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Cyclone Gita - Update 002 A state of emergency has been declared in the Nelson Tasman region following the significant continuing impact from Cyclone Gita. Tasman District Council Mayor Richard Kempthorne signed the declaration at 7:20 pm. Further flooding in Takaka likely:Following significa...

State of Emergency Declared in Nelson Tasman

Cyclone Gita Information

We'll be posting regular updates on Cyclone Gita for Tasman residents. Civil Defence Centres are open in Motueka, Takaka, Marahau and Nelson.

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Collingwood Water Treatment Plant

This page details the Collingwood Water Treatment Plant improvement project and provides regular updates. Construction work to upgrade the water treatment plant is planned for the 2018-19 financial year.


Tasman District Council has an ongoing programme to improve water treatment plants in the district to meet changes to the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards. 

Collingwood plant needs improvements to meet the protozoa treatment requirements.

Collingwood Water Supply sources water from a bore near the Aorere River, and treats this water at a small treatment plant on the outskirts of Collingwood. The water is chlorinated for bacterial disinfection and is aerated and passed through a lime saturator to improve the pH of the water before being pumped into the water supply network.

Planned improvements are:

  • Improve the existing bore headworks to reduce the risk of contamination of the bore
  • Drill a second bore as a backup should one bore be offline.
  • Add Ultra Violet (UV) light treatment to the existing water treatment plant

The project is also investigating ways to improve the pH treatment at the plant.

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  • A second bore was drilled in October 2016 to provide a back-up water supply to the water treatment plant.
  • Construction work to upgrade the water treatment plant is planned for the 2018-19 financial year.

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