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Reducing waste – how can we do better? 

Our communities generate a lot of waste, and about 62,000 tonnes from Nelson and Tasman ends up in the landfill each year.

We know well over half that waste could be dealt with in a better way: By being reused, recycled or composted – or avoided altogether.

The Nelson City and Tasman District councils are working together to minimise and manage waste in our region.

We’ve developed a plan to guide us – but we can’t make a big impact without your help. Everyone has a part to play in reusing and recycling the resources we have, reducing waste and protecting our environment from its effects.

Our proposed update to the Nelson Tasman Waste Management and Minimisation Plan sees a greater focus on waste avoidance and getting our whole community on board.

Our goals are to work with the community to:

  • avoid the creation of waste
  • improve efficiency of resource use, and
  • reduce the harmful effects of waste

In our proposed plan we outline where we are now, where we want to be and how we plan to get there.

Now we need to hear from you. Are we on the right track with the draft plan? Is there more we could do? What part can you play?

Find out more

Head online for more information and to make a submission –

Copies of the draft plan are also available at Council offices and libraries.

Consultation is open until 17 September 2018.

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Mayor's message 

Recently I had the privilege of attending a recognition ceremony for Enhanced Task Force Green (ETFG) personnel.

These are people who have spent 20 weeks repairing fences and clearing silt and debris from underneath apple trees and kiwifruit vines following Cyclone Gita. This work was funded by the Ministry of Social Development and was supported by staff from Civil Defence, Ministry for Primary Industries, Tasman District Council and the Top of the South Rural Support Trust. The ETFG personnel have made a huge contribution to horticultural businesses recovering from the effects of the cyclone and their contribution is greatly appreciated. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved. It has been a great success.

As a unitary authority, Tasman District Council has numerous responsibilities relating to the management of water. We have regional council responsibilities relating to water quality and ensuring we manage our water resources competently. We also have territorial authority responsibilities regarding the supply of safe drinking water, and adequate wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. There will be articles in future Newsline editions about water management, including urban supply and issues around how we manage fresh water in the Tasman District.

The Government in 2017 commissioned the Three Waters Review to look at the effectiveness of the regulatory regime for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. Clean and safe drinking water is fundamental to public health and we want to ensure there is sufficient supply of potable drinking water for years to come. In doing so, this highlights the significant and ongoing issues we will be facing regarding water management in our region. The Council has obligations to ratepayers for excellence in water management. We also need to ensure we manage our waters well to ensure continuing good environmental outcomes.

Water is a key issue for all of us. These issues will be ongoing and we will provide a dedicated section in future Newsline editions regarding water security and quality for our district.

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In case you missed it... 

A summary of recent Council meetings and the decisions made.

Engineering Services Committee – 2 August 2018

Received information on how spending on new footpaths throughout the District will be prioritised. The factors used to assess the relative priority of footpath projects includes: estimated pedestrian numbers, daily traffic counts, speeds, footpath deficiency, road geometry and the source of requests.

Full Council – 9 August 2018

Received an update on the Waimea Community Dam project, noting an application for $18 million has been made to the Provincial Growth Fund. The Council will receive extra information at a meeting on 28 August to aid decision-making on the future of the project.

Agreed to develop a Future Development Strategy for the Nelson Tasman region in partnership with Nelson City Council.

Approved a draft Land Development Manual for public consultation. More information on page 3.

Adopted the Richmond and Motueka Town Parking Strategy to guide future planning for and management of town centre parking in the two centres.

Agreed to the construction of a purpose-built Harbourmaster facility at Port Motueka.

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Motueka Boomerang Bag initiative seek volunteers 

Boomerang Bags works to raise awareness about plastic pollution and foster sustainable behaviour through hands-on grassroots community action.

Dedicated community members, schools and groups collect recycled fabric and turn it into reusable bags as a sustainable alternative to plastic. Here's how you can help:

Come to a sewing bee. Every second and fourth Sunday of the month 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm at the Motueka Technology Education Centre, Parklands School, Motueka. All skill levels welcome.

Sew some bags at home. Email to arrange collection of fabric/instructions.

Donate suitable fabric. It can be remnants, old curtains, bedspreads, duvet covers – as long it is in good enough condition for a bag. Drop off at Motueka Technology Education Centre, Parklands School, Motueka.

Use and reuse our bags and if you don't need it any more, return it to a rack at one of our participating stores in Motueka: Beefair, GreenWorld Health and LifeStyle, BeetRoot, Potters Patch, Floral Affaire, Motueka Floral Studio, Mrs Smiths.

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New water treatment plant planned for Wakefield  

To service the burgeoning township of Wakefield and meet the Government’s recently updated drinking water standards, we are planning to build a new water treatment plant at Spring Grove.

