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Get involved in Tasman’s future 

We need your input. At the moment we’re consulting on the Long Term Plan for 2018 – 2028.
It will determine what we do, how much we spend, and where our priorities lie looking ahead for the next decade.

The budgets are tight. There is a lot of essential infrastructure work needed to support our growing population. Recent storms have hurt our communities and created new priorities.

We can add projects to the Long Term Plan, but we may need to cut other things out – or else rates and Council debt will rise beyond what is affordable or sensible.

This is your community and our decisions are better when you're involved in them. Do you think we have the balance of priorities right?

Have your say

Take the opportunity to help shape the future of the place we live. Head to our website to find out more and make a submission, or pop in to one of our offices
or libraries.

What’s the plan for my neck of the woods?

You can find an overview of the significant projects planned for each of Tasman’s main towns and settlements at

Reports and maps outline the projects that aim to address anticipated growth, improve services, and make sure public assets are maintained and fit for purpose.

Consultation closes on Thursday 5 April 2018. Visit

Consultation meetings

All these meetings are open to the public. There will be a presentation followed by the opportunity to ask questions and chat about the plans.

Date (2018)MeetingVenueTime

Sunday 18 March

Motueka Market

Motueka Market, Decks Reserve Carpark

8.00 am – 12.00 pm

Monday 19 March

Wakefield Community Council

St John Centre, Edward Street, Wakefield

7.30 pm

Tuesday 20 March

Motueka Community Board

Motueka Service Centre, Hickmott Place

2.00 pm

Tuesday 20 March

Moutere Hills Residents Assn

Moutere Hills Community Centre, Moutere Highway

7.00 pm

Tuesday 20 March

Tapawera & Districts Community Council

Tapawera Community Centre, Main Road Tapawera

8.00 pm

Wednesday 28 March

Tasman Area Community Association

Tasman School, Aporo Road

7.30 pm

Tuesday 3 April

Marahau/Sandy Bay Ratepayers & Residents Assn Inc

Marahau Fire Station/ Community Hall, Marahau Valley Road

4.00 pm

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Mayor's Message 

I am very aware that Cyclone Fehi, followed by Cyclone Gita have had a severe impact on many members of our community.

This includes private property owners and businesses in many parts of the district. While we can’t fix everything, we want to do anything we can to help those that have been affected by these events.

I have met with several government Ministers and asked them to consider economic support that may be available for our business and property owners that have been most seriously impacted by these recent weather events.

Councillors, council staff, contractors and the Civil Defence Emergency Management team have moved from the initial response to the recovery phase of this event, helping our communities recover from the effects of Cyclones Fehi and Gita. I am personally aware of many individuals who have made a huge contribution to help others and I know that there will be a lot more that I am not aware of. Thank you to all of you. I am amazed by the efforts of everyone who has worked so hard on top of their regular jobs and commitments to help our community.

There is a lot of work to be done to recover from these events and some of it will take a considerable amount of time. However, can I encourage you if you have needs to reach out for help and, if you can, assist people to do so.

I am proud to be the Mayor of such a resilient community, where people so diligently look out for and help one another.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

The Queen Street bus stop has moved

Due to difficulty turning, NBus services will not stop on Queen Street until the remaining Queen Street Upgrade works are complete. In the meantime, the bus stop has moved to Talbot Street, near Pak'nSave.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Once the upgrade is complete, a permanent bus stop will return to Queen Street, and will be positioned outside the Police Station.

Bus Stop Change - now on Talbot Street

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Options investigated for damaged McKee Campground 

We are investigating the options for dealing with damaged infrastructure in the McKee Memorial Recreation Reserve following ex-Cyclone Fehi.

The popular campground was closed following the storm on 1 February, which flooded the reserve and further damaged its struggling sewerage system. Since then, our staff have been assessing the damage and the best way to deal with ongoing stormwater and sewerage challenges in the low-lying site.

