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Queen Street Upgrade starts again on 7 February 

Work to complete the remaining underground infrastructure upgrades and streetscaping on Richmond’s Queen Street begins on 7 February.

The project is an extensive replacement and upgrade of the ageing and undersized water and stormwater pipes that serve central Richmond, combined with street reprofiling to improve flood resilience. It was always scheduled to continue into 2018 after a break for the summer retail season. The scheduled completion date is the end of May 2018.

The work this year will kick off with the replacement of the remaining undersized stormwater pipe up through the Salisbury Road roundabout. At the same time, Stage 4 construction works will begin from just past Sundial Square up to the Richmond Night 'n Day dairy – the remaining underground pipes will be replaced and the street surface rebuilt to the new, flood-minimising design.

Street remains open

Queen Street will remain open for business! Pedestrian access to shops will be open at all times during the day, and at least one footpath will always be accessible at night. There’s heaps of off-street parking as well as on-street parking in the areas not under construction. Please continue to support our local businesses through the remaining works.

Vehicle access and road closures

The area from just past Sundial Square up to the Richmond Night 'n Day will be closed to traffic. There will also be partial road closures on different parts of the street from the dairy up to Salisbury Road as the stormwater and water pipe replacement work progresses. Please take care in the area and follow the instructions of traffic management staff.

Remember – there’s a permanent 30kmh speed limit on Queen Street. Find more details and a map on our website

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Mayor's Message 

We live in a wonderful and vibrant community, with a beautiful environment we can all enjoy.

Our regional economy is performing very well by New Zealand standards and has done for some time. We should recognise the basis of our very healthy economy sits with horticulture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture, pastoral farming and tourism.

Our community and our district is an important part of the Top of the South community. One of the vital things for all of us is working collaboratively across the Top of the South. This includes Tasman District, Nelson City and Marlborough District. We are currently preparing a draft Long Term Plan including the expected programme of work for our district for the next 10 years. We will be preparing a consultation document where we will highlight the significant issues that we face. This has followed early engagement throughout the district and we have incorporated the feedback received. As you can imagine, the three Top of the South councils have some similar issues which are key for their communities. Some needs are similar and some are very different. Part of our balancing act is making sure we work together as much as we can to achieve the best outcomes for you, the residents and ratepayers in our district.

Thank you for engaging with us when we ask for your feedback. This is absolutely critical for us to develop our plans and a programme that serve the best interests of our whole district and regional community.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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Pest watch – help us eradicate Bomarea 

bomarea 200pxBomarea (Bomarea multiflora) invades remnant forests and shrublands. Its vines grow into the tree canopy to form large masses, smothering the supporting trees and preventing the establishment of native species.

With its seeds spread by birds, Bomarea can quickly cover large areas of forest and is similar to the Old Man’s Beard and Banana Passionfruit vines. Once it is established it is much more difficult and labour intensive to control.

Native to Colombia and Ecuador, it is an invasive plant species in New Zealand and cannot be distributed or sold here.

Spray programme

Kingsland forest is the only known area in the region where bomarea is tuberous – meaning the vine has taken root.

Kingsland Forest will be closed to the public for one day in February for herbicide spraying to control Bomarea, weather permitting. Keep an eye out for signage with the exact date.

You can help us to control Bomarea

If you see any new growth of Bomarea after the spraying operation has been completed, please report your sighting to the biosecurity team on 543 8400.

It is easily identifiable by its brightly coloured trumpet-shaped flowers, orange on the outside and yellow with red spots on the inside.

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Tasman’s rural water schemes 

Despite the recent rain, we are in the middle of a relatively dry summer and that not only brings sunny days it also puts our rural water schemes under greater pressure.

Higher than usual water use on these schemes increases the risk of shortages, as recently experienced in Dovedale.

On the Dovedale, Redwood Valley or 88 Valley water scheme?

To assist us manage, and work with water users on, these schemes – Dovedale, Redwood Valley and 88 Valley – we ask people in these areas to provide us with your full name, home address, email address and cell phone details to

The contacts will be used when we become aware of a significant break in the network, to email and/or text you advising of any issues around shortages, dirty water or other issues.

