Queen Street Upgrade

This page provides a brief overview of the Queen Street Upgrade project. It is a major piece of work to upgrade ageing pipes and create an improved street environment - there is no quick and easy way to do it. The end result will be a long-term fix that's good for everyone.

What You Need to Know

The scheduled completion date is in June 2018.

Closure of Queen Street/Wensley Road intersection

The roundabout is closed to vehicles until mid-June 2018.

Talbot Street - map showing roundabout location and changes to mall access


We appreciate the roundabout closure creates challenges, as both Queen Street entrances to the Richmond Mall/Warehouse carpark are now closed. We've been working with the carpark’s owners to manage the disruption, particularly the effect on traffic flows in Talbot Street - the only entry and exit point into the carpark.

We have carried out traffic counts to gather data on the traffic movements in and out of the carpark and modelling to assess the likely effects of the closure. Talbot Street will come under pressure during this period, and we will be making temporary changes to the street to minimise this as much as we can, including:

  • a small temporary roundabout on Talbot Street at the middle entry/exit to the carpark to better manage traffic flows in and out;
  • removal of several parking spaces on Talbot Street to improve visibility;
  • directing the contractor who manages our traffic light signals to monitor traffic flows and alter the timing of the lights if necessary.

We do expect there to be queues at peak times, and we ask everyone to use alternative routes as much as possible.

Bus Stop Relocation

From Friday 9 March, the Queen Street bus stop moves to Talbot Street, near Pak'nSave. NBus services will use Talbot Street as a pick up and drop off location until the end of the Queen Street Upgrade due to turning difficulties. A permanent bus stop will return to Queen Street once the project is complete.

QSU Bus Stop Change


Key things to remember

Some key things will remain the same throughout the rest of the project:

  • Footpaths will be open during the day
  • One footpath will remain open after hours

There may be exceptions, if we have to deal with an unplanned event, such as poor weather or a service break.

New Streetscape

The new streetscape is in place from the McIndoe intersection up to Sundial Square. It's a safer and easier space to navigate for pedestrians, particularly those with limited sight and mobility.

queen street layout 600px

Here's how it works:

  • Wider footpaths - our beautiful wide footpaths are for pedestrians to use and enjoy and should be obstacle-free for those in wheelchairs, with canes, pushing prams and so on. We ask businesses to limit their use of anything that might create an obstacle, such as signs. Please no cycling or maneouvring cars on the footpaths.
  • The buffer strip - this is the safety zone between the road and footaths, between cars and people. Please no cars on the buffer strip.
  • Slower traffic speeds - the 30kmh speed limit and narrower road carriageway promote slow vehicle speeds and mean a safer environment for everyone. This is where cyclists travel - the speed limit is slow and vehicles may need to slow further for cyclists travelling ahead of them in the lane. Shop deliveries are best directed to rear entrances so as not to impede traffic on Queen Street.
  • Enhanced plantings - the ornamental pear and titoki trees and shrubs provide shade and a pleasant view.
  • A smooth, continuous surface - there's no kerb and channel in the new streetscape. That makes crossing the street much easier for those with limited sight and mobility. Queen Street is a shared space, so pedestrians, cyclists and drivers all need to take care when travelling through the area.
  • Car parks - parking is available between the buffer strip and the road - mind the planter boxes!

Key Contact - Chris Forman

24/7 Contact: Ph. 0800 000 413

If you have a question about the project, Chris is your go-to guy. He is the Downer Community Relations Manager for the project, and will be responsible for liaising directly with businesses, stakeholders and the general public to resolve any queries or issues you may have.

You can find him at the Downer office at 272 Queen Street. 24/7 Contact: Ph. 0800 000 413.

Indicative Construction Staging Map

Updated QSU staging map 4 May 2018 sml

About the Project

The project will replace ageing pipe infrastructure under Queen Street and lower the centre of the road to reduce the risk of flooding in future during heavy rain. The street’s surface will be replaced from shop front to shop front in a safer, more pedestrian-friendly design.

A new design

As each stage of the upgrade is completed, the new street design will be put in place. The wider footpaths, narrower traffic carriageway and continuous smooth surface with no kerb and channel will contribute to slower traffic speeds and create a safer, more accessible and more pedestrian-focused space.

Unfortunately there will be disruption and inconvenience to street occupiers and users. We ask for your patience – the end result is a long-term fix that will benefit everyone. It will be carried out in stages, beginning in February 2017 and running through to 1 December 2017 when work will halt for the summer. Work will restart in February 2018 and is expected to be complete in June 2018.

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