Water has taken a long time to drain away, but the site is now drying out. We plan to begin clearing debris and tidying up the site over the next few weeks, with the hope of being able to open it for limited public use once the area is safe.

Community Development Committee chairman Peter Canton says the campground is a much-loved community asset, offering a cheap, back-to-basics camping experience.

“We’re very aware that families from throughout our district have close ties to the reserve, and happy memories of family holidays stretching back many years.

“Unfortunately the infrastructure there has been under pressure for awhile, and the storm inundation from ex-Cyclone Fehi completely overwhelmed it. The sewerage and stormwater challenges are not simple, and probably aren’t going to be cheap to resolve.

“However, we hope to open parts of the reserve to the public while we work through the options for McKee’s long-term future.”

Council staff will present a report to the Community Development Committee on 12 April, with options and costs for the infrastructure repairs, and options for its future.

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Cyclones Fehi and Gita update 

Support and Assistance

We know many people in the community have been affected by the recent storms. Like you, we have been busy dealing with the aftermath, cleaning up and restoring services. We know it can be overwhelming when your home and business is affected, so we want you to know you are not alone.

Council staff have helped conduct more than 700 visits to affected residents and we are still working directly with 150 families. Our contractors have helped clear most local roads as well as debris from culverts and bridges.

Assistance for those in need

We have established a dedicated group to work as 'navigators' with residents facing extreme need following Gita. Their role is to liaise with the different agencies and services who can help.

The navigator model was successfully used in Kaikoura following the 2016 earthquakes.

Other assistance

The Council is providing a means of removing the silt and other flood debris from residential properties affected by Cyclone Gita free of charge.

The booking of the removal will be facilitated by Motueka Community Board member Barry Dowler on behalf of the Council. Property owners who wish to use this service can start the process by ringing the Council on 03 543 8400.

Barry will call, or visit, the landowner shortly after to assess the silt and vegetation debris and arrange a time for removal by contractors.

For the load to be accepted it must only contain silt and vegetation debris from the flood within 8 metres of the dwelling. No household rubbish or other material will be accepted. You will have make your own arrangements for removal of this debris.

Rates Relief

The Council has a policy allowing it to consider rates remissions for properties severely affected by a natural disaster. If your home or other buildings have been rendered uninhabitable and you cannot continue to use your land as a result of natural disaster, you may be eligible.

View the Policy and Download an Application Form at

Rural Support Trust – a free service

Anyone in a rural area who feels they need support can also contact the Rural Support Trust for a confidential chat on 0800 787 254. The service is free.

Financial Assistance – Call Work and Income

If you are facing financial hardship from additional costs or loss of income as a result of the event, give Work and Income a call on 0800 559 009.

Everyone’s circumstances are different so the type of assistance available varies from case to case. If you are already receiving a benefit or superannuation then Work and Income might need to review what you’re currently receiving or check what else you might be entitled to.

You may also be eligible for a billeting payment if you are looking after friends or family who can’t get home. You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for financial assistance, although most assistance is income and asset tested.

You can phone Work and Income on 0800 559 009 or if you’re receiving NZ Super, phone 0800 552 002.

EQC for land and damage claims

EQC is encouraging homeowners to lodge a claim if their property has been damaged.

You have three months from when the damage occurred to lodge a claim.

EQC covers storm and flood damage to residential land only, with home and contents damage covered by private insurance according to the terms of an individual’s policy.

Claims can be lodged online, via email on, or by calling 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243). The EQC call centre is open 7.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Friday, and 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on Saturdays.

Find out more: More analysis of the two storm events is available on our website. Head to to read the full explanation by Brenda, Matt, Glenn and Martin.

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Science of the storms 

Council scientists have been examining the causes and effects of the damaging storms we have suffered over the past month.

The damage from ex-Cyclone Fehi was coastal, while Gita caused extensive damage inland.

