About the Project

This page describes the multimillion-dollar Queen Street Upgrade in Richmond.

Why is the Upgrade Important?

The growing and changing demands on Richmond’s infrastructure measn this project is vital to Richmond.

Extreme weather events, a rapid increase in population and the change from a rural service centre to the retail and commercial heart of a thriving urban area - all these factors put pressure on the water and other services that run beneath Queen Street.

new library-crossing

What's Involved?

Larger water and stormwater pipes are being installed in Queen Street. The water services were developed more than 50 years ago. They have lasted well but are no longer coping with the amount of water they need to carry.

Lead contractor Downer will replace the street surface from shop front to shop front with the centre of the street lowered to better control floodwaters.

In both 2011 and 2013, Richmond was hit by major floods. Properties on Queen Street were inundated with water, which flowed towards buildings from the slightly-raised crown of the road.

At the same time as the other works, Chorus will install upgraded fibre, and extra ducts in anticipation of future levels of demand, and Network Tasman will renew essential cables.

A new design

As each stage of the upgrade is completed, the new street design will be put in place. The wider footpaths, narrower traffic carriageway and continuous smooth surface with no kerb and channel will contribute to slower traffic speeds and create a safer, more accessible and more pedestrian-focused space.

What Will it Look Like?

The sketches below give a basic indication of the change to the road profile - they are not final drawings, they're just to help you visualise the change.

Current Road Profile

sketch - before

Road Profile After Reinstatement

sketch - after


We've worked with various groups and communicated the project widely.

Feedback from a wide range of groups, including Accessibility for All, Positive Ageing, the Blind Citizens Group, Richmond schools, Richmond Unlimited and emergency services, as well as the 140 public comments received, had been key to developing the concept design.

The concept design for the reinstated street included wider footpaths and a continuous smooth surface with no kerb and channel.

Introductory Video

Produced as part of the concept discussions for the first stage of the project, this video gave a short overview project and asked for feedback.

The design released in late March 2016 has moved on from the original concept.

Key Contact - Chris Forman

24/7 Contact: Ph. 0800 000 413

If you have a question about the project, Chris is your go-to guy. He is the Downer Community Relations Office Manager for the project, and will be responsible for liaising directly with businesses, stakeholders and the general public to resolve any queries or issues you may have.

Chris has come directly from working for Hawkins on the Christchurch Rebuild, so has a great understanding of complex construction projects and the implications they can have for those affected.

You can find him at the Hawkins office at 272 Queen Street. 24/7 Contact: Ph. 0800 000 413.