Bateup Road Widening

This page details the Bateup Road Widening project and provides regular updates.


Work is underway in preparation for the widening of Richmond’s Bateup Road, which will make the road safer for all types of users and help cater for increased traffic and growth in Richmond South.

The road and footpaths will be made wider from Three Brothers Corner to Wensley Road to accommodate extra traffic associated with subdivision growth and a new supermarket planned for the area.

As well as widening the road, we will replace a roadside drain with piped stormwater and some stormwater storage chambers. We’re also working with Network Tasman to underground power lines on Bateup Road. The detail of this will be explored in the design stage of the project.

The project stages are: 

  • Investigation and Design
  • Obtaining Resource Consent
  • Construction of road from Three Brothers Corner to Collins Road
  • Construction of road from Collins Road to Wensley Road/Paton Road

Proposed Design

Download and view the proposed design.

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Work on the proposed road layout is moving ahead. An independent safety audit was undertaken and the advice from that, fed into the proposed design.

Stantec are completing work on alignments of the stormwater, water and wastewater pipes, and checking integration with the planned subdivision on Paton Rise.

We are also planning for the installation of a new 350mm watermain while the road is being widened. This pipeline will be a future connection from the Richmond Water Treatment Plant to a new Richmond South reservoir. 

A community meeting was held on 5 July to present the proposed design and answer questions.

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  • The first stage of work (Investigation and Design) will be complete by the end of August 2017;
  • We plan to tender for the work by September 2017;
  • Construction is likely to start in March 2018.

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