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Happy birthday Takaka Library! 

The Takaka Library turned 10 in May, the anniversary of its move to a new building in Junction Street.

The move allowed library staff to improve and expand the services the library offered to the Golden Bay community.

The library hosted a range of special events last month to celebrate the anniversary, including “Blast from the Past” talks, special events for children and a visit from beloved New Zealand author Joy Cowley.

Golden Bay artist Robin Slow generously gifted a triptych of paintings to the library to mark the anniversary, while Heritage Golden Bay’s efforts saw six plaques about the history of library services in the Bay installed in the library forecourt. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped to celebrate the milestone - it was wonderful to see the appreciation the community has for their library and library staff.

Library information

Head to for details of what's on at your local library.

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Mayor's Message 

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Janine Dowding as our Chief Executive, taking over the reins from Lindsay McKenzie.

Janine has strong managerial experience combined with knowledge, experience and appreciation of the area we serve.  She is very capable of understanding and finding solutions for complex issues and is a very engaging person with connections to a wide cross section of our community. Having moved to the region more than 20 years ago, Janine has experienced first-hand the growth in the District and the challenges we face.

It is very pleasing to be at the stage of adopting the Council’s Long Term Plan on 28 June.  This follows a lengthy pre-consultation process of asking our community throughout the District what is most important for you.  We considered everything the Council could do and developed a programme, which we consulted on earlier this year. Of particular importance is keeping rates increases and debt as low as possible while delivering the services you want. The Long Term Plan is reviewed every three years, so our conclusion on 28 June is a very significant day.

With snow on the mountains, winter has definitely arrived and can be seen on the hills surrounding our beautiful District.  This is the time of year that leaves are being shed on deciduous trees.  Can I encourage you to keep leaves out of stormwater grates and drains near you, a simple measure that can reduce flooding in heavy rain events. 

Street sweeping and sump cleaning is only carried out occasionally so it is really appreciated if local residents are proactive in keeping the road gutters and street sumps clear, particularly over the winter months.  If there is a significant build-up of leaves and debris along your street that may result in blockages that cannot be immediately cleared by you, then please call the Customer Services number 03 543 8400 and a maintenance contractor will attend. 

I hope you can keep warm and enjoy the start of the winter season and the beautiful District we live in.

Mayor Richard Kempthorne

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In case you missed it … 

A round-up of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Full Council – 24 May 2018

Confirmed directions to staff for drafting the final version of the Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028, following consultation, hearings and deliberations in March, April and May. The Council will adopt the final version on 28 June 2018, confirming its plans and budgets for the 10-year period.

Approved the Tasman Regional Land Transport Plan, which sets out the region’s land transport objectives and works programme in order to seek national investment from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Decided to remove the Golden Bay grandstand after an agreement to move and restore the building couldn’t proceed because of the high cost of relocation and the grandstand supporters’ wish to retain it on its current site.

Agreed to begin drafting a Local Bill to seek Crown conservation land needed for the reservoir that would be formed by the Waimea Community Dam.

Adopted an initial proposal on representation arrangements for the 2019 local body elections. The proposal would see the same councillor numbers and ward boundaries retained from the previous election in 2016.

Read more on the representation review.

Community Development Committee – 31 May 2018

Approved public consultation on a proposal to grant a new lease over the Hope Recreation Reserve to the Hope Tennis Club. The lease would allow the tennis club to extend its clubrooms.

Community Development Manager Susan Edwards reported the Government has introduced a bill (the Local Electoral Matters Bill) that would allow councils to trial online voting for local body elections. The committee agreed to make a submission on the bill generally supporting its intent and supporting the introduction of online voting to increase the accessibility of the democratic process.

Susan also reported on the updated timing for Chorus to roll out the ultrafast broadband programme for Tasman. The main change in the programme is for Murchison, which has been brought forward a year to 2021. Between now and the end of 2022, ultrafast broadband will be rolled out to Ruby Bay, Kaiteriteri, Motueka, Wakefield, Brightwater, Takaka, Tasman, Tata Beach, Pohara, Collingwood, Hope, Marahau, Murchison, Riwaka, St Arnaud and Tapawera.

New rubbish compactors will be installed this year at Waitapu Bridge, Alexander Bluff and Marahau thanks to Tourism Infrastructure Funding (TIF), as well as new toilets in spots with high tourist numbers including Alexander Bluff, Kina, Rough Island and St Arnaud, the committee heard. The Council has also applied for TIF funding for a study into the impacts of tourism and visitor numbers on beach access and parking at Marahau.

Susan advised the committee staff are working with the Marahau Community Association and tourism operators in Marahau to address access and safety issues at Otuwhero Spit, with the aim of having a new management plan in place before the start of summer.