As the existing supply channel is nearing capacity, the new plant will future-proof supply for growth for at least the next 30 years, provide a better level of water treatment and can be used as an emergency backup water supply for Brightwater. Construction of the plant is planned for 2019.

Water quality testing at the proposed site is already underway.

Wakefield’s water reservoirs are located on a hill overlooking Saint John’s Church and the existing pipes feeding those reservoirs run through the church. We plan to lay new water pipes along a different route through the church grounds. 

An archaeologist has been engaged to consult with the St John’s Church Committee and prepare a plan for work in the cemetery, including an application to Heritage New Zealand.

With more than 100 unmarked graves known to exist in the cemetery, ground penetrating radar was used to survey the proposed new pipe route. The system measures ground density, detecting any disturbance that would indicate the possible presence of unmarked graves.

No graves were found, but excavation work for the new pipe will be monitored by an archaeologist, as there is a remote chance that burials could be uncovered during pipe laying. If any burials are found, the remains will be reinterred at another location in the cemetery.

Find out more: Visit

Contact project manager Rob O’Grady at rob.o’ or 543 8634.

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New land development guidelines proposed 

We’re working with Nelson City Council to adopt a joint set of standards for infrastructure to guide development around the region.

It includes standards for such things as new footpaths, road design, vehicle crossings, drainage and stormwater management, wastewater and water connections, reserves and other infrastructure that the council will take ownership of when the development is complete.

Joint standards across the region simplify and align the development requirements for businesses, professionals, contractors, and landowners in both areas.

What’s in the land development manual? The land development manual contains both mandatory standards that developers are required to follow, and good practice advice that a developer can consider during the design process.

Associated practice notes for bio-retention (rain gardens), wetlands and coastal and freshwater inundation have also been produced to provide guidance on ‘acceptable solutions’ when implementing the land development manual.

The process

We’re consulting on the land development manual and practice notes at

We’re taking feedback on a draft proposal to update the TRMP to reference the land development manual as a set of standards and practice notes

A joint Tasman and Nelson Council hearing panel will consider public feedback and then make recommendations to each council later in the year

If adopted, a formal resource management plan change will follow in 2019. Learn more and have your say: Visit before 28 September.

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Final proposal for representation arrangements for the 2019 Local Elections 

On 1 August 2018, the Tasman District Council (Council) considered the submissions received on its Initial proposal regarding the representation arrangements for Council and Community Boards for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019 and 2022.

Council received 14 submissions on its proposal. Ten submissions were in support of the initial proposal, one partially in support, and several submissions raised matters that were outside the scope of this review.

Having considered all submissions and objections, Council resolved to adopt its initial proposal as Council’s final proposal, viz:

Retain the current five wards, their names and boundaries.

Mayor, who will be elected at large, and 13 Councillors to be elected from wards as follows: two councillors for Golden Bay Ward, one for Lakes-Murchison Ward, three councillors for Motueka Ward, three councillors for Moutere-Waimea Ward and four councillors for Richmond Ward.

Retain the current Motueka and Golden Bay Community Boards, their current boundaries, names and membership.

Council rejected the matters raised in submissions for the following reasons:

Requests for further Community Board delegations – Council rejects these two requests as being out of scope of this review, and as any additional delegations can be made by Council at any time as an amendment to the Delegations Register.

Request to offer Community Boards to those wards that do not have them – Council rejects this request as Councillors have been advised in the past that ratepayer groups in wards that do not have a Community Board do not support the establishment of such. Also, these communities had the opportunity to ask for community boards through this review process, and no such requests were received.

Caveat that Councillor roles are spelt out more clearly regarding acting and making decisions District-wide as against in their own ward – Council rejects this submission, as all elected members must make a declaration under Schedule 7, S14 of the Local Government Act 2002, attesting they “execute and perform in the best interests of the District”.

No legislative definition of “representation”, and lack of understanding of Councillors' oath of office and voting – Council notes and acknowledges the submitters comments, but rejects them as they are outside this review, but will consider ways of explaining Council’s processes and roles to its communities.

First Past the Post (FPP) Electoral system (two requests in favour of changing this system, and one in favour of retaining it) – Council rejects these submissions, as they are out of scope of this review, and as it resolved in 2017 to retain FPP for the 2019 and 2022 triennial elections, and the public can at any time present a petition to Council requesting a poll on electoral systems.

Establishment of Maori Wards (two submissions opposed to this) – Council rejects these submissions as they are out of scope of this review and as it resolved in 2017 not to establish a Maori Ward for the 2019 elections.

Removal of casting vote from Standing Orders – Council rejects this submission as it is outside the scope of this review, and changes to the Standing Orders can be considered by Council at any time.