Our scientists tell us that while the pattern of rainfall seen during Gita was highly unusual, the type of damage seen during the storm is not uncommon because of the geology of the area.

Water Resource Officer Brenda Clapp, Environmental Monitoring Co-ordinator Martin Doyle and Hydrologist Matt McLarin explain:

The Separation Point Granite geology, which is prone to erosion and slope failure, extends from Ligar Bay and the northern extent of Abel Tasman National Park, south-westwards down the length of the district. Much of this area is also vulnerable to storms from the northeast.

Debris flows have occurred previously, most notably during August 1990 in the Brooklyn area, May 2010 around Tapawera, December 2011 around Ligar and Wainui bays, April 2013 at Anatoki, and June 2013 along the west bank of the Motueka.

Slope failures occurred in the granites around Marahau and Otuwhero Inlet during June 2013 damaging houses and sadly resulting in a fatality. Debris flows are likely to have occurred during other historic storm events, but are not recorded as such.

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Consultation leads to new plan for Ellis Street 

A new concept design for Ellis Street, in Brightwater, aims to create safe and accessible pedestrian, cycling and vehicle linkages, improve the streetscape, and recognise local stories.

In late 2017 we carried out community consultation in Brightwater. The consultation included discussions with a working group made up of representatives from local business, Brightwater School, the residents’ association, police, heavy haulage companies and others, an interactive brainstorming session with Brightwater School pupils, and a public drop-in session for the wider community to contribute ideas.

Project manager Graham Rimmer says the resulting concept design is based on three principles:

  • creating clear, accessible and safe linkages for all street users – including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;
  • improved streetscape facilities, such as footpaths, seating, parking, cycle facilities, plantings and lighting; and
  • recognising local stories through streetscape and landscape elements.

“The detail will be developed in the next phase of the project – which is detailed design - but may include traffic calming measures to reduce traffic speed and make Ellis Street safer, better wayfinding through clearer signage and removing barriers for pedestrians and cyclists, and a stronger connection to the school through wider, more attractive footpaths. Construction is scheduled for 2019.

Find out more: You can download the concept design, and read more about the Ellis Street Improvements project, by visiting

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Funding helps realise vision for Tasman’s Great Taste Trail 

The recent announcement of $2.4 million in Government funding to complete Tasman’s Great Taste Trail means more of our communities will soon benefit from the success of the Great Ride.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne says the funding will help realise the vision shared by the Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust.

“This is incredibly exciting and will bring the benefits of the trail to more of our communities – those in Tapawera, Kohatu and the Motueka Valley particularly will experience greater visitor numbers as a result, as well as having access to the cycling opportunities enjoyed by many of our other settlements.

“We certainly appreciate the Ministry’s sharing of our vision and support in matching the funding already provided by ratepayers and local supporters.

“A complete Great Taste Trail will further cement what is already one of the many reasons to come to the region.”

The Government’s contribution is complemented by Tasman District Council funding, currently being consulted on in our Long Term Plan budgets.

Newsline Updates

National Schools Triathlon coming to Moturoa/Rabbit Island

Hundreds of New Zealand’s top school triathletes will compete for national glory at Moturoa/Rabbit Island this weekend.

Storm damage has left parts of the planned event setup unusable, but a temporary fence along the broken road and alternative locations for the race village have allowed the course to be largely unchanged.

Part of the beach reserve will be closed to the public over the two days to ensure the competitors’ safety and for a temporary race village to be set up.

We have worked with the event organisers and forest company PF Olsen to allow a cycle course along closed roads.

Public access to Moturoa/Rabbit Island :

  • Ken Beck Drive will be closed at Bullivant Road.
  • Horses can walk to the eastern front beach area along the eastern side of Ken Beck Drive.
  • There will be traffic access through the forest roads to the west end of the beach reserve.
  • Tasman’s Great Taste Trail will remain open.
  • Access to the Mapua ferry will be unchanged.