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Changes to collections for Christmas and New Year 

Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday this year so rubbish and recycling collections will be one day later:

If your normal collection day is Tuesday 25 December 2018 then your rubbish will collected on Wednesday 26 December 2018;

If your normal collection is Wednesday 26 December 2018 then collection will be Thursday 27 December 2018 and so on throughout the week;

The same changes will apply for New Year’s Day week.

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Queen Street Upgrade nears completion 

The countdown is on for the final section of Queen Street Upgrade works, with completion expected this month.

The street is now open from Gladstone Road up to the Warring Carpark entrance, as well as from Salisbury Road down to the Tasman District Council office. The remaining work includes street and footpath reconstruction and sealing, planting and installation of street furniture.

Thanks for bearing with us while we've worked to deliver a flood-resilient main street and upgraded services with the capacity to serve central Richmond for many years to come.

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Initial proposal for representation arrangements for the 2019 Local Elections 

On 24 May 2018 Tasman District Council reviewed its representation arrangements, and resolved that the following proposal apply for the Council and Community Boards for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019:

Council Representation

It is proposed that the Council will comprise 13 members elected from five wards, and the Mayor, elected over the whole District.

The five wards reflect the following identified communities of interest:

  • Golden Bay Ward
  • Motueka Ward
  • Moutere/Waimea Ward
  • Lakes/Murchison Ward
  • Richmond Ward

The population that each member will represent is as follows:




Population ratio per member

% Deviation from District average population per Councillor

Golden Bay






























Section 19V(2) of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (LEA) requires the population that each member represents must be within the range of 3937 ± 10% (3544 to 4330), unless particular community of interest considerations justify otherwise.  This is known as the “+/- 10% rule”.

Reasons for Departing from S19V(2) LEA

The Golden Bay Ward be treated as an isolated community for the following reasons:

  • The Local Government Commission deemed the Golden Bay Ward to be an isolated community in the previous two Representation Reviews;
  • The Ward is an isolated community requiring specific representation in order to provide effective representation;
  • It has a very clear geographic line that separates the Bay from the balance of the District;
  • Weather patterns can vary considerably from the rest of the District and that can isolate the Bay as shown recently by Cyclone Gita;
  • Contracts for roading, parks and reserves etc. are all carried out from depots and staff based in the Bay;
  • Has a relatively small permanent population which swells considerably during the holiday season;
  • Reducing the number of members will compromise the rural voice and increase the population per member to almost 5,000;
  • There are four distinct settlements within the Golden Bay Ward which make up the broader community of interest;
  • Significant distance and travel times within the ward to the Council's Richmond office;
  • Elected members are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, and often their first point of contact.

The Moutere/Waimea Ward depart from S19V(2) LEA for reasons of:

  • Three scenarios were considered to ensure Moutere/Waimea Ward would comply with S19V(2), including an extended Motueka Ward to include Motueka Valley, an extended Motueka Ward to include Tasman/Kina, and an extended Richmond Ward to include Waimea West.
  • Councillors were not in favour of extending the Richmond ward as it would split communities of interest, but took the two Motueka Ward scenarios to their respective community associations for feedback.
  • Both the Motueka Valley Association and the Tasman Area Community Association members rejected the scenarios, as they did not feel that their community of interest was with the Motueka Ward.
  • Richmond, Motueka and Moutere/Waimea Wards are all currently experiencing high growth, which makes it difficult to comply with the S19V LEA, as the latest statistics are unavailable for population and meshblocks.
  • Council decided to stay with status quo for the Moutere/Waimea Ward noting that  S19V(3)(ii) of the LEA would apply, whereas compliance with the +/- 10% rule would limit effective representation of communities of interest by dividing a community of interest between wards.
  • Staying with the status quo for this Ward only exceeds the maximum allowed population formula by 170 per member, which was considered to be only a minor departure from S19V(2) LEA.
Generally Council agrees:
  • The current representation arrangements appear to be generally well understood and accepted by residents of the District;
  • The ± 10% formula for fair representation does not fit unitary authorities;
  • There are five broad distinct communities of interest based on the current ward boundaries;
  • The present system provides for fair and effective representation;
  • Retaining the current ward boundaries may not comply with the population requirements in S19V(2) of the LEA, but Council considers;
    • the current ward boundaries reflect the existing communities of interest; and
    • the alternatives considered by Council will split existing communities of interest.

Community Board Representation

It is proposed that two community boards will be elected. The two community boards would be:

  • Golden Bay Community Board - Area covered by the present Golden Bay Ward boundaries.
  • Motueka Community Board - Area covered by the present Motueka Ward boundaries.