Everyone on the rural water supply scheme should always look to conserve water, and report leaks and outages as soon as these are identified. Under dry summer conditions the water supply infrastructure is at its most vulnerable. Not only does the system struggle to supply the full quantity of water, but the quality of the water is also affected, particularly following a break in the pipeline.

We are investigating options to improve the quality of water, however, it is not currently possible to totally eliminate the fine silts from the system which affect the clarity of the water at times. However, you can help us improve the quality of water from your storage tanks by undertaking the following measures:

Ensure you have enough water storage. This not only ensures you will have adequate water during an interruption to service, but larger storage capacity allows silt in the water to settle out better before it is drawn from your tank(s).

Periodically flush out your tanks(s) to clean out any silt that has accumulated in the bottom. It is recommended that this is done in winter when there is less stress on the water supply system and your tank will fill quicker.

All access points to the tank (overflow and lids) should be checked to make sure that they are secure and cannot allow rainwater or vermin to enter the tank.

Illegal connections

In recent years we have stepped up our investigation of illegal connections and tampering with restrictors on the scheme, and have been surprised at the numbers we have found. No-one should have a connection directly off the scheme; the supply has to be provided through a Council-installed restricted connection. Every time someone makes an illegal connection, they increase the risk of contamination for other users and reduce the pressure and flow in the main pipe (meaning neighbours get less water). If you have, or suspect an illegal connection on your property, please let us know and we can remove it for you.

If you have any questions relating to any of the above, please call the Council on 03 543 8400.

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Waimea Community Dam update 

The Council is deliberating on what they read and heard from the public during the consultation process on the governance and funding options for the proposed Waimea Community Dam.

The deliberation meeting is a Full Council meeting and will be held in the Council Chamber on 1 and 2 February. The public are welcome to observe.

Councillors will consider the information available to them; the points raised by submitters, expert advice, advice from staff, and then weigh up the arguments for and against the proposal.

A panel of technical and legal advisors will be present at the deliberations to provide clarification on points raised in submissions, and to answer any questions Councillors may have.

Following the deliberations Councillors will provide staff with direction to prepare for their decision-making at a meeting of the Full Council on 22 February 2018.

That meeting is the next step in the process for the proposed dam decision. Either the Proposals will be formally adopted, modified or not proceeded with.

It is not a final decision point on the proposed Dam. That decision is expected to be made at the end of May 2018 when information on the other related Dam workstreams should be available (see adjoining graphic). For these reasons, together with previous consultation and decisions made by Council, the recent consultation was limited to options for the Governance and Funding arrangements by the Council for the proposed dam and not on a full range of alternative water augmentation solutions. 

We received 1513 submissions. Of those, 882 submitters included responses to the questions asked, with the balance of submitters completing pro-forma submissions or written commentary only.

More information is on our website at

Waimea Community Dam Pieces of work

Several elements must be confirmed before a final decision to proceed to build the Waimea Community Dam can be made. The graphic shows the different pieces that must fall into place.

  1. 01. Tasman District Council finalises decisions on Waimea Community Dam Statement of Proposal – governance and Council funding, including Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL) credit support.
  2. 02. Outcome of the early contractor involvement process – i.e. a firm construction price.
  3. 03. Successful capital raising by irrigators (WIL) with a minimum of 3000 hectares subscribed. WIL Product Disclosure Statement and confirmation of their funding contribution.
  4. 04. Nelson City Council confirming a funding contribution of c. $5m.
  5. 05. Finalisation of the acquisition of land and access for dam.
  6. 06. Finalisation of the project agreements and contractual arrangements on terms acceptable to all parties.
  7. 07. Due diligence and confirmation of Central Government funding support, including from CIIL and Ministry for the Environment.
  8. 08. Dam project and funding, included in Council’s Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028.

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Golden Bay Community Board By-Election – It’s time to vote 

Eligible Golden Bay Ward voters will be able to cast their votes in the 2018 Golden Bay Community Board By-election until Saturday 17 February.

Voting papers have been mailed to all registered voters.