National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs Exhibition Opens

In 1985 National Geographic Magazine ran on its cover a photograph by American Steve McCurry – a simple portrait of a green eyed Afghan girl taken in a refugee camp in Pakistan. That photograph became one of the most iconic images ever published, in the nearly 130-year history of the magazine. Afghan Girl, as the image became known, will feature in the Nelson Provincial Museum's latest international exhibition 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic. The exhibition will run from 17 March until 27 May 2018 at the Nelson Provincial Museum, 270 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. The exhibition is free of charge for Nelson Tasman residents.

Reminder – no dogs in the Takaka CBD please

Takaka residents are reminded that dogs are not permitted in the Takaka Central Business Area between the hours of 9am to 5pm. This area is defined as:

  • Commercial Street from the southern point of the junction of Commercial and Reilly Streets to the northern point of the junction of Commercial and Junction Streets;
  • the library car park
  • Takaka Township - the Village Green, Pioneer Park, the old library site and adjacent playground

All dog walkers need to be especially vigilant about keeping dogs under control at all times. This means that your dog must immediately respond to commands either by voice, whistle or hand signals. If you know that your dog is easily distracted and prone to “selective hearing loss”, putting a leash on is the best advice.

Dog Exercise Areas in Tasman are listed on our website.

Do your trees hang low?

Hot and wet conditions can make your garden grow quickly over summer. Now is a good time to check that trees and shrubs around your property are not a become a nuisance to people using the footpath. Take a walk around your property and check if is there sufficient room for people to pass each other.

If not, it’s time to reach for the clippers. Trim overhanging branches and shrubs so there is plenty of room. Make sure you consider whether the footpath is easily passable for those in wheelchairs, on mobility scooters, or with prams. Please check out your boundary and let common sense be your guide because it is up to you to make sure nothing from your property is obstructing the footpath.

If you’d like further information, feel free to give us a call on Ph. 03 543 8400.

Alcohol licensing applications – Monday 5 March 2018

Applications for new and renewed alcohol licences are publicly advertised on our website.

The use of a website for public notices is allowed under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, and is good for the community and for businesses. The public notices remain accessible to everyone online rather than just appearing sporadically in the local newspaper. This allows the community to view the public notices at their leisure on the website. There are also links and information for people wanting to object to an application. Site notices will still be displayed on the premises to alert the public to an application.

Public Notices of applications can be viewed at

Applications for licences are decided by the new District Licensing Committee. The decisions are now also available online at

Young driver coaching - Parents evening

Are you a parent that wants to be involved in helping your young person keep safe on the roads?

Tim Hartnell, Proactive Drive Trust, together with local driving instructors, bring a modern and fun approach to driver education for learner drivers and their parents.

21 March 2018 at Waimea College Hall, 7.30 pm

Free event. Email  / Phone 027 203 7006.

Navigation Safety Warning

Following Cyclone Gita there is still an extensive amount of debris floating in the waters of Tasman Bay. Mariners are advised to be cautious in these waters.

Anzac Day Parades - Wednesday 25 April 2018

  • Richmond Anzac Day Parade
    • – Queen Street – from Sundial Square to Cambridge Street, 10.30 am to 11.00 am
    • Cambridge Street – from Queen Street to Oxford Street, 10.15 am to 12.30 pm
    • Oxford Street - from Wensley Road to Gladstone Road (SH6), 10.15 am to 12.30 pm
    • Wakefield Anzac Day Parade – Whitby Way – from Edward Street to car park entrance, 9.00 am to 11.00 am
    • Mapua Anzac Day Parade – Aranui Road – from Higgs Road to the tennis courts, 10.30 am to 11.00 am
    • Takaka Anzac Day Parade - Commercial Street – from Motupipi Street to Meihana Street, 8.30 am to 10.30 am

Objections close Wednesday 28 March 2018.

