Seaton Valley Road Proposed  Shared Safety Path

This page outlines the proposed project to construct a gravel shared path along Seaton Valley Road, between Mapua Drive and Dawson Road.

The project was completed in 2018.


With increased pedestrian and cycling activity in the area, this project will create a convienient and safer place to walk and ride.

Mapua and Districts Community Association initially requested a gravel path for pedestrians. Investigation and design was carried out, including an estimate of the costs, which indicated better value by constructing a wider path for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The funding of the proposed pedestrian path was to be from the Council's new footpath budget which is fully funded by ratepayers. The proposal now is to include the work under the Council's Minor Improvements Programme, which is subsidided by the New Zealand Transport Agency.


We've  completed a basic design. 

Once the Council has approved the inclusion of this project into the Minor Improvements Programme, this is the initial design that will be used for the tender process.


  • Proposed Minor Safety Programme reported to the Council's Engineering Services Committee for approval in October 2017, with the inclusion of Seation Valley Road Safety Shared Path.
  • Tendering of the work shortly after if approval is given by the  Engineering Services Committee.
  • To ensure the lowest price for the work, the successful tenderer will have flexibility as to when they undertake the work in the current financial year ending June 2018.

Get Involved

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the work please contact Steve Elkington on 03 543 8400 or email