb and channel Old Wharf Road: Install kerb and channel along approximately 100 metres of the northern side of Old Wharf Road from Thorp Street towards Motueka Quay.
  6. Wallace Street footpath: Build a footpath on the northern side of Wallace Street from the existing path at the bus shelter alongside Kiyosato Gardens to Wilkinson Street. Cost approximately $10,000.
  7. Courtney Street path: build a path on the southern side of Courtney Street from the entrance to the Jack Inglis Memorial Hospital to High Street.
  8. Newhaven Reserve (Marahau) play equipment: Provide for children’s play equipment on the Newhaven Reserve.
  9. Marahau Beach entranceway enhancement: Provide $5000 towards enhancement of the entranceway at the northern end of Marahau Beach (opposite the outdoor education centre) including coastal planting.
  10. Litter cart (currently outside the funding policy criteria): Provide a litter service, in partnership with Our Town Motueka, for central Motueka including Memorial Park, Decks Reserve and Thorps Bush for $4000.
  11. Drinking bottle fill point: Install a water fountain on High Street for $5000.
  12. Motueka Historic Wharf redevelopment: Spend $5000 on enhancing the historic wharf, working with Keep Motueka Beautiful.

To complete the survey and have your say: Visit

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Chlorine-reduction System Proves Successful at Richmond Aquatic Centre 

A trial water treatment system to reduce the smell of chlorine at the Richmond Aquatic Centre has proven successful in the lane pool, and may be extended to other pools at the facility.

We have been trialling an Austrian-developed system called Wapotec as an alternative to chlorine treatment, and have had great responses to the change. Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones explains: “Aquatic Centre staff have received some really positive feedback, with people noticing a big reduction in the smell of chlorine at the pool as well as on their skin and togs, silkier, clearer water and fewer issues with skin irritation.”

The new system has allowed the Aquatic Centre to more than halve the amount of chlorine used in the lane pool.

Mike says the success of the trial means the Council will now consider rolling out Wapotec treatment to the other pools at the Aquatic Centre over time.

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Public Notices 

Event for Motorcyclists

Saturday 19 November – Dave Moss

Dave will be at Speights Ale House from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. Dave’s mission is to ensure that every motorcyclist gets the fundamental information needed to understand the basics of their own motorcycle’s suspension. With that information all can begin to understand why setting up a motorcycle chassis and suspension is critical to rider safety for every motorcycle produced. Check out Dave’s website –

No registrations are needed. For further information please contact
Krista Ph. 03 543 8551 or

Free dog Microchipping

We’re offering free microchipping for all dogs registered in Tasman District. Microchipping is a legal requirement for most dogs and is the best way to reunite lost, injured or stolen pets with their owners.

When and where:


Each Friday morning (unless arranged otherwise)

Richmond Dog Pound, 121 Beach Road. For appointment Ph. 03 543 7012


26 November 9.00 am – 10.30 am

Council Service Centre, Hickmott Place

Golden Bay

26 November 11.45 am – 1.30 pm

Golden Bay Recreation Park


3 December 9.00 am – 10.00 am

Recreation Reserve, Matai Street


3 December 11.00 am – 12.00 am

Carpark behind the Library


10 December 8.00 am – 10.00 am

Richmond Dog Pound, 121 Beach Road

Consultation open on Easter Sunday trading

The Tasman District and Nelson City councils are seeking community feedback on whether to allow Easter Sunday trading in the region. Fill out the survey at to have your say. The initial consultation period runs until 17 November.

River weed control season starting 2016/17

To control woody weeds and riparian pest plants growing along our rivers, we operate a spraying programme November to April.

We target broom, gorse, buddleia and wilding willows that, if left, will block river channels over time. Due to regular spraying since 2012 there are only relatively small areas within flood channels to control this season, so efforts will be focused on controlling pest vines in selected riparian areas (species such as old man’s beard and chocolate vine).

Areas to be targeted for this work include the Waimea and Wai-iti Rivers, the Sherry and Motupiko Rivers in the upper Motueka catchment, and the Lower Motueka near the township. Techniques will include backpack spraying, motorised pressure sprayers and cutting and painting as appropriate. If a river adjoining your property is to be sprayed, a contractor will contact you.

Sundial Sounds

Need a break from your Christmas shopping or want to simply hang out in the sun and listen to great music? Then head down to Sundial Square and listen to the George FM DJ. The bean bags will be out, so bring a picnic and relax on the grass. Alcohol-free event.

Event details:

  • Thursday 1 December 4:30 – 6:30 pm and
    Thursday 8 December 4:30 – 6:30 pm

Intention to prepare management plan for Motueka Ward Reserves

You are invited under s.41(5) Reserves Act 1977 to send written suggestions to Tasman District Council on the proposal to prepare a management plan for Council-administered reserves within the Motueka Ward. Written suggestions need to be lodged with Council (c/- Strategic Policy) by 28 February 2017. Information about the reserves is available online at:

A new Golden Bay photo history

A new Golden Bay photo-history, the fourth to be published by River Press for the Bainham Reunion Committee, is a 192-page book of black and white photographs covering the Takaka Valley from Waitapu and Waikoropupu to Upper Takaka and Waitui. Shipping, sawmilling, farming and marble quarries are featured alongside homes, schools and businesses in a series of images chosen to portray the varied lifestyles of those who lived in the valley from the 1860s to the 1950s.