People who have not received their papers by 31 January should contact Sandra Hartley, Electoral Officer on 03 543 8554 or 03 525 0020.

Voting documents must be received by the Electoral Officer by 12 noon on Saturday 17 February 2018. This is a postal vote, but votes will be accepted in the ballot boxes at offices in Richmond and Takaka up until the close of voting.

Special voting facilities will be available:

Richmond office

  • Friday 26 January to Friday 16 February, Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm,
  • Saturday 17 February, 9.00 am to 12 noon;

Takaka office

  • Tuesday 13 February, 9.00 am to 12 noon,
  • Friday 16 February, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm,
  • Saturday 17 February 2018, 9.00 am to 12 noon

If you require special voting documents, they can be posted out to you by telephoning the Electoral Officer on 03 543 8554 or 03 525 0020.

The Golden Community Board By-election will use the First Past the Post Voting System to elect one member. Voters are required to put a tick alongside the candidate they wish to vote for. The voting papers will have clear instructions on how to vote.

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Newsline Updates 

School's back

Over the next week children and their families will once again be walking and cycling to and from school – for some this will be their first experience of this journey. Please slow down around and near schools.

For drivers: please remember the speed limit past a stationary school bus is 20kmh, regardless of which side of the road you are on.

Look out for the school crossing patrols and also other pedestrian crossings.

For children: a bike helmet is a must every time on a bike; buckle up in the car every time and if they are under seven years old they have to be in a properly fitted child restraint.

On the Dovedale, Redwood Valley or 88 Valley water scheme?

To assist us manage, and work with water users on, these schemes – Dovedale, Redwood Valley and 88 Valley – we ask people in these areas to provide us with your full name, home address, email address and cell phone details to

Stay safe on the water

It’s going to be a great summer for heading out on the water. Harbourmaster Dan Cairney will be out and about offering advice and help to anyone who needs it – stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

As well as arming yourself with information about the rules of the sea, it’s a really good idea to take heed of local knowledge about the area you’re heading into. You can find a wealth of advice and information on our website – head to

Upcoming maritime events

Temporary reservations and speed limit uplifting for maritime events.

Pursuant to provisions of the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2015, the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster has (or may soon) grant authorisations for the following known events during the upcoming holiday period.

Date: 9 – 10 February
Location: Lake Rotoiti
TBA Lake Rotoiti Power Boat Regatta
TBA Lake Rotoiti Classic Boat Show

Due to Navigation Safety requirements, water users not involved in these events may be excluded from defined areas during these activities. Notices will be placed at nearby access points during these events.

Further details for these and any new events may be viewed at

Proposed Richmond and Motueka Town Centre parking strategy

We want to know how you think we should manage town centre parking in Richmond and Motueka for the next decade or so. Our proposed plan to meet these objectives includes a range of options for the short, medium and long-term. The short-term plan includes measures such as introducing seasonal time restrictions, changing the layout of existing public car parks for maximum efficiency, improving enforcement, prioritising parking for carpoolers, improving walking and cycling networks and investing in public transport – amongst other things.

Regional Land Transport Plan Review

Also open for consultation is the Regional Land Transport Plan, which is reviewed every three years.

Hard copies are also available at our Richmond/Motueka offices and libraries.

Forms are available at our Richmond/Motueka offices and libraries.

Via post: Submissions to Draft Parking Strategy, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.
Email: to

The Waimea Inlet Plan out for feedback

In 2010, the Waimea Inlet Management Strategy was produced. To build on the Strategy, and the good work already underway, the Coordination Group has created an Action Plan for the Inlet.

The Waimea Inlet Coordination Group (made up of representatives from a range of organisations and groups) is now seeking your feedback on their draft Action Plan:

Send your feedback to Anna Gerraty by 9 March 2018.

Motueka Aerodrome Management Plan review

The Motueka Aerodrome Management Plan, which was first adopted in 2011, has undergone a complete review. The draft management plan 2017 and its partnering development plan are now available for comment.

The consultation period closes on 7 February 2018.

Copies of both plans are available either online at or at the Motueka Library and Council offices in Motueka and Richmond.

