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Saxton Velodrome

This page provides details of the Saxton Velodrome project, progress updates and links to further information. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

About the Velodrome

The velodrome is a joint project between Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and the Saxton Velodrome Trust to build an outdoor cycle velodrome at Saxton Field. This is a new regional facility to replace the existing track at Trafalgar Park.

The design includes a 333m-long embanked track with a sealed surface width of 7m and banking ranging from 7 degrees to 21.3 degrees.

There's also an inner warm up track and learn to ride area. The inner area of the track is accessed by an underpass that leads the public under the main track.

When completed, the velodrome will be used for learning to ride, recreational community use, community-funded cycling programs, as well as club and training use - right through to regional and national events.

The facility will be open for public use when not in use for club events.

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Concept Design

Concept Drawing for Saxton Velodrome

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The Velodrome track has been sealed in two layers over two days. In a first for New Zealand, the surface of the track was completed in one seven-metre wide pour.  The track surface has one join only at the start finish line - there is no join in the middle of the track. In this video staff member Glenn Thorn and contractors discuss the job.


Phase Two of the Saxton Velodrome Development is also completed, including:

  • the removal of the embankment preload material, final formation of the embankment and placement of pavement base material
  • the concrete apron and top nib wall has be installed
  • a tack coat has been applied ready for sealing to protect the surface
  • installation of outer drain lines
  • completion of the learn to ride area including soiling and grass seeding
  • the underpass has been installed and entry and exit ramps and safety fencing
  • the outer fencing is currently being constructed
  • some extra drainage has been required in two sections of the embankment face to remove seepage areas that have result from both ground water levels and rain fall onto the top exposed embankment area.

Completion date and hand over is scheduled for the 1 December 2017.

Opening Day

The Tasman District Council and the Saxton Velodrome Trust is currently working on an opening day for the Velodrome.

Visit the Saxton Velodrome Trust website for further information and to contribute to the funding of the Velodrome.

The Velodrome will be run and managed by the Tasman District Council this will include all bookings and use of the Velodrome. Further information will follow in the coming weeks about this.

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Velodrome track under construction

Velodrome track under construction

Velodrome track under construction

Velodrome track under construction

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More Information

This project is managed by the Parks and Facilites Department. For more information please contact:

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