The book will be launched by Damien O’Connor, MP for West Coast-Tasman at 2pm on 4 December 2016 at the East Takaka Hall.

Author Carol Dawber will be available to sign books. Light refreshments. Everyone welcome.

Salisbury Road parking changes

A ban on parking vehicles for sale on Salisbury Road came into force on 1 November. There are also new short-term parking spaces (2 minutes) outside Waimea College and Waimea Intermediate to make it easier for parents to drop-off/pick-up their children without driving into the school grounds.

Closure – Moturoa/Rabbit Island and Rough Island

To allow harvesting operations to take place, the following closures and notices are in effect on Rough Island.

  • Traverse Walking Track and Heath Road East closed until 19 December 2016
  • Tic Toc Road, Ken Beck Drive and Tasman's Great Taste Trail subject to occasional traffic control
  • Kingsland Road, Clark Road, Heath Road West remain open.

Alternative routes and access to the Mapua Ferry are still available via Tasman’s Great Taste Trail and Cooper Road. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Visit for more information and a map of closed areas.

Neighbourhood Support Waimea

Neighbourhood Support Waimea is a charity set up as a partner to the NZ Police to foster safe and friendly neighbourhoods in the Richmond-Waimea area (from Saxton Field to Wakefield) and is urgently seeking the help of a volunteer in fund-raising. The role needs someone with the ability to interpret financial records, complete application and accountability forms and to meet with potential sponsors. Full support and training will be available. If you can help, please contact Chairperson Glenys Della Bosca Ph. 03 544 5756 (W), 03 544 6210 (H) or 021 176 0495.

Second Hand Sunday returns

Second Hand Sunday is returning for the final time in 2016 – it’s a chance to clear out some clutter before Christmas or grab a treasure or two.

What is Second Hand Sunday?

People taking part in Second Hand Sunday leave unwanted items on their driveway for others to take away for free. Goods can include anything from old furniture, books, clothing or leftover bits and pieces from building projects. We ask you not to put out food or dangerous goods such as faulty electrical equipment, chemicals or firearms.

When: Sunday 11 December 2016, 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.

How do I participate?

To offer items, complete a registration form online before 9.00 am on Thursday 8 December. Visit and use the search phrase “second hand sunday”. Alternatively, register at one of our Council service centres. On the day, put your items out on your driveway or front lawn and attach the downloadable poster (also available at Council service centres) to your letterbox so people can easily identify your address. Responsible removal of any uncollected items is required at the end of the day.

To collect items, find a list of the households offering free stuff on our website from midday on Friday 9 December.

Resource Consents

The Council has received applications for resource consent, which have been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The applications and supporting information may be examined at any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the applications in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note that the following is an abridged advisory notice only.

  • Applicant: Overview Limited
  • Location: 136 Mapua Drive, Mapua
  • Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal:
    • Application RM160482 – land use consent to construct and operate commercial storage buildings in the Rural 1 / Deferred Residential Zone.
    • Application RM160957 – stormwater discharge consent.
    • Application RM160958 – land use consent for earthworks on land described in the Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL).
  • Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Wednesday 30 November 2016


Road closures

The following roads are to be closed to ordinary vehicles for the periods and times indicated below.

  • Applicant: Westland Car Club
  • Location of road closure: Matakitaki Road – 500m before property 933 to 500m past Mailman Creek Bridge
  • Date of road closure: Saturday 3 December, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

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Online Game Offers Serious Lessons About Water Stewardship 

Students from six Tasman schools have been learning about the complexities of sustainable water management through the educational online gaming competition Aqua Republica.

The players of Aqua Republica become the managers of the virtual New Zealand catchment of Awapikopiko, complete with a population, economy and social factors, all requiring water.

While the world of Aqua Republica is fictitious, the challenges of sustainable water resource management are based on real life scenarios. The game aims to promote sustainable water resources management by engaging inquiring minds in the complex issues related to environment and ecosystems. AquaRepublic is run by DHI, a company specialising in water environments, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Mapua School students Luis Schneider and MacGregor Jones achieved the highest Aqua Republica scores in the District in the recent national Aqua Republica challenge, and were rewarded for their careful water stewardship with a rafting trip on the Buller River, courtesy of Murchison’s Ultimate Descents. Rose Jowsey, DHI-UNEP Partnership Centre on Water and Environment, says, “Fostering water stewardship is instrumental in protecting our beautiful and plentiful waterways in Aotearoa.

"If we are to help mitigate adverse environmental issues such as maintaining optimum water quality, and balancing rising water demands with limited water supply, we must begin to build this knowledge into our next generation through environmental education. New technologies can help us with this and it is very exciting to see the enthusiasm of our Kiwi kids who have begun embracing our serious game for water management.”

Although the game is normally limited access, schools in the region have been offered free use until April.

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Get your Summer Event Licence Sorted 

Are you planning a one-off summer event that includes the sale of alcohol? If so, you will need to apply for a special licence.

A special licence will allow you to sell alcohol at a one-off occasion or event, such as a food and wine festival or a quiz night. Licensed premises can also apply for a one-off extension to their hours or area for a special occasion or event.

If your event will be held between 20 December 2016 and 7 February 2017, you need to apply for your special licence by 22 November 2016.

You can find out more about special licences and download an application form at