Submissions can be made online at or by writing to:
Mark Johannsen,, Property Services Manager, Tasman District Council, 189 Queen St, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050.

Go By Bike Day

Wednesday 14 February, 7.30 – 9.00 am.
Join us for a free breakfast and celebrate with other cyclists – giveaways, entertainment, great food and coffee.

  • Richmond: Sundial Square, Croucher Street
  • Takaka: Quiet Revolution, Commercial Street
  • Motueka: Motueka Museum, High Street

Sounds of Summer

Summer vibes and great tunes! Friday 9 February, 4.30 – 7.00 pm at 140 High Street Motueka (courtyard out the front of the Motueka Museum). Alcohol-free event.

Road Closure

Event: National Advanced Drivers School – Defensive Driving Course

  • Date: Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March 2018
  • Time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm each day
  • Location: Full length of Marchwood Park Road, Motueka
  • Date objections close: Monday 26 February

How to make an objection: If you would like to object, just write to us. Please include the applicant name and the date of the event and your reasons for objecting.

189 Queen Street, Private Bag 4, Richmond, Nelson 7050
Phone 03 543 8400 Email:

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Write Choices 

Holiday hours

All our libraries will be closed on Tuesday 6 February for Waitangi Day holiday. Remember to stock up on holiday reading and watching at your local library. And if you can’t make it to the library, check out our library e-books and e-audio, available 24/7. Search the catalogue for authors or titles and download directly. Or visit the e-library page and browse each of our 3 e-book sites to find new and interesting e-reads. All you need is your library card and PIN.

Abundant harvest at Richmond Library

For many of us, new year is the time we re-visit old habits and resolve to make a fresh start with eating more healthily. Get on track with some new approaches to preparing (and eating) foods at Richmond Library’s Abundant Harvest workshop series. Learn how to make mozzarella, check out making smoothies and juices or explore sauerkraut and kefir and open the door to the world of fermented foods. These and more workshops are all delivered by local food experts. Numbers are limited. To register your interest phone 543 8500 or call into Richmond Library. Abundant Harvest workshops run throughout February. Koha at each workshop would be appreciated.

And while you’re in the library check out our extensive range of cookery books.

Emilia’s Colours book launch

Local author Ali Beasley wrote Emilia’s Colours, The Gift of Autism to raise awareness and understanding of the invisible disability of autism.

“My daughter Emilia is autistic. Autistic kids challenge you to parent in a different way, and to be brave and strong and gentle and wise”, says Ali. “To move to a place of acceptance has been one of the hardest journeys for me as a parent. I hope my book will support other families in a similar position.”

Join Ali in launching her book at Richmond Library at 5.30 pm on Thursday 22 February. Copies of Emilia’s Colours will be available to buy at $23.95 each. Cash sales only.

Library customer survey

Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in our library customer survey. We’ve been stoked with the level of response and the time so many of you took to write down your thoughts and ideas. It’s gratifying to know how much you love your library, the things you particularly value and the things you’d like us to change or improve on. You’ve provided us with lots of ideas and some challenges.

Right now we’re collating and analysing the surveys. Then we’ll be looking at how we can best use the ideas and suggestions you’ve given us.

Critical Point book launch

Many of you enjoyed reading local author Geoff Waring’s first book 'The Deer Keeper'. Now Geoff is back with his second novel 'Critical Point'. Set in 1980s Africa, Critical Point takes you on a ride into the covert world of sanction busting, weapons shipments and diamond smuggling. Geoff is launching 'Critical Point' at Richmond Library at 5.00pm on Thursday 1 March. Light refreshments will be provided. Copies of 'Critical Point' will be available for purchase.

Tiny Tots is back

Our popular Tiny Tots sessions return with the new school term. With stories, songs, rhymes and movement, Tiny Tots provides a great opportunity to begin your child’s reading journey. Tiny Tots sessions are for children aged 0 – 2 with their caregivers and run at Richmond (Tuesday 10.00 –10.30 am), Motueka (Friday 10.00 –10.30 am) and Takaka (Tuesday 10.00 –10.30 am) during term time.

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