Ligar Bay Esplanade Planting

This page gives brief details of the Ligar Bay Esplanade planting project. Good progress is being made.

Before spring we intend to establish further plantings, install a feature rock and form the walkway path. The picnic tables and BBQ are yet to be installed.


After meeting with residents and considering all the feedback we made changes to our first concept plan.

The final project plan includes:

  1. Install 1.4-metre wide dolomite chip pathway throughout development area. This path could link to toilet block and beyond in the future;
  2. Construct two carparking areas 30 x 8 m with Dolomite chip surface; install timber bollards to define parking area from picnic and reserve areas;
  3. Extend coastcare plantings along beach front areas to assist with stabilizing the fore dune area;
  4. Establish low coastal shrub plantings to improve coastal habitat values along stream sides and to provide a buffer between the reserve and the  road;
  5. Install four additional picnic tables and one wood-fired BBQ at selected locations; and
  6. Historic plaque to be installed on large karst marble rock.

When is the work scheduled?

It is anticipated the landscaping would be carried out in a staged approach over the next two to three years. There will be an opportunity for residents to be involved in the planting of the areas.

  • Stage One: Hard landscaping, (paths, bollards, carparks) begins Spring 2016
  • Stage Two: Planting, ongoing until 2018

More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Golden Bay office on 03 525 0020.