Cyclone Gita - Updates from our Recovery Manager and NZTA

Read the latest from the Recovery Manager, plus details of increasing access to SH60 over Takaka Hill.

The management of Motueka’s many and varied public reserves is due for a refresh – and we need your help to bring it up to date. This page explains the project and the process of how we do that.

Motueka Ward Reserves

The Motueka Ward has about 100 public reserves, ranging from small neighbourhood parks through to sportgrounds and large, multi-use spaces for playing, picnicking and other leisure activities.

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About the Review

The way we manage these reserves was last reviewed in 2001, so it’s time we took another look to make sure our management plans are still fit for purpose.

We are also reviewing the classification of each reserve (under the Reserves Act 1977), and will consult on this later in 2018.

These parks and reserves are your public spaces and this is your chance to let us know how you would like to see them managed in future.

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Initial Feedback

Last summer we collected your feedback and ideas for inclusion in a Draft Reserve Management Plan.  

We asked you to tell us which reserves you use regularly, what you value most about them, and any changes you would like to see to the way they are used or managed.

We have collated your ideas into a single document:

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Our review of the Motueka Ward Reserves Management Plan will follow these steps:

  • November 2016 – April 2017: Gather public feedback to inform a first draft.
  • March - May 2018: Staff to research reserve classification status and start preparing a draft plan.
  • June 2018: Proposed reserve classifications open for public submissions.
  • August - October 2018: Draft reserve management plan open for public submissions (two-month long submission period).
  • November 2018: Hearings and deliberations on the draft plan.
  • December 2018: Final plan adopted by Council.

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Reserve Management Plans and General Policies

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Native Habitats Tasman Reports on Ecological Values

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