The Final Representation Proposal, along with the Council’s resolution and maps setting out the areas of the proposed wards/communities may be viewed online at or at any Tasman District Council office or library.


Any person who made a submission on the Council’s initial proposal may lodge an appeal against the Council decision. An appeal must relate to the matters raised in that person’s submission.

Appeals must be made in writing and must be received by Council no later than 18 September 2018.

Online appeals can be made at

Appeals can also be:

  • delivered to any Council office
  • mailed to: Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050; or
  • emailed to:

Janine Dowding, Chief Executive

17 August 2018

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Newline Updates 

Air Quality Exceedance

We’re required to publicly notify exceedances of the National Environmental Standards relating to Air Quality.

The Richmond Airshed PM10 concentrations exceeded an average 24-hour concentration of 50 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) on the following dates:

Day (2018)

PM10 Concentration
measured (μg/m3)

Extent of PM10 exceedance (μg/m3)

9 June



23 June



27 June



28 June



2 July



4 July



5 July



6 July



11 July



19 July



20 July



27 July



The results are the 24 hour values measured using the continuous Beta Attention Monitor (equivalent method). The total number of exceedances to date this season is 12.

More information is available online:

Major wastewater upgrades for Pohara

Work will soon begin on the next stage of upgrading the wastewater system between Tata Beach and Takaka. The $2 million stage includes replacing the wastewater pump station next to Totally Roasted Café in Pohara (known as the Four Winds pump station), and the underground wastewater pipes between the pump station and Clifton (outside 622 Abel Tasman Drive).

The existing wastewater system here was built in 1994. Since then there has been significant population growth, and the current pump station and pipes can no longer handle the volume of wastewater being generated.

The existing pipes are prone to breaking, which can lead to discharges of raw wastewater into stormwater and farm drains and ultimately into the Motupipi Estuary, so we need to better protect our environment with stronger, larger pipes to transport wastewater. The new pump station will have larger storage capacity, greater earthquake resilience and much better odour treatment. The work is set to begin in early September, and will be carried out by Donaldson Civil. The project will take until about March 2019, so there will be a lengthy period of roadworks on Abel Tasman Drive. Work on the pipeline will stop between December 2018 and February 2019 to avoid disruption during the busy summer holiday period. Donaldson Civil will contact landowners before work begins in front of their properties, and access will be maintained for residents apart from short periods to be agreed in advance.

Find out more: Learn more about the wastewater upgrade at

Creative workshops for Motueka youth

A free creative writing workshop for young people is on offer in Motueka on Tuesday 28 August.

The workshop will be held at Imagine Theatre Motueka, from 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm and is open to aspiring writers aged 12 to 24. Check out the Mot Youth Acre Facebook page, or email for more information.

This workshop is part of youth series offered in August by the Tasman District Council in partnership with Mot Youth Acre.

Motueka youth invited on Wild Adventures!

Motueka teens are invited to come explore the outdoors and discover their local adventure hotstops, in a new series of free events organised by Tasman District Council and Whenua Iti Outdoors.

Motueka Wild Adventures is an outdoor adventure group for young people to learn more about the fun on offer in their own backyard. Activities will include mountainbiking, kayaking, waka ama, high ropes, coasteering (an activity combining rock climbing and swimming) and cooking over a camp fire.

Register for Motueka Wild Adventures

Anyone keen to join in on Motueka’s Wild Adventures can register online with Whenua Iti –

3.30 pm – 7.00 pm, every Friday between 26 October – 30 November 2018. Transport will be provided from Motueka High School. Suitable for ages 13 – 18 years.

Proposals to close roads to vehicular traffic

Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965, notice is hereby given that the Tasman District Council for the purpose of a Nelson Car Club Rally Event proposes to close the following road to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder.

During the proposed period of closure the following provision will be made for ordinary vehicular traffic which would otherwise use the road: NIL

Any person objecting to the proposals is called upon to lodge notice of his objection and grounds thereof in writing, before Friday 28 September 2018 at the office of the Council at: 189 Queen Street, Private bag 4, Richmond 7050 or via email

Road proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic:

Redwood Road between the Moutere Highway and Coastal Highway (SH60).

Period or periods of proposed closure: Sunday 7 October 2018, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.

Approved closures

Applicant: Richmond Unlimited

Event: Netball Super Club Day

Location: Croucher Street , Richmond. For the length of Sundial Square

Date: Wednesday 22 August 2018

Time: 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

Matiu Te Huki concert

In collaboration with the winter workshop programme, the Motueka Arts Council presents Matiu Te Huki in concert with violinist Alice Williams and Dan Antell at the Chanel Arts Centre. 22 September, doors open at 7.00 pm. $15 pre-sale tickets, $20 at the door, $40 for the concert plus his daytime workshop: Maori Sacred Stance.