Road Closures

Applicant: Tasman District Council

  • Event: Take Two
  • Location: Sundial Square, for the length of the road and Queen Street – from Cambridge Street to location of current road works
  • Date: Saturday 14 April 2018
  • Time: 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Applicant: Nelson Drag Racing Association

  • Event: Motueka Drag Racing
  • Location: Queen Victoria Street (from King Edward Street to Green Lane)
  • Date: Saturday 31 March 2018 (Rain date - Sunday 1 April 2018)
  • Time: 7.30am to 4.00pm.

Applicant: National Advanced  Drivers School Ltd

  • Event: Driver training
  • Location: Marchwood Park Road
  • Date: Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March 2018.
  • Time: 10.00 am - 3.00 pm each day.

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Community Relations 

 Second-Hand Sunday is on 25 March

It's a way to re-home household goods for free - anything from chairs, books, clothing or left over-bits and pieces from building projects.

Find out more: More information, including how to register, is online at

Positive Ageing Expo

This year’s Positive Ageing Expo is on Friday 6 April, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm at the Headingly Centre, Headingly Lane, Richmond.

The Expo continues to have a focus on providing information on the services and organisations that help us to age positively.

These make up the Five Ways to Wellbeing; be active, learn, connect, keep our heads in the present, and giving to others.

Expo organisers are encouraging visitors to tick off all five over their time at the Expo to get the best ‘bang for buck’ – and maximise enjoyment of the day!

Scholarships for Tasman's youth leaders

Are you aged between 15 – 20, live in the Tasman District and keen to attend a youth leadership opportunity this year? Then we can help, with $200.

Tasman $200ships are available any time of year to support young people in our district attend courses like Outward Bound or Spirit of Adventure.

The application process is simple –  visit

Trustpower Community Awards celebrate 25 years

Local community organisations can share in an increased prize pool for this year’s Trustpower Community Awards.

The Trustpower Community Awards, which recognise and reward the efforts of volunteers, first took place 25 years ago. Trustpower Community and Communications Advisor Abbie Siely says reaching this milestone has inspired the company to adopt a fresh approach – increasing prize money and widening the celebration to include neighbouring districts.

“This year, the prizemoney for a Trustpower Community Award will double to $1,000. Regional Supreme Winners will receive $2,000 – up from $1,500 last year – and a trip for two to the 2018 Trustpower National Community Awards.”

In a change from previous years, both Nelson and Tasman will each name a Supreme Winner, meaning two groups will progress to the Trustpower National Awards held the following year.

The Trustpower Community Awards are open to all community organisations with a voluntary component.

Trustpower Community Award recipients are recognised for services to the community in areas including, but not limited to: Heritage and Environment; Health and Wellbeing; Arts and Culture; Sport and Leisure; Education and Child/Youth Development.

Anyone can enter a group – groups can even enter themselves.

Enter online at

Entries close Thursday 31 May

Sport NZ rural travel fund

Does your sports team have places to go and games to win?

The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund is aimed making it easier for young people living in rural communities to participate in team sports.

The fund can help subsidise travel costs for junior teams to enable them to take part in local sports competition. It is targeted at young people aged between 5-19 years.

Who is eligible?

The Rural Travel Fund is open to support rural sports clubs and rural school teams with players aged between 5-19 years.

The closing date is 30 April 2018.

Application forms and further information is online at

Summer Activities for Seniors

Tasman District Council and Age Concern Nelson Tasman have joined forces to put on a programme of activities – from walking to bowls, tai chi and singing in the park – for people aged 65 and over.

Everything is free and there’s no need to have tried it before.

Have a go at Bowls

Friday 16 March, 10am – 11.30am.
Richmond Bowling Club, Lower Queen Street. Meet at Clubhouse.

Guided Walk

Wednesday 21 March, 10am – 11.30am.               
Te Waikoropupu Springs, Golden Bay. Meet at Car Park.

Find out more

For further information, please call Marrit at Age Concern on 03 544 7624, or email:

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