The Golden Bay and Motueka Community Boards will each elect four members. They will not be subdivided for electoral purposes. They would each have their respective elected Ward councillors appointed to the Boards as follows:

  • Golden Bay Community Board – Two elected members appointed from the Golden Bay Ward.
  • Motueka Community Board – Three elected members appointed from the Motueka Ward.

Have your say

The full Initial Representation Proposal, along with the Council’s resolution and maps setting out the areas of the proposed wards/communities may be viewed online at or viewed at any Tasman District Council office or library.

Persons with an interest in the proposed representation arrangements are invited to make submissions on the Council’s representation proposal. Online submissions can be accessed at

Submissions can also be:

  • delivered to any Council office
  • mailed to:  Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050; or
  • emailed to:
  • Submissions must be received by Council no later than 8 July 2018.

Janine Dowding, Chief Executive

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Newsline Updates 

Register your dog

You can register your dog in person, by mail to any Council service centre, or pay online. Remember to register by 31 July to avoid an extra fee. More information is available online at

Public planting day in Faulkner’s Bush

You’re invited to join the Faulkner’s Bush society for their annual public planting on Saturday 9 June from 10.00 am – 12.30 pm. The planting will be at Faulkner’s Bush close to the Scout Hut off Treeton Place. The society can provide some spades but please do bring your own if you have one. Recommend gloves, drinking water and good footwear. Turn up any time and plant as little or as many as you can – there are 500 native trees in total.

Battle for the Banded Rail

Lend a hand at a community planting day on the Waimea Inlet.

Sunday 10 June, 9.00  – 1.00 pm, Bronte Peninsula North. Park on Cardno Way (off Bronte Road East).

Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Morning tea will be provided (coffee courtesy of Pomeroy’s). Battle for the Banded Rail is a Waimea Inlet Forum project working with local communities. It aims to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators.

For more information email or phone Kathryn on 544 4537.

Road Closures

Applicant: Nelson Car Club

Event: Tadmor-Glenhope Racing Event

  • Location: Tadmor-Glenhope Road. From 4.3km from intersection of SH6 to 2.7km south from intersection of Tui Road, Kereru Road and Tadmor-Glenhope Road.
  • Date: Saturday 14 July 2018
  • Time: 7.30 am to 4.00 pm

Applicant: Nelson Car Club

Event: Pigeon Valley Racing Event

  • Location: Pigeon Valley Road from Sharp Road intersection to 409 Dovedale Road (1km east of Dovedale Road/Brandy Creek Rd Intersection)
  • Date: Saturday 14 July 2018
  • Time: 7.00 am to 4.00 pm

Information on how to make an objection is at

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Community Relations 

Young people gain tools to make a difference

Jade Heath-Keen, a year 12 student from Motueka High School, and Connor Betts, year 9 at Golden Bay High School, sat at the Council table and had speaking rights at the Community Development Committee meeting on 31 May. It was the first time youth councillors have had the opportunity to take part in a formal committee meeting, although they have participated in Community Board meetings since last year.

Jade said: “I really think this is an excellent opportunity for our youth to get involved in important community matters, and I really appreciated the respect for what I had to say from a youth perspective.”

Community Partnerships Officer Lani Evans says: “Attending committee meeting and interacting with elected councillors gives our youth councillors the opportunity to learn how local government works and how to best represent youth in order to make a difference.”

The Tasman Youth Council provides opportunities for young people to bring the needs and concerns of youth to the attention of local government and community organisations, as well as providing training and experience in civics and leadership.

Jade Heath-Keen and Connor Betts with Tasman District councillors and staff after the Community Development Committee meeting.

Second-Hand Sunday returns

Declutter with Second-Hand Sunday on 17 June. Second-Hand Sunday is an opportunity to re-home household goods, and takes place across the region - from Tasman Bay to Golden Bay!

Freely given and freely taken away, the goods could include anything from old chairs, books, clothing or left over-bits and pieces from building projects but should not include food, dangerous goods like faulty electrical equipment, or chemicals. To take part all you have to do is register online and follow the guidelines. Treasure hunters can view the list of participating households online. Register online: Head to to register.

Help at hand for Community Grant applicants

Online applications for this year’s Community Grants are open now, and we’re running drop-in sessions in July for anyone who needs a little help getting started. Council staff will be on hand to help you fill out and submit the online form. You will need to bring all the information for your application, including details of your organisation (such as a Charities Commission number if you have one), the project you’re applying for funding for, the community benefits it will bring and the budget.

Drop-in sessions (Library drop-in sessions run from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm at):

  • Richmond, Tuesday 3 July
  • Motueka, Wednesday 4 July
  • Takaka, Thursday 5 July
  • And from 1.15 – 3.00 pm at:
  • Murchison, Tuesday 10 July.

For more information: Contact Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones on (03) 543 8403 or email Or head to our website,

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