Bateup Road Widening

This page details the Bateup Road Widening project and provides regular updates.


Work is underway to widen Richmond’s Bateup Road from Three Brothers Corner to Wensley Road, which will make the road safer for all types of users and help cater for increased traffic and growth in Richmond South.

The road and footpaths will be made wider to accommodate extra traffic associated with subdivision growth and a new supermarket planned for the area. 

As well as widening the road, we will replace a roadside drain with piped stormwater and some underground stormwater storage chambers.
A new 350mm water main will also be installed. The pipeline will be a future connection from the Richmond Water treatment Plant to a new Richmond South Reservoir.
We are also undergrounding the power lines and installing new LED lighting.

The work is being done in two stages:

  • Stage 1  Aug to Dec 2018 - Construction on the Hope side of Bateup Road
  • Stage 2  Jan to Mar 2019 - Construction on the Richmond side of Bateup Road

Proposed Design

Download and view the new design.


Map showing extent of the widening

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Higgins Construction were awarded the contract and started work on Monday 16 April 2018.  Traffic is limited to a single one-way lane travelling in one direction from Three Brothers corner to Wensley Road.

A new watermain running through the Arizona subdivision which will connect to the new Bateup Road watermain is now complete.

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  • Mid-April 2018: Start of construction
  • March 2019: Planned completion of works

Works Shutdown:  There will be no work from Saturday 22 December to Sunday 6 January. Traffic flows will remain limited to a single one-way lane throughout this time.

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