Richmond Water Main Renewals

This work was completed in November 2017. 

About the Project

From April 2017, water pipe renewal work began in Richmond, covering D’arcy Street, Fauchelle Avenue, Florence, Elizabeth and Herbert Streets.  This work was completed in November 2017. 

At the same time, ageing water meters were replaced on these streets. The meters in some areas had reached an age where they were breaking down, not working efficiently or had reduced accuracy. The loss of accuracy can affect the way we manage our water resources, and how the costs of water supply are charged across the community.

How Will I Know if My Water Meter was Replaced?

It is most likely that your meter was replaced - unless you already had a new ‘manifold’ style meter already installed.


Ching Contracting completed the work between April and November 2017.

The work was programmed to progress street-by-street, within the following timeframes:

  • D’arcy Street – early April to end of May
  • Florence Street - late May to end of June
  • Fauchelle Ave – early July to mid August
  • Herbert Street – late-August to mid-September
  • Elizabeth Street – late-September to mid-November

More Information

For more information email or contact the Project Manager, Kim Arnold, on 03 543 8577.