Waimea River Park Development 

The development of the Waimea River Park is a long term project that will be ongoing over the next decade.


Work to date has focused on establishment of native plantings upstream of Appleby Bridge, mostly around the Twin Rivers walkway. While vehicle access is limited to specific car parks walking and cycling access will remain throughout the development.

From late summer 2017 the area on the eastern (Richmond) side of the river bank from Lower Queen St to the gravel crushing plant by Appleby Bridge will be closed to vehicle access.  Direct vehicular access to the riverbed itself from the upstream existing track running parallel to the river will be also be closed off along this eastern bank from the Clover Road West entrance.

This will enable the development of the area immediately upstream of the bridge in a manner similar to the park on the other side of the highway which incorporates flat areas with barbecues and easy access to the swimming hole.

By limiting vehicle access to the area we will be able to develop the riverbank with minor earthworks and planting sympathetic to the area.

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