Borck Creek and Poutama Drain Improvements

This page details the Borck Creek and Poutama drain improvement projects in Richmond and provides progress updates. Work on the first stage of the project is largely complete.


The Council is undertaking an ongoing programme to widen Borck Creek and other water courses in the Richmond catchment to improve stormwater discharge as well as amenity and environment values. In time, the creek will be widened to 70m to form an ‘environment’ channel, which means we will make the channel as natural as possible to encourage wildlife and recreational amenity.

The work will occur in a series of stages over upcoming years. The recent stage of work has widened Borck Creek from Headingly Lane past the Richmond Water Treatment Plant and Poutama Drain which runs from Jubilee Park to Borck Creek. 

We are reviewing the future stormwater needs of the catchment, such as the upgrade of Queen Street, before we do any more improvements to Poutama Drain.


  • 2014-16 phase of works are complete.
  • The widened sections of Borck Creek will be landscaped with native plants over the next three to five years.


The 2014-16 phase of work is complete. The improvements to Borck Creek include a wider flood plain with a new meandering low-flow channel, incorporating a cobbled stream bed, secondary flow channel, islands and wetlands. The old creek channel has been abandoned with thousands of fish and eels transferred to the Waimea River or the new channel in Borck Creek.

The first section of Poutama Drain has been widened to 13m from Borck Creek for approximately 500m. The remainder of the drain, behind Oakwoods, has been widened to 7m as a temporary measure until the Richmond stormwater catchment plan is more developed.  The environmental improvements will happen at a later stage.

Kaitiaki o Ngahere and Titoki Nursery have a contract to plant the riparian margins and wetlands over the next two or three years. Planting started in May 2016 and will continue for up to five years.

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Project Timelapse

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