Reduced speed limit for Appleby Highway

We're working with the New Zealand Transport Agency on proposals to lower the speed limit on the Appleby Highway (SH60 )and some adjoining local roads to improve safety. The proposed changes are designed to improve safety for all road users, and will not greatly affect travel times.

Find out more: Visit for more information. Consultation on the reduced speed limits is open until 28 August 2018.

Out with the old – Secondhand Sunday returns!

Secondhand Sunday is a garage sale where everything is free! This regular event is a great way to clear out some clutter or find hidden treasures. The next Secondhand Sunday is on 2 September. Visit (search phrase: SecondHand Sunday) to register. Your address will be added to the list of those participating and you can download a poster to print and attach to your mailbox on the day.

Treasure hunters can view the list of those offering free gear online and head out fossicking on the day.

Motueka Arts Council Winter Workshops

  • Mask Making with Karl Wulff: Tuesdays 4, 11, 18, and 25 September.
  • Beginners Oamaru Stone Carving with Stephanie Jewell: Friday 7 September.
  • Advanced Oamaru Stone Carving with Stephanie Jewell: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September.
  • Maori Sacred Stance with Matiu te Huki: Saturday 22 September.
  • Introduction to Stencil Making with Jen Hyde: Monday 24 September.
  • Steam Punk Jewelry with Michelle Webb: Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 October.
  • Theatre of Liberation with Andy Dolling: Monday 22 October.
  • Email or phone 020 4129 9150.

Programmes at Westrupp Jewellers and Potter’s Patch. The Motueka Arts Council thanks Tasman Creative Communities and Rata Foundation.

Public sessions for digital building consents

Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council are going live on 1 October 2018 with the AlphaOne building consent system. It will allow you to submit and track applications, including building consents, certificates of acceptance, exemptions and code compliance certificates. We will also be streamlining inspection bookings using the AlphaOne booking app.

We will be offering two information evenings which will give you the opportunity to see how AlphaOne works and set up your customer login.

  • Date: 11 September and 12 September
  • Time: 5.00 pm – 7.30 pm.
  • Venue: Sports House Board Room – Saxton Field. Food and refreshment supplied.
  • RSVP Monday 3 September to

If you are planning a building project in the next 12 months, make sure you come along and see the demonstration.

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Write Choices 

NZ Theatre Month

September is NZ Theatre Month. We’re delighted to be hosting play readings at Richmond and Motueka Libraries. Nelson Repertory Theatre will be at Richmond Library on Saturday 8 September with James and the Giant Peach at 10.00 am followed by The Queen’s Gambit, a murder mystery where the audience gets to guess who the murderer is, at 11.15 am.

James and the Giant Peach is on at Motueka Library on Saturday 15 September at 10.00 am.

Pick n Mix reading for adults

Have you completed your Pick n Mix reading programme yet? You still have time to enter our winter reading challenge for adults. Pick n Mix is running at all Tasman libraries until Friday 31 August.

All you have to do is read one book from four of the twelve categories listed on the reading programme. Write the title and author alongside the categories you’ve chosen, add your details to the form and go into the draw to win. You can enter as many times as you want.

Suffrage 125

Tasman Libraries are celebrating the 125th anniversary of New Zealand women gaining the right to vote by bringing together photos and other materials that document the lives of women in Tasman District between 1893 and 1993.

If you have original photos, letters or other unique items from this period and are happy to lend them to us to copy and publish on the Kete Tasman website, please get in touch. For further information please contact us on 03 543 8500 or email:

Keep an eye on our What’s On at Your Library page for upcoming events marking the 125th anniversary of suffrage in New Zealand.

Renew your books online

Did you know that you can renew your library loans online via the library website?

Just click on My Account (top right hand corner of the website home page). Log in using your library card number and PIN, click on Checkouts and select the items you want to renew. Remember that when you renew rental items a new charge goes onto your account for the new loan period.

e-books and e-audio at your library

Are you a reader of e-books and e-audio? Did you know that your library offers a range of titles in both these formats via three sources?

As well as OverDrive, we also provide e-books and e-audio via Bolinda Borrowbox and Wheelers e-Platform.

To access e-titles from each of these providers, you need to download their apps to whatever device you use for reading or listening to your e-books.

Once you’ve got the apps installed you have two ways of finding e-titles. You can either search for particular authors or titles in the library catalogue and click on the link to download the e-book directly into your device.

Or you can visit each provider’s site via the library website e-Library page and browse the online shelves to find new titles that interest you.

We regularly add new titles to OverDrive, Borrowbox and e-Platform so check into each site every few weeks to see what’s new.

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